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Completely untitled crack

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::There are times I wish the war was still ongoing.::

Ravage would have acknowledged her companion’s observation, but that would have meant turning her head away from the scene in front of her.

::I didn’t realise it was so hard to lock a door.:: He added.

A whine managed to escape her vocaliser as she finally managed to tear her optics away. ::Its like a seeker orgy, you don’t want to know but you just have to look.::

Steeljaw chuffed in equal parts agreement and horror, his audial receptors pulled flat against his head as he tried to reconcile what he was seeing. ::I didn’t even know they could do that.::

::Which part?:: She asked, optics trying to work out which tentacles belonged to which mech. But it was a lost cause as they writhed together, entwining and slithering over each other, over armour, into armour and just about anywhere else they could reach.

::Possibly the whole thing.:: Steeljaw finally replied as his helm was tilted nearly ninety degrees to one side. ::And I think they are trying for a record of how many tentacles can they fit insi...::

He cut off with a squawk of static as Ravage cuffed him over the head. ::There are some things I do not need to know about my own carrier!::

Steeljaw seemed to consider this for a brief moment. ::True, but you have to admit, it does look like fun and just think what you could do with tentacles, so much more flexibility than this.:: He held up one golden yellow paw.

Ravage blinked, optics resetting and refocusing on the entwined mechs as she contemplated that fact. ::I wonder if Hook and Ratchet could get us some.::

::There are times I wish the war had been over sooner.:: Steeljaw decided as he cast one last glance behind himself before following Ravage out the door. They had medics to go find...