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Peter Parker's Avengers Meme Folder

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It all started, as all things weird in Peter’s life did, with the Avengers. Well, more specifically the very long, extensive folder in his Stark Phone (Newly acquired, gifted to him by Mr. Stark a couple months back after slamming into a wall while trying to take a selfie with his old one) filled with Avenger related videos.


Peter, Ned and MJ were going through their phones, reminiscing as all teenagers tend to do when bored during cold evenings on May’s ugly tan second hand couch.


Peter whined, not unlike a child “Man, i really wish i could post some of these online, the world’s been too deprived of Mr. Sam and Bucky fighting over Mr. Steve’s muffins”


Ned’s face lit up “DUDE! You totally should!” MJ snorted, looking up from her phone and shaking her head “Why do you call everyone except Bucky by a title?” 


Peter glanced between the other two. “Are you kidding me? Miss Potts would kill me! And about the Bucky thing, wait I’ll show you...” He quickly went back to his phone, scrolling up to the top and clicking on a video. He handed it to MJ, as she raised an eyebrow. 


The video opens up to a big, vast room with white walls. The Avenger’s Compound training room. It centers on Bucky and Peter, both in comfortable training gear, video taken from one of Friday’s security cameras. The two are trading punches, Bucky slow and methodical while showing Peter the best way to take down an opponent in hand to hand. This was a couple months ago, when Tony had invited Peter to the compound after the whole homecoming incident in an attempt to teach the young superhero a bit more actual fighting skill.

All seemed to be going well. The camera pans to Sam, in a tank top and some sweatpants, entering the room. The two others stop, Peter waving excitedly to greet him and Bucky giving him a nod. The camera quickly catches a scheming look between the super soldier and the teen.


“Hey Peter, Bucky! Got space for one more?” Sam has an easy going smile on his face. Bucky snickered and glanced at Peter before turning to Sam. “Sure thing Jon!”

Sam stopped, looking confused “Bucky wh-” Peter interrupted him with an excited greeting

“Hi Henry!” 

“Okay what the hell are you two on about..?” 

Bucky did his best to act confused “What do you mean, Adam?” 

“No. No, I am not doing this today. I’m leaving.” As Sam turned around to leave the room, Peter yelled out “Aw, see you at lunch Nathan! Would have been fun to spar against you!” 


As soon as the man left the room, Bucky and Peter turned to each other. They stayed silent for a couple seconds before bursting out laughing.

“Holy shit did you see his face, Webs? He looked like he was regretting having ever met us!”

Peter wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, catching his breath! “It was so funny! Thank you for helping me with that Mr. Bucky!”

“Nuh uh. We talked about this, Kid. Just Bucky. You promised!” Peter sighed but nodded, smiling.


The video ends.


Ned was laughing, very loudly at the look on Sam’s face while MJ was just quietly chuckling. Peter snorted “I promised him that I’d stop calling him Mister in exchange for him helping me prank Sam. I didn’t manage to get the footage from the rest of the day, but we went through a whole baby names website with Bucky and Mr. Clint, who joined in when he saw us fucking with him.” He reached over to try and snatch a peach ring from MJ’s bowl, but she slapped his hand away.

Ned looked up at him with that excited look he got whenever Peter mentioned his monthly trips to the compound, “I still can’t get over how cool it is that you get to train with the actual avengers, dude! Like woah! But man it still sucks you can’t post this, cause its actual gold. You’d go viral!” 

Peter shrugged, taking back his phone “Eh. I could probably ask Miss Potts if she’d be alright with me posting them? But I wouldn’t be able to post any of the ones with me in it cause you know…” He mimed him shooting his web shooters “Thwip, thwip!”

“Peter, you are such a loser.” 

“Thanks, MJ…”

ms salt

Spooder: ms pottsssssss

ms salt: Hello Peter, what can i do for you?