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johnny doesn't usual do stuff like this but he really needed this.

after taking a big promotion in his job, johnny has been feeling huge amounts of stress and pressure weighing down on his shoulders. he's been so frustrated with himself with the amount of headaches, shoulder pain, and even sometimes backache he would go through just for the stupid job.

the alpha desperately needed some sort of a relief and that's where his good friend and co-worker, jaehyun, came in a clutch.

"it's called 'fingertips away'," jaehyun explained through the puff of his cigarette, exhaling the dark smoke from his lips, "it's a service where omegas are paid to help alphas through their rut but that can take any appointment, it doesn't have to be just for a rut,"

"a service? i didn't know that was a thing," johnny said as he cracked open his can of coffee that he got from the vending machine.

"yeah, it's a bit new," jaehyun said as he inhaled from his cigarette, letting the smoke sit in his lungs for a second before exhaling it through his nose, "they've been popping up recently and this shop is actually fairly new too," the alpha said as he crushed the brunt out bud against the pipe of the rooftop railing, "i actually met a pretty cute omega there too, he's been servicing me one a week,"

"jesus, once a week?" johnny joked, knowing how much jaehyun's sex life is active, it's almost like he forgets at times.

"yup, once a week," jaehyun said with a smug smirk, "sometimes for a whole week if my rut creeps in and i need him for more days,"

"poor dude," the alpha chuckled as his co-worker punches him in the bicep, "doyoung likes my cock, and even begs for it," the cigarette smelling alpha said with a scoff, "maybe you should look at one of their omegas and see if one of them will like your cock too, johnny," the alpha gave a sly wink.

and that's how johnny to here.

later that day, johnny decided to look up the website of the place that jaehyun said. luckily, a website did pop up and it was clean and simple. a pink background with the name 'fingertips away' on the top of the page in simple black color. the shop's motto followed right underneath the name.

"pleasure, pain, and lust is just fingertips away."

johnny chuckled softly at the cliché saying as he scrolled down and saw the profiles of their models. there were actually more than johnny anticipated as he scrolled through their names.

ten. twenty-four. chinese ethnicity, thai nationality. omega. submissive. likes: blindfolds, temperature play.

kai. twenty-seven. korean. omega. switch. likes: choking, hair-pulling, degradation.

sehun. twenty-seven. korean. omega. switch. likes: spanking, watersports.

the alpha was surprised at how kinky the omegas that were on the site. he continued to scroll until he saw the familiar name that jaehyun said of the omega who he usually sees once a week.

doyoung. twenty-four. korean. omega. submissive. likes: exhibitionism, master/pet, powerplay.

"damn, jae must have a field day with him," johnny said with an amused chuckle. the alpha continued to scroll through the profiles before a certain omega caught his eyes. a pretty headshot of a beautiful omega with big brown eyes like a doe's, dirty blonde hair that was swiped back to give a good view of his face as the next photo showed his barely covered slender, thin body.

"holy shit," johnny cursed as he looked over the omega's profile.

taeyong. twenty-four. korean. omega. switch. likes: overstimulation, orgasm delay/denial, creampies.

"fuck," johnny groaned under his breath when he looked at what the omega likes. it wasn't something johnny didn't know but it was certainly something that johnny has never tried and experience.

the alpha thought it might be best to go for an omega who was little more safe but fuck, johnny couldn't let a beautiful omega like this slip from his fingertips...just like the shop says.

"fuck it"

and now that fuck it led him to this very moment.

the alpha scheduled taeyong to come at nine at night. it was a bit later than he wished but that was the only time the omega was available on a short timespan. he didn't complain as he used that excuse to clean up his entire apartment. the last thing he wanted was for the omega to think he was just a creepy guy who can't keep basic hygiene up. 

johnny even washed his sheets and an extra pair of sheets to replace when him and taeyong were done. he even tried to get an outfit ready for the omega to use after their time together.

will he stay?

that question burned in the back of johnny's head. he doesn't know if taeyong has any other clients after him or if staying for a while was even an option for them. regardless, it was better to be safe than sorry so he got a pair of boxers for taeyong to use and one of his college sweatshirts and tossed it on top of his desk chair.

a sudden ring from his doorbell caused the alpha to turn his head out his bedroom room. he walked towards the sound as he exited out of his room, down the hall and through his open floor plan of his kitchen and living room. he got to the door, unlocking the it as he opened the door for his nose to have a whiff of vanilla with an undertone of earl grey tea. the scent was automatically warming and comforting as he looked down to see who owned the scent and of course, it was his long-awaited guest.

