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Friday, July 18th


“Here you go.” Jeongguk said as he returned the credit card to his last customer of the night. Well, early morning. The clock on the wall read 3:45 am. He received a rough grunt in response. “Oh, well. Have a great day I guess,” he thought, tired to his bones. The day was Friday and also his last day working at the gas station. He was no longer suffering from financial issues due to recent promotion as a junior manager at Serendipity. He had worked in the café since the end of his freshman year in Seoul National University and now he was almost at the end of his junior year. Due to the rather unexpected but welcomed promotion, he no longer needed to work shitty night shifts at the gas station. His roommates, Yugyeom and Moonbin, too had their jobs which would cover the expenses for their rent and utilities and his covering the electricity bill, kitchen expenses and everything in between.




Speaking of his roommates/best friends, they had left the extra shifts they did at their jobs and odd jobs they had to do on the weekends when their kitchen was basically empty at the end of the month. That was something they all had to do to make ends meet but now it was starting to be okay. Yes, it’s still a bit unstable financially but with Jeongguk’s promotion and increased salary, they’ll be just fine.




He clocked out of this job for the last time (after a year of working at the gas station) at 4:00 am in the morning and he never felt so liberated. He will finally be getting all the sleepless nights he missed working here and dealing with rude, drunk and at times, downright creepy people. He remembered the times he had to hide his fear behind his charming smile. He was a bunny hybrid, you see. He had it all from the bunny ears on the top of his head and his cottontail snug on his behind. He was a prey amidst the predators but nonetheless the South Korean society has come a long way since before the war when hybrids, vampires, werefolks and other magical creatures were treated like animals and the dirt on the humans’ feet. 




After the war, many laws and regulations were implemented, protecting the magical creatures and giving them equal rights as the humans. They were finally treated like they deserved their existence, as fucked up as that may sound. There were, of course, many bigoted humans who believed in human supremacy and magical creatures who believe that human shouldn’t exist. 



Jeongguk shook his head, driving away those thoughts. He shouldn’t be thinking these things, not at least at 4:15 am in the morning. He seriously needs to sleep. He crossed the road to his apartment building on the other end. He hopped in on the elevator to go to his apartment that he shared with his two besties on the 7th floor. He fumbled on the pockets of his jeans as he fished out his keys. He entered the apartment quietly, not wanting to disturb his slumbering roommates. He took off his sneakers on the entrance and quietly tiptoed out of the living room to his best friends shared bedroom.




He creaked open the door and peered at his friends fast asleep, cocooned in their blankets. A smile spread on his lips looking at the sight before him. Yugyeom’s mouth was slightly open as he mumbled softly and he could barely see Moonbin as he had his blanket wrapped till the top of his head, his Persian Cat ears peeking out. Jeongguk smiled. Aigoo, they are too cute. With a last glance at his sleeping friends, he slipped out of the room and made his way to his bedroom.




After getting out of his work clothes and taking a warm shower (they can now afford the warm water so bye, cold showers), he slipped into his warm and awaiting bed, tucking himself in his blanket. Sleep was heavy on his eyelids. Aigoo, he could sleep forever now as there were no more night shifts. With a last glance at his alarm on his bedside table. It read 4:35 am. He would get a good seven hours of sleep until his first shift as a junior manager at Serendipity at 12:20 pm. A sleepy smile creeped on his face as fell into a dreamless sleep.















“Well, we can’t go.” a voice huffed. Moonbin, he identified. Why were they yelling so early in the morning? It was, however, not ‘early morning’ as Jeongguk implied. It was ten past eleven in the morning but don’t tell him that. At least not until he sees the time himself.



“Why not?” a second voice retorted. It belonged to Yugyeom. What was all this commotion about?



Jeongguk sat up and made his way out of his bedroom towards the small living room they had. He saw his best friends sitting on their couch and arguing about something. There was also something in Yugyeom’s hand that vaguely looked like an invitation card. 



“For obvious reasons, duh,” the Persian Cat hybrid said, rolling his eyes.



Yugyeom made a frustrated noise at the back of his throat. “I don’t really get what you mean by ‘reasons’?”



“What’s going on here?” Jeongguk asked, looking at his friends. 



“Yugy is being stupid again, that’s what happening,” Moonbin muttered, pointing at the wolf hybrid in front of him.



“Yah!” Yugyeom scolded. “Be respectful to your elders, brat.” Moonbin poked his tongue out in response.



Jeongguk shook his head, smiling at their antics. “Well, is anyone going to enlighten me to what is actually happening here?”



Yugyeom’s ear perked up. “Come sit here, hyung. I’ll tell you everything,” he said, making grabby hands towards Jeongguk.



He promptly sat down. “Now that I’ve sat down, can you tell me now?” he said, looking pointedly at his two dongsaengs.



“Well, you see..” Yugyeom said, trailing off. “Nayeon gave me her invitation to the ball. Her girlfriend is currently sick so they can’t make it to the ball on Sunday.”



“What ball?” Jeongguk said, tilting his head to the side.



“The Kim Coven Annual Ball.” Moonbin interrupted.



Jeongguk looked at his fellow hybrids in confusion. “Is that something special?”



“Oh, hyung.” Realisation dawned on Yugyeom’s and Moonbin’s faces. “I forgot you don’t know about that.”



“Am I supposed to know about it?” Jeongguk said, looking awkwardly at his friends.



“It’s fine, hyung. You weren’t here in Seoul during the last ball.” Moonbin smiled. “The Kim Coven hosts this ball every five years.”



“Oh.” he murmured. “Are they, like, someone important?”



“They kind of are?” Yugyeom said. “I hope you have heard about Kim Seokjin?”



“Of course, I have.” Jeongguk scoffed. “Who hasn’t heard of The Kim Seokjin?” Kim Seokjin was the person who had stopped the war from escalating further than it had. Everyone knows of his powerful and charming aura; he was very much loved by the people in the country, humans and magical creatures alike.



“Well, the ball is hosted by him and his five mates in their nest.” Yugyeom said, dreamily. It was his dream to attend the Annual Ball.



“And this ball is important because..?” Jeongguk questioned, trailing off.



“It is very important!” Moonbin exclaimed. “This ball celebrates and welcomes the new fledglings and pups into the covens and packs.”



“Okay..” he replied, confused. “How does that concern us though? Last time I checked, we are not part of any covens or packs.”



“But couples and friends who consider each other pack are also welcome in the celebration,” Yugyeom corrected, looking pointedly at Moonbin who rolled his eyes at the elder. Moonbin was not going to ruin this for him. “Hence, Nayeon gave us her invitation.”



“Hypothetically speaking, if we go to the ball, what the hell are we going to wear?” Moonbin questioned, looking at the wolf hybrid.



“Exactly.” Jeongguk spoke. “Doesn’t these fancy balls have, like, formal attire or something?”



“Well, we did not open the invitation yet.” Bin confessed. “We were kinda waiting for you to be awake and then got into an argument.” he continued, nervously scratching the back of his neck.



“What are we waiting for then? Let’s open it.” Jeongguk replied, taking the card from Yugyeom.



The envelope itself looked more expensive than anything they owned. It was black and red in colour, with an intricate flower pattern on the edges of the envelope. The seal was blood red in colour with ‘KC’ on it, standing for ‘Kim Coven.’ He popped the seal open, taking out a wine-coloured paper. It read–



Im Na-yeon, you are invited to the Annual Kim Coven Ball. The ball is on Sunday, July 20th, starting at 7 p.m., sharp, in our coven nest, at the Old Forest. The address is given below.


The attire is formal, preferably, black-tie. The colour code is black, red, white and golden. The ball is a masquerade ball, please be sure to bring your masks along with you.


You are most welcome to bring a plus one with you. We will be awaiting for your arrival.


The Kims.



“We have to go!” Yugyeom exclaimed excitedly. 



“Gyeomie, we can’t go.” Jeongguk sighed. He didn’t want to put an end to his friend’s excitement but they needed to be reasonable about this.



“Why not?” Yugyeom pouted.



