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lay me down

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“Would you please put the work away and come to bed, darling?” Loki pleaded, hands running over Mobius’ shoulders where he was sitting at his desk in their room. Well, technically, it was just Mobius’ room but he had arranged for Loki to stay with him from now on, after they had begun their relationship. 


“I will be right behind you, promise.” Mobius said with a pat to Loki’s hand, but Loki didn’t budge. He disliked how much Mobius worked and never did much for himself, so Loki had taken it upon himself to make sure he’s a little selfish every once in a while. Loki’s fingers tapped once, twice, three times on his shoulders and Mobius let out a sigh. 


“Alright, you win.” He said, flipped his file shut. Loki made a happy sound and crossed the room to the bed, sitting on his side. “I just want to rinse off quickly, I’ll be right back, sweetheart.” Mobius said, walking towards the bathroom. 


“I could join you, if you’d like?” Loki said coyly, smirking at Mobius.


“I’ll be quick, you just stay there and look pretty for me, okay?” Mobius teased before walking into the bathroom, leaving the door cracked just an inch. Loki sighed and leaned back on the pillows, chewing at his lip. The more he thought about it the more it bothered him that Mobius avoided situations where Loki would see him naked. Sure they have plenty of sex, but Mobius will flip a light off so it’s dim or won’t fully take his shirt off, and they also have lots of rushed, half dressed sex in Mobius’ office, supply closets, anywhere they can find sometimes. But even in the privacy of this room, Mobius still tries to hide and Loki couldn’t understand why he felt he had to. It wasn’t as if Loki was shy in his body, and Mobius made it clear just how attractive he found Loki’s bare chest.


 Mobius was back in just a few minutes, wearing a grey t-shirt and black sweats, his grey hair still damp as he came to sit next to Loki, who slid to lay sideways, placing his head in Mobius’ lap. They sat in silence for a few minutes while Mobius stroked Loki’s hair gently.


“Are you alright, kitten?” Mobius broke the silence and Loki hesitated before saying anything.


“Do you trust me?” He asked carefully, Mobius’ hand pausing it’s slow strokes on his hair.


“Of course I do.” Mobius assured. “Baby, what’s going on? Talk to me.” He said softly when Loki sat up to face him, Mobius placing a hand over his cheek. His eyebrows were furrowed in concern and now Loki felt bad for making him worry.


“It’s alright, nothing is wrong, I promise.” He took Mobius’ hands in his, “I just want to make sure you do trust me, and know how much I adore you.” He said, smiling softly.


“Of course I know that, sweetheart.” 


“You…” Loki paused and chose his next words thoughtfully, “you don’t let me see you. Intimately. You hide in your clothes, or in half lit rooms. You don’t let me see you as you are.” He explained, Mobius biting his lower lip as his eyes fell to their joined hands in Loki’s lap.


“I mean, well…” Mobius paused, bringing his eyes back to meet Loki’s gaze. “You’re a god, and I’m just... me . An old man. An old man that loves you very much, but I’m not exactly the picture of beauty. You’re all tall, and chiseled jawline with lean muscles and that absolutely divine waist of yours.” Mobius emphasized his words by sliding his hands around Loki’s small waist, Loki trying to hide the blush washing his cheeks from Mobius’ compliments. It was now dawning on Loki that he isn’t always as forthcoming with his affections for Mobius, while Mobius is constantly telling him how beautiful he is, especially when they have sex. Which may be him over compensating for any physical insecurity on his part, perhaps if Loki were more clear with just how attractive he found Mobius, it could help.


“Well, my darling,” Loki started, climbing into Mobius’ lap as those hands tightened on his waist. “I think you are the most beautiful, exquisite man I’ve ever seen.” He brushed a hand through Mobius’ hair and down his cheek. Mobius shifted under him, eyes dropping down again but Loki placed two fingers under his chin to bring him back to meet his gaze.


“No more hiding.” He whispered, leaning in to connect their lips softly, “Let me show you how gorgeous I think you are?” He asked against Mobius’ mouth, earning a nod as Mobius tugged Loki’s lower lip between his teeth. Loki placed a hand in the center of Mobius’ chest and pressed him to lay against the pillows. He didn’t want to rush this, rush Mobius, so he just kept his palm flat in the center of his chest while they kissed, long, slow and hungry. Mobius moved his hands to Loki’s thighs as he began to relax, slowly giving the power he typically held to Loki. Loki carefully inched his hand lower, moving his mouth to suck on Mobius’ earlobe a moment before muttering in his ear,


“You tell me to stop, I’ll stop.” He said gently, scraping teeth down his neck before he sat up, hand resting on Mobius’ stomach now. Both of Loki’s hands moved to Mobius’ sides, squeezing the bit of extra flesh there and Loki carefully watched Mobius’ face before he leaned back down to kiss him harder. Loki rocked his hips against Mobius, getting a quiet moan as he slipped his fingertips under the fabric of his shirt. 


