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"I'm headed straight for the floor, the alcohol served its tour and it's headed straight for my skin- leaving me daft and dim. I've got this shake in my legs, shaking the thoughts from my head. But who put these waves in the door? I crack and out I pour. I'm Mr. Loverman... and I miss my lover, man"

The words pour over and put her heart to rest. The girl heaves a heavy sigh and tries to ease her mind as well. The music floods her room- something her mother will ask about later.

"I've shattered now, I'm spilling out upon this linoleum ground. I'm reeling in my brain again before it can get back to you. Oh what am I supposed to do without you?"

Her world wasn't shattered, but she could feel the weight of it pressing on her shoulders instead. There was always something for her to contemplate- maybe a shattered world wouldn't be as heavy, as immovable. Maybe she could leave a few of the less important pieces behind, carry the things she needed- but a shatter world could cut and bruise, it could leave scars that won't fade, no matter what miracle cream you use.

Tomorrow was her "big day". The first day of school, her first day. Transferring a month into school? As if she wasn't obviously new before. Oliver wasn't antisocial, far from it, actually. She loved the friends she had back in New Orleans- she'd go out almost every night with them, the city known for its music and hauntings and voodoo spells had a lot to offer- and Forks didn't. Not to mention how intimidating the first day would be. One mistake, one little slip up- and that's what she'll be known for.

The lights that circled her room warmed her white walls, polaroid photos and posters covered the blank space and a flag hung over her bed. Blue, purple, and pink covered the open area above the head board and a fluffy grey-blue duvet hung on the bed. A little grey cat swiped at the pom-poms that lined the sides of her blanket. She debated calling his name, but would the cat listen? Probably not- it's a cat.

"Milton? C'mon bud I just bought that..." The cat stopped for just a second to look at her- not contemplating his decision, but instead wondering what the human girl was saying, as cats don't speak English. She sighed again and looked down at the bright screen. Oliver dropped her head back as she leaned on her bed, her head was pounding. The girl sat on a fluffy white carpet, between the window and her bed. The white curtain let filtered light seep into the room, an orange hue pushing its way in. Her laptop sat nearby, open and rolling through a playlist dubbed "songs that hurt so good". She let Matt Maltese soothe her as she searched for anything Forks had to offer.

"You put your final suit on, I paint my fingernails. Oh, we're going out in style, babe and everything's on sale. We creep up on extinction, I pull your arms right in, I weep and say goodnight, love- while my organs pack it in." Her temples thrummed with the music she refused to turn off. Hours went by before she finally gave in and slid into bed. The silence was deafening, but she had to pause her beloved playlist and turn off the warming lights. She watched Milton jump up as well, smiling at him before turning back to the window and pulling the duvet up past her shoulders and curling her legs in.


The morning crept up on her- the morning's soft glare dipped past the crack between the curtains and right over her eyes, extending to the wall behind her. Seven in the morning, her clock read. Far too early, but it gave her extra time to perfect her look and first day attitude.

Oliver laid in bed for the next ten minutes- she really wasn't looking forward to the day ahead of her, but tossed the sheets off her soon after deciding that it had to happen. She decided on an outfit and moved to the bathroom. She pulled her bangs up out of her face and grabbed her toothbrush, trying to scrub as much as possible before spitting into the sink and rinsing her mouth. She gargled and spit out mouthwash before moving on to deodorant and hair. The deodorant was an old spice scent- the masculine smell didn't bother her, a part of her actually preferred it. With the top layer already pulled up she began to spray a heat protectant. Oliver to a straightener to her inky hair, careful to not burn herself again.

Curtain bangs fell over her cheeks as she pulled to the back of her head, curling slightly. The girl watched herself in the mirror and smiled, practicing the friendliest face she could muster. The fake smile fell as she began on make up- nothing difficult, mascara, eyebrow gel, and highlighter that sat in the corners of her eyes as well as the bow of her lips. Green eyes stared intently as she looked at herself and then the clothes sitting next to here. She slipped on a cropped black tank that would compress her chest. Oliver absolutely hated bras- they hurt her shoulders and ribs and left nasty marks on her skin. She pulled up 80's esque ripped high rise jeans and the a large sea foam green hoodie. The hoodie was one of her favorites- the graphic art using primary colors stood out to her and the text even more- "A WORK IN PROGRESS" it labeled her in a fun yellow text, and it was right. Accessories consisted of a pearl necklace, a silver chain necklace that had six butterflies place to sit along her collarbones, silver earrings that sat in either lobe, one a stud and the other a dangling butterfly. To finish, she sprayed a daisy perfume, making sure to cover her neck and wrists.