“Hyung, this ball is definitely not for people like us. This is for established covens, packs and couples.” Moonbin said. “And what will we wear? The invitation said the ball’s black tie and none of us own any tuxedos.”



Yugyeom whined nonetheless. “Hyunngg..” he pouted, looking at Jeongguk.



Jeongguk, however, could feel his resolve breaking at the sight of his oldest dongsaeng. Yugyeom, especially in situations like this, pulled out his shiny and cute puppy eyes. “Gyeomie.. pup, you know we can’t.”



“But hyung.. please..”



Jeongguk softly petted Yugyeom’s hair and felt the wolf hybrid instantly lean on him. Not wanting to miss out on the impromptu cuddle, Moonbin moved behind Yugyeom back, hugging him.



“You know we can’t afford this, pup.” Jeongguk said, continuing his ministrations. “Not so soon, at least.”



“What if I get us outfits which are really cheap but presentable?” Yugyeom said, looking up at his hyung. “Can we go then?”



Jeongguk and Moonbin looked at each other. They knew they couldn’t say ‘no’ to Yugyeom. They both surpassed a smile.



“I don’t see why not.”



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Friday, July 18th



“And how exactly are you going to find us cheap outfits though?” Moonbin asked, steering the kimchi jjigae. “Tuxedos are expensive, you know.” 



“Just leave the worries to hyung, kitten.” Yugyeom laughed, ruffling the younger hybrid’s hair. “Hyung will get it all ready in no time.”



The Persian Cat hybrid stared at the older in skepticism for a while, continuing to steer the jjigae in the pot. “Well, whatever you say, hyungie.” he said finally, shrugging his shoulders.



“Yugyeom-ah, I’m done with showering. You can go now.” Jeongguk said, entering their kitchen. He had his work clothes on and was now drying the last drops of water from his hair.



“Okay, I’ll go now!”



“Do you have any classes today, hyung?” Bin asked, serving the jjigae and rice for Jeongguk. “It’s Friday today. We have dance class at around 6:30 pm.”



“Yep, just the dance class.” Jeongguk replied, picking up his chopsticks and taking a bite. “I don’t have any classes in the University.”



“Hmm.” Moonbin hummed in response. “I only have afternoon classes from 2 p.m., and they’ll get over at around 5 p.m so I’ll meet you at the studio.”



“Okay, kitten. I get off from work at 6 p.m., so I’ll met you there.” he replied. “Be sure that you are not late to classes.”



“Yes, hyung-nim.” Moonbin saluted, giggling but soon let out a yelp as Jeongguk landed his hand (softly) on his behind.



Jeongguk smiled at the younger one who was rubbing his behind and whining at him. “I’m off to work. Make sure Yugyeom eats before he leaves for work.”



“I will, hyungie.” Moonbin pouted.















“Oh, Jeongguk! You are here!” Moonbyul exclaimed, smiling at the new junior manager. “On time as always.”



“Thank you, noona.” Jeongguk said bashfully, scratching the back of his neck.



“No need to thank me,” she said, shrugging her shoulders lightly. “First things first, are you ready for your first day as a junior manager of Serendipity?”



“Yes, I am.” Jeongguk said, nodding. He was more than ready. He was waiting for this opportunity since he started working at the café two years ago. He was immensely grateful to Moonbyul as she had recommended him to the CEO. She was a junior manager and also his senior at the University at the time. She was one of the few girls he could talk to without shying away. He was glad that the older had taken that initiative, understanding his anti-sociality.



“I’m glad you are, Jeongukkie.” She said but soon continued correcting herself. “I mean Jeongguk.”



He giggled. “Let’s get started, shall we?” Moonbin smiled. 



His first day in his newly promoted position was better than he had thought initially. He met and talked with many of his regulars. They were very happy to hear about his promotion and congratulated him. He was also given in-charge of one of the new waiters named Beomgyu and he just couldn’t stop cooing at the younger. Beomgyu was all but eighteen (soon to be nineteen, he later came to know), freshly graduated from high school and a fellow bunny hybrid. The baby fat was still clinging onto his rosy cheeks and Jeongguk had to restrain himself from pinching the soft cheeks. He smiled thinking about when he met the younger bunny early in the day.




“I am Choi Beomgyu. I am the new waiter.” the young boy had said, bowing at ninety degrees. “Please take care of me.”



“I am Jeon Jeongguk.” he said, returning his bow but not as low. “I’m one of the junior managers and I’ll be showing you around and guiding you until you get the hang of it.” 



“Nice to meet you, Jeongguk-sunbaenim!” Beomgyu said, smiling brightly at the older.




He shook his head softly. The younger hybrid was simply adorable and not to mention a quick learner and thoroughly professional. Jeongguk taught him everything he knew and he himself learned as a new employee from Moonbyul noona. 



“Beomgyu, your shift was over twenty minutes ago,” Jeongguk said, coming out of the staff to clock out of shift. “What are you still doing here?”



“Just cleaning the last few tables, sunbae.” The younger bunny said, looking up from where he was cleaning the table. “It’s almost done.”



“One, call me hyung when we are not in our shifts because sunbae makes me feel old,” Jeongguk muttered, playfully rolling his eyes. “Two, your shift is over. The next person can take care of that.”



“Okay, hyung.” Beomgyu nodded, testing the word on his lips.



Jeongguk smiled. “Is anyone coming to pick you up?”



“No, I’m just going to take the bus home.” Beomgyu continued. “My hyung offered to pick me up but my apartment is close by so I declined.” he confessed, rubbing the back of his neck.



“You should have let your hyung pick you up,” Jeongguk said, his tone slightly chastising but soft. In the very short time that he has known Beomgyu, he couldn’t help but treat him like his own dongsaeng. 



“I guess, I should have.” Beomgyu replied, his voice nervous. “But don’t have to worry, hyung. My apartment is just two blocks away, it only takes ten minutes by bus.” 



“If you say so.” Jeongguk was still worried about the younger hybrid, he knew of the few creeps that love to disturb the prey hybrids, especially the younger ones. “You have my number, right?” seeing the younger boy nod, he continued. “Give me a text when you get off the bus, okay?”



“Okay, hyung!” Beomgyu exclaimed, his smile blinding. He was happy that had another hyung to look after him.
















Moonbin was done with his classes. He could still hear his biology professor droning on about cellular biology. He was going to lose the last ounce of sanity in him if the professor did not stop with the stupid lecturer. Well, not exactly stupid, he needed to know about the subject to not to fail this semester and be throughly raprimanded by Jeongguk but he was tired and done, so done.




He watched the huge ass wall clock finally strike at 5 p.m., and he flew right off his seat and towards the door. In his haste, he failed to notice someone walking across and due to his usual clumsiness, he sent the person and himself right on the floor. He was lying right on top of the stranger. Why is he so embarrassing?



Moonbin’s caramel colored eyes met with soft golden one. The stranger was beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful. His jaw was sharp but his cheeks looked soft. He had a sharp nose, soft pink lips and his dark hair framing his forehead. He looks like fucking model. He then realized the position they were in and swiftly scrambled up. “Oh m–my god. I’m sorry, so sorry. I didn’t see you coming.” he said, helping the beautiful stranger up.



“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” the stranger said, laughing softly. Now rising to his feet, he could see that the boy was tall, much taller than him. 



“I am so sorry again.” Moonbin said, bowing deeply. “And I have to go! Bye!”



“Hey–” he heard the boy say behind him but he was too embarrassed to turn back. He is so embarrassing, why did he have to be so damn clumsy? He wanted the ground to open and swallow him up. I don’t think Jeongguk hyung will be happy about that. 



A hand landed on his shoulder making him jump. “Hey, hey. It’s just me. Why are you so jumpy suddenly?” Yugyeom asked, head tilting to the side.



“No, I just– well, nevermind.” Moonbin shrugged off. “What are you doing here? You don’t have any classes today.”



“Well, I need your help so you’re coming with me.”



“What do you mean by that? I have dance class in an hour and a half, I can’t be late.” Moonbin said as Yugyeom dragged him towards the car by his jacket. “Ugh, let go of me! Where are you even taking me, you moron?”



“That’s for me to see and you to find out.”



