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“You seem a bit anxious, what’s wrong?” Kaeya asked, leaning against the door frame, as soon as he entered the lab. He was wearing his usual blue attire, with that distinguishable eye patch in all its glory. Albedo couldn’t help but notice the lack of his white scarf, which he always enjoys looking at because of how fluffy it is. No other reason, he swears. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” he said in the softest tone he could conjure since it was really late and the hallways were almost empty, it felt wrong to disturb the quiet.

Kaeya slowly moved to the front of his alchemy table and looked him straight in the eyes with an amused expression adorning his face. Albedo sighed and put down his paintbrush, damn it, he’s gonna have to talk out his feelings now, like a functional adult. Stupid Kaeya. “Now, now why do you even try to lie to me when you know it never works? Could it be that perhaps Big Brother Albedo is nervous about the new students arriving tomorrow?” right at the head of the nail, as always. Albedo sighed again, why is kaeya like this? Must be the Slytherin blood. “If you already know, why did you even bother asking? Also shouldn’t you be on your way home already? It’s almost 11 ” A small smirk started making its way on Kaeya’s face and he started leaning on the table, getting all up in Albedo’s personal space. “Why, you wound me, Mr. Albedo. All the preparations we had to do today for the new students’ arrival, we were all so busy. I didn’t get to spend time with you at all. How could my day end on a happy note if I don’t get to see your mesmerizing eyes and hear your melodious voice, eh?” fucking kaeya.

As much as he willed it, Albedo couldn’t stop the warmth that spread from his abdomen all the way to his cheeks. He looked away hastily and coughed slightly so he could get an excuse to cover his face. Kaeya, being the monster that he was, let out a little laugh at Albedo’s reaction. “If you have to know, yes I am a little nervous about Klee finally starting her studies. Even though she is a good child, she could be…..quite troublesome. You know about this right? I guess, as her older brother, I will feel responsible if she bombs the entire school” Kaeya didn’t even try to hide his amusement at Albedo fussing over Klee when she hasn’t even set foot in the school yet and let out a loud laugh this time. Albedo was frustrated enough without this guy making it worse with his wheezing. “Okay while you laugh at my misery, I’m gonna start finishing up here and then head out.” At this, Kaeya calmed down and spoke with a gentle and concerned tone “Hey, have you eaten anything since lunch?” Albedo started racking up his brain to recall when he ate last but couldn’t come up with anything. Oh no, he’s gonna lecture me, thought Albedo when he realized the predicament he was in. Kaeya took in a sharp breath and pinched his forehead. “Of course you didn’t. Jokes aside, you need to remember your meals Albedo. Now come on, I’ll get you something from the Good Hunter and we will have dinner together and no, I won’t hear excuses. Jeez, you’re gonna be the death of me” Albedo’s silent protest went unseen as he watched Kaeya starting to move towards the door, all the while mumbling about health and being too focused on research or something. He sighed, he can’t say no because, now that he thinks about it, he is a little hungry and tired.

He grabbed his coat from the coatrack and the both of them started walking towards the courtyard in comfortable silence. The night was a lot colder than he remembered it being yesterday. Not that he minded, he was used to the cold. Which reminded him, “Kaeya?” he said, a lot softer than he intended. “Yes?” he heard, which was also said in a soft tone. Guess both of them didn’t wanna disturb the silent night. “Where’s your scarf?” he asked. Kaeya unconsciously held up a hand towards his shoulder, “Oh, well Venti was wearing a crop top for his date but forgot to take into account the cold, so I lent it to him so he wouldn’t freeze to death and haunt me for the rest of my days.” typical Venti. Albedo let out a little giggle at that, imagining Xiao’s face after seeing his fiance in Kaeya’s scarf. Oh, he might have to keep an eye on Kaeya unless he wants him to get “accidentally” stabbed by that feral green guy.

Kaeya then turned to him slightly, shifting a little closer to him, “Hey Albedo, you do know that you don’t need to worry about Klee, right? She’s a good kid, a little destructive but her heart’s in the right place. And Jean and I are also gonna be here, so it’ll be fine.” Albedo smiled at that. He held out his right hand towards Kaeya’s left and intertwined their fingers. The action instantly warmed his heart and ebbed away at his worries. They had stopped walking at this point and were just standing at the entrance of Hogwarts, looking at each other lovingly. “Thank you, Kaeya and I know with you here, I don’t need to worry about anything.” His left hand went up to Kaeya’s cheek as he gently caressed it. Kaeya huffed out a breath and his hands slowly made their way to Albedo’s waist. Albedo, now with both his hands on Kaeya’s cheeks, stood up on his tippy toes and planted a quick kiss on the side of his mouth. Kaeya hummed and held Albedo’s waist a little tighter. “Now when you say things like that, how do you expect me to not kiss you?” Kaeya huffed again. Albedo gave him a little pat on his cheek and a cheeky smile, “ Not on the school grounds, honey.” With that, he easily slipped from his boyfriend’s grasp and started moving towards Hogsmeade. “No fair, bedo! And we are practically not even in the school anymore!” exclaimed Kaeya but Albedo only turned around to give him another cheeky smile and said “I didn’t say anything about Hogsmeade though” and continued walking. Kaeya came to his senses and started making his way to him, “Hey, wait for me, I’ll get you sunshine sprat!!”