“May I?” Loki asked as he pulled back, tugging at the hem of his shirt. Mobius nodded and sat up a bit so Loki could pull his shirt over his head before pressing him back down and looking over the new territory in front of him. He quickly bent down to place a kiss in the middle of Mobius’ chest, Mobius taking a sharp inhale when he did. Loki glanced up at him but moved his lips an inch further down, making a slow trail down his lover's chest and stomach. Loki shifted lower, Mobius’ legs easily opening for him to settle between them, sliding his tongue over the trail of hair that disappeared into Mobius’ pants. 


“You are absolutely stunning, all for me like this.” Loki muttered against his skin, moving to nip gently at his side, earning a beautiful gasp above him that made his lips turn up in a grin when he moved to do the same on the other side. He sucked a small mark into the skin just above his navel, bringing one hand to cup Mobius’ not so subtle erection, moving his lips up to Mobius’ chest again. Mobius’ chest was rising and falling rapidly as Loki’s tongue laved over his skin, savouring the little sounds Mobius was trying to contain when he sucked on one of his nipples gently, Mobius’ hips bucking into his hand.


“Oh?” Loki purred, “Do you like that?” He mused, turning his attention to the other hard bud, rolling it carefully between his teeth. Mobius whined- he never whines- in agreement, hands tangling in Loki’s hair to bring him back to his mouth. Loki decided to be a little mean now, stopping right before their lips touched and running his tongue over Mobius’ top lip before sliding back down his body. 


“Fuck, you little brat .” Mobius scolded, but Loki was too busy sliding his pants and boxers down his legs, hands gliding over Mobius’ thighs.


“I don’t want you to ever think that you’re anything other than absolutely perfect to me.” Loki said, mouth attaching to Mobius’ inner thigh now, fingers digging into his flesh as he left a line of bruises from his inner thigh to outer hip. “You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on.” He continued, repeating his marking on the other side, one of Mobius’ hands returning to his hair while he panted above Loki. 


Loki… ” Mobius sighed, tugging at his already messy hair and making Loki bite back a moan. Loki ignored him, mouth getting dangerously close to Mobius’ cock while Loki watched Mobius struggle to find words. 


“Did you want me to stop?” He asked slyly, breath hot against Mobius’ erection. Mobius let out a frustrated sound and yanked Loki’s hair again to pull his mouth closer. Loki decided he could only be so much of a tease in this moment and willingly gave Mobius what he wanted, wrapping his lips around the head of his cock. Mobius hissed in pleasure, his back arching off the bed just a bit. Loki slowly worked him down his throat, gripping Mobius’ hips firmly and feeling a bit drunk on the lust from the whimpering sounds Mobius kept making. Mobius’ hips bucked up, making Loki moan around him which in turn made an absolutely perfect cry fall out of Mobius’ lips. Loki wanted to do all he could to encourage this, wanting Mobius to know just how much he loved making him feel this way. Loki relaxed his throat the best he could before glancing up at Mobius who was watching him through heavy eyes, loosening his grip on his hips and hoping his eyes said what he felt. Use me as much as you like. 


Mobius took the hint and let his hips thrust up into that wet heat over and over, moaning loudly now and pulling hopelessly on Loki’s hair. His poor hair, but Loki seemed not to care, offering encouraging moans as he let Mobius fuck his throat.


“Loki, oh fuck, kitten…. fuck-” Mobius’ pleading words cut off when he came down Loki’s throat, Loki sucking on him greedily until he was spent, panting heavily above Loki. Loki swallowed the last of his come before pulling away, moving to lay over Mobius’ body, nuzzling into his neck gently. Mobius groaned, arms winding around Loki as Loki pressed kisses to his cheek.


“You are so beautiful, especially when you come like that.” Loki said before kissing him slowly, letting their tongues wind together as Mobius came down from his high. When he eventually pulled away, Loki returned to kissing Mobius' neck, “You did great, my darling.” Loki praised as Mobius trailed his hands up and down Loki’s back.


“You are absolutely perfect, kitten.” Mobius said, finally able to form words while Loki moved to sit across his waist to look over the marks he’d left.


“Do you believe me now?” He asked with a smirk, Mobius sitting up to slide an arm around Loki’s waist. 


“Yes, I believe you, sweetheart.”