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Gone For A Year

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Bangkok was so hot yet the two men are still on their sleeves that reach to their elbow. Despite the scorching heat, they didn’t bother about it for they were enjoying each other’s company while hand in hand, which is actually a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing because Mew is driving and that is really not advisable and good thing because he can feel the younger’s skin against his palm and he is clearly enjoying it despite the minimal skin contact. 

They are heading to their shared condo after their long day at work. They decided to take a little bit of rest for a year after the hard work that they have done for several years. Yes, people might get suspicious but they have planned it for so long and thank you to Mew’s phd brain, everything is well planned and they will disappear just like a bubble without everyone getting suspicious. I hope so. 

They have already planned that for a year that they will be gone, there will be no live events and if there are one, it would be recorded already to avoid suspicions among the people. For several months, they have advanced recorded some works and the management will just have to post it throughout the whole year according to plan. There shouldn’t be any worries because even their hairstyle and haircut are thoroughly planned just to be safe for both Mew and Gulf to be outside the limelight for a year and just enjoy each other in their small cottage house in Europe, away from the loud city and chaotic media of Thailand. 

“Teerak, are you excited?” 

“Of course nong, I’ve been trying to compose myself from jumping up and down cause I’m driving and I don’t want to get into an accident or else I won’t be able to ravish you” 

This made Gulf laugh, tilting his head back against the car seat. Gulf’s laugh was just a music to Mew’s ear which made him look at Gulf for a short time. Enjoying the younger’s beautiful face while laughing. Mew was looking fondly at Gulf before he decided to look ahead. 

“I should get ready myself then. After a year, I’ll probably go back to Bangkok with almost a broken hip and not able to walk properly because of how insatiable you are” 

It was now Mew’s turn to laugh uncontrollably. 

Arriving at their condo, they were checking the bags that they have just to make sure that they have everything knowing that they will be gone for a year. The couple’s flight is actually so well planned and is not the usual one way plane ride from Bangkok to Europe. 

They decided not to take the plane together but instead they will meet in Singapore instead. And no, they will not just take different flight times but rather take different plane destinations then fly again to Singapore. Mew will take a flight from Bangkok to Vietnam then Gulf will take a flight to Malaysia. After this, they will meet in Singapore then proceed to Europe together. It’s tiring but it is the best way to avoid any prying eyes from the people and the media. 

“Is everything alright, teerak? You look nervous and tense” Gulf asked the older man as he was closing the luggage currently on the floor of their living room together with the other luggage. 

“I’m fine na, nong. I’m just hoping that the plan will go well so that we will be able to enjoy each other for a year” Mew replied, giving the younger one a soft smile. 

“I trust you, phi. I witnessed how you planned every single thing about it and I know that P’Best and the studio will just do fine. We will have each other for a year. Be ready to go to sleep and wake up with my face always beside you. You better not get tired of it. You will not only see this face of mine for a year but also in the succeeding place to come.” The younger said as he was showing his toothy and hearty smile to his lover while his eyebrows were going up and down trying to tease him, which Mew ended up chuckling because of his cute Nong’s action. 

“Aow, I will never get tired of seeing your face every single morning even though it is full of drool and your mouth is open when you sleep” 

“P’Mew! I don’t sleep like that. You’re mean to your tuaeng naa” Gulf said as his lips are pouted while trying to close another luggage.

Mew giggled at Gulf’s cute pouty lips and doe eyes while fixing his bag. He put Gulf’s lips between his thumb and pointing finger and gently squished his lover’s bouncy and full lips which made the younger pout more and whined because of Mew’s doing.

“Oe, oe. You’re still cute when you sleep like that na. I just want to squish you when you sleep beside me. I just want to put you in my pocket forever so that you will never go away” Mew said laughing and let go of Gulf’s sweet lips then he continued, “Don’t sulk na. I love looking at you when you sleep and I will never get tired of looking at that pretty face of yours when you're sleeping.”

“You’re a sap, phi” he avoided his gazed but his ears are red from Mew’s words which made Mew chuckle of how adorable his tuaeng is.

A few hours later, all is ready and they just have to go to the airport based on the flight schedule. Gulf went first to the airport then Mew followed after when Gulf had messaged that he was close to boarding the plane already. Several hours later, they have arrived at their own destination and are ready to head to Singapore before finally taking the flight to Europe. Mew wanted to spend most of their flight time together that is why they chose to fly to nearby countries before heading to their final destination because he wants to cuddle Gulf throughout their journey in plane and attend to Gulf’s needs and wants because he needs to spoil Gulf 24/7 for he is that sappy when it come to his lover. He clearly knows that Gulf is able to take care of himself but Mew just wants to be continually needed by his lover because he wants Gulf to depend on him no matter what.




