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I'm Gonna Tell It Like A Comeback Story

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First of all, Rebecca couldn't have burned down the Gamma Psi House because hello, scented candles don't work like that. She's pretty sure, anyways. Enough to stifle what's left of her guilt complex and shove it so far back in the closet of her mind that it has to shut up.

And yeah, Rebecca kisses Evan back that night, because it's way easier than talking, and she doesn't feel much up to being anyone's rock anyways. They have sex, and it's pretty hot. Rebecca rides him, pushing his wrists back into the bed, and he looks at her with those big blue eyes and she thinks, yeah. Because it was jasmine, not gasoline scented so seriously, no way she's responsible.

"You're not paying attention, are you?" Evan says, sweat beading on his forehead.

"Shut up. I am too," she insists, and to prove her point, she lets one of his wrists go to tweak his nipple, and his hips buck up, hitting her right there. She's maybe a little too loud in her approval, and wonders if anyone down the hall can hear her; whether or not they're listening. She comes pretty quickly after that.

Afterward, he sits up like he's gonna pull on his pants and sneak back out the balcony, but he doesn't make the move. Just sits, and stares at her as she rubs down with a towel. "If you need a pillow," she says, "you can use the polka dotted one on the left. All the other ones are mine."

He grabs it, and sinks back down on the bed, grinning that dopey little smile at her. She half-smiles back, brushes her hair, throws on a t-shirt and climbs in next to him. When she wakes up in the morning, he's gone.

The girls are all nervous and twitchy when she goes down for breakfast. Casey's methodically shredding a muffin, and Ashleigh's tapping her fork against her glass like a psychotic wind chime. Fisher comes in the back door, carrying a carton of oranges on his shoulders. Everyone's eyes snap to his, and he grins. "Word on the hasher streets is that Gamma Psi had faulty wiring."

"Oh my God!" Casey screams, and she reaches for the first person close enough for a hug, which happens to be, unfortunately enough for her air intake, Rebecca. Crushed to Casey's chest, they dance around the kitchen screaming and hooting until Beth comes down the stairs to ask, "what'd we do now?"

After that, things start looking up for Rebecca freaking Logan. The Gamma Psi fire, although officially cleared as an accident, serves to bolster ZBZs reputation more than anyone could have expected. She's pretty sure Cappie's responsible for going around campus, and telling people not to fuck with them, see what happens?

No one stops him.

Rebecca stalks into Dobbler's and a Tri-Pi clears out when she glares, skittering to the back of the bar without a peep. She sits down at the vacated table and crosses her legs, catching the eye of a Lambda Sig. She smiles politely, but looks towards the door when it opens. Evan comes in and makes his way straight for her. If she were a lesser girl, she might toss her hair over her shoulder, but as it is she just kicks out the chair for him.

"Faulty wiring, huh?" he says, grinning down at her.

"For my next act, I could get rid of Trip, and make it look like heat stroke." He throws head back in laughter in a way that makes her remember him naked, and she clenches her knees together. "Sit," she orders. He sits. "Tell me about Evan Chambers."

"Evan Chambers, huh?" He shakes his head and grimaces. "Still working catering."

"How is noble poor life?" she asks, sliding his beer towards her to take a sip.

"Fulfilling," he tells her. "I'm working up to be a proper lady in a flower shop."

"Wow," Rebecca says, laughing so hard her shoulders shake. "A My Fair Lady reference, that was cool."

"Shut up," he says pointing at her. "I'm a frat dude, give me back my beer."

They laugh together; Rebecca letting her head fall into her hands. She feels good, loose and relaxed in a way she hasn't been in awhile. Then, like they were alerted in some way, Cappie and Casey walk in, wrapped around each other, heading for a secluded booth in the back. Casey's hair has the look of someone having had their hands in it lately, and she half itches to brush it out. Cappie leans in, nosing at Casey's neck, and Rebecca is enthralled for a minute, pondering the reality of her ex-boyfriend and her ex-arch nemesis so disgustingly together.

When she looks over, Evan's watching them too. His face flickers back and forth between rage and longing. "I've kissed both of them," she says.

His eyes snap back to hers. "You've kissed Casey?"

She smiles smugly at him. "I consider kissing half of everyone I meet, and follow through on half of that."

"Wow," Evan says. "That is not a point of pride."

"And definitely not something you want to know more about?" Rebecca teases, sliding her toe into the ankle of his jeans.

She goes home with him this time and ties his hands to the headboard with her bra. It's a trick she learned with Cappie, and she tells him about that as she bites down his body. He groans deep in his throat when she finally gets her lips around his dick.

It's hot to her, every time, how easy it is to get a boy to come undone underneath her hands.

She swipes her tongue once, twice down the underside, and presses a finger back behind his balls, just teasing. He shouts and comes hard on her tongue, and there's barely a moment between before he's pulling her up and sliding behind between her knees. She's relieved when he goes straight to work, flicking his tongue against her clit, and pushing two fingers inside. She curls her fingers around his short hair, and grinds up hard until the crescendo breaks, and she falls back, wondering if she can get him to tell her where and on who he learned that.

He crawls up next to her, not spooning but against her side, and says, "Do you want to come to my parents' Christmas party next weekend?"

She pushes her hair back from her head and tries to focus. "Is that what you were thinking about?"

