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in the dark lying on top of you

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It was your one-year anniversary with Matt and, in honor of it, you had planned a staycation for the weekend. You both liked traveling, but you wanted to spend time with Matt without worrying about planning a trip or going out into the wilderness. Matt liked the idea, too; the chance to have you to himself for a couple of days was very appealing to him. 

You had noticed, at the end of your first day together, that Matt had been very clingy. Sure, he was normally relatively clingy, constantly holding your hand, kissing you, or hugging you. But, for the past day, it just seemed as if he couldn’t even leave you alone for a few minutes. You woke up that morning tangled together, him holding you close as he groggily woke up. While you made breakfast, Matt would hold you from behind as he watched you cook or stayed close by, seated on a countertop. The rest of the day, while you got a bit of work done and Matt read, he sat close to you and leaned against your shoulder. He constantly had a hand on you and pressed numerous kisses to your skin throughout the day.

Not that you were complaining. If you were honest, with the way he was dozing off with his head buried in the crook of your neck, the weight of him was comforting and Matt looked absolutely adorable. You couldn’t deny him what he, seemingly, legitimately craved , with his large green eyes staring back at you, begging to hold you, to touch you. Now, he held you close in bed as you scrolled through your phone and stroked his hair. “I could stay like this forever,” Matt murmured into your neck softly. His voice was laced with sleep, seemingly having woken up from his nap on top of you.

You giggle at his comment but pretend to be irritated in response, “I don’t think I could, you’re pretty heavy.” You smiled down at him once he popped his head up from your neck. 

“Fine,” he said, pinching your arm lightly, “I can get up if I’m so heavy .” Just as he began to get up, you pulled him back down to press a kiss to his lips.

“No,” you said between kisses, “I’d prefer if you were on top of me all day, if I’m honest, Matt.” You deepened the kiss, shoving your tongue into his mouth and tugging on his hair lightly. 

Matt pulled off of you once you began pulling his hair. He readjusted himself so that he was on his knees, straddling one of your thighs. “On top of you all day, hm? Sounds a bit exhausting, if I’m honest.” You rolled your eyes and pulled him back down to your lips. You moved your hands down to Matt’s hips, gripping them and helping him to grind down against you. Matt groaned into the kiss, muffled by his desire to stay connected to. His hands were still all over your body, refusing to keep any distance between the two of you, desperate for the feeling of you underneath his fingertips.

He moaned louder, beginning to grind himself on your thigh on his own, slowly at first before becoming more desperate as the kiss escalated. “Love keeping you close to me, as close as possible, sweet boy.” He whimpered in response, dropping his head down against your chest and concentrating on grinding against you. You ran your fingers through his hair, again, kissing the top of his head gently to encourage him.

Matt abruptly stopped grinding against you, his chest heaving from the movements. “D-don’t wanna cum in my pants. Let me cum inside you?” You could feel his hard cock, heavy against your thigh. He began to tug your shorts down, looking at you for permission to continue. He was desperate to keep you close, to make you his. Feeling his hard member against you combined with his sweet, pleading gaze, you couldn’t deny Matt what he was so desperately begging you for. You cupped his cheek, bringing his face closer to you as he shifted against you tentatively, desperate for any and all friction, but wanting to follow your orders. He closed his eyes tightly whispering out a delicate “please,” almost as if he was willing to (and was about to) actually beg for you.

“Calm down, baby,” you said, almost laughing at how desperate he had become in such a short time, “We can do whatever you want. Wanna make you feel good, Matt.” He began pulling your shorts down, moving off of you temporarily to have you naked from the waist down. Before he got back on the bed, you ordered him to strip completely, which he did quickly. He wanted to make you feel good, too. Wanted to be a good boy, doing everything you said and waiting for permission.

Matt’s body was soft and comforting as he rejoined yours on the bed, a bottle of lube in hand, he brought your legs up slightly to rest against his hips. Just as he was leaning down to kiss you, probing your entrance with his delicate fingers, you wrapped your hand around his neck. It was a gentle grasp, reassuring more than anything. A reminder that you were ultimately in control, how Matt liked. This was a contrast to how soft everything else was; Matt’s desperate touches, gentle kisses, and desire to keep you close.

“Want you to fuck me Matt,” you said softly, which spurred him to start fingering you open quickly with two fingers after covering them in lube. Letting go of him, he rested his forehead against yours and looked into your eyes, watching for what made you shut your eyes or roll them back. His eyes simultaneously looked darker and, yet, more full of love with how Matt so gently stretched you open for his cock. Thrusting a third finger into you, a moan slipped out of your mouth as you involuntarily threw your head back in pleasure. “So good for me, Matt, thank you, baby.”

Once you were stretched open for him, he rubbed some of the lube on his dick, pushing it into your entrance slowly. As he was pushing into you, he dropped to his elbows, effectively surrounding you, and began kissing you, his tongue immediately entering your mouth. You thrust your fingers into his hair just as his hips met yours, tugging on his shaggy hair and causing him to moan loudly. Yanking his head back by his hair, you kissed your way down to his throat. You decorated Matt’s pale neck with hickies and bruises as he roughly thrust into you. 

Moving your hand away from his hair, you moved to his throat and pressed two fingers roughly onto the bruises you left. A moan ripped through Matt’s throat, his cock twitching inside of you. “You like that, baby? Like being marked up by me?” He nods quickly, subsequently dropping his head to your chest. Stroking his hair lightly, you can tell the pleasure is becoming almost too much, that he was close to cumming for you. You want to push him over the edge, to help him finish as he so desperately wanted. “No, Matt, wanna hear you,” you said between the light moans and whines that began to pour out of your mouth as you struggled slightly to tease Matt further. “Want to hear how good you feel, sweet boy.”

He sighs out a whine before beginning to ramble as he thrusts desperately into you, “Y’make me feel so good, please let me cum...need to cum inside you. Wanna make you feel good, too. Please, please let me cum.”

You press sloppy kisses to his face while moving your hand down to jerk yourself off. You could tell he was close and only needed a little more encouragement, or even permission, to finally reach his release. 

“Matt,” you hummed, once you could feel you were close, too. “Cum for me. Cum inside me, my pretty boy, want you to fill me up, okay?” He finally shoves his head up into the crook of your neck, moaning into your skin as he finally cums inside of you. His cock twitches as Matt pumps into you a few more times, helping you to reach your orgasm, too. 

You stayed there for a little but, once you were ready to get up and clean off when Matt, then, pushed all the way into you, filling you completely. You could feel cum spilling out of you slightly, and you knew you would have to change the sheets. Yet, Matt wasn’t getting up and laid his weight completely on top of you. 

“Matt…” you tested, to which you only received a grunt. “We should clean up.”

He shook his head, tickling you slightly. “No, ‘m tired again. And comfy. Feels good to be in you.”

You couldn’t deny that your tiredness was quickly eating away at you, and the fullness did feel good. Humming, you wrapped your arms around Matt and settled in. “Fine,” you murmured. “But only a nap. You’re lucky you’re cute.”

Matt teasingly replied, “Yeah, love you, too.” In response you pinched his arm, as he had earlier, and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. Murmuring a ‘love you’, you dozed off, comfortable with your boyfriend cuddling close to you.