Chapter Text



Friday evening



“Where the actual fuck are we?” Moonbin hissed, grabbing Yugyeom’s arm. “Is this even safe?”




“Of course, it’s safe.” Yugyeom whispered. Why was he whispering?




“Well, I’m sorry for being scared for our safety.” Moonbin huffed. “Because this place looks hella shady.”




“It’s not, okay?”




“How did you even find this place? This really isn’t your cup of tea.” Moonbin said, crossing his arms.




“It really isn’t, you know me. I get scared by these kinds of things.” Yugyeom says, his hands pointing towards the general direction of the spooky store. “I found it when I was out for drinks with a couple of friends from work. It may look ‘scary’ from outside but trust hyung, it looks amazing inside.”




“Okay, fine! We’ll go inside but if anything creepy happens, i’ll be out of there.”




“Okay, okay.”




With one last look at the younger hybrid, Yugyeom entered the store. The interior wasn’t as creepy as the outside, not even close. The store brightly lit, large curtains hanging off the store’s equally large windows. “Wow.” Moonbin said as he stared in awe.




“Wow, indeed.” Yugyeom smirked.




“So this is where you are going to get us outfits?” Moonbin questioned.




“Yep. The outfits are amazing and affordable.”




“Let’s check them out then! What are we waiting for?” 




“Let’s go!”




They both walked around the store looking for outfits and accessories. One of the employees, a woman in her late twenties, offered to help them out but they politely declined. 




Moonbin walked to the section called ‘Suits & Shoes’. He was walking around when he saw it. The suit had Jeongguk written all over it. His hyung was going to look absolutely gorgeous in it. The suit was all black with golden flowers and vines intricated on the collars, tie, lapels and the cuffs of the jacket. Hyung would look amazing in it.




“Hyung, come here! I found something for Kookie Hyung.” Bin said, calling out to his friend on the other side of the aisle.




“Where? Where is it?” Yugyeom said, excitedly. “Oh my god, Kookie is going to drop-dead gorgeous in that.”




“I know right.”




“I also found these golden tear-drop earrings, it’s going to look beautiful with this outfit.” Yugyeom said, showing the younger the earrings.





“Hyung will look like the gorgeous man in the ball. I hope he finds someone or many someone’s, I’m tired of seeing him all alone.”





“Same, Bin-ah. I hope we find somebody too.” Yugyeom said dreamily, resting his head on Moonbin’s shoulder.




“We just might, hyungie, we just might.” Moonbin petted and scratched the back of Yugyeom’s ears, emitting a soft purr. “Let’s look for ours now, yeah?”




“Yeah, let’s.” But Yugyeom just continued purring.























Jeongguk was aggressively tapping his shoe on the hard pavement outside the dance club. Those two brats were late. Not exactly late, but the class was about to start in 20 minutes and there was still no sign of the two younger hybrids. Jeongguk was sure he was going to get grey hairs because of those two idiots before he was 30.





Having multiple dongsaengs is a headache, he thought but a welcomed headache nonetheless.




Around 5 minutes ago, he got a text from Beomgyu that he had safely gotten back to his apartment.



Beomgyu :)


I’m in my apartment now!

Just wanted to let you

know :))



Glad to hear that you

are home safe :)

Be sure to eat and go to

sleep on time.


Beomgyu :)

Yes, I will, hyung!

Good night in advance!



Good night, Beomgyu!




Back to his brats, where were they again? Soon enough, not so positive thoughts ran through his mind. They were okay, right? Yes, of course they were. They must have been caught up in traffic or something. Yes, that’s probably what had happened. They were okay, just okay.




“Hyung! So sorry we are late.” Yugyeom said, panting with Moonbin beside him, panting as well. “We lost track of time. We are so sorry.”



“Yes, we thought we still had time but soon realised that we were going to be late.” Moonbin continued soon after.



Jeongguk let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t know what he would have done if anything happened to either of them. “I’m glad you both are here and the next time, I hope there won’t be a next time, you sent me a text.” he said pointedly. “Let’s go in now.”



“Let’s go!” Yugyeom and Moonbin said in unison. Jeongguk just shaked his head in amusement.























The trio reached home by 8:00 pm and Jeongguk started preparing dinner after freshening up. There were some vegetables and beef in the refrigerator so he thought of making bibimbap for the three of them. It was easy to do and that’s exactly what he needed after an exhausting yet refreshing dance practice.




Yugyeom was beside him cutting the veggies as he was preparing the meat. He liked this, the comfortable silence as they worked and he loved the chaos as well. How could he not? He savored moments like this, instilled them like pictures in his mind. His eyes were the camera and these moments, these beautiful moments were his polaroids. He distinctly heard Moonbin calling out to Yugyeom that he was done with his shower. Yugyeom soon left to take his much needed shower and Moonbin replaced him.




“Do you need some help, hyungie?”



“Cut up the rest of the veggies, would you, kitten?”



“Okay, hyung.”



They continued working in relative silence when finally Jeongguk talked. “So why were both of you late today?”



“Huh?” The cat hybrid muttered, nervous. They didn’t want to hide from their hyung about where they were but they wanted the outfit to be a surprise.



“I asked why were you both late today?” Jeongguk said, now facing the younger hybrid.



“Umm, Yugyeom came to p-pick me up after my c-class.” he stuttered under Jeongguk’s powerful gaze. “We s-started talking to a couple of o-our friends and we k-kinda lost track of time. Then when we realized, we soon left and came as soon as we could.”



“Okay and why didn’t you give me a call or at least texted me?” 



“It slipped our minds, hyungie.” he said, his tone sad with guilt lingering. Jeongguk thought the guilt was for a completely different reason. “We really didn’t mean to worry hyung. We are really sorry.” Moonbin finished, his eyes ever so slightly watery.




“Hey, hey kitten.” Jeongguk slipped his hands on Moonbin’s face, cupping his cheeks. “Hyung has already forgiven you both so no need for the tears. I was just worried, okay? It’s hyung’s job to worry no matter what.”



“But still I’m sorry.” he sniffled cutely. 



“I know.” Jeongguk smiled. “Come, give hyung a hug.”



Moonbin wrapped his arms around him and the older tucked him under the chin. Moonbin loved this. When the older hugged him to his chest tucking him under his chin due to their obvious height difference. (Cat hybrids were naturally small and so were bunny hybrids but Jeongguk was always really tall, standing at five feet eleven inches and he was all but five feet six inches). He felt so loved and protected; like nothing could ever harm as long as he was with his hyung. 



“Hey! There shall not be any hugging without me in this household.” Yugyeom said as he joined the embracing duo.



Chapter Text


Saturday, July 19th


The next day was slow, as it was a Saturday. They had no work or University so the trio decided to just relax in their apartment. Yugyeom prepared breakfast as it was his turn that day. Jeongguk was still asleep in his bedroom but Moonbin was awake. Well, barely awake. He decided to make some dak gomtang (닭곰탕) with some chicken they had in the refrigerator, leftover rice from last night and some scallions. He worked silently in the kitchen. The silence in their house was rare but he wasn’t complaining.



As the chicken was cooking in the slow cooker, he felt hands wrap around his midsection. Judging by the height, he could say that it was Moonbin.






Moonbin hummed in response, still a bit sleepy. “Whatcha cookin’, hyungie?”



“Just some chicken soup with rice.” He said, cutting the scallions. “I know Kookie hyung likes rice with soup but yours changes everyday. So how do you want yours today?”



“With the rice? Yes, with the rice.”



“Okay, kiddo.”



Yugyeom continued chopping in silence with the cat hybrid still wrapped around him. After a few minutes, Bin entangled himself from the older hybrid and sat on a stool nearby. “Are we going to show Kookie hyung his outfit today?”



Yugyeom stopped his knife work and looked at him, smiling. “We probably should. Because I want to make sure that it perfectly fits him so that we won’t have any problems tomorrow.”



“Yeah, you’re right. After breakfast then?”



“Yes, after breakfast.”



Yugyeom turned the heat off and carefully removed the chicken. He then placed it in a big glass bowl to cool off. As he was almost finished cooking their breakfast, he asked Moonbin to wake their hyung up in the meantime. 