Both arrived already in Singapore and are waiting for their flight to Europe, specifically in a rural area somewhere in the country of Austria.

They decided to meet in a coffee shop in the airport. Luggages were already checked in and they were only bringing their carry-ons which includes some essentials that they would need in an almost 13 hours of flight.

Gulf arrived first in Singapore so he was sitting in this coffee shop on the blind side where people would not see him. He was drinking his water and he had bought Mew a green tea when the latter texted him that the plane had landed already.

Currently scrolling through his phone, Gulf is checking his Twitter for any suspicions from fans but thank god there is nothing and the studio had also dropped a short video of Mew playing a piano for the fans.

A little while later, Mew arrived with his cute pink beanie, a mask covering half of his face, and sunglasses to cover his eyes. Gulf raised his hand so that the other would see him and Mew then hurriedly went to the younger and embraced him while the latter was still sitting on his chair.

“Teerak” Gulf uttered while laughing softly at his lover’s antics. “We were just away from each other for several hours na”. Now Mew is rubbing his chin on Gulf’s head down to his shoulders and gently squeezing him but still careful not to put all of his strength 

“I miss you so much, tua eng. The flight was so lonely because you’re not with me. Aren’t you sad? I’m not beside you to keep you warm in the cold plane and no one will hold your hand and kiss you and…” Gulf cut him off because his lover was overly reacting already.

“You’re so funny, phi. Here's your green. Let’s go to the lounge now while waiting to board the plane.” Gulf said then proceeded to kiss Mew’s forehead. He stood up from his chair, took his carry-on bag, held the older’s hand, then they went to the lounge while holding each other,  basking in each other’s warmth. 


They are currently on the plane in business class and Gulf is sleeping. His head on the soft fluffy pillow and his seat is retracted in order for him to sleep properly, he had also eaten before he slept because god knows that hungry Gulf results to grumpy Gulf and hungry and grumpy Gulf is not a very good combination with sleepy Gulf that is not in a comfortable sleeping position for several hours. Mew on the other hand woke up an hour ago so he was currently reading a magazine that was provided by the airline for entertainment. Gulf was sleeping for 6 hours already and Mew will have to wake him up in a few minutes for their food to be served by the attendant already.

Mew gently touched Gulf’s ears to wake him up and told him that the food will be served in a few minutes. Gulf grunted in dismay but Mew continued waking the younger up softly. Finally, Gulf wakes up after Mew’s several attempts. His hair fluffy and lips are pouty and Mew can't help but coo at his lover’s cuteness. He reached out his hand to Gulf’s side in order to ruffle his hair. A minute later, the food arrived and put their food on their respective food trays.

“P’Mew, I don’t want to eat this one” Gulf said in his groggy voice while pointing at the cucumber in his plate. Mew glanced at him and replied, “Aow nong, but you have to eat your vegetables na” Mew had these amused eyes while looking at Gulf.

“Mai aow, phi” I don’t want to.

Mew just chuckled at Gulf then he took his fork then took Gulf’s cucumbers into his plate “Ok ,nong. Phi will eat it for you.” Gulf smiled at Mew’s response then they resumed eating their food.


Just an hour more and they will finally arrive in Austria. This country had legalized same sex marriage in the year 2019. Mew had planned to propose to Gulf while they are having their 1 year vacation here. He had asked Gulf’s parents as well as his parents, but he decided that they want to get married here first, just the two of them, making it more intimate, then get married again with all their families and friends. Both sides have agreed and respected Mew’s plan. Gulf actually had no idea that Mew had asked his parents about asking his hand in marriage and he also had no idea that Mew was planning for them together to get married in Austria. He wasn’t fully aware of Mew’s plans because all he thought was that they would just have their vacation and free themselves from stress and just enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the beauty of the rural area of the country. And also lots of couple’s activities but let’s make it PG here.

They keep stealing glances at each other with Mew occasionally winking at Gulf and just Gulf laughing at Mew’s playful antics towards him. The airline finally announced that they have arrived at their destination and the couple can’t hide their excitement of being alone together for a whole year. A year for just the two of them. A year that would seriously be filled with happy and sweet memories that they would treasure for a lifetime. 

While they were waiting for their luggage in the baggage reclaim area, they were holding hands together, not bothered by the people since they are barely known here and this area is not very much populated unlike the other parts of the country. It was like a breath of fresh air for the couple, being able to show physical affection towards each other without being worried about backlash or judging eyes from other people. They can freely act sweet and even kiss in the lips and people wouldn’t still mind and oh how much Mew and Gulf wishes they could do this, acting sweet and lovey dovey like every other couple and just enjoy each other’s company. 

