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Was this the end? Was this the only thing he would ever face? Betrayal after betrayal, heartbreak after heartbreak. Did he have no other purpose in life? Apparently he did not, even Sylvie had betrayed him, he had no one by his side. Then maybe Mobius was wrong, he truly did deserve to be alone.


Mobius. Mobius. Taking in his surroundings Loki quickly realized that he was exactly where he was supposed to be. He could find Mobius, take him into his arms and never let go. Maybe then he wouldn't be alone. The god got up from his sitting space and ran away from his thoughts, he needed to find Mobius, he needed him so desperately.




"Mobius!" the god exclaimed after seeing the agent side by side with B-15. The pure joy and relief sent shocks through his body and they only grew stronger as he heard the other man say "Loki?!" with so much relief and care.


Loki ran towards the agent, slamming his body against his. He clutched so tight that the fabric he was holding onto was ready to be ripped apart. "Are you okay sweetheart?" Loki heard the other man say. 'Sweetheart?' he questioned inside of his head not voicing his thoughts. The god nodded against the other man's neck finding it hard to speak as he took Mobius' scent in. He felt like home to him, so soft, so gentle and so careful. Something he didn't even get to know that well.


He didn't want to pull away but he had to, he had to see the man's face. However he didn't let go of Mobius fully, because why should he? The agent didn't seem to mind. Loki felt the other man cup his cheeks, and before he could say anything he was pulled into a kiss.


Pure shock was written all over his features — not that he minded the kiss, no that was not it. He just wasn't expecting it, not at all. Loki kissed the other back, it felt odd, something felt... weird? The god pulled back to look at the other man's eyes. The blue eyes he knew all too well.


They looked back with so much care and affection and love, but to Loki something was still missing. A simple glint in Mobius' eyes were missing. He took a step back to gather his thoughts, it was confusing really, not knowing what was wrong.


The god looked around to spot- anything, literally just anything. And he did, his eyes found one big difference, the statues- the statue in this case. It was of He Who Remains, this was not how Loki had remembered the TVA, where were those three time lizards? What had happened to their statues?


Then it hit him. This was not his TVA, and this man — who was currently occupied with trying to catch Loki's attention — was definitely not his Mobius. He turned around to face the agent with confusion written all over his face. "You look like you just saw someone get murdered," the man gave a nervous chuckle before continuing "you sure you're alright?" he asked taking Loki's hand in his.


He immediately pulled his hands from the other's grip "How do you know me?" the Jotun asked staring into the agent's eyes. "Lokes, did you hit your head? Do you need anything medical? I'm concerned about you, dear" Mobius spoke trying to touch Loki's forehead, to get a feel of his temperature.


Loki didn't pull away from the touch this time, but he didn't answer the concerned questions "Just answer me" the god spoke with an icy tone, causing the other to pull away. He blinked a few times trying to get rid of the confusion. "Loki I-" the man tried to speak but he seemed to be at loss of words "Loki we are a couple, we have been one for some time now too- Why are you asking me this?"


The Jotun's jaw basically dropped to the floor. Well that explained it, the kiss and the affectionate words. "Like- Like a couple couple? Romantically involved?" he questioned further even though he knew the answer. "Yes like a couple couple. You sure you're okay?" He asked with genuine concern dripping from his voice. Loki looked away trying to find the best words to break the news.


"Look Mobius I-" he sighed "I didn't forget you, but it looks like you are not my Mobius, and I'm not your Loki" He tried explaining it at the best of his ability. Mobius' eyes widened with something that looked like an understanding. "So you are a... variant? Of my Loki?" The agent talked to himself — or so Loki thought, as he started to nod quickly. "I see."


Mobius didn't know what to say and Loki couldn't blame him, this situation was very confusing for him too. "Follow me" "To where?" "I'm going to help you find your Mobius, and you might meet my Loki while we're at it" The Jotun didn't know what to say so he just nodded and followed the shorter man through the halls.




"Lokes?" Mobius called out as he stepped inside his- their? living quarters. Loki looked around, it was very similar to what he was used to, but he had to admit, the walls looked really empty without all those jetski pictures.


"Yes dear?" a voice- no his voice responded from somewhere in the room, Loki watched himself walk in to greet his partner, which was Mobius. The other Loki stared in shock at the scene before him, another one of himself? Oh he needed a break. "Who- not who. How?" the other god asked trying to find some words to say.


"I am- as confused as you are believe me" Loki responded quickly as he turned to look at Mobius "Loki this is- Loki. As I'm sure you're aware- He is well, lost? Yes lost and i decided to help him find his way home, i did didn't i?" The beaurocrat asked and he was met with a quick nod and a nervous answer "Yes, yes you did"


He looked at anywhere but the other Loki and watched Mobius leave with his variant, to discuss things he assumed. The Jotun went back to exploring the place with his eyes to take his mind off of the situation in hand. It was confusing, shocking and well... weird? not weird no, maybe a little stressful? right, that was the word. The god didn't want to explore his feelings further for the agent as he didn't seem to mind the kiss and the affectionate words from him. Loki knew what it was all too well but he decided to ignore it for the time being.


Hearing footsteps, he turned his attention towards the two and searched their faces for anything. His variant was good at hiding what he was feeling or thinking as he expected. But this Mobius variant wasn't perfect at it, he could see the happiness after winning the debate? whatever they discussed with this other Loki. The variant of Mobius clapped his hands causing the god to jump in place as he was too lost in his own thoughts.


"So, do you have anything of his. Your Mobius' i mean" he asked Loki, looking hopeful. The god searched himself for anything, literally anything that would help his case. "I have this... shirt! Yes this shirt! It was his, it has been in my possession for a while now, would that change anything?" he asked eager to get an answer, because maybe, just maybe, he could finally get to his Mobius.


"That could-" The Mobius variant looked at Loki's variant as if he was searching for a confirmation in his eyes. "Yeah that could work. Just rip a piece off and let me see what I can do"




Loki watched the time door open before him, he couldn't hide his smile and his hopes behind a mask this time, and he didn't need to because finally he would be able to see and talk to his Mobius. "You're absolutely sure that this is the right timeline?" he couldn't help but ask as he didn't want to know another Mobius that wasn't his. "I'm 99% positive that it is". Loki nodded thanking the two before taking a step into the time door.


He stepped into a scene of chaos, everyone was running around — well maybe not everyone but you see my point. The god soon joined the chaos, running around looking the man he desperately needed. He shouted his name, waiting for a response. And one did come "Loki?!" "Mobius?! Where are you?" The Jotun asked as he followed the voice. He was looking around so quickly that he was late to notice the silver haired man running towards him.


The two bumped into each other but that didn't matter, because they stayed that way. Strong arms holding the other so close that one could be crushed under the force. Loki heard a relieved chuckle from the man and he couldn't help but do the same "Where were you?" "A long story" "I have all the time in the world for you" The agent said barely above a whisper. "I love you" the god said and Mobius thought he misheard it, but he was so sure of the bond between the two that he did not hesitate to respond;


"I love you too"