When he deems that the chicken has cooled down enough, he shreds the meat into small bite size pieces. Yugyeom strains the broth and sets it aside. As he serves the rice in three bowls, adds chicken pieces and then ladles the hot broth in, he hears the other two come in and take a seat. He puts the chopped scallions quickly and places the bowls in front of them along with their homemade kimchi.



“Smells great, Gyeomie.” Jeongguk compliments.



“And looks even better.” Moonbin states, ever the hungry kitten.



“Enough compliments, start eating.” Yugyeom says, blushing.



The other two let out a laugh. “Thank you for the food.” They say together. Yugyeom’s ears turn bright red, which makes the other hybrids laugh harder.



They soon finish their breakfast and decide to move to their modest living room to watch some dramas and just relax. Because that’s what they deserve after a tiring week of work and university. Jeongguk and Yugyeom sat comfortably on their couch while Moonbin chose to sit on the loveseat. 



Yugyeom and Moonbin stole glances at each other as the drama played in the background. They were debating who should break the ice and show Jeongguk the outfit they chose for him. They weren’t scared that their hyung would hate the outfit or anything but they lied to him yesterday. No matter even if it was just a gool ol’ white lie but they still lied. His ears flattened just thinking about it.



Yugyeom believed that he was the oldest so he must take the responsibility. “Hyung?” he called out softly.



“Yes, Yugyeom-ah?” Jeongguk replied distractedly, his eyes still on the television.



“Umm, Moonbin and I have something to show to you.” Yugyeom says. “You can tell us if you don’t like it! No pressure!” Moonbin says next.



Jeongguk smiled warmly. “Just show me, whatever it is. I don’t think I’ve disliked anything you got me.”



“Yeah, okay.” Moonbin says, biting at his bottom lip.



Yugyeom moved towards his and Moonbin’s bedroom. They had hidden their outfits in their closet, not that Jeongguk goes through their things or anything. Their hyung isn’t like that, he has a great respect for everyone’s privacy. It was just them being paranoid. 



He took the giant bag that contained Jeongguk’s outfit and took a deep breath. It was now or never.



He made his way towards the living room. “Here goes nothing.”



















Jeongguk didn’t know what to expect to say the truth. It could be anything when it came to his dongsaengs. It could be the most amazing thing in the world or well, anything. They were always very unpredictable with their surprises.



He watched as Yugyeom walked briskly to his and Moonbin’s bedroom to retrieve something while his youngest roommate sat in the loveseat, biting his nails. He has a habit of doing that especially when he was nervous or anxious about anything.



Yugyeom soon stood in front of him, carrying a large bag. “So you are free to not like it, hyung! Don’t feel pressured.”



“Just show it to me, pup.”



The wolf hybrid ever so slowly pulled the zipper down and Jeongguk was speechless to say the least. The suit inside was beautiful and it looked expensive. “How did you– Oh my god, it’s stunning!”



“You really like it? Like really like it?” Moonbin said, jumping off his seat.



The suit was absolutely gorgeous and he couldn’t help but think how he would look if he was wearing it. He would look good, right? He loved the golden intricated patterns that adorned the suit, somehow the suit screamed that it was made for him and him only.



“What’s not to like?” Jeongguk said to Moonbin, perplexed by his absurdity.



“What’s your opinion on wearing this to the ball, hyung?” Yugyeom smirked at the older, his initial nervousness long gone.



“I–I mean I wouldn’t mind wearing that.” The older bunny muttered, but regained his composure. “But it must have cost a fortune! I hope you both bought your outfits as well. God help me, if you spent the money all on me.” He continued as he glared at them but his eyes were still soft.



The younger hybrids’ hearts melted. Their hyung worried so much, all the time. It was time that he enjoyed himself and got spoiled and coddled. “Aw hyung, we buyed for ourselves as well. You always worry so much, let us do something for you too.” Moonbin said, moving towards Jeongguk and wrapping himself around the older like an octopus.



“And rest assured because it didn’t cost a fortune.” Yugyeom said, moving towards the older hybrid’s other side and plopping down. “I found this store, by sheer luck and accident, it sold expensive-looking stuff at a much affordable price so we bought them.”



“The store was really creepy from the outside though.” Moonbin muttered, shivering.



“Alright, I’m glad to hear all that.” Jeongguk assured them. “So yesterday you both were at the store and not with friends.” He stated, not questioning.



“Ah yes, hyungie.” The wolf hybrid muttered, guilt evident in his voice. “We didn’t mean to lie, promise! We just wanted to surprise you.”



“We are sorry for lying, hyung.” Moonbin mumbled. “We didn’t mean to.”



“It’s fine, guys.” Jeongguk says. “Hyung was just worried.”



The trio sat in the silence of their living room, embraced in a hug. Jeongguk wasn’t angry; he wasn’t even upset. A little white lie, sometimes, don’t matter. It’s not like his roommates were doing something illegal or dangerous. He was just happy they were back in his arms safe and sound.



“Are you not going to show me your outfits?” Jeongguk asked, breaking the comfortable silence.



“Of course, hyung!” The younger hybrids exclaimed in excitement.



Chapter Text


The rest of the day went on smoothly without any chaos from the younger hybrids, much to Jeongguk’s delight. They enthusiastically showed off their outfits to him. His dongsaengs would look as beautiful as ever and not to sound narcissistic but he would look good too, which itself was the understatement of the century.




(“Ah hyung!” Moonbin had said, putting his hands on his hips. “Of course, you would look absolutely gorgeous and I don’t want you to think otherwise.” 


He had laughed in response. Angry kitten was a cute kitten.)





Moonbin made a late lunch for them. Just some good ol’ jajangmyeon. They ate as their bellies filled to the brim with the delicious and aromatic noodles. After the satisfying meal and washing the dishes together, they moved towards the living room again to play some video games. They chose Super Mario after much discussion, if you can call it that.




They spent the rest of the afternoon and much of the evening playing games and some occasional talks about mundane things. To be honest, it was just a means of distraction from the underlying nervousness that sat on the bottom of their stomach. Though they were excited about the ball, they couldn’t help but be anxious and of course, neither of the trio said anything about it to each other. 




For dinner, Jeongguk just made some kimchi bokkeum bap from the leftover rice from the morning and a few omelettes to go on top of the rice. He also made sure to drizzle some sesame seeds on top to finish off. He was way too nervous about tomorrow to cook anything fancy which the younger two wholeheartedly agreed.




Aigoo, hyung.” Yugyeom moans, taking a bite of the rice. “Your kimchi fried rice never gets old.” Moonbin chose to nod in agreement to the wolf hybrid, his mouth currently occupied.



“Thank you.” Jeongguk laughed slightly. “And don’t talk with your mouth full.”



After their meal and dish washing, they decided to go to bed early that night. Because they were tired, nothing else, definitely not because they wanted to settle those nerves. 




















Sunday, July 20th, the day of The Ball



When he wakes up on Sunday morning (and the day of the ball), it’s absolute chaos. A cluster fuck, that’s what it is. The younger hybrids barge into his bedroom going on about they are not going to get ready on time and it’s all because he was sleeping. 




Drama queens, he thought as regained consciousness but they were his drama queens.




“You are not going to be late, guys.” Jeongguk said, getting up slowly and looking towards his bedside clock. “It’s literally just 8 a.m in the morning for fuck’s sake. We have twelve hours to get ready.”







“Yes, oh.” Jeongguk huffed. “Now let me sleep. Don’t wake me up until an hour is up.”





Jeongguk woke up again a good two hours later. He was feeling unbelievably refreshed after a good sleep especially after that extra two hours. He quickly showered and made his way to the living room to see what the troublemakers were up to. 



“Hey, Kookie hyungie!” Yugyeom beamed, placing the last bowl on the dinner table. “You are just in time! I made breakfast for all of us.”



“Mhm,” the older boy sniffed the air softly. “It sure smells delicious.”