The couple took a 3-hour train ride from the airport to the place they decided to stay for a year. When they arrived, both men were in awe. It was much more beautiful in person than in pictures. They have contacted the landowner of the house that they decided to live in. It is located on the side of the mountain with a view of the sea in front. A perfect place to stay for the couple. There aren’t any cars and mostly are bikes or are on foot. The place is straight from a fairytale.

Arriving at their vintage 2 story cottage house. The couple can’t help but sigh in relief. Finally. Just 12 months of peace and being with each other. 12 months basking in each other’s warmth, away from the cold wind the place has to offer. Sure, they both love the cold air slapping onto their skin but the idea of being warmed by their lover gives them tingles and stinging sensation. They can’t help but get excited to clean themselves, unpack their luggages, and just cuddle to sleep before taking a walk to the town tomorrow and probably greet their neighbors and enjoy the local food the town has to offer. 

The house is perfect as it is. It is complete with amenities, it even has a chimney, perfect when the winter comes. Truth be told, they have planned this for almost a year. They would go to Austria in the second week of January for a year and come back a week after the new year. They want to celebrate all holidays and birthdays together in Austria, just the two of them are perfect just the way it is. 

The first floor is where the kitchen, dining room, and the living room are located. The second floor is straight up bedroom, a small walk-in closet, a spacious bathroom, and a balcony where they can see the magnificent view of Hallsatt, Austria. The house’s interior is white with a mix of wood accents, a mixture of vintage and modern. 

They put their luggage in the middle of their living room first before they sat on the sofa. Mew Put his arm over Gulf’s shoulder, gently squeezing the younger. Gulf in return put his right arm over Mew’s tummy to hug him. He also puts his face unto the older's neck and buries himself into Mew’s scent that he thinks he will never get tired of. 


“You smell so good, teerak” Gulf said while leaning more closer into his neck, “So good” He sighs.


“But I didn’t even take a bath yet, tua eng, due to the long flight” Mew said while chuckling to Gulf who is currently buried in his neck.


Gulf hummed and inhaled more of Mew’s scent then he replied, “I don’t care. I like smelling your natural scent.” In which Mew laughed softly.


They stayed in the sofa for a while and before Gulf was almost in dreamland, Mew nudged him lightly and told him to go into the shower now then he will soon follow after. Gulf followed what Mew said since he was too tired already and he just wants to jump in bed and sleep. He went up to the second floor to take a bath. It’s 8pm already and they are just so tired and just want to cuddle together and leave their luggages to be organized tomorrow.

Mew carried their luggages up to the second floor, in their walk-in-closet while Gulf was in the shower. He took out their pyjamas as well as Gulf’s in their luggages and put Gulf’s into the bed so it would be easier for the younger

Several minutes later, Gulf went out of the shower only in a towel around his waist. The whole house has a heater so he doesn’t really bother much from the cold environment of Austria. Gulf saw his pyjamas in the bed and said, “Thank you, P’Mew.” 

“You’re welcome na, I’ll take a bath now. You can change your clothes here” Mew replied.

Gulf changed into his pyjamas while Mew is currently in the bathroom. He then went straight into their bed, covered himself with the fluffy comforter and waited for Mew to finish showering. Gulf is currently scrolling through his twitter account just checking for his fans. He also texted his mae and phor and texted mama jong as well. Gulf was silently playing on his phone when Mew finally finished taking a bath. He was already in his pyjamas and was just ready to be knocked out by sleep. Gulf put his phone down by the bedside table. He was on the left side of the bed while Mew was on the right. Mew carefully slid in the comforter together with Gulf and then he comfortably put his arm over the younger’s middle and buried his nose in his neck. Gulf then ruffled his hair softly earning a sigh from Mew.

“Tired, teerak?” Gulf asked while his eyes were closed in which he received a soft whine from Mew.

“I want to sleep the whole day tomorrow,” he replied.

Gulf just laughed and said, “Phi, we all know you are a morning person. You might oversleep but it would only be for an hour or 2.”

“Yeah, I know. Me and my body clock sucks” Mew said with a groggy voice. He pushed his head closer to the younger and inhaled his sweet scent when he suddenly remembered something he was supposed to tell his lover.

“Tuaeng” he started.


“There is a church here right?”

“Yes there is. Why?” Gulf asked as he was confused.

“Let’s go their tomorrow after lunch”

“Of course. But let’s sleep now. We are both tired from the flight.”

They moved into a comfortable position where Mew spooned Gulf and both finally went to dreamland with their hands clasped together and meeting in their dreams.

