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We're Okay

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Crowley was the first one to wake up.

He hadn’t meant to sleep, really, and certainly hadn’t expected Aziraphale to follow him, but they were laying on the couch with Crowley tucked against Aziraphale’s chest. It took a minute for him to fully wake up, to process the warm, happy feelings buzzing around.

It took him another to realize that Aziraphale was shaking.

He immediately flipped around to face him, needing only a glance at the tears making their way down his angel’s face to realize what was happening. He’d had them often enough to know. A nightmare.

“Hey. Hey hey hey. Angel.” He slipped his arms under Aziraphale’s, shaking his shoulders slightly. “Az. Aziraphale. Aziraphale, wake up !”

Aziraphale’s eyes snapped open, his hands gripping Crowley’s shirt like a lifeline as he shot into a more seated position. “ Don’t - ah! Crowley!”

“I’m right here, angel,” he said quickly, shifting them both back down with Aziraphale

"l - you were -" Aziraphale shuddered, clinging to Crowley like a lifeline. "The water - they -"

"I'm right here, angel," Crowley said, tightening his grip. "I'm okay. We're okay."