And it truly did. The table was filled with gyeranmari, doenjang jjigae, bowl of rice and kimchi, of course. The spicy and savory aroma filled the apartment, making his stomach growl. They finished their breakfast in silence with some occasional small talk. After that, Yugyeom and Moonbin jumped right in getting their outfits and accessories ready. Jeongguk just watched from his seat on the bed, giving his opinions at times.




Yugyeom’s outfit was absolutely stunning. The black and red complimented his skin perfectly. The suit was all black with rose-patterned intrications all over the jacket. The blazer was black as well paired with a black tie with Red floral patterns. His earrings were simply gorgeous to say the least.



Moonbin’s outfit was all black, the colour going beautifully with his pale skin. The suit minus the jacket consisted of a Victorian vest with black intricate designs with silver buttons. The shirt was also all black and long sleeved. His earrings were gold with triangular shapes on the thread-like earrings.



“You both will look so beautiful at the ball.” Jeongguk said, smiling at the younger hybrids.



“So will you, hyungie.” Moonbin smiled back.




The day went on as usual with occasional chatter from the younger ones. Soon it was already 6 p.m. in the evening and Yugyeom and Moonbin ran around the apartment frantically. They made him wear a face mask because, according to them, it’d make his skin glow apparently. He rolled his eyes but did what they asked nonetheless. They also made him take a bath with bath bombs, permed every single hair of his body and shaved his legs. Like who the hell is going to see his fucking legs?! 



“You never know, hyung.” Yugyeom had smirked at him and Moonbin wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.



Those idiots! Nothing of that sort was going to be happening!!




After the bath (which was very relaxing), he came out with only his robe and boxer briefs on. He walked into the younger ones’ shared bedroom and noticed that they had taken their baths as well from the bathroom down the hall, which thankfully had a bath tub big enough to fit two people. They must have hopped in together. Which is again not so unusual, because at times to save the hot water, they had to bathe or shower together.



He quickly put on the undershirt and his pants and tucked his shirt in. Moonbin then made him sit down in front of the vanity in their bedroom and his dongsaengs started doing all sorts of things to his face. They also groomed his bunny ears softly, just the way he liked them to be groomed. The final product left him with hair slicked up exposing his forehead, smoky eyes and plump and glossy lips. He looked good? Yes, he did.



“Hyung, there you go!” Moonbin beamed at him. “You are already so gorgeous that we didn’t need to put much make up on you. You always rock the natural look so well.”



“Binnie is absolutely right.” Yugyeom setting down the make up brush. “Our hyung doesn’t need any cosmetics. He has got it all natural.”



“Okay, you both. Thank you and stop it.” Jeongguk muttered, the blush spreading all over his face. “Now that my work is done, you both start getting ready. I’ll put the rest of the outfit on.”



“Aww, our hyung is blushing.” Yugyeom said, pinching his cheeks teasingly which was quickly swatted away by the older.



The younger hybrids then started getting themselves ready and also helping each other out. Meanwhile, Jeongguk groomed his black cottontail gently. He allowed the younger ones to groom his black bunny ears but never his tail. He was always extra sensitive there and if not groomed properly, he gets oversensitive. The younger ones then started grooming their ears and tails to make them presentable.



“Are we ready? Yes? Then let’s get going!” Jeongguk asked the younger hybrids.





















Sunday Evening, i.e., Ball Night



The trio piled into Yugyeom’s car and Jeongguk entered the address into the GPS system of the car. He told Yugyeom the directions whenever required as the younger’s, well, sense of direction was weirdly not very good. And he didn’t want them to be late as they already were.




(“It’s called being fashionably late, hyung.” Moonbin said cheekily from his seat in the back.



“Well, Hyung’s not interested to do that, kitten.”)




After 20 minutes of driving and Moonbin whining in the back, they finally arrived at the entrance of the Kim Mansion (more of a castle in Jeongguk’s opinion). They entered through a large metallic gate which has been kept open. They parked beside a black Aston Martin and Moonbin and Yugyeom’s jaw were on the floor at the sight of the car. Their car looked like a piece of garbage compared to this beauty.



“If you both are done ogling at the car then we can proceed to go inside.” Jeongguk said, pointing towards the entrance of the mansion. “Also, put your masks on.”




Both of them nodded and took out the masks that they had kept in their pockets. Moonbin’s mask was all black like his outfit, it had silver glitter patterns that sparkled in the light. Yugyeom’s mask was black with red designs all over it, it was simply beautiful. His mask was golden like his outfit, it was patterned like intrications. 




“Wow, hyungie! The mask really brings out your eyes.” Moonbin gushed as Yugyeom nodded in agreement.



Jeongguk smiled. “Thank you, you both look great as well. Great choices on the masks.”




The Mansion was enormous and ethereal itself, it made what the owners looked like. He briefly remembers looking at Kim Seokjin as a child and he was gorgeous to say the least. He never had the chance to know more about the ancient vampire’s five mates as they wished to remain private to the public. The Kim Coven itself were very private about their life and affairs. 



He shook his head, getting those out of his head. It wasn’t like he of all people would have the luck to meet the Kim Coven, he and they don’t mingle with the same standard of people.



“Let’s go in.” Jeongguk said, guiding the younger hybrids towards the entrance of the Mansion. The large wooden door was kept open for the guests to enter. The Mansion itself was old, of course it was, but he could notice that it has been modernized many times throughout the centuries.



The hallway to the ballroom was lit with large candles. The walls were filled with paintings, dating back to at least a thousand years. Was that Kim Seokjin he saw? Yes, probably. 



Somehow everything Jeongguk felt in the Mansion was magical; like it had a life of itself. He wouldn’t be too surprised if he came to know that the house had a magic of itself. He had also heard somewhere that one of Kim Seokjin’s mates was a warlock. Or was it a fae?



They entered the ballroom, it was huge and brightly lit. Men in expensive suits and women in ball gowns that could pay for his rent and groceries, danced and mingled amidst themselves. He could see many hybrids, vampires, fae and were folks, masks covering their identities.



“Oh gosh, I’m so hungry.” Yugyeom muttered before sprinting towards the snack table. 



“He is always hungry.” Jeongguk sighed to himself.



Moonbin and Yugyeom helped themselves to the little samgak kimbaps, spring rolls and cutlets on the table, munching on them happily. Jeongguk took a kimbap as well. He noticed the waiter approaching them with glasses of champagne, he took the champagne and tentatively took a sip. It was fancy and expensive. In the corner of his eye, he noticed the other two politely refusing the alcoholic drinks.



“Hyungie, can we go mingle a bit?” Moonbin asked as Jeongguk took another sip.



“Yes, of course. Go ahead.” Jeongguk smiled. “I’ll stay here though.”



“But hyung...” The pout was evident in Yugyeom’s voice. “Come with us.”



“I’ll join you guys a bit later.” Jeongguk offered. “I’ll be right here so don’t worry, pup.”



“If you are sure..”



“I am.”



Now there he was, twenty minutes later, sitting near one of the many circular tables, all alone, being bored out of his mind. Maybe I should have gone with the little ones. He sighed. He got up from his seat and stretched out his aching muscles. He walked around the ballroom and glanced towards the open balcony door. The view must be amazing. He walked into the balcony and breathed in the much needed air. The people, the suffocation was a bit too much for him but right now, standing before this beautiful view, he felt alive again.



Too busy enjoying the view, he didn’t notice the man that walked into the balcony but he did hear as he spoke moments after.



“Are you alright, little one?”



Chapter Text


“Are you alright, little one?” A voice spoke softly behind him, making him jump. He wasn’t expecting someone to be here, not with the ball just outside. Then again, he shouldn’t have expected that he would get complete privacy. This wasn’t his house; no one was obligated to give him space.



“Yes, I am. Thank you for asking, sir,” Jeongguk said, bowing deeply to the man, a vampire, before him. 



He took a moment to look at the man. He was tall, slightly taller than him, had a bright smile with a little dimple peeking out. The smile resembled the sun to him, it was so sunshine-y. His hair was chestnut brown that rested softly on his forehead. A red lacy mask hid his face but he could somehow tell that the man was handsome. He was wearing a three-piece red suit with a dragon brochure on the lapel of his jacket.



