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The Runaways

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Bella POV

Do you want to come over to my place?” I asked Edward while we walked across the parking lot after school. "We could fix something to eat and then pretend to do our homework in my room."

I gave him a mischievous smile as he chuckled with delight.

I loved to hear him laugh. It’s a sound I practically lived for, because if Edward was happy, I was happy. That’s always been the way for us, which was probably why it didn’t take too long for us to become a couple once we started to hang out. We gravitated toward each other in a way I had never encountered with another human being before.

He was my everything, just like I was his, and I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with him. It didn’t matter that we were only sixteen. We knew what we wanted in life.

We had everything planned out; we'd graduate high school, go to college together where Edward would earn a degree in music while I got my masters to become a writer, then we'd move to New York. We'd get married and have two kids, and a cat or a dog if we could ever agree on one of them. Being us, we would probably end up getting both.

"I would love pretending to do homework with you, but Mom and Dad said that I had to go home straight after school. They apparently had news for me and Alice."

News? What kind of news?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, but Mom smiled when she said it, so it can’t be anything bad.”

Okay, but you’ll call me tonight, right?”

We stopped walking and he cradled my face in his hands. “Baby, I always call you at night, you know that.” I did know that. It was a part of our nightly routine. Neither of us could sleep without it. We just had to hear each other’s voices before going to sleep. It made it easier to imagine that we were together.

"I know, but I just like hearing you say it," I said with a smile before standing on my toes to place a kiss on his wonderful lips. I could easily live off of kissing Edward. I needed him more than I needed air to breathe.

Or well, at least in my head. I guess, in real life, it would be very difficult to learn to live without breathing.

"Get a room!" We heard Mike Newton yell in our direction from the other side of the lot.

I pulled away from Edward and turned toward the annoying asshat. "Drop dead, Mike!" He laughed in response, and I huffed in annoyance before grabbing Edward's hand and continued our way toward our cars. "I hate that guy," I mumbled to myself.

Edward kissed my temple softly. "Ignore him. He's just jealous."

I still hate him.”

You and I both, baby.”

When we reached our cars, we kissed goodbye before driving our separate ways.

Mom was already home when I pulled into the driveway. I saw her walking around in the kitchen through the window and smiled when I noticed the phone pressed against her ear. That was my mom in a nutshell; constantly on the phone.

Dad always teased her that one of these days, her phone would get stuck and she would have to live with it attached to her head for the rest of her life.

She never thought that was funny and always replied with why she had to be on the phone. Since Dad and I had heard the same reason for years now, we could almost recite it backward in our sleep.

My mom worked as a stockbroker, something I'd always thought was hilarious. She couldn't figure out our microwave to save her life, but all of those numbers that didn't make any sense to a normal person was child's play for her.

"Mom, I'm home!" I called out when I entered through the front door, and caught Mom making a stopping gesture with her hand as if to tell me to be quiet. I sighed and went to my room to relieve myself from my backpack.

Inside my room, I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the frame on my desk, just like I did every day. It was a small picture taken of me and Edward in a photo booth at a carnival that came to town during the summer.

The other pictures from the strip were all goofy and funny, but this one was my favorite. I was sitting in his lap, his arms were wound around my stomach, and he was kissing my cheek.

The day had been a celebration of our two-month-anniversary. It had been the best day ever because that was the day I realized that I loved Edward Cullen and that I would follow him anywhere in the world.

I decided to start on my homework before Dad came home and began dinner. If I could finish as much as possible, I would have my weekend free, and I would be able to spend it with Edward.

I dug out my history book from my backpack and tried to get lost in the stories of the Civil War. It was hard, though. History had never been my favorite subject. In fact, I hated it. I couldn’t see the point in learning something that happened over a hundred years ago. Yes, it helped to shape the way our country is today, but still. It happened, but now it’s over.

A couple of hours later, I heard the doorbell ring, and since Dad wasn’t home yet, I knew that it was my responsibility to open the door. Mom wouldn’t do it. Not when she was so focused on her phone.

I closed my book and made my way down the stairs. Sure enough, Mom was still on the phone. She was making big gestures with her hand while she said things like: “No! Do not sell! It has to fall below one point forty percent first!”

I shook my head at her and walked toward the door.

I was shocked when I saw Edward standing outside with a distressed expression on his face. His hair stood in every direction, more so than usual, and his eyes held a desperate glint in them.

Edward? What’s wrong?”


Edward POV

What do you tell someone you plan on spending the rest of your life with that you're moving to Paris because your mom got a job offer? I didn't know how to tell her, but it would crush her.