"No," Evan says defensively. "I'm just thinking it now."

She laughs, and says, "Okay. Definitely."

The party, she realizes after a quick google, is actually a gala, which means she has to actually wear fancy dress and pantyhose. She knocks herself out though, because she hasn't in a while, and why not? She's nineteen and fucking hot. It's all worth it when she descends down the ZBZ stairs and Evan's jaw drops.

"You're perfect," he says, and offers his arm for her to hold onto.

"Duh," she answers and accepts. They walk out to Rebecca's car since, as is a favorite point of mockery, Evan still doesn't have one. "Hop in, bub," she says, and they jet off.

When she's re-introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Chambers, Rebecca realizes she's there for a combo of showing off and moral support. "Senator Logan's daughter," Mr. Chambers says approvingly. "I remember you."

"Evan," his mother says, straightening his tuxedo collar. "I had wondered if you would bother to show, since you haven't returned any of my calls. How nice of you to put yourself out."

"I'm so glad to be here," Rebecca says to his father. To his mother, she points out the centerpieces and says, "Those are gorgeous. I hadn't realized how much work floral arrangements can be until ZBZ, but yours look amazing." His mother lights up and launches into a story about a mix-up in South America, and Evan shoots her a grateful glance and squeezes her fingers. She doesn't mind; these kind of people she can do.

It's later though, when she is listening to a pompous judge of some kind tell a story about his dogs, that she sees Mrs. Chambers corner Evan and lay in. His shoulders go up, and his face is not masked at all as he grows steadily more irritated by what she is saying. She almost laughs out loud at how terrible Evan is at not telegraphing every emotion that crosses his mind as he breaks away and heads for a small door off the main ballroom.

"That's impressive," Rebecca says when there's a pause in the Judge's story. He looks at her quizzically and wow, she probably just complimented something awful. "Will you excuse me a second," she says, giving him a small brave smile. "I don't feel well."

She follows Evan into the kitchen where he stands, tense as a stretched rubber band, gazing out the window. "Waiter," she says. "I need a drink."

He turns, and grins sheepishly at her. "I'm not sulking."

"Of course not," she says. "Who sulks in the kitchens of important family gatherings held in the public eye?" She pulls a clipboard sitting on the counter towards her, and widens her eyes when she realizes what it is. "Evan," she says. "C'mere."

Later, when Mrs. Chambers' massive embarrassment when the butler calls Aurora Montgomery "Arthur", and seats two ex-wives of a certain CEO next to each other and him, is over, Rebecca retrieves the car from the valet and slides in when Evan opens the driver's door for her.

"How was that not the worst night of both of our lives?" Evan says after a minute on the road, rubbing his temple and snorting.

"Uh, because I'm not new to this?" Rebecca says. "Try being seven and told that your birthday party is not going to involve anyone under the age of 25."

"Mine was all my prep school classmates and their parents for cocktails."

They swap stories all the way home, ending with the time Rebecca tells about drunkenly sneaking into her country club's Billy Joel charity concert and complimenting him on his underrated music videos. "You could sleep here, if you wanted." Evan says as they pull up to the OX house, hand flexing over the car door handle. "If you wanted to like, drop off your car, change and walk over."

"Um," Rebecca says. "I'm kind of too tired for...."

"No no," Evan interrupts her, "I literally mean you should come back and sleep."

"Oh," She looks at him for a minute and then, "Okay." It suddenly sounds like a great proposition, much better than going back to her empty bedroom. He grins at her and opens the door, waving as she pulls away. She parks her car at ZBZ, picks up her gown, and jogs as nimbly as possible in heels up the staircase to her bedroom.

"Hey," Ashleigh says, sticking her head around the corner. "Going back out?"

"Yeah, I'm sleeping at Evan's," Rebecca says. "Unzip me?" She turns her back as Ashleigh slides the zipper of her dress down, and then shrugs out of it.

"You've been hanging out with him a lot," Ash says, watching her pull on sweatpants. "Is this like a thing?"

"I don't know," Rebecca says, frowning at her. "Did you need me for something?"

"No, just nosy." Ashleigh smiles at her, and disappears again.

Rebecca walks over the two lawns between ZBZ and OX, and Evan's waiting just inside the door. "Hey," he says, and escorts her upstairs, hand low on the small of her back, low enough to almost be her ass.

"Way hotter now, right?" she asks as they reach his door, pointing to her sweatpants.

"Definitely." He kisses her lightly on the lips, then pulls back to smile at her, eyes soft and a little sleepy. He ushers her in, and she goes, wondering.

She crawls in the side she is already beginning to think of as hers, and says, "Are we like, a thing?"

"Uh," Evan says, in that deer-in-the-headlights way. She rolls her eyes, and he ducks his head sheepishly. "No, no, I'm not--" He starts, and then shakes his head and crawls in next to her, kicking her in the leg. "We could, if we wanted."

"If we wanted," Rebecca says, pretty much knowing how lost a cause it is. "I suppose we have possibility."

"Exactly," Evan says. "Because our couple name would be 'Revan' which is awesome."

It's so terrible, she can't hold back the snort of laughter long enough to believably mock him. "You're horrible," she says.

"I know, right?" He wraps an arm around her and kisses the top of her head. "But you're the worst."

She falls asleep like that, smiling.