But shockingly enough, the man didn’t frighten him. He made him and his bunny feel safe instantly which in turn, terrified him. That wasn’t supposed to happen; that wasn’t how it works. It took a week for his bunny to let his guard down around Yugyeom and Moonbin. Not a matter of minutes.



“I am glad to hear that, little one,” The man smiled. “You seemed a bit tense when you made your way here and I seemed to notice so I came to check on you, in case something was wrong.”



Jeongguk’s cheeks burned at the nickname, no one had given him any nicknames before and his dongsaengs don’t count. “Thank you for looking out for me, sir. I’m not used to such big crowds and felt a bit overwhelmed by it. I thought it would be better to get some air and calm those nerves.”



“None of that ‘sir’, please,” The man said. “Crap, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Kim Hoseok. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He introduced himself, extending his hand for a shake.




Kim Hoseok.



He nodded. “Nice to meet as well, Hoseok-ssi. I am Jeon Jeongguk.” 



The bunny hybrid took his hand to shake it. As soon as their skins touched, he felt as if electricity ran through his body. His heart started beating fast. What the fuck was happening to him? He looked up at Hoseok and he was surprised to see the same dazed look on his face, which Jeongguk was sure that he had on his face as well. He moved his eyes away, not having the courage to look at the vampire but he looked at him again anyways.



Then he saw Hoseok’s caramel brown eyes flash to dark, black eyes but they were gone as soon as they came. What the hell was that?



“Jeongguk, cute name,” Hoseok grinned brightly, despite his dazed look. “Just call me hyung. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of each other.”



They will?



“Hoseok hyung.” Jeongguk said, testing the word on his tongue.



“Are you feeling well enough to go back now?” Hoseok questioned, pointing towards the ball.



“I guess so. I am.” He stuttered out.



“How about a dance then?”



“Umm, yeah.” He shook his head at himself. He didn’t like how awkward he sounded. “I mean, of course, I’d love to.”



Hoseok then asked him to follow him outside, his hand resting lightly on the small of his back. Soft chills ran through his spine. What was this vampire doing to him? They walked out in silence except for the music playing in the ball.



“Come on, this is my favourite song!” Hoseok beamed, pulling him towards the dance floor.



Hoseok glided him on the dance floor effortlessly. One hand laid on Jeongguk’s waist while the other clasped on his. The older took the lead and every eye of the room was on them. Was Hoseok hyung professional by any chance? He smiled looking at the vampire. 



“Are you a professional dancer, hyung?”



“Hmm, why do you ask, Jeonggukie?” Hoseok hummed, softly. His earring (on his left ear) sparkled in the light of the room. It was a red rose crystal cuff earrings, it looked really pretty on the older. 



“I just can say, you know? Also, because you dance really well.” He spoke, looking down at their moving feet. “Like you have been doing it your whole life.”



“Well, you are not wrong about that.” The older vampire said, his grip tightening around the younger’s waist. How small was this boy’s waist? “Not my whole life, though. Just around two centuries. Do you dance? I see that you are quite good at it?”



Jeongguk’s eyes widened comically. “Yes, I do and two centuries?!” He whisper-yelled. “How old are you then?!”



As soon as the last sentence came out of his mouth, he knew he was so screwed. He just asked a vampire what his age was without the said vampire saying it himself. 



“I am so s-sorry, Hoseok-ssi. I d-don’t know why I–“



“That’s alright, Jeonggukie.” Hoseok said, his lips slightly quirking up. “I am five hundred and forty years old and call me Hyung, little one.”




“Oh. That’s old.”



Hoseok laughed, throwing his head back. “I know but if you think I am old, you should probably meet Jin Hyung.”



“Jin Hyung?” He questioned, tilting his head to the side.



“He is the oldest of all of us in my coven.” The older informed him.



Of course. Of course, Hoseok was in a coven and had loving mates. How could he have expected a kind and handsome vampire like Hoseok, not to be taken? What was he even thinking? What did he think this dance, this laughter and this conversation meant? It meant nothing, maybe not to Jeongguk but to Hoseok, it was nothing. He was just being kind. That’s it.



“Oh.” Jeongguk didn’t know what more he could say at that moment. I expected too much out of nothing.



The song changed to a much slower one. They were now at the centre of the dance floor, Jeongguk could feel the eyes on him or maybe they were for Hoseok. He moved his eyes towards a pair that was dancing beside them. The woman, a vampire he reckoned, looked at him with so much hatred and malice that he didn’t know anyone was capable of it. He casted his eyes away from her without a second thought.




Then his eyes moved to a man behind Hoseok that was walking towards them. He was in a dark green two-piece suit but it looked almost black due to the lighting and in a mask of the same colour. Was he coming to them by any chance?




“Hoseokie hyung?” The man called out as he reached them. His voice was indescribably deep.



“Yes, Tae? Something wrong, honey?” Hoseok questioned, now stopping their dance. 



“Joonie hyungie was looking for you. He said that you would know what he was talking about.” The man, Tae, replied, conveying something with his eyes. It almost seemed to Jeongguk as if they were reading each other’s minds.



“Alright, I know what he means. Thank you for telling me, sweetie.” Hoseok smiled at his youngest mate. He then turned his attention back to Jeongguk again. “Hyung has to go now, Jeonggukie. How about you dance with Taehyung for a while? I’m sure he’d love to.”



“It’s fine, hyung. I can just go and sit for a while and I’m sure Taehyung-ssi has other things to do.” Jeongguk says, shyly.



“I would love to dance with you, Jeongguk-ssi.” Taehyung said, charmingly.



“Well, that’s settled then.” Hoseok says, taking the hybrid’s right hand and placing a soft kiss on his knuckles. “I’ll see you later, little one.”











 ✦ ࣪











Jeongguk and Taehyung watched as Hoseok disappeared within the crowd. The people moved to the side as he walked across them. They both then looked at each other, both a bit shy. “Shall we then?” Taehyung asked, gently, trying to clear the awkwardness.



“Of course, Taehyung-ssi.”



Taehyung was handsome; impossibly handsome. He didn’t know there was anyone, human or otherwise, capable of being so etherally good looking. Why were these handsome men dancing with him anyways? He was also tall, a bit taller than Hoseok. His black permed hair rested gently on his forehead like waves; making look cute and sexy at the same time. 



Taehyung was wearing a two piece dark green suit with white shirt and a vest of the same colour as the suit. He was also wearing white sheer gloves for some reason. A green emerald teardrop earring dangled in his left ear, shining softly in the lighting. His mask was green as well with a black feather on the side. Green wasn’t one of the colors that was mentioned in the invitation but the color suited Taehyung very well.



“I am Kim Taehyung, by the way.” Taehyung says, as they danced slowly to the dance. “One of Hyung’s mates.”



“I am Jeon Jeongguk.” He hears himself saying, too distracted not to step on Taehyung’s shoes by mistake. He could be terribly clumsy at times. “And I already guessed that.” He smiled.



“You are a bunny hybrid, right?” Jeongguk nods. “I mean, of course you are, it’s just I have never seen a bunny hybrid in my life.”



“Never ever?” Jeongguk giggles. “I don’t think my kind is that rare.”



“I don’t think so either. It’s just I never had the chance to see one. I’m quite young, you see. In the vampire age, at least.”



“How young exactly? Hoseok hyung didn’t seem that young.” He said, teasingly.



“Well, a century, give or take.” Taehyung grinned. “I was turned at twenty-five though.”



“So you are old, huh?” 



“Not that old. Compared to all of my mates, I’m the youngest. Jin hyung is like two thousand years old.” Taehyung huffed out a laugh.



Jeongguk looked up at him, a cheeky smile gracing his face. “That’s a lot, two thousand years. Since you are older than me, can I call you hyung then?”



“Of course, little bun.”



“Little bun?”



“It’s just that you are cute and a bunny, so ‘little bun’. You don’t like it? You can say if you don’t, I won’t mind though.”



“No, no.” Jeongguk denied, shaking his head. “I love it, hyung.”



“Then what is it, hm?” Taehyung asked, slightly leaning in. His eyes curious; like he wished to know everything about the younger.



