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when you touch me you take me to heaven

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You weren’t exactly nervous.

Well, okay, you were. Anyone would be. But not in a bad way. You weren’t getting sick or light-headed or regretting everything that led you to this—though, you were making the mental note to never be around Steve or Carol while you were drunk again.

That was how it had started. You wanted to spend a night out with Wanda, Peter, and Valkyrie. Wanda was having some issues with Vision and she just wanted to forget all about them. Of course, there was drinking.

Two weeks earlier:

When you had even an ounce of alcohol, your control just went straight out the window. You wanted Steve and Carol essentially every god damn second of every fucking day, but when you were drunk? Oh, the same, you just weren’t overly concerned about hiding it.

You were a little too drunk when you returned home to the apartment you shared with Steve and Carol. Even Valkyrie knew the two Captains who could be fun and would be fun if you asked them to, turned all pouty and whiny whenever you had fun without them.

She set you on your knees in front of the door and only moved when she was sure you were going to sit upright on your own. She knocked on the door, ducked down to kiss the top of your head, then sprinted away with a snicker and a ‘see you later’.

Steve opened the door.

You felt impossibly small on the floor before him. And much smaller when he turned down to you and arched an eyebrow. You tried to erase the tension with a smile, but he didn’t look like he was buying.

Honestly, you felt like a child. And that feeling didn’t go away when he leaned down to pick you up off the floor and take you inside. You wrapped yourself around him the very second you could, paying no mind to your dress hiking up so far that nothing was covered.

“Oh, look who finally decided to come home,” Carol called out from the kitchen table.

You looked at her over Steve’s shoulder, smiling only when you saw that she was. Truly, neither of them cared that much about what you did—drinking, staying out late, talking back, being “bratty”, it just made good excuses for them to be assholes in the bedroom.

She was in a thin cropped shirt and a pair of sleep shorts. Steve, well, you couldn’t remember what he was wearing, but you could feel his chest, his arms were around you, and god, he was so fucking tall. And big. And you wanted him inside you. And Carol was fucking stunning and her fucking arms, ugh. You wanted her behind you, one hand around your throat, the other between you and Steve, touching your clit.

You kissed his shoulder first, then turned your head to kiss his neck, his jaw, his cheek, until you found his lips. He didn’t let the kiss last long, instead turning away as he continued toward the bedroom.

“Sleep it off, Y/N,” he directed.

You huffed. “Are you insane?”

He snorted, and you weren’t sure, but you might have heard Carol do the same. “You’re drunk.”


“We don’t do this when you’re drunk.”

“But there are different kinds of drunk. Like a little drunk, then a little bit more drunk, and a little bit more than that, then a little more, and then completely wasted… I don’t really remember how many I just listed, but I think I’m only at level 2.”

“Do you even remember your last name?” he inquired.

You didn’t. But whenever you were coming up short in a dreaded interrogation run by the Captain America, you always got around that by being cute. So, you shrugged, and tried, “Rogers-Danvers?”

“For fuck’s sake, Y/N,” he sighed. Finally, you were in your room. Only the bathroom light was on, that must have been where he was prior to Valkyrie’s terrible drop off job. He slid one arm completely under your ass and used the other to turn the light on before moving further into the room.

“You have to give her points for that, at the very least,” Carol called out from where she was leaned against the door frame. “It was pretty cute.”

“Sure.” He rolled his eyes, setting you down at the foot of the bed. He glanced between the two of you, contemplating something. “I’d prefer Danvers-Rogers. Makes sense. Alphabetical.”

“And you want to end the name because then Danvers might just sound like a middle name,” Carol accused.

“Well, yes.”

“No, she said Rogers-Danvers.”

“Y/N, really think. Rogers-Danvers or Danvers-Rogers?”

You looked at her, then him, then her again, then him as you leaned back on your elbows. “Whoever takes my dress off first can be the second name.”

Carol scoffed. “Well, Rogers, it seems like that invitation sounds more tempting to you.” She honestly loved watching Steve deal with you when you were drunk. Sober, you liked giving him a hard time, when you were drunk, that only increased. And Steve was easily overwhelmed when you were drunk, torn between his attraction to you, his genuine deepest nature to take the best care of you, and his second nature not to let you push him into doing something he initially said no to. Though, if Carol had to pull out the scoreboard, he didn’t win the battles too many times. That was why there were still Halloween decorations up around the apartment in April.

He went to the bathroom without a word, came back with your makeup remover and a washcloth—the bamboo cloths that Carol always kept you completely stocked on because she knew how seriously you took your skincare. Steve removed the small amount of makeup that had managed to outlast your drunken adventures and you had to remind yourself how uncomfortable your tears made Steve. But really, did he have to be so perfect?

Carol left her spot to enter the bathroom, walking out with your moisturizer which she handed off to Steve. You were so weak for these two idiots. They actually liked to watch you go through your morning and night skin routine, and whenever you put on makeup. They said it was so inexplicably domestic.