I just got some very upsetting news,” I finally said with a frown.

Let’s go up to my room” she, responded a little worried.

We walked up the stairs to her room to talk.

Now, spill. What’s going on?” she asked as the door closed behind us.

Where’s your dad?” I asked, trying to distract her.

He’s at work. Why?” she asked.

Nothing, I was just wondering. What have you been up to today?” I asked, again trying to distract her.

You know what I’ve been up to. We’ve been at school and I haven’t been home that long. Now stop trying to distract me.” Her voice, although calm, was laced with panic. “You’re scaring me. I’ve never seen you like this.”

I took a deep breath and sighed. “My mom got a job offer and we’re supposed to be moving.”

Where is this job?” she asked, worry clouding her voice.

"Paris," I whispered.

She was quiet for what seemed like an eternity before she spoke. “You’re leaving me?”

"Baby, no, I would never leave you."

Then what are we going to do?” Her voice cracked.

"I don't know," I replied.

I wrapped my arms around her as she wrapped hers around me and we just held each other for a while. I really didn't know what we were going to do, all I knew was that our lives as we knew it was over.

How could my mother be so selfish? Turning my life upside down just to suit her. Just so she could have the “perfect” job. How could she expect me to drop she could get what she wanted?

I wanted to marry Bella. I was going to buy her a ring, and at graduation, in front of everyone; teachers; family; fellow graduates, I was going to get down on one knee and ask her to be my wife.

I love my Bella more than life itself, and I’m not about to give up on us just because my selfish mother tells me to. Oh no, I won’t give up without a fight!

A beeping noise broke me out of my thoughts. It was a message from my father telling me I had to get home. They, apparently, still needed to talk to me. I sighed deeply and Bella looked up at me.

"My father says I need to get home. They still need to talk to me," I said with another sigh. "But I will be back, baby, I promise." I kissed her once and cradled her face between my hands. "I love you!"

I love you too! Hurry back,” she called after me as I left her room.

A few minutes later, I pulled into my driveway. I sat in my car for a few extra minutes until my father walked outside and hollered at me.

Edward, come inside! We need to discuss this further.” He smiled.

You already know how I feel,” I snarled at him through my open window.

Yes, well your mother and I still feel it’s necessary to discuss the details with you and your sister,” he said, his smile tightening at the corners.

I reluctantly got out of my car and went into the house.

Now, you already know about the job, and it’s no longer simply an offer. Your mother has accepted, and we’ll move before the end of the year,” he said

What about school? All of my friends are here, and Bella and I had plans after graduation,” I told him through clenched teeth. I had a hard time restraining myself from hitting him, but he was my father, and I had been raised better than that.

"You'll go to a new school; you're intelligent, so there will be no problem for you to adjust to the new classes, even though it's in the middle of the term, and you'll make new better friends," he replied

I was furious. I was almost seventeen and they were telling me that I had no choice in the matter.

Yes, I was smart, that wasn't the issue, but I grew up with my friends here in Illinois and Bella; I love her and I can’t see myself being with anyone but her.

No! I don’t want to make new friends! I want to stay here with my old friends, and Bella!” I spat. I was trying hard not to lose my temper.

"What do you see in her? She's not good enough for you, and I've told you that multiple times already. Why continue seeing her?" my father asked with a glare.

I don’t care what you have told me or what you think! I love her!” I bit back.

I forbid you to see that girl again! You will move with us, and that’s the end of this discussion,” my father yelled at me.

No, I’m—”

"Edward, what's so wrong with Paris?" My little sister, Alice, peeked out from behind our father. She turned to him with huge eyes. "Daddy, I want to go.”

"And you will, sweetheart," my father responded, while still glaring at me.

Alice, stay out of this!” I snapped at her.

This is a family discussion so my opinion counts too,” Alice said, pouting.

I rolled my eyes at her childish ways.

I can’t wait until we get to Paris! The French fashion is so different from the American, and the shopping will be the best!" Alice clapped her hands. She was all giddy.

That was the moment I knew that I would not be leaving with them. I needed to talk to Bella, but I couldn't leave just yet, so I stormed upstairs to my room.

Around midnight, I decided to sneak out and go over to my love's house.

I took pebbles that I found on her driveway and tossed them at her window until she appeared.

"Open the window," I stage whispered to her.

She complied, and I used the tree next to the house to help me get up to her window. I climbed it very carefully and through her window as quietly as I could just so her folks wouldn't wake up.