"hello there, johnny," his voice purred in the softest, most sultry way, "can i come in?"

"o-oh, yeah of course," johnny said, slightly taken aback at how gorgeous the omega looked. he took a step to the side to allow the omega to walk in. taeyong's lips tugged the corner of his lip in a small smirk as he walked inside the apartment, stepping out of his shoes and placing it to the side as he took a few more steps inside, looking around the nice apartment.

"nice place," taeyong turned his attention back to the alpha who stood there, dumbfounded, "uh, thank you," johnny said as he closed his door, locking it again as he turned around and saw that taeyong was still standing there.

god, the omega looked fucking beautiful.

he wore red mesh, long sleeved turtleneck with a pair of tight, black leather pants that had belts wrapping around one thigh with the absence of his heeled black boots. taeyong looked like a pure vixen in his clothes.

"are you just going to stand there or," taeyong spoke as he strides towards johnny, making the alpha back up to his door as the omega got close, smirking up at the alpha, "are we going to have fun like you promise?"

"f-fun," johnny tried his hardest to not seem nervous but this was fairly new to him.

he's never been with someone who's as forward as taeyong. the omega exudes confidence from every part of his body--not a moment of hesitation was shown on him. the omega smirked as his hand went to grab onto johnny's, lacing their fingers together lazily as taeyong tugged him off the door, "where's your bedroom, alpha?"

"let me show you," johnny said in a hushed tone, finally having some motion in his step as he walked past the omega and had him follow closely behind him as they walked off to the right to enter a small hallway and open the door to his left to reveal johnny's bedroom.

taeyong's eyebrows raise in slight surprise when he saw how clean and neat everything was. even some stuff like the little things being prepared. two glasses on an empty bedside table with a bottle of wine behind it and two bottles of water off to the side. then on the other bedside table was a small bowl with some water and a rag in it. 

mm, he's one of the sweeter doms.

taeyong thought to himself as johnny stood at the foot of his own bed, "sorry, does it look a bit too much?"

the omega looked up at the alpha who had a slightly embarrassed expression resting on his face. taeyong assured him by shaking his head with a playful smile, "not at all. it's actually a sweet gesture,"

taeyong's circles around the alpha before placing his hands on the giant's chest and pushing him down to his bed, making him sit on the edge as he climbed comfortably on top of his lap. both of taeyong's legs were places on either side of johnny's hips and thighs, the omega's bum sitting right on top of his clothed dick and that made johnny a bit overly cautious. 

"you okay, alpha?"

taeyong's voice was barely above a whisper, his warm breath hitting johnny's lips as the omega leaned closed to him. the long, slender arms of the pretty boy slinked around johnny's neck and crossed over each other at his wrists. the omega's face was so close to his, lips ghosting right over his. johnny was about to just lean in and kiss the omega but that was before he felt a sharp grind against his cock.

"o-oh fuck," johnny moaned softly. a sudden wave of embarrassment reached to his face as he felt his face get hot and the alpha can only imagine how red he must look to the omega. but taeyong was looking at johnny with a smug smile, not expecting that noise to come from the alpha.

"sensitive?" taeyong said with a playful smirk resting on his lips as he does another experimental roll of his hips, grinding down on the cock that was sitting snugly in johnny's sweatpants.

the alpha moaned again, this time it wasn't has soft as the first. johnny knew he looked like a red, hot mess but he didn't care anymore. the way the omega moves his hips, the way he controls so much pressure is making johnny's head a little too hot for comfort.

"mm, you like my hips, alpha?" the omega let out a teasing giggle as he leaned to brush his lips against johnny's, making the alpha's eyes widen slightly at the feeling, "bet you've never been with some like me before, huh?" taeyong pressed a small yet lingering kiss to johnny's lips. it was the briefest of gesture but it left johnny wanting more.