“It’s one ever gave me any nicknames, not since my parents. Then Hoseok hyung gave me one and now you, it feels good I guess. ” He finishes, blushing profusely.



“We’ll make sure to give you lots of pretty nicknames then, little bun.” Taehyung announced, as he moved them across the dance floor. “You deserve all the cutest names in the world.”



Jeongguk turned bright red at that. No one, no one ever treated him so gently. Not at the first meeting, at least. He didn’t know what to do with himself. But he couldn’t comprehend what Taehyung meant. We? He didn’t know what that meant.












 ✦ ࣪











Yugyeom had been walking around the ballroom for a while now. He was with Moonbin previously but they decided to explore alone for a while. The kitten was causing trouble, who knows where. Maybe it was not a good decision as they were in a new place and the cat hybrid being a magnet for trouble, but they both could handle themselves. His black belt in Taekwondo would be immensely helpful if the situation arises and Moonbin was sly and quick-witted when he needed to be.



He also happened to see his hyung dancing with a man. Good for him. He hopes Jeongguk finds someone or maybe a coven to care and love him. No one deserves it more than him. The man was tall but Yugyeom couldn’t make out what creature the man was. Not a hybrid, maybe a vampire or a kind of werecreature? The ballroom was filled with different scents, it was difficult for him to identify someone from afar.



Now the matter at hand, he was really bored. Yes, he was asked by a few people for a dance but he had refused them politely. He just didn’t find them interesting enough. Maybe he was being picky but he simply didn’t feel like it.



Yugyeom got out of his stupor when his face collided with a brick wall. More like a chest which very much felt and was built like a wall. He looked up to see an incredibly handsome face, a jaw that could cut through ice and sharp, brown cat-like eyes. 



“I’m so sorry, mister.” He apologized, bowing before the man. “I swear I didn’t see you.”



“That’s alright, pup.” The man grinned slightly, his fangs peeking out.



So he was a vampire, hmm.



Yugyeom readily smiled back at the taller man. It wasn’t usual for him to find someone who was taller than him. He was an Arctic wolf despite being an Omega, he was blessed with a height of six feet. Then the man before him was a vampire, and vampires were mostly taller than hybrids.



He always felt self-conscious about his height. His previous partners and hook-ups not liking how he, at times, towered over them. He never let it get to him because if they really liked him, they would not care whether he was taller than them or not. But he would be lying if he said that it didn’t feel good to see that he was finally smaller than someone.



“I am Im Jaebeom, leader of the Im Coven.” Jaebeom says, introducing himself. “Nice to meet you, pup.” 



He has a coven and he is the leader, wow.



“I a-am Kim Yugyeom.” Yugyeom stuttered out. Why was he stuttering? Kim Yugyeom does not stutter. There was something intimidating yet safe about the man in front of him. He wasn’t giving him bad vibes but he had something in his aura that screamed to be respected. “Nice to meet you as well.”



“Would you like to accompany me for a dance?” His ears perked up but damn, he didn’t want to seem too eager to Jaebeom.



He ogled at the man before him for a few seconds. “Yes, I’d love to.”


Chapter Text


Moonbin watched as Yugyeom danced ever so gracefully with a rather tall and well-built man. He was not sure of what exactly the taller man was, as they were at a distance and his sense of smell was less potent in a room full of people. He was happy to see his  hyung dancing and smiling so broadly. Happiness looked radiant on him, and so did his Kookie hyung. He had seen his oldest hyung dancing with, not one, but two men already and his happiness had no bounds.


They deserve it more than anyone else, he thought.  


People may even wonder if he was envious and he was not; he had no reason to. Seeing his hyungs happy and smiling was more than enough for him. Sure, he would not mind someone or someones’ company but he was not desperate or a damsel in distress. Everyone, except his hyungs, tended to take smaller stature as a sign of fragility and treated him as if he was a kid.


And I had a lot of fun showing them how fragile I am, he scoffed in his mind.


Moonbin then felt a gentle almost non-existent tap on his shoulder, making him turn his head back. His eyes met achingly familiar golden eyes, hidden behind a black mask. “Would you like to join me for a dance?”


Moonbin gulped slightly before offering his hand, “I would love to.” 



Taking a hold of Moonbin’s hand, the man led them towards the dance floor. The taller man had gloves on for some reason which Moonbin could not comprehend. Then again, who was he to judge anyone for their dressing choices? He knew that the man was a vampire judging by his scent. Maybe he was still a fledgling?  His golden eyes proved enough. Newborn vampires, most times, did not have their emotions in check and without certain precautions to be taken, they can accidently forge a bond. 


“Enjoying the celebration?” A smooth baritone brought him out of his musings. God, he is so stupid. He is dancing with this handsome man but he is lost in his thoughts. 


“Yes, I am. Fortunately,” Moonbin replied, looking at the golden eyes of the man.


“Fortunately, you say? You seem quite young, I suppose you ought to enjoy parties.”


Moonbin smirked, he felt oddly confident. “I’m sure people my age do enjoy such things, but I always prefer staying at home over this.”


“Then why are you attending this ball, if you don’t prefer this?” 


“You see, I am not here alone. I came with my friends whom I consider my pack regardless of whether we aren’t bonded. I may be the youngest of us three but I won’t be leaving them alone here.”


“How protective and noble of you and I’ve been terribly rude as our introductions were never made. I am Lee Dongmin, better known as Eunwoo of the Park Pack. Pleasure to meet you..?” The man, Eunwoo, questioned.


“My name is Moonbin and the pleasure is all mine, Eunwoo-ssi.”


Eunwoo smiled, it reaching his eyes adorably. “Where are your friends then, Moonbin-ssi?”


“Ah my hyungs are dancing and look very happy to my utmost pleasure.”


Eunwoo looked at him for a few seconds smiling. Like he was trying to solve a puzzle that was Moonbin. “You really love them, don’t you?”


“More than anything. I consider them family, y’know? They are all I have in Seoul.”


“I understand what you mean. It’s great to have people to go back home to.”


“Yeah,” Moonbin says, smiling at the taller. They dance in comfortable silence after that, talking occasionally about this and that.


Moonbin learns that Eunwoo also studies in Seoul National University as a fashion major, he is currently in his junior year as Jeongguk hyung. Eunwoo, as he suspected, is a fledgling, having been turned roughly two years ago by his pack leader Park Jinwoo. He is also the person that Moonbin had bumped into last Friday.


“Oh my god, I’m really sorry about that,” Moonbin moaned out guiltily as both sat down in one of the many circular tables in the ballroom. “I am so clumsy at times.”


“It’s fine, Moonbin,” Eunwoo assured. “I already forgave you, remember?”



“But how did you know that it was me though?” Moonbin acquired, tilting his head to the side. “I mean with the mask and all.”


“Well, you may call me weird for this,” Eunwoo began. “But I kind of recognised your eyes and, well – your e-ears,” He stuttered out, looking anywhere but at Moonbin.


Moonbin grinned mischievously at the older, leaning towards him. “Did I leave an everlasting effect after bumping into you, Eunwoo-ssi?”


It was now Eunwoo’s turn to grin. “It seems like you did, Moonbin-ssi.”


To say that Eunwoo enjoyed Moonbin’s blush-tinted cheeks seconds later was an understatement.









After two dances with Taehyung which consisted of lots of talking and laughter on both of their ends, Jeongguk finally sat down to rest his feet. Taehyung, ever the gentleman, escorted him towards the tables and left to get him a platter of various selections of snacks and drinks for both of them. 


Taehyung, he learned, was a fledgling. According to the vampire age, newborn vampires are not considered ‘adults’ until they are a hundred and fifty years old; Taehyung was hundred and ten years old. He was born in Daegu to a humble farmers household, raised primarily by his grandparents. Tae seemed tensed as they talked about his past so gently turned the route of their conversation. 


Taehyung was very easy to talk to, the older vampire could instantly filled awkward silences with his cheerful smiles and animated hands describing something. It was almost impossible for Jeongguk to believe how comfortable and at ease he felt with Taehyung and had felt previously with Hoseok; not to mention he hasn’t even seen what they look like without their masks!


