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“If you could go back in time to prevent everything from happening, would you?” The golden-haired man whispered into my hair. That was a question I’ve asked myself a million times recently. Guilt is the only thing I felt when thinking of the answers.   

I drew my brows together and shifted against his body so I was now looking up at him. His magnificent golden eyes glimmered with curiosity but I could see some hurt in them. I pursed my lips as I thought. It was an impossible question. If I could go back and save my mom I would. But if it meant that I never met Jasper then no. Jasper is the yin to my yang. We’re night and day. The guilt for answering no ate me up inside. I miss my mom more than anything but the love I feel right now is something I’ve never experienced before. It’s so intoxicating.   

“Would you go back and prevent that woman from changing you?” I countered. Jasper looked down at me. I could see the wheels in his head turning. Despite not needing to breathe, he inhaled deeply and sighed.   

“No,” He replied. “–I wouldn’t.”