"n-not really," johnny admitted under a whisper, his eyes staring at the omega's, "i mean, i've been with omegas but,"

"not the ones like me? the ones who like to tease their alphas to their wits end? the ones who like to take control? is that the ones?" the omega spoke as he brushed his lips against johnny's again, "the ones that want to see how pretty you'll look when you cum in their pussy?"

"f-fuck," the alpha groaned at the mental image. the thought of taeyong grinding his pussy on his cock, letting the wet walls of the omega's pussy enclose around his cock, waiting for the alpha to cream his pussy with his cum was far more active in his imagination than he thought.

but reality hit hard when johnny felt taeyong nip at the side of his neck, making the alpha jump out of his thoughts and hiss softly as the feeling of the omega's teeth gazing his skin, kissing it softly. it made the alpha whimper slightly--something johnny has never done before but he was really pushing himself to the edge.

taeyong giggled against the skin of johnny's neck, liking how johnny reacts to the littlest of things that the omega was doing. he take a good whiff of johnny's scent, a delicious whiff of peppermint and rich coffee filled his nose. a scent that taeyong can definitely get used to. he picks his head up from johnny's neck and sees the alpha face. a sweet, blissful expression slowly creeping up on the gentle giant's face. eyes slightly blown with bits of pleasure and wanting lust. his cheeks tinted pink as his lips were slightly parted.

"what a pretty alpha~," taeyong teased as he grinded his hips down onto the desperate alpha below him, "i could just eat you up,"

"p-please," johnny moaned softly underneath the omega, his eyes looking up at him, "aw," taeyong cooed, thinking johnny was so adorable, "such an inexperienced baby," the omega leaned in and whispered in a sultry voice right into johnny's ear, "let me change that for you"

the alpha didn't know how it happened but taeyong pushed him down by the shoulders onto his bed. the omega floated over him with a teasing smile as one of his hands cupped his cheek, slender fingers tracing over the pinkness.

"be a sweetheart and place yourself up there on your pillows, alpha~," the latter leaned down and gave johnny a soft kiss against his lips, "and take your shirt off too,"

johnny nodded as he felt taeyong slid off his lap, standing at the foot of his bed as he took off the mesh turtleneck from his body, revealing the fairness of his pretty torso. the alpha turned on the bed and crawled up to his headboard, sitting back down as he constructed the pillows to support his back and neck. the giant then grabbed hold of the hem of his tee and lifted it off his body, tossing it somewhere onto the floor as he sees the omega place a knee on the bed before crawling up to him on all fours.

"this is what's going to happen, okay, alpha?" taeyong said as he stopped crawling when his hands planted firmly near both sides of johnny's hips, "i'm going to suck your cock, get you nice and hard for my pussy to suck up," the omega's mouth made a soft pop when he ended his sentence.

"then i'm going to ride you but i'm expecting you to finish this off, mkay?" the omega said as his hand ghosted over johnny's clothed dick, rubbing the bulge over the soft material, feeling the alpha getting harder underneath his touch.

"y-yeah, i got it," the alpha groaned, suddenly feeling his sweatpants and boxers being tugged down. johnny helped the omega by lifting his legs up for the latter to pull it down to his knees while he looked down at his dick.

"fuck, it's so fucking big," taeyong moaned, looking down at how big johnny's cock was. it wasn't only big but it was thick as well. johnny's cock would make any omega go haywire and he was excited to be that omega tonight.

"thank you for the meal~," the omega teased. before johnny could say anything, a fat stride was felt on his shaft, going up to his head as the omega placed a kiss on the head, "oh fuck," johnny groaned as he threw his head back.

taeyong smirked at how easy the alpha was to pleasure. the omega swirled the tip of his tongue over the red cockhead before swiping it over the slit of the tip, collecting the salty bit of precum forming, "g-god," johnny moaned softly then loudly when he felt taeyong's mouth enclose around his cock in one go. the feeling of taeyong's mouth--the way it was warm, wet, and velvety around johnny's cock. the alpha almost bucked his hips up to increase the amount of pleasure he was feeling.

