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dandelion hearts

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“I’ll take you to the highest mountain, just so you can sketch a picture of the rarest flower on this Earth.”


“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”


Kaeya opened his eyes, the soft sunlight cupping his face. The grass he lay on cradled him, as he breathed in the air, the smell of dandelions and familiar charcoal as Albedo sketched beside him.


“Don’t you want to see the rarest, most beautiful flower in this world?”


Albedo chuckled lightly, not taking his eyes off his canvas. “Is there such a thing?”


“Sure. And I can find it for you.” Kaeya replied.


“And then? Will you find me the biggest shell in the ocean?” Albedo mocked.


“Yes.” Kaeya said immediately.


Albedo glanced down at him, his blue eyes full of something so tender that he couldn’t look away.


“Anything you want,” he whispers.


Albedo smiles as the inevitable sadness taints him. What had he done to deserve such a human being? Someone so genuine and kind? Someone who loved him regardless of his lack of humanity?


“I want to be like you.” Albedo mumbles under his breath. “I want to be more than this.”


There was a short pause, and Kaeya’s eyes widened. He sat up, grass blades stuck to his hair.


“You want to be human?” 


Albedo shrugged. “Forget it.”


Silence filled the air once again, as Kaeya searched for the right reply.


“Albedo, look at me.” 


Albedo turned his head, their eyes locking as they always did. The instant connection between them was uncanny, and Albedo would never be able to understand why they were so in touch with one another. It never made sense to him why they were so attached, so comforted by each other. Yet perhaps the unknowingness of it all thrilled him. 


“You have more humanity in your finger than this entire town.” 


Albedo couldn’t help but burst out laughing at this statement. Kaeya frowned.


“I’m sorry.” Albedo managed to say. “That just doesn’t make any sense?”


“You know you’re pretty dumb for a genius.” Kaeya said, an annoyed look on his face. “Have you ever heard of a metaphor?”

“Okay okay.” Albedo smiled, and took the other’s hands in his lap. “Continue.”


Kaeya stared down at their hands. “You mean more to me than this entire town. More than anyone I’ve ever encountered. And you have a brain and a heart. Both of which I am hopelessly in love with.”


Albedo felt his ears burn.


“I don’t care if you’re not human. Because to me, you are more than that. You’re everything, and more than a typical human could never be.” He placed one hand on the other’s chest.


“See? You have a beating heart. What more do you need?”




“You’re everything to me. I don’t love you because you’re human. I love you because you’re you.”


The wind rustled past them, as Albedo thought about his fragile words. If only he could replay this moment over and over for the rest of his life. Maybe then such silly thoughts would never pass him.


“I don’t know what to say.” Albedo admitted, honestly. How could any words compare to what he had just heard.


“Just let me take you to the highest mountain.” Kaeya chuckles, squeezing his hand.


“Only if you let me take you to the moon and back.” Albedo whispered, squeezing back.


“Of course. And then we can wish upon falling stars.”


“And I’ll sketch you against the night sky.”


“Perfect.” Kaeya whispered, and Albedo felt dizzy.


“I think I love you.”


“You think?!” Kaeya replied dramatically.


Albedo shook his head, resting his face on the other’s shoulder. 


“I think you’ve taught me what love even is, Kaeya.”


He could practically feel the other’s grin.


“I am forever grateful.” 


The wind blew past them, the smell of dandelions in the air, as the morning sunlight touched their faces, and held them in place forevermore.