Steve got down on his knees before you and set everything aside, reaching out to pull the straps of your dress down. When you went to sit up, he assisted you with a hand to the small of your back. It was a pathetic excuse of a dress, nothing more than a satin slip that you had always pictured them taking off you, the only reason you’d worn it.

He leaned in to kiss across your collarbone, then from the left back in toward your throat. He was so slow about it and you knew he wanted you to voice your impatience, but you would not. You weren’t sure where he was going with this because you knew he wasn’t going to have sex with you, but then what was he going to do?

He gathered the dress around your waist before pressing you back to the bed with his hand on your shoulder. As he pulled the dress down further, he set his lips to the center of your chest and kissed downward until he was under your navel.

You lifted your hips for him, and he skillfully managed to get you out of it despite that you weren’t helping him as much as you thought you were. Then he leaned back, sitting on his heels—ever the gentleman, he didn’t once look away from your eyes even though you were completely naked in front of him. “Did you have fun?”


“Who were you with?”

“Wanda, Valkyrie, and Peter.”

“That’s an odd group. I thought it was supposed to be a girls’ night.”

“Well, it was…”

Finally, he leaned in, placing the smallest, softest kiss on your inner thigh. It was nothing, especially compared to the way he usually touched you, but it was enough to get you wet. “But…?” he prompted.

“But then Peter looked so down, so Wanda invited him.” You took in a sharp breath when he repeated his actions with the next thigh. “Then I guess it was kind of…a submissives’ night?”

He lifted his eyebrows. “Valkyrie, submissive?”

He was moving closer, you could feel the heat of him on your exposed core and it was driving you insane, though, you figured that was what he wanted. “No, she was the chaperone.”

“Why wasn’t Nat the chaperone?”

“Because we all have a crush on Nat, but we wanted to forget about all of that—” You cut yourself off, hand flying up to cover your mouth. Oh, no, no, no. It had been years, you’d never once revealed your crush on your first favorite Avenger. Sure, by principle, now you had to say it was Steve and Carol, both your number ones. But before all of that, it was Natasha!

Of course, it was Natasha! She was hot and had gorgeous red hair and she was so scary but also funny and smart, and you loved her laugh. And she was so soft! But she also helped you train and when she was really tough on you, that was also hot. 

Steve’s eyebrows rose. “You have a crush on Nat?” He glanced at Carol. “Did you hear that?”

“I did.”

“I don’t,” you claimed. “Wanda does. Peter does. Valkyrie does.”

“But not you?” he pressed.

You shook your head. “No—that would be weird. Like…I have a crush on you. You know? And I have a crush on Carol. And you guys are basically the same person. And so, like, if I had a crush on Nat…then who else do I have a crush on? Bucky? Do you think I have a crush on Bucky, Steve?”

“I’m really not sure, honestly,” he admitted, thoroughly amused at your rambling, blushing cheeks, and wide eyes. He wasn’t upset that you had a crush on Nat—he had eyes. And Bucky? Well, not that he was going to delight you with that story, but someone had to teach Steve how to kiss after he managed to get a date with a girl that he liked all the way back when. Long story short, he was freaking out because he had never kissed anyone and Bucky thought he was going to have a heart attack, so he helped.

“I don’t,” you insisted. “I only have a crush on you two. I love you. And I love Carol.”

“We know, baby,” he promised. “Right, Carol?”

“Right,” she assured.

He set his hands on your knees and finally, his eyes lowered to get a look at how badly you wanted him—this was it, you were finally going to convince them that drunk or not, you always wanted them. It was just cruel to deny you when you had little to no inhibitions. Smirking, he stood up and fixed you with a firm look. “Time for sleep.”

Your mouth dropped and he sent you a pitiful look—did you really think you were going to win? “Fine! It is Rogers-Danvers!”

He simply went to turn off the bathroom light and then headed for the door. How sick was he? First, nothing, and then he was just going to make you fall asleep alone? Though, you were sure that was more for your lack of control. Would you really have stopped trying to get them to fuck you? Probably not.

One week and two days earlier:

Regardless, you weren’t nervous… You supposed you had butterflies. Being laid out on a bed in nothing but a red lacy bodysuit that was so lowcut you were practically falling out of it whilst three other people surrounded you, fully clothed called for butterflies.

It had been several days, you’d completely forgotten all about the conversation you had with Steve. Honestly, you couldn’t remember much of what occurred after Peter told you that he could drink more than you. Too many shots were consumed and the three of you ended up crying outside on the sidewalk about how much you loved each other as Valkyrie recorded on her phone—which you learned three days later because she sent it to everyone she knew.

Steve and Carol thought it was hysterical.

But still, everything was blank. You had assumed that Valkyrie brought you home unconscious. Or at least very close to it. You were under the impression that not a thing had been said. Not until Carol got in the shower with you that morning.

She wrapped her arms around you, hands moving to your center as she pressed her body against your back. “Good morning, Mrs. Rogers-Danvers.”

