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his happiest finale prevails

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" Mama!" 




He snapped back into consciousness.  


It was always like this whenever he returned after changing a huge event. It took him some time for him to adjust to the abruptness of suddenly appearing back in the future. His heart was already frantically beating in nervousness and excitement. He was sure things have been changed for the better.  


He glanced around his surroundings, so he could make sense of where he was, and what he was doing. 


He had probably been sleeping since he was laying down on a very soft mattress that was inside of a spacious room that resembled something he could only dream of. And the sunlight filtering through the drawn curtains of the top to bottom window, that took him a moment to realize was actually a sliding glass door for the balcony he spotted outside, gave him an easier time to see using the soft glow. He wondered as he stared in awe around the room if he got a promotion to afford this. 


There were even a lot of puzzles decorating the walls, almost intricately and more pieces than he's ever completed back in his teen years, but the more he looked the more he recognized that they were portraits. A canvas put together by connected puzzle pieces and he saw what could only be a family. He tried to make out the faces of the three people, a child and two adults, that looked harmonious, and the one where there was just the couple being intimate because it looked too realistic, but then a sharp tug on his hand interrupted him, and he jolted, instinctively looking down beside him. 


He contained a gasp as he stared with wide eyes and parted lips. 


There was an adorable small blond haired boy looking up at him with a pout, his round blue eyes brightened by tears. He had baby fat clinging to his slightly pink cheeks but even so, Takemichi realized after staring at that small face that the boy looked familiar, and it prodded incessantly at his mind yet his brain was too scrambled to grasp the person he was reminded of. 


Wait, what did this boy call me?!  He thought he heard a voice earlier. 


He sat up, his heart leaping to his throat. "M-mama?!" He stammered. 


The childish, cutesy word for mother .


He stared at the boy in shock, inwardly panicking at the implications and everything coming together in his mind. He was this boy's mother?! 


The more he stared the more he thought it made sense. The boy had his blue eyes and the shape was the same. He tried to think very hard about who shared those other features that nagged at his brain.


Then the boy hiccupped, putting an end to his observation, and he rubbed his wet eyes with the long sleeve that engulfed his small hand. "Mama! You need to leave Papa!" He cried, and tears were suddenly streaming down his cheeks as his shoulders shook and Takemichi may have been utterly lost, but his heart softened, and he immediately reacted. 


He pulled the boy up by the waist to settle him in his lap over the blanket pooling around his waist, then he rubbed his trembling back to soothe him. 


The pheromones coming from the boy were sweet and milky, but a little salty from his distress. However, it gradually faded away as his body eventually stopped trembling under Takemichi's hand. 


The boy was his son, he thought faintly. 


There really was no way he could deny this, the way he clung naturally onto Takemichi, and called him Mama, not to mention the slight resemblance. He was also really cute for words, Takemichi could only thank whoever was the owner of his other genetics. 


He didn't know how old the boy really was, but he looked like he was five years old. He worked out the easy math in his head. 


It seemed like he had a kid when he was in his very early twenties. So young? What was the rush? He didn't think that there would be any timeline where he would actually have children so soon, and he blushed a little, but then shook his head to clear away the suggestive thoughts.   


It was simply too inappropriate to think about right now! He scolded himself as he hugged the kid. 


But a tiny smile broke across his face. Because, this meant that he was no longer alone. 


He had a family of his very own. 


The kid, him, and- 


' You need to leave Papa!'


It struck him, and snapped him out of his dazed state. 


He started to anxiously wonder who he was mated to, what kind of person they were, especially since they apparently were capable of making a little kid cry and demand that of his mother. Most kids wouldn't say that, right?


It made Takemichi undoubtedly uneasy.  


It was supposed to be Hina, he thought. He and Hina were going to get married one day, but he possibly couldn't have a kid with her. She was a beta. 


So did this mean they were no longer together? 


He slumped, his heart panging with an ache at the notion, but it seemed like it was true. 


The boy was proof of that at least. 


"So, what did Papa do?" He asked as gently as he could manage, focusing on the present issue as he continued to rub the boy's back. 


The kid's tiny hands landed on Takemichi's chest so that he could push himself back and look up at him. He had dried tears on his cheeks, but there was a fierce look in his eyes that took Takemichi aback. 


"Papa is a mean j-jerk! Mama, let's leave, and go far away, just the two of us! We don't need him! He can rot alone!" 


Oi, wait, should a kid really be saying this? Takemichi sweatdropped. 


He wasn't sure if the kid picked it up from him, because the younger him would certainly have no filter, but he thought that didn't seem right. His younger self may lack experience in child rearing or how to handle certain matters unlike Takemichi who had a short time of working around kids, but he would have common sense. He could only hope. 


He inwardly sighed. The situation wasn't looking too good for him, but he could still salvage this. Maybe he should leave with the kid if the Papa turned out to be someone terrible. He just needed to find out more about his way of living. Because it looked like he wasn't working anymore at the DVD rental shop, and he obviously no longer lived at his dump of an apartment. 


Ah! He suddenly had a light bulb, and became more confident with this belated relevation that came to mind. 


He could contact one of his friends to check! He couldn't ask a little kid about the burning questions he had, and it would be weird if he even asked him for his name. The kid would probably cry if he thought Takemichi forgot about him. Which was the case but he'd rather avoid the complications. 