The next morning, Mew woke up around 10 which is almost lunch. He felt his tummy grumble because he was so hungry already. However, remembering he was in Austria with Gulf made him smile widely even with his eyes closed. Gulf was on his side of the bed sleeping like a baby, only his black wavy hair peeking out of the comforter. He went into Gulf’s side and hugged the latter with the addition of smelling him. Mew sighed in content. He is just so happy that we would spend a year with the love of his life and he can’t wait to shower Gulf with love every single day. Gulf moved in his sleep and faced Mew. Mew almost cooed at how soft Gulf looks like while sleeping. His unruly hair makes him cuter, his pouty lips that he just wants to pinch, and those bread cheeks that he just wants to bite using his mouth. Mew looked at him for god knows how long because he just can’t take his eyes off his lover. He is so overwhelmed with the feeling the he just wants to shout at the extreme happiness he is currently feeling. 

His stomach grumbled again which made him groan because he was still enjoying the view of his little sunflower sleeping comfortably in the soft comforter of their bed. Mew forced himself to stand up and make brunch for himself and Gulf.

He went into the kitchen and then he remembered that they haven’t done their grocery yet so he decided to go outside to buy some bread and milk for the both of them.

Getting his jacket in their luggage because they still haven’t organized it yet, he went out with his wallet and phone but glanced at Gulf for a few seconds before heading downstairs to go outside.

He met some locals while walking and they greeted Mew in which Mew greeted them back in return. He asked the lady who was walking on the side of the road and asked him where the nearest bakery is.

“Hello, good morning!” Mew greeted the old lady cheerfully.

“Good morning young man” The lady replied while smiling.

“Can I ask where is the nearest bakery here? And a place where I can buy some milk?”

“Just go straight then turn right, you will see a small bakery there with their sign. Their breads are delicious. They also offer some beverages like coffee but they also have some milk.” 

“Thank you, ma'am,” Mew replied.

“Are you here for a vacation or are you here for good? I saw you with a handsome man yesterday but I wasn’t able to introduce myself since I have something urgent to go to.” 

“My boyfriend and I will be staying here for a year. We just wanted to relax for a bit. Away from the busy life of the city” Mew replied laughing with his eyes smiling in amusement. He also scratched the back of his neck acting shy.

“Oh that man is your boyfriend? Such a wonderful couple. You guys look good together. Are you planning to get married? I’m sorry for being nosy” She replied laughing which made Mew laugh too.

“Yes he is my boyfriend. Well, I’m actually planning to propose to him later and get married right away but he still doesn't know my plan yet so I’m really nervous.”

“Tsk tsk. Don’t be nervous. He would say yes, I could feel it.” The lady said encouraging Mew.

Mew smiled and bid his goodbye to the old lady. He followed her direction and he eventually saw the bakery sign. It offers varieties of bread that the both of them would surely enjoy. They would just eat bready for now and eat lunch again later when Gulf woke up. He brought 4 different breads, 2 milk cartons, and bottled water then he went back into their home. Home. Mew smiled at the thought of soloing Gulf for a long time with no work disturbances, only just the two of them in this beautiful country.

Mew finally arrived at their home and went directly to the kitchen to get 2 glasses and two plates because they can eat on the balcony while looking at the wonderful view. He went up to the second floor and saw that Gulf was still sleeping. He put the things on the table and went to the bed to wake Gulf up. He gently touched Gulf’s ears, whispering softly as well, just like how he usually wakes the younger up. Gulf whined not bothering to wake up and continued to sleep. Mew laughed at the younger and continued waking him up. Gulf finally woke up after a few minutes of Mew gently touching his ears and whispering to him. He opened his eyes and the first thing that he saw is Mew looking lovingly at him. It made Gulf blush painting his cheeks crimson in color.

“I bought some bread, tuaeng. Then we can go eat something heavy outside. For now, let’s eat something light first.” He said softly.

Gulf hummed in response and walked to the table near their balcony where Mew had put their food. Mew back hugged the younger while they were walking, putting his face in his neck and his arm in the middle. Gulf clasped their hand together in his tummy while walking towards the coffee table. He let go of Mew but Mew seems to have other plans because he made him sit in his lap. Gulf didn’t bother since he does love sitting in Mew’s lap and it was like the most comfortable seat to exist ever. They just ate silently and enjoyed the bread that Mew bought, although there were some times that Mew would squish his poongkatee but he just let him since he doesn’t mind it anyway. 

They have finished their breakfast and have showered as well and now they were on their way outside to get proper heavy lunch. Both are wearing their coats that match with each other. Mew locked their door then he turned around, took Gulf’s hand and they walked holding hands. 