And then it all came crashing back. You turned in her arms, blurting out apologies. You loved her, you didn’t want her or Steve to think that there was anyone else that had caught your eye. Sure, you were physically attracted to other people, but you would never entertain the idea of actually being with someone else.

Before you were even fully through your speech, she pushed you against the shower wall, told you to shut up, and ordered you to get off on her thigh. You weren’t sure if she was mad. You’d had a lot of angry sex over the years and you always thought you could tell by looking in their eyes, but you weren’t seeing anger. But you were sure that she should have been. They had to be mad, right? You were talking about someone else in a way that you should have only been talking about them.

You went to ask but she told you to shut up again, then got on her knees and ate you out until Steve came in and told you both that breakfast was getting cold. Her eyes locked on his, she pressed two fingers inside you.

Steve, always mindful of your safety, reached inside to hold you up against the wall—good, you were surely about to collapse. He had one hand on your shoulder, the other holding your jaw, keeping your gaze locked with his.

Carol placed her mouth back on you and you moaned. Steve took advantage of your open mouth and started choking you with his fingers sliding against your tongue. You closed your mouth, humming blissfully.

 She gave you one more finish with and let him lick the taste of you out of her mouth and then off her fingers.

Steve pulled you out of the shower, seemingly not minding that you were soaking his clothes. “Finish your shower, I’ll reheat the food.”

Carol winked at you, pulling the curtain shut.

Steve kissed you hard as he carried you to the bed, hands holding your ass and waist, pressing you against him as much as he could. He laid you down and carefully slotted himself between your legs.

It took seconds before he had his jeans out of the way and he was inside you, rolling his hips desperately. There was something overly flattering when Steve dropped the gentleman ‘you finish first’ routine and fucked you like you were the only thing in this world that could get him off.

When you were all finally sitting down to eat breakfast, Carol decided it was time for a date night. Soon. It confused you because you guys had just had a date night the week before. And it wasn’t a rare occurrence whenever they were off missions, which they currently were, but it certainly wasn’t frequent either.

“Didn’t we just have date night?”

“This will be different,” she claimed.


“Well, we want to invite Natasha.”

Your eyebrows pulled together. “Like…for a double date? Who is she bringing?”

Carol shook her head. “Nope, we want to invite her for you.”

Your heart dropped for a second, this small part of you that was always there, always scared that they would get tired of sharing you and just decided to move on. You were getting better about knowing that part of you was stupid, but still, it was difficult to silence at times.

But then, you remembered how competitive these two were. They may want to leave you one day, but that will not be without the most extra competition in the world. They will go with one last battle for you—and it will look ten times worse than when they’re both in moods and they fight over you in bed. Though, you never have many complaints about those nights…

“I don’t think I understand…” No, you were utterly sure you were in the dark. What the hell were they up to?

“Well, you are attracted to Natasha, aren’t you?” Steve finally spoke.

You rolled your eyes. “You guys—”

“And we both love Natasha,” he continued. “I trust and respect her.”

“Yeah, and she is the only person who I’d be willing to let do this. I guess you two could make a case for Bucky, though.”

“Bucky?” you blurted out. “Okay, what the hell are you talking about?”

“We want to watch her fuck you.”

Your eyes widened. You had not heard that right. “I’m…sorry?”

“If you want to,” he clarified.

“Which we would completely understand,” Carol promised. “Natasha is beautiful, and I think she’s always had a little thing for you.”

“You guys think everyone is obsessed with me,” you pointed out. “And you’re crazy.”

“We don’t want to pressure you,” Steve insisted. “We just want you to know that this is something we are completely open to. If you want to do it.”

“We would be there the whole time,” Carol explained. “In control of the whole thing.”

“Well, mostly,” Steve countered. “Nat is very dominant.”

You guys had never spoken about bringing anyone else in and you weren’t entirely sure how you felt about it. It was something you never thought you would have to deal with. It wasn’t like you thought of your relationship with Steve and Carol as primarily sexual. Sure, you guys had a lot of sex, but that was because you were insanely in love with them.

Did you even want to have sex with someone else? Technically speaking, yes, you wanted to have sex with Natasha. Didn’t everyone? But did you, girlfriend of Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers, want to have sex with someone who was not either of those people?

“Babe,” Carol took your hand, “Think on it, we don’t need an answer right now.”

“And there’s no time limit. And don’t feel like you have to say yes. We just thought we would propose the idea. We are fine either way. We could be generous and share you, but we definitely don’t feel like it’s something we need to do.”

“Yeah…I need to think about it.” But you honestly had no idea where to fucking start.

One week and one day earlier:

So, because if the night that got you into trouble taught you anything, it was that there were people you could trust wholly and who would never judge you or tell anyone anything you said. You called another “submissives’ night” and demanded Valkyrie to chaperone again even though you were not going to be drinking much. You just needed to get their opinions on the whole thing. You were scared, for starters. 

Did this mean they were getting bored? Wanda told you she would slap you if you ever suggested something like that again—you weren’t drinking, but she sure was, and she always got a little violent after some vodka and tequila mixed. She promised that they were still as in love with you as the very first day that she had read their minds to find out if this was just a sexual relationship or a real one. Something you had not known she did but that you couldn’t really complain about it since you were asking for their help.