Content with herself, she smiled a real smile and left the bathroom, bringing the dirty clothes with her. Seven forty two. She needed to leave in twenty minutes. Oliver made her way down the stair to greet mother. the stairs creaked with each step and she made a point to jump down the last one.

"Oh, Ollie! My beautiful girl! Happy first day!" Her mother squealed. Oliver grinned at her mother, the older woman hardly looked like her- Oliver took after her father, but they did have the same eyes. A vibrant green watched her as she went in for a hug.

"Thank you Mama!" Oliver said as she kissed her mother on both cheeks before pulling away. Her mothers eye crinkled as she smiled at her daughter before offering breakfast. Oliver declined the offer with a promise that she'll eat at school and went to put on her shoes. She slipped on a pair of white vans and grabbed her bag before yelling goodbye and walking out the door. Oliver now had just 15 minutes to get to school- which was really fine, it was a five minute drive, but she was nervous. Getting into the grey Hyundai Sonata, she turned her key and pulled out.

Arriving was nerve racking. Students watched the car the weren't familiar with before intensely, waiting to see who'd get out.

They stared critically as Oliver left her car. She could feel their eyes burn the back of her head as she made her way into the building. She kept herself in check as she moved through the halls, don't walk too slow, but don't walk too fast. Don't give them a reason to look, let them decide to instead. Smile when you pass another student, but not too wide because then your weird and- she pushed the office doors open and politely asked the lady at the counter for her schedule. Biology was her first class- uhg. She hated biology.

After asking for directions she made her way to her the bio class and let her teacher introduce her.

"Miss Klein! There's an empty seat next to Miss Isabella Swan- Bella raise your hand, please." And 'Bella' did just that. I'd be sitting on her left next to the window. She spoke as Oliver put her things down, "Uh, hi. I'm Bella. Do you maybe want to sit with me at lunch? We've actually go the same one." She said, glancing at the time table.

"Sure, Bella!" Oliver smiled and shifted her attention to the board in front. The class went by quick and the next two seemed to blur together- it was just English 11 and Algebra 2. Leaving the math class, Oliver spotted Bella in the hallway. Oliver called out her name as she walked closer. They greeted each other and started for the cafeteria as Bella asked her about her classes.

"Honestly, I hate math! It's so boring!" She complained as they entered the cafeteria. As Oliver and Bella sat down at a table near the windows a group approached them.

"Bella! You're eating and talking again... are you better?" A pretty brunette laughed nervously as the rest sat down. Bella smiled tensely and nodded. The group to Oliver as they began talking.

"Hi, Oliver, was it? I'm Mike- I uh, you're really pretty-!" The blonde boy with a strong jaw said. The other boy elbowed him and laughed it off. "Hi- I'm Eric, can I put you in the yearbook?-" "Eric!" Bella cut him off. "You're not putting her in the yearbook!" Eric huffed and nodded before watching the next two girls.

"Hello! I'm Jessica! You are very pretty and your clothes are... interesting!" She smiled. Bella rolled her eyes at her friend's constant failure at introductions, Oliver simply nodded and smile back. The last was Angela, who seemed the most competent of the four.

"Hi, I'm Angela. It's real nice to meet you Oliver! Do you have any nicknames?" The other four at the table stopped talking as soon as she asked, listening for the answer. "Oh yeah! You guys can call my Olly!" she grinned. These people were easy to please.

Lunch, along with the rest of the school day, went by quick and Oliver was excited to go back home, but not before exchanging numbers and emails with Bella. The drive home felt longer then the drive there and Oliver was exhausted. Who would've thought that her second first day would be so draining. The tired girl made her way upstairs after greeting her mother and spent the night doing homework until dinner. Spending the rest listening to music as she sent her first text to her soon to be best friend.