They ate at this small restaurant and Mew is starting to get nervous. Well, the thing is, he will be proposing to Gulf later near the dock. Gulf told him that he wanted to see that area because the view there is amazing. After they ate, they walked through the beautiful alleys of the town where there are swans and owl figurines all over the houses and establishments. Gulf was so happy and was even happily hopping while Mew was holding his hand. They were giggling and laughing, Gulf telling word jokes to Mew and just Mew smiling in amusement while staring at the younger. They finally arrived at the dock and Mew’s nervousness doubled.  

Mew has his hand around Gulf’s waist while they are enjoying the view. Cold air brushing through their skin and inhaling the fresh wind. Mew gathered up his courage and started humming a melody. Gulf looked at him then smiled, leaning his head toward Mew’s head for a few seconds before he broke the contact. Gulf’s eyes are looking straight at the horizon, not having any idea of what is going on in Mew's mind. A minute later, Mew stopped humming then suddenly dropped on his knees. Gulf was shocked at Mew’s action that his doe eyes went wide and he didn’t utter any word. Mew took a deep breath and started talking while he was on his knee.

“Tuaeng” Mew started, “It’s been years since I’ve known you yet I still want to be with you every single day of my life. I just loved the idea that I can finally say that I am yours and you are mine. Don’t get me wrong, I am already yours from the beginning, but being married to you just feels so much better. I can’t wait to build a family with you in the future. I want little Mew’s and little Gulf’s running around the house. I want to wake up with you by my side after a long day at work. I want to go home where you and our little kids are running to me and I will carry them or you will go home then I and our little kids will run to you. Just the thought of it is amazing. It makes my heart flutter with so much joy. I want to grow old with you, tua eng.”

Gulf was in tears already and so was Mew. Eyes are a little blurry but they don’t care because they are having their moment. 

“I know that our relationship is not like everybody else. People are still not open to what we are but I don’t care. I have you and you make me happy. The years that we have known each other, we were not happy all the time but yet here we are, still together. No matter how many times we fight, no matter how many misunderstandings that we have, I still pray to be with you at the end of the day. I want to spend a lifetime with you. I want to make you happy every single day. I want to love you every moment of your life. I want to show the world how much I love you, Tua eng.” Mew added. His voice cracked because of the overwhelming feeling right now. He just love Gulf so much that it feels like his heart is going to burst anytime from euphoria. 

Mew then took out a velvety blue box in the pocket of his coat. He opened it and there were two rings inside. It was simple with engravings on the inside part. 

The moon is beautiful .

“Gulf, tua eng, will you marry me?”

The younger’s eyes are full of tears and it is rolling down to his cheeks. He was lost for words the moment Mew kneeled but he almost blacked out when Mew took out the box that contained the rings and popped the question. Gulf nodded his head and when he finally found his voice, he said “yes” and offered his hand to Mew who is still currently kneeling. Mew stood up and put the ring into Gulf’s left hand, specifically in his ring finger. Gulf took the remaining ring in the box and put it in Mew’s finger as well. 

Mew hugged the younger, then he cupped Gulf’s face using his both hands then planted a soft but deep kiss into the younger’s lips. However, the kiss turned deeper and deeper and both men didn’t want to break it off. They continued kissing, not bothering  what was happening around them. What is more important is that they are enjoying each other’s lips. They broke the kiss off after a few minutes to take a breath. Mew rubbed their noses together then put a quick kiss on Gulf’s nose. Their foreheads are resting when Mew broke the silence, 

“Let’s get married right now.” 

Gulf got surprised that he immediately straightened his posture then looked at Mew like he had grown three heads. 

“Right now? Like right now?” Gulf asked in a small surprised voice.

“Yes right now. I want to get married right now because you know why, Tua eng?” Mew asked.

Gulf is trying to remember everything, then he remembered the date today. January 26 .

Gulf smiled then he answered, “Today is January 26. The day that we met.”

“Yes, the day that I met the person whom I will spend the rest of my life with.” Mew said with a whole smile on his face.

Both men’s eyes are a little swollen but not really that obvious. 

“I already told your parents about my plan and my parents know about it too. As well as your management, I had talked to them.” Mew added.

“You really have planned about this huh? Okay my PHD boyfriend, no wait. Not a PHD boyfriend,” Gulf said with a laugh then he added, “ Okay my PHD fiance and soon to be husband in a few hours, let’s get married.” Gulf offered his hand to the older, Mew took it then they went home to change their clothes into tux. Gulf remembered why Mew was putting a tuxedo when they were organizing their luggages way back in Bangkok but he didn’t really put much thought about it so he just shrugged it off before. 



