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Edward never wanted to turn you. It wasn't fair in his mind - to take your humanity away. It would drag you away from family and old friends. Most times Edward thought you simply didn't understand the concept of immortality. He was proven wrong after you woke up.

Red eyes stared back at him in silence. He stood across the room, his hand slowly extending outwards for you to hold. Edward didn't smile - he felt guilty about the situation even though you begged him to turn you before. It all started with harmless fun - a night you couldn't forget and not because of how it ended. It was your birthday, a party had been planned by Alice. Hours were spent with pure joy seeping out of you that even Jasper couldn't handle it all.

You were away from family - the stress and depression left your body and mind the second Edward picked you up to leave. That night you knew you’d wake up for the last time whenever your transformation took its course and finished within three days.

Edward kept his eyes glued to you, watching every curious move you made. Touching your skin, putting your hand over your chest to feel nothing - he watched you smile to yourself when you looked in the mirror, your newborn eyes bright and full of a new life. Not being able to read your mind did frustrate him but your silent reactions gave him enough reassurance. You weren't angry at him, you didn't feel hurt or betrayed. Edward slowly started to accept your choice.

The pain doesn't compare to the happiness you felt. The venom that burned your entire being is only a distant memory, the tears and cries for help after the accident felt like a dream instead. If Edward could read your mind - he would be put at ease due to your eternal thankfulness.

“How're you feeling?” Edward asked softly, the smallest of grins appearing on his face when you kept staring at him instead of answering right away.

You close the distance and look up into his golden eyes, a deep red overpowering yours. Edward studies you for a second - searching for anything negative that may be swirling around within you. He can't find it - all you give off from your energy is love and happiness.

“I love you.” it's barely a whisper, your voice so soft and genuine - matching his tone and touch.

“I love you, Y/N. Forever and always.”


Life as a newborn vampire wasn't too difficult with Edward by your side. He taught you everything you needed or wanted to know, he guided you through every hunt and helped you maintain the gift you held onto so dearly. The family of vampires who took you under their wing felt a wave of pride when they caught a glimpse of you and Edward running together, laughter and empty threats filling the woods.

Alice finally put her mind to rest after you turned - she no longer has to worry how or when, she only focuses on the present with you now. Esme and Carlisle are relieved to have you back permanently this time. You're not so fragile anymore, they don't need to stress over that anymore. Jasper helped your mental health with your permission and kept your emotions in line until the newborn phase vanished. Emmett loved to challenge you now - laughing loudly whenever you’d get fired up. Rosalie wasn't very fond of this situation but she still loved you like a sister - she loved you too much to stay angry.

Edward was the last to come to terms with this. The fact that Rosalie beat him to it stunned everyone else. Jasper understood though, he could feel the mixed storm of emotions Edward felt whenever around your now immortal self.

There's not enough room for that right now though. Edward is too focused on his saltiness from you being faster than him.

“You won’t stay this fast, Y/N. Just watch, I'll beat you next month.”

All he gets is a laugh from you - He then races you again and again through the trees. He may have acted annoyed by your speed but deep down he loved it. Chasing after you gave him a similar sensation to an intense adrenaline rush. Your eyes morphing into a lovely golden could make his heart skip a beat if it were still working properly.

Days quickly turned into months. Half a year later and you're still faster than him. Edward is often teased by that fact but he doesn't mind it. Watching you smile and act so perfectly untouched from the world gave him comfort. He knew he made the right choice now - this is all you wanted from the beginning. Falling in love with you when you were only human seemed to trouble his life in the most beautiful way. Every twist and turn, every tear shed and every heated argument came into full circle to create this perfect sensation of home. Neither of you needed four walls and a roof to have a home - No, all that's needed is each other.

Forever and Always, you are his and he is yours.