the omega wouldn't lie and say that he was blowing smoke at this point. taeyong knew his blowjob skills were immaculate; probably the best of all the models. but fuck, he's never taken a cock as big as johnny's. he was able to get half of the alpha's cock into his mouth, slowly pushing himself to swallow the rest of the length into his throat. the omega tried to relax his throat before he took in another inch but it was impossible.

and it was so fucking hot to taeyong. 

the way he was struggling to take down a dick in his mouth, trying to make the alpha he was with wither under his skills and even take it a step forward of face-fucking the poor omega that all he tasted was cock and even all he smelled was cock.

but this was a whole other story. taeyong was doing the work all by himself, taking down a cock all by himself. johnny want running his hand through his hair and pushing his head down to swallow more of his length. he was letting taeyong take control. the alpha was really sitting there, letting taeyong do his worst. this never happens for the omega, despite him being a switch--a person who can be dominant or submissive--he always ends up being the submissive; which he doesn't hate but he always expected it.

it felt nice that he was finally being the dominant and it' sticking. johnny really was something special.

"fwuck," taeyong groaned when he took his mouth off of johnny cock, mouth filled with salvia as he swallowed it, "i can't take it all, alpha," the latter fake whined before going back in for more, reaching halfway down johnny's cock again and started to bob from there.

the alpha groaned at the feeling of taeyong's mouth swallowing him--the tip of his cock barely grazing over the omega's throat, the lips of the omega's mouth wrapping tightly around him as his cheeks hallowed out, tongue laying flat against johnny's shaft as he picked his head up and then went back down on johnny.

"fuck, yes," johnny growled, his teeth clenched as he that sound came from within him. his head was resting against the pillows as he felt taeyong bobbing his head, slurping around johnny's cock as he swallowed the harden member.

"like that, alpha?" taeyong said as removed his mouth around the alpha's cock, swallowing the mixture of salvia and precum in his mouth as he flashed an innocent smile up at the giant, "did that feel good?"

"that felt great," johnny sighed as he watched taeyong lean back up. the omega stood on his knees as one arm went behind him, hearing something unzip as the tight pants begun to shimmy off the leather pants he was wearing, revealing the prettiest pair of red lace panties underneath the dark leather.

"you're soaked,"

taeyong chuckled as he took off his pants, nodding at johnny's observation, "yeah, you made me wet," the omega took off his panties placing it it on the floor with his pants, "wanna feel how wet it is around your cock?"

johnny gulped as he nodded, seeing taeyong crawl over him again. the omega's legs were plants on either side of his hips as he pussy just hovered over his cock--that was standing proud against his abdominal.

"god, you're, like, dripping almost," johnny said as his eyes stared down at taeyong pretty pussy. from the dim light of the room, you can see taeyong's slick glistening against the pretty pink of his pussy, some of it glistening against his thighs.

"that's r-, uh, right,"

taeyong felt johnny's fingers graze of his pussy, the sudden friction made the omega stutter his words and slightly twitch to the feeling of something finally touching his ignored clit felt good.

"fuck, you really are wet," the alpha let the finger-pad of his middle finger make small circles around taeyong's clit, giving the nub some pleasure after being ignore the entire time taeyong was giving him a blowjob, "mm, f-fuck," the omega moaned, letting his hips lightly rock against the alpha's finger, enjoying the tiny bit of pleasure.

""y-yeah i am," taeyong reached down and grabbed hold of johnny's wrist, letting the fingers of the alpha remove from his pussy and instead guiding it towards the alpha's lips, "so, let's use that to our advantage, hmm alpha~?"

johnny stared up at taeyong as his tongue darted out to lick his finger, tasting the sweetest slick he has ever put on his tongue. taeyong's lips curled into a satisfied smirk when he saw johnny lick his lips to taste more of his slick. he really is a cute alpha.

the omega moved his hand to go behind him as he reached for johnny's cock, letting it stand upright, aligning the cockhead to his pussy, "you don't need to stretch yourself?"

taeyong looked up to see johnny's bewildered expression, it was contorted with pleasure and lust but ultimately showing slight concern for the omega who was about to take his cock in his pussy and not once has the alpha seen taeyong stretch himself with his fingers or anything.