Both men are panting and catching their breath on their bed. They are sweating all over their body after their passionate love making. Mew slid off to the side and pulled Gulf towards him. They were in a spooning position and they felt sticky all over but they didn't seem to care. What’s important is that they are finally husbands after years of waiting. Mew smelled Gulf’s back and shoulders and he smelled like the combination of sweat and sex and Mew loved it. 

They got married hours ago and after that, they went straight home and enjoyed each other’s heat. Mew rubbed circles over Gulf’s tummy when Gulf said that he is hungry. Mew smiled then he sat on the bed but Gulf has his eyes closed and is laying on the bed naked comfortably. Mew gently but playfully slapped Gulf’s bottom which made Gulf wiggle his butt. It made Mew laughed then he told the younger,

“Get up na tua eng, let’s take a shower together then let’s go get our groceries to stock up our pantry.”

Gulf opened his eyes then stretched but winced after he felt a slight burn in his lower area. He stood up, gave Mew a quick kiss on the lips then entered the bathroom. Mew went downstairs and put the sheets in the washing machine then went back upstairs in the bathroom with Gulf. They cleaned themselves thoroughly, brushing each other’s back and shampooing each other’s hair, making it into different shapes which they laughed at and it echoed into their bathroom. Soon after, they have changed their clothes and are ready to go out. They grabbed bread on their way to the grocery store.

While walking through the beautiful alley of the town, they met the same old lady that Mew met that morning. They gave their greetings to the lady which earned them a smile.

“Is this your boyfriend, young man?” The lady asked, pointing at Gulf while looking at Mew.

Mew smiled shyly then said, “Already my husband, ma’am”

The lady seemed happy at Mew’s response. Gulf looked at the lady and smiled. Mew then suddenly remembered that he still hadn't introduced himself and Gulf to the lady. He offered his hand then said,

“I forgot to introduce myself to you when we met in the morning,” He laughed “My name is Mew, and this is my husband, Gulf. It’s nice to meet you, ma’am. This town is very beautiful.”

The lady accepted his hand then she also introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Carlotte. It’s nice meeting the both of you. It’s just your second day here, right? Because I remember you arriving yesterday.”

Gulf was the one who answered Carlotte, “Yes, it’s just our second day here.” he smiled.

“Look at these husbands looking so handsome together. I won’t keep you long since I still need to cook for my husband. I’ll be going now” Carlottle said with a smile then waved her hand.

Both men bowed down and waved their hands as well, bidding their goodbye to the old lady.

They arrived at the grocery store and they bought all the things they needed in their house. After buying all the essentials and food items, they went straight home and started organizing the things they had bought. They also organized all their clothes in their closet.

Mew and Gulf were in the kitchen preparing their dinner. They just decided to fry some pork and as well as the soup that they bought on the way back. Gulf was setting up the table and Mew is frying the pork as well as puting the soup that they bought in a bowl. Soon after, all is ready and they are comfortably eating on their table. They were happily conversing when they heard a knock from the door, they looked at each other then Mew decided to open it. It was Carlottle and he gave the couple some dessert, just a simple gift for the newlyweds. Gulf stood up from his seat and went beside Mew who thanked the lady. Gulf waid to her and they happily accepted the dessert.

It was already 3:00 am and the husbands were just about to go to sleep. After they ate dinner, they finished the dessert that was given to them, then Gulf proceeded on washing the dishes since Mew already did the cooking. Right after he finished washing the plates, Mew immediately carried Gulf over his shoulder then went upstairs. He threw Gulf into their bed and Gulf was laughing because Mew is so ready to devour him again.




“Teerak, your birthday is near already? What do you want naa?” Gulf asked his husband. They were on the bed cuddling each other, just finished eating their lunch 2 hours ago. 

Mew made a thinking noise then said, “You.” 

“Aow. But I am already yours na, phi. Look,” Gulf showed his left hand to Mew, showing his ring, a symbol of their eternal love to each other. “ We have already been married for almost a month so you already have me all by yourself.” Gulf continued.

Mew looked at Gulf with fondness then squeezed him. He then said, “You are enough for me already. I can’t ask for more. I love you, baby” Mew gave Gulf a kiss in the temple, then in his cheeks, then finally on his lips.

When Mew’s birthday finally arrived, the Nong Stu’s and Gulf’s Manager in Bangkok did their part as part of the plan. They posted some photos,videos, and birthday greetings from Mew’s friends. A photo was also posted in Mew’s IG account in which Gulf left a comment saying happy birthday to his phi. And because they are still phi-nong who are close to each other in Thailand, Gulf’s account in IG posted a picture of him and Mew with his greetings. Waanjais are so happy with the interaction that they saw after several months.