Were they testing you? Did they actually want you to say no? Valkyrie took this one. She informed you that she had offered an invitation to hers and Thor’s bedroom addressed to Sif. It had been her idea and there was never a petty thought in her mind hoping Thor would say no or any part of her that felt lesser when he said yes. It was just adding someone into a situation, someone they cared for and trusted completely. You guessed you all felt that for Natasha, she was Steve’s best friend, one of your fiercest protectors when anyone tried to question your relationship, and she’d just always had such a special bond with Carol.

Should you feel some type of way that they were so willing to share you with someone? Usually, they were jealous of anyone who looked at you too long. Peter tackled this with a rambling speech that was actually kind of cute. The gist: he’d never seen anyone love someone the way Steve and Carol loved you. He figured if they wanted Natasha to touch you in a way that they had long ago decided only they could, that just meant that they wanted to spoil you even more than they already did.

But despite their reassurances, they told you that you needed to talk to Steve and Carol some more, before deciding. Of course, they were right, but you had kind of wanted to avoid talking to them about it. You were scared that if you asked too many questions that they would just drop it and then it would just be this awkward thing you guys never spoke of.

But if you couldn’t talk it out, what kind of relationship did you really have? Your questions were random and occurred over the course of many days. One night when Steve was in the home office and you were getting ready for bed, Carol joined you in the bathroom to braid your hair. You decided to go for it.

“You don’t think I’m getting bored with you guys, right?”

Carol snorted. “Babe. First, I can make you come in seconds. Second, I guess Steve has some talents. I don’t know, I’m just taking all of your crying and begging as proof of that.”

You scoffed. “Carol, be serious.”

“No, we don’t think you’re getting bored.”

“Do you think that I’ll eventually want to have sex with Nat so badly that I’ll leave you? Is that why you’re offering this, as like, some way to get it out of my system?”

“No, absolutely not. Look, I think that I am your soul mate. And even though I refuse to say it to him, I think Steve is also your soul mate. There’s something about us that just…clicks. Everything fell into place when we all got together. I genuinely think we’ll all be together forever.”

You turned to her after she tied your hair and she wound her arms around your waist. “Soul mate?”

She arched an eyebrow. “What, you don’t agree?”

“I’m just saying that you guys always accuse me of being the emotional one.”

“Oh no, that’s Steve—he’s a Cancer.”

You smirked. “I do love you both, so much. I couldn’t imagine a life without either of you.”

“You’ll never have to live without us, babe.” She kissed your forehead. “Anything else?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“Good, now get in bed with me before Steve comes and ruins everything.”

“Carol,” you scolded, but your laugh sort of took away the edge in your tone.

Five days earlier:

When Steve was in the office again and Carol was out for lunch with friends, you were bored. You decided there was nothing better to do than bother him, and well, get some answers.

You wormed your way onto his lap, despite his protests that he was working and that he had something important to finish. You completely ignored his promises that it would only take a couple of hours and that he would find you after.

But he was always smart, and he figured your insistence meant you wanted to talk. So, he soon shut up and just waited. He didn’t want to pressure you into speaking, even the conversation was something he wanted to happen naturally, of your own will.

“If we do this…like, if I have sex with Natasha…is that going to be a regular thing?”

“Well…I guess that I want to say no. But I can’t tell you who you can and can’t have sex with—”

“You kind of can, you’re my boyfriend.”

“What I mean is, no. For me, this relationship is you, Carol, and me. Yes, we want to include Natasha in this but that’s something else entirely. Our relationship is not just sex, so you having sex with someone else isn’t that big of a deal to us when it’s with someone like Natasha. This would be a one-time thing. Just…something we want you to experience, something we also definitely want to experience.”

“Okay…so, Natasha once. But then, are you going to want other people—?”

His eyes widened. “No.”

“Well, if I have sex with Natasha…does that mean I’m supposed to be okay if you want to have sex with other people?”

“No. Not at all. Who else would I even want to have sex with?”

You rolled your eyes. “I know you like Bucky, Steve.”

“That is—I mean. Okay, fine. Yes, I like Bucky. He’s…attractive—”

“Yes, he is…and I like his hair.”

He scoffed. “Yeah, I like his hair, too.”

“But I don’t want you to have sex with him or anyone else.”

“That’s okay.”

“Really? Because I feel like it’s selfish and…I don’t know. I just feel immature and controlling and possessive—”

“You know, I like when you’re possessive. Makes me feel less insane.”

You attempted to give him a flat look, but he kissed you before you could.

“I love you and I will never want to have sex with someone else. Okay?”

And that led you to now. Now, dressed in nothing but a low-cut lacy bodysuit that you were practically falling out of. You were surrounded by three fully clothed people who were staring at you like you were their last meal.

Carol had dressed you. Normally, when that happened, that meant there was a lot of touching and she would always eat you out. But nothing, not a single brush of her fingers and you knew it was because tonight, you were Natasha’s.