"stretched myself before i got here," taeyong sent a flirty wink before he slowly sank down onto johnny's cock.

the omega threw his head back as the most pleasurable moan escaped from his lips, johnny's cock was pressing snugly against taeyong's walls so fucking good. the latter could swear that he can feel the protruding vein from the underside of the cock, grinding against his pussy walls, "f-fuck," taeyong let out another moan, trying to finish his sentence, "u-used t-the photo y-you sent as s-some h-help," the omega said through a soft whimper as he continue to slowly go down on johnny's cock.

the receiver on the other end was enjoying the feeling. the alpha was panting as he felt taeyong's walls open up around his cockhead just to close up again as taeyong tried to sink himself down more and more until johnny's cock was fully inside him.

the two both gave a reaction when the both bottomed out. johnny let out a loud groan, almost close to growl as taeyong gave out a whimper with a soft moan to hide it. the two stayed like that for a second. the omega allowed himself to reposition himself into a better position. his hands reached behind to grab hold of johnny's calves as he let his legs slide out from the curled position and planted his feet down onto the bed--letting them bending.

"mm, ready alpha?" taeyong said with a blissful smile, whimpering as he let the fat cock slide out of his pussy, "y-ye-oh fuck!"

johnny yelled out as taeyong sunk back down onto johnny's cock before the alpha could finish his sentence, "oh yes! oh fuck! oh yes, fuck, yes!" taeyong moaned, as his lifted himself up and then slamming back down onto the alpha's cock--the feeling of how the giant's dick filled him up to the absolutely brim was making taeyong's head buzz. 

it was pure ecstasy. johnny could feel himself start to lose control as taeyong kept bouncing his pussy in and out, in and out around his cock. the way the slick, wet, tight walls of the omega's pussy would release when johnny's slide out then tighten around his cock when he slid back in was a fucking power trip.

the alpha was breathing like he was running a marathon, groaning every time he felt taeyong's pussy swallow his cock so well, "f-fuck, y-you f-feel like heaven," johnny moaned as his hands reached out for the boy, letting his hands grab onto the omega's hips as his legs bend up a bit, giving taeyong a more comfortable position.

taeyong giggled through his moan, letting his hands reposition on top of johnny's knees as he gave the alpha a sultry look, "t-thanks alpha," the omega moaned when he felt johnny's cock graze over a sensitive spot, "o-oh fuck,"

"mm, w-what's wrong, omega?" the alpha asked as he massaged taeyong's hips with the pads of his thumbs, looking up in pure pleasure at the omega now picking up his pace of his riding, "m-my spot, y-your cock t-touched m-my spot,"

taeyong tried to explain through his moans as he continued to pick up his pace, gyrating his hips when he got into the air and then grinding against the alpha's pelvis when he got bottomed out. each motion he did made his pussy feel even more stuffed than it originally felt--as if johnny was slowly getting bigger the faster he was going.

god, the feeling was so fucking amazing. johnny didn't think it could feel better than taeyong was doing but the omega had more tricks up his sleeve and johnny could barely let it happen.

the alpha decided to an experimental thrust up into taeyong's pussy as taeyong was going to slam himself back down onto his cock--johnny decided to meet him halfway. the omega's body twitched as he let out a strangle moan, eyes rolling back into his head as the omega felt johnny's cockhead perfectly graze against his g-spot, "o-oh f-fuck, a-again, do that again, a-alpha,"

johnny looked up at taeyong, trying to get a second confirmation if that's what he wanted. the latter blinked blankly before letting his eyes meet johnny's--taeyong's eyes were filled with lust, bliss, and completely blown to a deep black of wanting more. the alpha took that as the biggest yes he has ever seen.

he grabs hold on taeyong's slender hips, knowing he was probably going to bruise up the pale skin as he pulled out and slammed his hips back into taeyong, making the omega twitch again with a loud whine escaping past his plush lips.

johnny groaned when he felt the walls of taeyong's pussy clamp down around his cock as he tried to set an steady pace with his thrusts back into the omega's heat, "m-more, f-fcuk, that's i-it, al-alpha," the omega moaned, throwing his head back as he tried to grind his hips down into johnny's thrusts.