But after he searched around him without disturbing the boy perched on his lap, he couldn't find his phone. 


Usually he kept it so close. 


Before he could panic however, he was alerted of another presence when the boy tensed up in his lap briefly before throwing himself at Takemichi's chest. 


The footsteps that approached gave him a foreboding feeling, and he held the kid protectively as he mustered up the courage to look up. 


He gaped. 


Mikey stared back at him with eyes that held tenderness and his lips were quirked up into a smile. The alpha was dressed casually in a loose long sleeved black shirt, and jeans but he radiated a sort of power when he walked over towards them from the door. 


His heart skipped a beat, and his throat dried up. 


Mikey was actually here! 


And he looked good. Better than the other times Takemichi had seen him, his dark eyes were more vivid and softer, and there was something warm about his face. He no longer looked dull or vacant. His hair was cut into a shorter undercut, and dyed white but it was still glowing like a halo and Takemichi's heart was soaring. 


He simply forgot about everything else as took in the sight and smiled widely. He was beyond ecstatic that this was the future where Mikey was finally able to smile like that. 


"Mikey-kun," he said. He wanted to say so much more, but his breath stuttered in his chest, then he burst into tears. 


"Crybabies, the both of you," Mikey playfully chided. 


That's right! He had a son! He bawled, more tears coming out of his eyes like a waterfall and he sniffled. 


He was so confused, but crushed with so much relief that he was overjoyed. 


He hugged his son, who released a noise of surprise, tightly, wishing he knew his name, and that he had memories of the last several years. Because he missed out on so much. 


He startled when the bed suddenly dipped, then he felt strong arms wrapping around him, so his son was stuck in the middle, but he didn't put up a fuss, and Takemichi gradually relaxed because the alpha smelled of roasted vanilla. It was warm, and pleasant. His body naturally recognized it so he was calm and put in a hazy state. 


Then there was a small pressure on the crown of his head that had him blinking back to focus as he stilled. 


He looked up at Mikey with blurry eyes in surprise. 




Mikey just kissed him! 


His cheeks grew warm. 


The alpha did it so casually, too. 


Then there was a click in his mind making him freeze. 


Why was Mikey here?


As much as he missed the alpha, and wanted to see him as soon as possible, it didn't make sense that he would just appear and walk into Takemichi's room like this. 


"Mikey-kun," he said in a small voice, suddenly self-concious, "I'm back." He hoped the alpha would give him answers about their current circumstances without him having to specifically ask for them, because he unexplainably felt embarrassed. 


"I thought so," Mikey murmured. His hand moved up to wipe away Takemichi's tears, his thumb sliding over and under his eyes gently as he stared attentively. "You did very well, Takemitchy," he praised and Takemichi blushed even more, especially when Mikey stared at him affectionately without any reservations. 


He shifted, not sure if he wanted to move closer or away, because the room was suddenly so hot and Mikey's gaze was burning him inside. His heart was already going through so many flips and his stomach fluttered. He chose to avert his gaze, but from the corner of his eye he could still see Mikey staring, could feel it even. 


He looked down at his son instead. And swallowed. Now that he had a clear frame of reference it was obvious. 


The boy looked like Mikey. 


He had Mikey's blond hair and the shape of his face, with his nose and lips being remarkably similar. But the boy was rounded by youth. He was even dressed the same, he noted, a welling of fondness erupting in his chest, as his lips twitched. The boy was wearing a long sleeve blue shirt and shorts but he and Mikey really were smaller and bigger versions of each other. 


Of course, his son was cuter. 


His mind screeched to a halt.


Wait, why did his son look like Mikey? Didn't that mean his son was Mikey's too?! 


He didn't know what that feeling was he had swelling his chest, but it wasn't exactly horror. He thought that even though he hardly imagined this scenario it wasn't really bad. He trusted and respected Mikey, and admired him enough to possibly like him romantically if he tried. 


"Figured it out yet?" Mikey's voice drawled out in amusement next to his ear. 


When Takemichi dared to look at him after getting over his initial disbelief, he saw the alpha's lips curled up into a tiny smirk, and his eyes were glittering with mirth. 


"Mikey-kun, you and I, together?" He could barely articulate but the alpha understood. He nodded at him, and Takemichi found it easier to accept than he thought. Even without his memories everything felt so natural, and right, he couldn't even doubt anything. 


"Hm, and this one," the alpha started in fond exasperation, and reached out to tap their son's nose, and the boy squeaked and hid his red face in Takemichi's chest. "Is such a trickster. He doesn't like it when I leave for work, so he'll try to blackmail me." 


So, it's like that? Takemichi's heart squeezed, finding his son impossibly cute. His Papa wasn't terrible to him, he missed him whenever he gone so he was just upset. And of course, knowing that his son's papa was Mikey, he was relieved, his concerns from earlier replaced by a flood of warmth that made him slightly light-headed.


And he couldn't go another second without knowing, so he leaned in closer to Mikey, making sure that only the alpha could hear when he asked, "What's his name?"


"Sano Chihiro ," Mikey whispered into the shell of his ear, and he repressed a shudder as he listened, "We call him Hiro-kun." 


Hiro-kun, Takemichi wanted to laugh joyfully.


So he did. 


And he didn't even notice Mikey or Chihiro watching him with reverent awe through the peals of bright laughter he let out as his eyes curved shut from the force of his smile.