Everything was happening so fast. One minute you were talking and the next, you were underneath Natasha. She had dressed in a pair of tight black pants and a tighter shirt. That sight alone had been enough to get you wet.

Steve and Carol were sitting against the wall—two loveseats you had never seen. Did they buy them just for this? You were focused on everything but this. You weren’t sure why. Even if this was a one-time thing…you did have a crush on Natasha and part of you couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. And maybe you were starting to get into the idea of Steve and Carol watching, but you were also concerned because were you allowed to enjoy this? How much?

“Hey,” Natasha whispered to you. It didn’t matter that Steve and Carol could hear, she just wanted to speak to you this softly. “Do you want to do this?”

You did. You never would have said yes if you 100% were not interested in this happening. “Yes.”

“Are you nervous?”

“Kind of, yeah.”


“I’m not really sure,“ you admitted. There was no reason to be nervous, you knew that.

She lifted one hand to pet away the hair that had gotten in your face. Almost experimentally, you did the same. You loved her hair, if you could only do one thing, you wanted to touch her hair. You pulled a curl behind her ear, letting your fingers move down to trace her cheekbone.

She smiled. “Well, let’s see what we can do about that. What do you want me to do to you?”

About a million things. But if you’d learned anything from Steve and Carol, you didn’t just get to ask for things. You had to earn them. And there was only one way to do that: submission. “I want you to do whatever you want to me. Anything.”

Her smirk was wicked until she began kissing your face everywhere. “You are so fucking beautiful.”

You were blushing. You knew you were, and the only confirmation you needed was Steve shifting in his seat. He loved seeing you blush. Your eyes shut and for a moment, you just let yourself feel Natasha.

Her lips gently pressed against the skin of your neck, a contrast to her hands that moved with purpose and dominance.  One had pressed up to touch your breast through your thin bodysuit, and the other went down to pull your left thigh up higher up the side of her body.

She brought her lips up to yours, shoving her tongue into your open mouth. She pressed her body to yours, her stomach to your center and just the feeling of her against you, even through the thin layers of clothing you both wore, was enough to make all those nerves disappear.

You loved Natasha, obviously not romantically, but this was not going to be scary in any way. She was one of your best friends and you would die for her. You knew she felt the same about you.

She finally touched you where you wanted her the most but used the lace to tease you further. There was a reason these people got along so well, they all clearly took immense joy in torturing you.

It wasn’t enough. But you couldn’t just start undressing or asking for things, you had to get permission. Or you had to make her want you so badly that she just tore your clothes off and fucked you. You decided the latter was the best option, and you were going to go through all your Steve tricks first—he was weaker—and the Carol tricks if that didn’t work.

You buried your hands in her hair, dragging her mouth down to one of your breasts as you arched your back. “Natasha, please.”

She hummed, turning up with a smirk. “I thought you would last longer.”

“She usually does,” Carol asserted.

“Does she?” Natasha asked rhetorically, eyebrows lifted at you.

“She’s lying,” you claimed, feigning innocence.

Nat scoffed. “Well, I suppose you can have something…but only because you’ve been so sweet.” She began kissing along your jaw as her hands found your shoulders. She rolled the lace down until your breasts were bare.

You shuddered when her lips closed around your nipple, teeth teasing your sensitive flesh. “Fuck.”

She bit down and your hips jerked upward. She caught you with one hand and held you down, her other hand coming up to touch your neglected breast. She pinched your nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pulled back harshly as she pulled on the nub with her teeth.

You shivered as the pain slowly ebbed away.

She pressed against you again and realized that you had completely soaked through the lace. “You’re being such a good girl,” she cooed. “You’re waiting for whatever I want to give you. Do you want me to touch your pussy?”

You nodded frantically. “Yes, please.”

“How?” she wondered as her hand snaked down between your bodies. She grabbed a handful of your suit and yanked it upward, the lace catching on your clit.

You gasped as your hips lifted, desperate for more contact.

“Like that? Or did you want something else?”

“I want to feel your fingers inside me.”

She smiled while she moved the cloth aside. She made a low sound in her throat when she discovered how absolutely wet you were for her.

You clutched her to you tighter as you felt the slide of her fingers. “Oh, god, Natasha.”

She began curling her fingers and you were lost in her in mere seconds. She was good at this, too good not to have been with several women. You had never really thought of Natasha that way—who else was she fucking? “You are tight, baby. I can’t imagine how hot it is watching you take Steve’s cock.”

“Maybe we’ll let you see,” Steve commented.

She hummed, green eyes still fixed on yours. Her thumb began the search for your clit, which she knew she found when you gasped her name. Natasha watched you carefully, curious to see all the different reactions she could pull from you.

Part of you wanted to shy away, no one ever watched you like this. Except for Carol and Steve, and it was almost easy to forget entirely that they were on the edge of the room. Watching you. Watching her watch you.

She slipped in a third finger despite that you’d already started tightening around her fingers.