"o-oh fuck," the alpha moaned as he felt a familiar coil begin to bubble up in his abdominal--a similar feeling happening around his cock.

shit--his knot was forming.

"i-it's fine," taeyong moaned, letting his pussy enclose around the forming knot, making sure it doesn't pass his heat anymore, "g-give it t-to me, b-baby," the omega looked down with a blissful smile, "m-make m-me cum f-from your kn-knot,"

that lit something within the alpha as johnny simply nodded and begun to thrust even harder into the omega's heat. the sudden change of slow, steady thrusts to fast, hard ones made taeyong moan loudly--whimpers coming out of his lips as johnny fucks him perfectly into his pussy. 

a strong coil begun to form into taeyong's abdominal, it started to tighten the more johnny's cock hit his spot perfectly, making the omega not care anymore. he let his moans and pants go past his lips.

"f-fuck, al-alpha, s-so g-good," the latter moaned as he felt his coil slowly continue to build faster and faster each time johnny thrusted and the alpha felt the same way.

johnny's knot begun to slowly form bigger and bigger into taeyong's pussy that not it sat snugly into the omega's pussy. a strong sense of knot being tighten in his stomach was more present than ever as he felt taeyong's walls snug around his cock again, this time more around his cock.

"sh-shit," the alpha growled; it almost sounded primal, like a true wolf. like a true alpha.

"g-gonna fucking c-cum," johnny said as his thrusts begun to become more and more sloppy--still fast and hard but having no rhythm like it did before.

"p-please c-cream m-my p-pussy," taeyong said on the top of his lungs, the feeling of the coil in his stomach was about to become undone, "c-cream it w-with your f-fucking kn-knot, al-alpha," the omega whined as he looked down at the alpha; he was in absolute sweaty and grunting mess as he continue to fuck himself into taeyong's wrecked pussy.

"f-fuck, t-take it," johnny groaned as the knot started to become undone.

he let his hips wind back before doing it's last slam right into taeyong's pussy--a loud growl being unleashed from johnny's lips as he felt his knot burst and his cum spurting all into taeyong's raw pussy--painting the omega's walls in thick, white ribbons of pure cum. 

and that last thrust just hit taeyong's g-spot so fucking perfectly that the omega even felt his coil become undone. the latter's back ached as he felt his pussy clench around the fat cock of the alpha, milking him dry of his cum as his pussy begun to squirt all over the thick cock, "y-yes, yes, yes!' taeyong screamed as he felt his slick gush out of his pussy and all over johnny's cock, mixing in with johnny's cum.

"oh fuck!" taeyong moaned as he felt himself fall backwards on the bed, twitching and shivering as he felt his orgasm wash over his entire body. the strong feeling of absolute ecstasy. 

johnny blinked a for a few seconds, letting himself come down from his high as he let go of taeyong's hips. the scent of vanilla and earl grey of the omega and the scent of peppermint and coffe from his own made an intoxicating cocktail that filled the room. as the alpha tried recollected himself, he looked down at the omega, seeing him totally fucked out. 

"are you okay?" johnny asked, sitting himself up so he can get a better look at taeyong, rubbing the omega's right thigh to see if he will respond.

"y-yeah, i'm fine," taeyong said with his cotton mouth, giggling softly, "basking in how fucking good it was,"

the alpha chuckled, smiling at the omega as their eyes met. taeyong had a satisfied smile, almost like a playful smirk, "didn't expect you to suddenly take control, alpha," taeyong let his arms come to the back of his head, letting himself rest against his forearms, "i know i said it earlier before but i thought an inexperienced man like you wouldn't do it,"

johnny rubbed the back of his neck, "mm, you kept pleasuring me so it was only fair to do it back, huh?" the alpha explained, "and it me not really being "experienced" doesn't mean i can't surprise you with something new,"

"mm, true," taeyong said with a playful glint in his eye, "how about you show me something new next time?"

"next time?" johnny said with wide eyes, seeing taeyong moved his arms for them to be planted back down on the bed, his elbows helping himself get prompt up, "yeah, next time," the omega bit his bottom lip into a small smile, "this isn't going to be a one time thing, no?"

it was definitely johnny's turn to have a smirk on his face as he dropped his hand from the back of his neck, "absolutely not"