When Mew’s birthday arrived in Austria, they did a small dinner together with some people that they are close with in their village. People brought some food as well as Mew cooked and also ordered in some restaurants. The party was fun and everyone enjoyed it. After the party, all went home after a little drinking, Gulf gave his present to Mew which includes him wearing a cat headband only and nothing more.



The Jongcheveevats together with the Traipipattanapongs visited Mew and Gulf in Hallsatt. They stayed in a nearby hotel since the house the couple have doesn't have any extra rooms and the moment you go to the second floor, the bed can be seen already.

There were also proper precautions when the families travelled but not as hard as the one both Mew and Gulf did way back in January. 

Mew and Gulf toured their families and they were so happy that the men were already married. They may not be present when the couple got married but they respected their decision and wait for another wedding to come which the couple made sure will surely happen in the near future. 

The families enjoyed their stay even though it was only for a week. The couple made them taste the local foods and as well as introduce to the people that Mew and Gulf are close with.




Nong stu called and fans are starting to speculate and are connecting the dots between the two. MSS and Gulf’s management are trying to lessen the speculation that is happening. Mew then decided to have a life in his IG and talk to the fans. 

Since Bangkok is 5 hours ahead of Austria, Mew pretended to be eating his lunch but it’s actually 7:00 am in Austria, which is 12:00 pm in Bangkok. 

“Sawadee krub, everyone” Mew said while waving his hand at his phone. He chose a very safe background. Good thing their bedroom is white in color so no one will be suspicious. Gulf is also behind the camera, checking up on him, barely saying anything since the fans watching the live might hear him.

Mew did some questions and answers while eating some food that Gulf cooked for him. It was a simple food which consists of fried rice, a sunny side up egg, some beef sauteed with vegetables, and a side of fruits as well. Mew also had a pitcher of water on the side and his green tea.

After almost an hour, Mew finally ended the live, thanking his fans for their support. 

“Thank you so much na everyone” He gave the fans a flying kiss and ended the live with his lovely smile. 

Gulf was on their bed sleeping, he looked so cuddly so Mew went to him and hugged him. Gulf didn’t bother waking up since he woke up early which is really not his thing but he loves it when he’s taking care of Mew. They both went back to sleep with the issues finally going down.




They are doing great everyday. Mew can’t be more proud with the works of the studio and the management. Everyday, they are trying to create anything that could just prove that they are still in Bangkok. There may not be pictures by the fans and fan sites but the nong status are dropping pictures here and there. Showing what Mew eats for lunch, what Mew is doing, and as well as dropping endorsements. Same with Gulf’s management, they are working hard everyday just to show that Gulf is still in Thailand and is doing photoshoots.

In this month, Mew dropped another mini single album. But it was recorded way back last year. The character in the music video isn't him and is about a story of a little boy trying to reach his dream despite the chaotic world. The song was well accepted and the fans are very happy to hear Mew’s voice again as well as purchase the album prepared by the studio. 

Mew also did a live, singing the song in front of his fans in IG. They were so happy and were happily singing with Mew. Gulf on the other hand was smiling behind the camera, looking lovingly at his husband, swaying his head and arms as Mew was singing in front of his phone. Mew was trying so hard not to coo at his husband since he was in front of the camera with thousands of fans watching him perform. 

A performance video was also aired in Bangkok, a video that was shot way before. His face wasn’t that different and his hair is the same as the video. Well, it was Mew who planned it with the help of Gulf of course, so all the hard work paid off.



It was Gulf’s birthday and his team planned something in Bangkok. The fans are speculating something since it was unusual that Gulf wasn’t visiting fan projects. They have counted in already and it’s been almost a year. There were no pictures of him or Mew taken by the fans and he was never seen in public by anyone. The fans have been suspicious since 3 or 4 months ago but it was never openly discussed and is only talked about it in DMs. Fans are connecting that they are together but have no idea where. The last life that Mew made, it was so careful that they can’t pinpoint where he is. Same with Gulf. 

Gulf did a live in his IG, but in a different setting with Mew, he set it in the same area where he did the live a few months before. He was happily talking to his fans in the dining room when the doorbell rang. It was one of their neighbors but Gulf didn’t bother looking at the door because he’s worried that fans will get suspicious. 

“Good morning, Mew. I had some extra cookies that my daughter made today. I would like to give it to you and your husband. Is he there?” Carlottle asked. Good thing her voice wasn’t loud but Mew was still praying deep inside that it won’t be heard by the fans since Gulf is just at the dining table and it isn’t that far from the main entrance of their home.

“Yes, he is here. He’s currently working and is talking to someone.” Mew said smiling. They have been living here for almost a year yet no one has any idea what their work is. The people didn’t mind it though since the couple are sweet and fun to be with, although they know that they are Thai and are bound to come back home soon.