“Oh, fuck,” you cried. “Natasha—”

“Does that feel good?”

“Yes, it feels so fucking good,” you managed through breathy moans.

She set her forehead against yours, her lips barely pressed to yours as she worked you toward your end.

It was then that you needed to act out. Behaving, truly? When was the last time you’d done that? If you liked behaving, you figured you wouldn’t have been bent over Steve’s knee earlier that morning, which he made you promise not to tell Carol about. He didn’t fuck you, however, so with nerves out of the way, you were fucking worked up.

You bit down on Natasha’s bottom lip as you came, whining and whimpering as if you weren’t clearly asking for some form of retaliation.

She took the hand that wasn’t inside you and wrapped it in your hair, yanking your head back. You stared up at her with sparkling eyes and a small smile. “Open. Your. Mouth.”

When you obliged, she ordered you to suck on her fingers.

“She has an attitude problem,” Carol pointed out. “We warned you.”

Natasha still only watched you. “I didn’t think she would try anything so early on.”

Steve snorted.

She climbed off you, hands crossing over her arms as she watched you sit up.

You waited patiently, suit still gathered at your hips.

She leaned forward slightly, one hand coming to move your hair out of her way. She stared at your breasts for a long time then sighed as she met your eyes. “You have a beautiful body.”

“Thank you,” you echoed, trying not to blush. She’d just had her fingers in you, certainly that comment wasn’t a big deal. But Steve made a noise and you knew you’d failed.

She moved closer, arms reaching under your thighs to pull you toward the edge of the bed. She wrapped your legs around her hips and took your chin in her hand to force you to look at her. “Are you still nervous?”

“Not really.”

“What do you want? Go on, you’ve earned a little. You are a fucking masterpiece when you come.”

“Can I…taste you?”

She blinked, humming as she cast a glance back.

Carol shrugged, eyeing you almost curiously. “Usually, she’s not so eager to please. She’s a greedy brat when she wants to be.”

Carol calling you a brat? Humiliating. In the best way. She rarely did it, but you knew when she did, you were getting fucked, hard. She would use you for hours and not let you come once. You told yourself you would act up in a few days so you could get her there.

Natasha turned to you, still somewhat surprised. “You can.” She reached for her pants, but you caught her hands.

“Can I take off your clothes?”

She smiled down at you, once more touching your face as she leaned down to kiss your nose. “Sure.”

You rose to your knees, pulling down the thick straps of her tank top, leaving the bra for now. Her body wasn’t like yours and it wasn’t like Carol’s. Natasha had curves, round breasts and hips, and an ass you could stare at too long. The bra was second and your mouth immediately sought out her skin, sucking, licking, biting and just feeling her stomach, shoulders, and arms.

She always looked soft to you, but you were surprised to discover just how soft. It went so far against the myth of the frightening Black Widow,

When you yanked open her pants and shoved them down, you wasted no time in following. She grabbed your hair again and pulled your mouth against her soaking core. You kissed her there once, twice, then licked her slowly. Glancing up as well as you could, you saw that her head fallen back and her mouth dropped.

You let your tongue run through her three more times, teasing her entrance just a little. Something you knew annoyed her or that she enjoyed too much because her hand was tightening in your hair.

“Don’t tease,” she warned.

But you had few opportunities to show the power you held over these people, so you didn’t stop. Not until she had your hand clutched in her hair and tore you back. She shoved you back onto the bed and all you did was smirk.

Natasha didn’t look annoyed, there was a clear thrill in her eye. Yes, she was going to punish you, but she was going to have fun doing it. Her hands gripped the suit and she tore it down your legs.

She sat down next to you on the bed and tapped her fingers on her thigh. You hurried to get onto her lap, and she smiled at you. She set her hand, palm up, on her lap, holding out her first two fingers pointedly. "Ride my fingers.”

You watched it all as you situated your hips over her hand and then sunk down on them. You threw your head back, arching your breasts closer to her.

She took the hint and began biting and kissing you there.

You rolled your hips once a tad gently, something she clearly didn’t like as her hand came down on your ass.

Fuck my fingers,” she said. “Make yourself come and give me a good show.”

You moved your hips with a bit more force, hands clutching at her shoulders, nails digging into her skin.

“What do you need, baby? How can I make you come?”

You let go of one of her shoulders, searching for her hand on the mattress, but didn’t dare stop moving. When you found it, you placed it over your neck.

She didn’t need to be told twice, she tightened her hold around you, getting wetter over the sounds of your strangled moans. 

When you finished with a cry of her name, she shoved you back down on the bed, her fingers thrusting in and out of you at a devastating pace. You were screaming as well as you could manage with limited breathing, terribly oversensitive, and she was completely uncaring.

She stared into your eyes the whole time. You kept whimpering to her, telling her you couldn’t give another one. She didn’t believe you for a second, she knew a needy pussy when she felt one. You would come as many times as she told you to.

After you had finished around her fingers, she pulled them away and sucked them clean.

“If you want to see how beautiful she looks when she’s riding, I have a few straps,” Carol offered.

