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Gone For A Year

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- 2 months after they came back from Hallstatt - 


When the news circulated worldwide about the sudden reveal of MewGulf’s relationship, a lot cheered because of joy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy? The just phi-nong before are now actually married, and not just married, they’re married for a year! Of course the fans are happy, the media is going crazy, and journalists and reporters wants an interview with the amazing couple of Thailand. They want to know how they managed to hide knowing that it was for a year. 


However, just on a usual day in Thailand, heavy traffic here, people going to their workplace, and others who are doing their usual routines. 


One Waanjai decided to rewatch Gulf’s live, deciding to listen to it very carefully. Pausing every second or minutes if they have to. 


“Holy sht! I definitely heard that! Why didn’t we notice this before” a Waanjai named Andy said. 


Andy keeps on jumping up and down when she finally made sure that he definitely heard Mew’s voice behind the camera. She decided to edit the video, adjusting the sounds here and there in order for Mew’s voice to be heard loud and clear. It took her almost an hour to provide a well sounded video of the background noise making her squeak in excitement because of what she had discovered. 




Mew and Gulf are on their shared condo, browsing on a home magazine, trying to find a perfect home for the family that they will soon build. 


They are on their sofa, Mew’s hand over Gulf’s shoulder and Gulf has his arm on Mew’s middle and his head on the chest , listening to his heartbeat which makes him calm and peaceful. 


Mew was flipping the pages, commenting what he likes about the interior and exterior of a particular house. 


Gulf has his eyes closed for some time now, feeling safe and secure in Mew’s arm, feeling his warmth and skin. 


“Gulf?” Mew called his lover while trying to peak at Gulf’s face. 


Gulf replied with a short hum and tilt his head back to meet Mew’s gaze. Gulf felt like drowning in Mew’s eyes. He just love how expressing they are. He blinked a few times when Mew decided to lean closer until their lips met, giving few quick kisses until Gulf laughed. 


“Why teerak?” 


“Nothing, I thought you fell asleep” Mew replied, burying his nose on Gulf’s hair then inhaling his smell. 


“I was just closing my eyes. You feel so warm I just want to stay inside your arms forever.” Gulf leaned his body closer to Mew, burying his face on the other’s neck, making himself comfortable in his husband’s embrace. 


Mew put the magazine on his side then hugged Gulf closer, if that was even possible knowing at how close there body are already. 


The married couple hugged silently, just basking on each other’s natural scent, appreciating the silence dominating in the home when Mew’s phone suddenly rang. 




Andy posted the video in her stan account soon after she finished enhancing the audio of the video. 


Oh my god guys! Look what I discovered! So I decided to watch Gulf’s live from before and I paid attention to every single second of it. And guess what?! I freaking heard Mew’s voice in the background! Holy sht. Why didn’t we notice this before! I enhanced the sound but I assure you 100% that I never changed anything, I just adjusted the volumes. If you will doubt me, I will include the original version in the replies below. But OMG. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED DURING THAT NEW YEAR IN GULF’S LIVE. LIKE IT TOOK US MONTHS TO NOTICE SOMETHING AS WELL. ARGHHH. MEWGULF ARE SO GOOD AT HIDING BUT WAANAJAIS ARE BETTER AT PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK. WE JUST GOT LATE THIS TIME BUT WE STILL CAUGHT YOU HAHAHAHA


*attached video*


The tweet gathered a lot of attention in a span of minutes. Fans giving their own reaction at the video. Replying how funny it is that they missed it and how mewgulf tried to hide but failed otherwise but took a lot of time to be discovered that they failed. It was a win-win situation though. Mewgulf wasn’t able to hide it well but Waanjais was still late in discovering the hidden treasure. 






“Mewgulf hiding failed but still won cause waanjais are late HAHAHAHA”

“Yes Gulf. That’s it. Focus only on the live even though you badly want to look at the door 🤣


“It was definitely Mew’s voice. I’m 100% sure. It’s still funny that we didn’t notice it before”


“Aow. Are waanjai’s detective skills slowly deteriorating? HAHAHAHAHA”


“Thank you for sharing this! Not all heroes wear capes y’all hahaha”




Mew grunted while he was embracing his husband and lazily get his phone in the coffee table in front of their sofa. He tried to check for any messages and there was indeed. The messages told him to check his Twitter account because they’re invading the Twitter trends again. Mew scrolled through his phone and got silent for a few seconds. A small smile appeared on his lips then he tried to wake up his husband. Their position changed to the point that Gulf is now lying above Mew and his head resting on Mew’s chest and his hand forming a little fist tugging at the small fabric of Mew's shirt. 


Gently rubbing Gulf’s ear, Mew said “Tua eng, wake up na krub”. 


Gulf did a small whine but didn’t bother waking up for he was too comfortable in his husband’s embrace. However, Mew continued to wake him up until Gulf just finally gave up and looked at Mew with an obvious frown on his face. 


“What? I’m being completely comfortable sleeping here” Gulf said with an adorable pout and a frowning face which made Mew give him a quick kiss. 


After a few quick kisses, Mew immediately blurted out “We got caught in one of our lives back in Austria”. Then they both looked at each other and then laugh because of how amazing their fans are and how they think they’re already part time detectives. 


“Oh god, how do they do that?” Gulf said while laughing. 


“You tell me, I don’t even know” Mew laughed. 


The husbands talked and reminisced the time before they were husbands. They’ve been through a lot but it was all worth it.