“Oh I’m sorry for my disturbance-”

Mew cut her sentence off politely saying that it was okay, “It’s okay, ma’am.” He laughed “You mean no harm. Thank you so much for these cookies. My husband and I will surely enjoy it. This looks amazing”

Carlotte smiled at Mew then bid her goodbye.

The live that Gulf did was doing well and right after he gave his goodbye, they immediately checked their Twitter, scrolling if the fans had heard the conversation that Mew and their neighbor had. So far, no one has noticed and heard it. However, the fans in their DMs are still full of questions. Mew didn’t do any show and so is Gulf. They remembered that Mew had that virtual show and Gulf did the emoji concert but now, Gulf’s team posted a vlog of Gulf and the fan was cooing at how cute he is. The shirt that Gulf wore in the IG live is the same with what he is wearing in the video. The only difference is that Gulf was wearing a hat in the vlog that the team posted.

Later that night, Mew prepared a romantic dinner for Gulf. He serenades him with a song that he newly made. Gulf was teary eyed with Mew’s actions and he was so happy that he gave Mew his best performance that night, riding him 


January, next year


The couple didn’t bother hiding it anymore, it’s been a year already and they have to come back to Bangkok as planned. Before they went back home, they had a small despedida party with their neighbors. They have treated them as their family and they were very sad when that had to go but they had to since they have to go back to their work now. The husbands promised that they would still communicate with them, their close neighbors also knew who they were because Mew and Gulf decided to tell them. They were shocked but of course they remained and treated the couple the same. They didn’t bother saying any word to others since they are already close to the couple and they don’t want to endanger them. Only few know who they were and are only the close ones.

The moment they stepped out of the plane, the couple took a deep breath and held each other’s hand. There is no more turning back. If the people will know, then they will know. No one knew what they would arrive except the husband’s families, the studio, and Gulf’s team. While they were walking towards outside of the airport, Mew and Gulf were not wearing their masks or anything that would cover their faces, although Mew was wearing his sunglasses he can still be easily noticed with his features. Gulf on the other hand was parading his beautiful bare face. 

Mew was wearing his denim jeans and some white button up shirt where the sleeves are rolled up towards his elbow and Gulf was wearing black jeans and a hoodie. Mew was pushing the cart that was full of stacked up luggage with both of his hands while Gulf had his arm over Mew’s arm. They were walking so comfortably like they weren’t gone for a year. Some people noticed them and left them with wide eyes. They started taking pictures but the couple didn’t bother stopping them.

“Are you okay, tua eng?” Mew asked his husband.

Gulf smiled at Mew and answered, “I’m fine na, Teerak, just tired from the flight and I feel jet lagged.”

Mew put his hand on Gulf’s head before kissing his temple in front of all the people before putting it back and pushing the cart once again.

A lot of people are whispering and a lot are taking videos and photos. Gulf gave them a wai and so did Mew.  They were already outside the airport and the MSS van was ready. They took the couple’s luggages and Mew and Gulf went inside the van not forgetting to give a wai to the people gathering around them.

The pictures circulated fastly in the internet. People were shocked at the sudden appearance of both men together in the airport. What was even more shocking is when Mew kissed Gulf’s temple, they saw the wedding ring in Mew’s hand and it was the same with the ring that Gulf was wearing in his ring finger.

MewGulf broke the internet that they, the studio and Gulf’s team were receiving a lot of calls from different journalists and reporters, asking if they could have an interview with the both of them. 

Waanjais are so shocked that they don’t know how to react to the news. Sure, they always say that MewGulf are married but it feels so different when it is finally real. The MewGulf stan accounts, together with other Mewlions and Phiballs are so shocked that they don't know what they should do with the news. Waanjais are crying because of the news and they were so happy. Everyone is so happy. The couple trended worldwide in just a matter of minutes the moment those photos were uploaded in social media.

Later that night, at exactly 23:59 Bangkok time, Mew and Gulf tweeted at the very same time, it was a link to a video in Youtube, a vlog actually and it says

“Gone for a year with my lover”

Another hashtag trended in the Twitter world, with the fans almost turning crazy with all the bombs the couple are dropping in the very same day. Also at the very same time, Mew and Gulf posted the same photos in Instagram, it was a picture of them in their tuxedos, kissing and holding each other with the view of the mountain and the lake behind them. The second photo was their hands clasped together showing their wedding ring. The last photo was Mew holding Gulf’s left hand, kissing it while looking at him in the eyes. The caption in Mew’s post was,

“Can’t wait to grow old and build a family with you. I love you”

And Gulf’s caption is, 

“From phi to khun phi, then there was phi boo then tua eng. But now I can finally call you husband. I love you.”