Natasha perked up, smirking at you. “Get one.”

She was underneath you again. She laid there waiting as you slid down onto the thick purple piece between her legs. It was big but you were determined to take it all, knowing that once you did, it would bury deeper inside her pussy as well.

You started off slow again, trying to adjust but she tsked at you.

“Ride me like the needy little whore I know you are.”

Your cheeks automatically flushed—Steve and Carol had never, they just weren’t into it. You weren’t sure that you were either, not until Natasha said it. Now, you were soaking wet and bouncing on her like your life depended on it.

“Shit,” she cursed, propping up on her elbows to get a better look at you. Of course, she was obsessed with watching your breasts move with you. But now your skin was flushed and glowing, your eyes were glassy and watering, your lips were swollen and wet. She had officially destroyed you and she was nowhere near done with you.

When you were just about there, she rolled over so she was on top. You whined unintelligibly and began rolling your hips upward. She caught you, pressing you flat down to the bed and shushing you.

“I was close,” you blurted out. “I—”

“Shh,” she interjected, now carefully pulling out of you and pressing back in the same way.

It took you a few seconds to realize that she didn’t intend to let you come. She wanted to ruin your orgasm. Shit.

The second time she let you on top of her, she directed you to fuck yourself like you had been before. You noticed Steve and Carol had moved much closer and taken off all their clothes, her hand was around his hard cock and his fingers were buried inside her pussy.

Natasha grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at her again. “Right here, don’t make me tell you again.”

As her hands roamed every inch of your body she could reach, you once more built yourself up. And again, just before you could finish, she threw you onto the bed.

“Please,” you whimpered, and yet again, were shushed. Steve and Carol were getting louder and you were growing more frustrated.

Natasha adopted a torturous pace even despite your pleas. You were shaking and sweating, nearly on the verge of tears, but that was how they liked you. The sixth time she pinned you to the mattress, she turned your head to Steve and Carol.

They frantically touched one another and were vocal about just how close they were. Carol collapsed against the couch first, moaning loudly as Steve continued crooking his fingers inside her. He hissed a curse and long streaks of his cum painted his stomach and chest.

Natasha pulled out of you completely and you looked at her curiously. “Go clean them up.”

You nearly stumbled off the bed, all three prepared to jump into action if they needed to catch you. You fell to your knees before Steve first, leaning forward to lick his cum from his skin. He watched you the entire time, fingers running through your hair.

You crawled over to Carol and she grabbed a handful of your hair, bringing your mouth straight to her hot, wet cunt. You didn’t make her finish, that wasn’t the point.

Natasha pulled you away before you could manage it, dragging you onto your feet when she was satisfied. She kept you facing them, equally between the two seats.

They watched in complete awe as Natasha slid back into your pussy from behind. Her hands came up to your neck to hold you against her and she began pounding into your relentlessly.

Tears were falling when you got close again, you were so frustrated and wound up you felt like you would explode. You were so, so close, something she noticed when your legs began to shake.

You were just about to beg her to let you finish, tell her you would do anything for it, when she pulled out and threw you back onto the bed.

“Natasha,” you sobbed, “please.”

She came over to you, fingers running up and down your spine. “Shh, baby, just keep waiting and being a good girl.”

You buried your face in the blankets and felt her moving one leg at a time off the bed. She had you bent over the edge, ass perfectly propped up for your captains to see.

“May I?” she asked.

“Let me get some lube first,” Steve responded.

Of course, she would ask. Of course, Steve’s best friend would know how possessive he was when it came to your ass. You felt her pour the cold liquid against your asshole and you shivered. There was no way you would last long if she fucked your ass. You startled when you felt Steve’s hand move along your ass and you turned your face to watch him.

“You okay with this?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

He nodded once at Natasha, gaze stuck where she was pushing into you.

You clutched at the sheets as you felt that familiar stretching sensation, eyes focused on him. His eyes were darker, his jaw set. He stroked himself, mouth parting with a small sigh.

When she was flush against you, Steve reached out to brush your hair away from your face with his free hand. “Is she making you feel good?”

You nodded.

“Are you ready for her? Let me hear you, doll.”

You reached back toward her, hand on her head to pull her down for a kiss. “Fuck me, please.”

That was all she needed to hear. She held your waist to the bed and began moving her hips steadily.

You turned your head once more when you heard her tsk. She was pulling Steve’s hand off his cock.

“Patience,” she directed. “I’m going to need your help in a second.”

Steve’s attention found your face once more. He sat on the bed next to you, once more shoving your hair back. You caught his hand, intertwining your fingers and squeezing his hand hard.

“Carol,” Natasha called out. “Get a strap on and come here.”

As Carol moved around the room, Natasha rolled onto her side, taking you with her. Your body was completely displayed to Steve as she began pounding into you.

You directed his hand to your neck, a silent plea for him to choke you. He made a small noise in the back of his throat as he curled his fingers around you, applying just the slightest pressure.

The bed dipped as Carol laid behind Natasha and the latter moaned in your ear. Her hips stilled and she let Carol control everything for just a moment. Every time her hips rolled, Natasha’s followed, pushing the dildo deeper into your ass.

“Touch her,” Natasha ordered.

Carol reached over, fingers almost instantly finding your clit. Your strangled moans filled the room, along with slapping skin, and the wet noises from your pussy echoing Carol’s quick fingers.

You were so close you couldn’t breathe. Natasha had kept you on this edge for too long and now, it was nearly shameful how desperate you were for a finish.

Unfortunately, Natasha pulled Carol’s hand away just before you could come. You whimpered indistinctly, latching onto Steve’s forearm—he would spare you, he always did.

“Nat,” he scoffed, “Don’t be cruel.”

She laughed a little. “You know, maybe that’s why I’m here. You’re a little too easy on her.”

He kept one hand on your throat, letting his opposite touch your cheekbones, your swollen lips, the wet skin under your eyes. When you had started crying was something you were unaware of. “Maybe. But isn’t that why you love me, baby girl?”

You nodded and choked out, “Yes.”

He smirked.

“Is that the only reason?” Carol teased and Natasha snickered.

“No,” you hurriedly promised.

Steve shushed you. “She knows that baby. Come on, guys, she needs something.”

“Get inside her,” Natasha suggested. “Wasn’t I promised a show?”

He leaned closer, briefly kissing you as he pushed his body closer to yours. Natasha laid the side of her face on your shoulder, turned down to watch his cock slip inside you. She pulled your leg back to give herself a clearer view, sighing when she saw how slowly he was sinking into you.

Tears fell from the corners of your eyes and you bit down on your lip to silence some of the pathetic sounds you knew you would make. You didn’t even care how used your pussy felt, how sore you had already come from just riding her. Everything was second to your desire to orgasm.

Steve didn’t stop until you had taken him completely and by then you were shivering, so built up you felt you would faint if you didn’t get some relief soon.

“Shit,” Natasha muttered. She turned up, kissing the side of your face. “You are such a good girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” you agreed.

She grinned. “You wanna come?”

You gasped, “Please, please, I need it so bad.”

Natasha finally let Carol touch your clit again. Both she and Steve took that to mean that they could resume. Carol thrust hard because she knew that was the best way to make you feel her even if it wasn’t her directly behind you. Steve was just a tad gentler, most concerned with keeping you close to him and making sure you were getting what you needed.

Natasha angled your head back to her, lips gliding over yours. Your mouth was open, asking for her tongue and moaning into the kiss. It was sloppy and wet and everything you wanted in that moment.

You felt yourself getting close once more and you were terrified that Natasha would make them stop. You were begging before your brain had even though up anything coherent.

“It’s okay, baby. You can come for us.”

Without the fear that she was going to take it away from you again, you could just focus on what you were feeling. It was overwhelming but you had waited too long to take any of it for granted. Up until nearly the last moment, you’d thought what you were feeling was the result of being denied for so long.

Not quite, Carol and Steve definitely knew how to edge you. But this wasn’t that, this was more in every possible way. Every thrust, every touch of Carol’s fingers, or Steve’s unrelenting hold on your neck was pushing you somewhere you’d never been.

You felt like you could just burst. Like you were a ticking bomb about to go off. You reached out blindly and felt skin but you’d lost all sense of direction and had no idea who you were holding onto, who you were silently begging to keep you grounded.

You’d lost sense of most things, in fact, but when you finished, you were distinctly aware of the liquid pouring from your pussy, completely drenching Steve.

His hips halted for a moment but that was merely so he could steal you away from Natasha and Carol. He rolled over on top of you, using his hands to part your thighs wide. He was concerned with nothing but his own end. Now flat on top of you, his pelvis never lost contact with your clit and he was hitting this sweet spot inside you that was driving you wild.

Once more, your orgasm tore through you and as your body moved completely of its own accord, you squirted all over him. You’d never sounded so wet, his cock slamming into you had never sounded so messy.

“Fuck!” He held onto you tight, hips barely moving anymore as his cum filled your pussy.

“God, Rogers,” Nat complained, shoving at his shoulder hard enough that he had the good sense to get off you. “Try sharing a little.”

Natasha pulled you back to her, turning you in so you could curl up to her. You were not yet over your high and were completely satisfied just letting her hold you.

“She’s never done that before,” Steve informed.


“Really,” Carol confirmed.

“Huh,” Natasha echoed thoughtfully. “Well, you’re welcome.”

“Yeah…make her do it on me now,” Carol suggested.

Natasha snorted, hand running through your hair. “Give her a minute.” She turned down to you, hand lifting your chin so you would meet her gaze. She was overly satisfied with herself at the faraway, hazy look in your eyes. “Did you like that, baby?”

You nodded because words were not something you could currently produce. You were barely aware that she was running her hand up and down your arm, trying to pull your focus back to her.

“Good, we’re going to do it again in a minute.”

You weren’t sure you could but the look on her face was uncompromising.