“I hope you didn’t miss me too much,” Taehyung said in a teasing way.


Jeongguk grinned and said with a fond look on his face. “I think I should ask you that, hyung.”


“Right you are.”


“So what did bring for me, hyungie?”


“I wasn’t sure about what you like so I brought a bit of everything, Jeonggukie,” Taehyung shrugged, presenting the plate to him. Jeongguk saw a wide selection of chicken gimbaps, prawn cutlets, mandus and grilled corn dogs. His mouth watered at the sight. 


“Ah hyung, you brought all my favorites. Thank you so much,” Jeongguk beamed at Tae before taking a bite of the corn dog.


Taehyung puffed out his chest in pride, glad to have made the bunny hybrid happy. “You’re most welcome, little bun.”


“Aren’t you going to have anything, hyungie?”


“I have plenty to eat, Jeonggukie,” Taehyung said, pointing towards his own plate of hotteok and glass of champagne. “I don’t really need to eat much, little bun.”


Jeongguk nodded as finished his corn dog before moving towards the mandu. He knew that, of course. Vampires don’t really need to eat but they do so anyway, most of their cuisine had blood infused in them to make the meal more appealing. He was well experienced in the eating habits of most creatures as Serendipity was open to all. 


Taehyung sipped on his champagne subtly watching Jeongguk eat. Aigoo, the bunny ate so well. Jinnie hyung would absolutely love him so would Yoonnie hyung. Hell, everyone would. He couldn’t wait for the rest of the coven to meet him. How he longs to see the look on their faces as they meet their seventh and last. 


It was absolutely random and shocking as he and the others had felt their coven bond flare up. Hoseok’s and Jeongguk’s hands had touched, and Jeongguk was their mate. This only happens when they get in any form of physical contact with their potential mate. In Taehyung’s case, it had happened only six times when he met Jimin and his hyungs, and he couldn’t wait for it to happen with Jeongguk too.


But Taehyung knew better than to take his gloves off. He didn’t want to go on another trip to one of the hyungs’ laps, thank you very much. He would like to keep his ass intact at the end of the night and not wince in pain in the morning. Taehyung, as much as he liked to not acknowledge  it, was still a fledgling. He would  lose control and hurt Jeongguk if he touched, and in doing so, ruin their chances with him. 


“Am I boring you, hyung?” He heard Jeongguk say gently, as he snapped out of his train of thought.


“Jeongukkie, you could never,” Taehyung cooed, lightly flicking the younger’s chin. “You could never.”


He opened his mouth to reply, when the arrival of someone stopped him in his tracks. The presence was so big and powerful that it made him want to run and be in the safety of his home. 


“Who is this little one, Taetae?” 


Chapter Text

Jeongguk stilled instantly, not knowing what to do. The voice was soft but there was firmness and an underlying authority in it. The power; he can’t even get started on the sheer power, the mere presence of this person oozes out. And that was saying a lot, as he hasn’t even seen this person’s face. He guessed he was one of Taehyung’s mates but he didn’t know for sure.





Every instinct in his body was screaming to get away, to go as far away as possible from this powerful creature but he found himself frozen to his seat. A tiny, strange voice in the back of his mind told him to stay, to see before he acted on his instincts. Something was really wrong; this wasn’t how it worked. If his instincts told him to do something, he did exactly that. His Grandpapa Jeon always told him, “Always trust your instincts first, Jeongguk-ah.” He was sure his grandfather would be turning in his grave if he knew of this.





“Seokjin hyung, come meet Jeongukkie!” He heard Taehyung say excitedly beside him. 





Seokjin? As in, Kim Seokjin? No! It can’t be! 





Kim Seokjin walked the short distance towards them gracefully. He wore a silvery grey suit and a grey intricate mask covering his warm brown eyes. As he reached them, he greeted Taehyung with a chaste kiss on the cheek before replacing his attention towards Jeongguk.





“Who do you have here, Taehyungie?” It was Kim Fucking Seokjin. How does he know Tae? They must be close, as Seokjin was talking so affectionately with Taehyung and kissing him. Unless…





“Jeongukkie, this is Jin hyung who I was talking about earlier,” Taehyung beamed, his eyes shining with excitement. “He is our Primus and eldest among my coven mates.” 





For fuck’s sake, he had been talking to two members of the Kim Coven without knowing and now, Kim Seokjin was infront of him.





Can the floor open up and swallow me whole? 





“Hello, Jeongguk. I am Kim Seokjin, I have heard a lot from Hobi about you,” Seokjin drawled softly, putting his hands out for a shake, minus any gloves like Hoseok. 





Jeongguk tentatively shakes his warm, soft hands and to his surprise Seokjin’s eyes flash obsidian black as well. Just like Hoseok’s did. Was it the lighting? Yes, probably. But what if it’s something else? He doesn’t give it much thought and decides to focus on the ancient (he swears he means it respectfully!) vampire. 






“Nice t-to meet y-you, Seokjin-ssi. I am Jeon Jeongguk but you already know t-that,” he stuttered out awkwardly, glancing at the taller vampire. Why are they so freaking tall? And that was saying a lot, as he was already really tall for a bunny hybrid. In moments like this, he hates that he wasn’t so socially awkward. 





“Jin hyung.” Seokjin corrects the younger hybrid gently, who was hopefully his future covenmate. He didn’t believe Hobi at first, even though he felt the new bond flaring up. They had finally found their seven and final piece to the chaotic puzzle that was their coven. 





“Okay, Jin hyung.” The bunny hybrid muttered, ducking his head blushing. 





“How come you are here, hyung?” Taehyung acquired, looking at the older vampire. “Weren’t you supposed to be with the High Elder of the Seoul Vampire Council?”





“Yes, I was indeed with him, poppet but he assured me that he would be fine on his own for a while,” Jin said, tucking Tae’s hair behind his ear. “I’m also sure he would want to spend some time with the new addition to his coven tonight.” 





“Mhm, I’m sure about that too,” Tae said, cheerfully knowing all about the High Elder’s new covenmate. “Why don’t you come sit with Jeongukkie and I? If you don’t have any pressing matters, of course.”





Like Seokjin had the power to deny his mate anything and he also wouldn’t let the opportunity of getting to know his (future) mate slip off his hands. 





















“So, tell me about yourself, Jeongguk.” Seokjin said as he sat on the bunny hydrid’s left and Taehyung on the right.





“Well, there isn’t much. I am currently 21, but I’ll be turning 22 in September. I study at SNU with an arts major and I’m almost at the end of my junior year and I also work part-time in a cafe called, ‘Serendipity’. I live with my two dongsaengs in Shillim-dong and that’s pretty much it.” Jeongguk finished, as he scratched the back of his neck. “Tell me about yourself?” 





Seokjin grinned, taking a sip of his champagne. “As you know, I am their Primus,” he said, pointing towards Taehyung. “Also, I keep them out of all trouble, which they get into a lot. Seriously, if I wasn’t a vampire of thousands of years age, I’d have been grey years ago.” he whispered to Jeongguk, who was giggling and Taehyung had the audacity to look sheepish.





“Wait, you are not a coven leader?” Jeongguk questioned as Seokjin hadn’t mentioned that. He always thought Kim Seokjin was the leader of Kim Coven and then again, he was not active on social media.





“Great observation and no, I am not,” Seokjin praised. “I have enough responsibilities as it is and Namjoon, who is the coven leader, is a better leader than I am. I’m more of a second leader, if Joonie is not available, which itself is very rare.” Jeongguk nodded, satisfied with his explanation.





“Jeongguk, you mentioned that you are not here alone. Did you see your friends?” Taehyung enquiries, talking for the first time since Seokjin and Jeongguk started talking. He wanted them to get to know each other a little better before talking.





“Oh yes, I happened to see them a couple of times since we separated.” Jeongguk reassured him. Jeongguk’s eyes never left them except when he excused himself to go to the balcony. “You see that cat hybrid sitting at that table with a man, that’s Moonbin and see that wolf hybrid dancing with someone, that’s Yugyeom.”





“It’s great that you kept an eye on them this whole time, Jeongguk-ah,” Seokjin said, impressed with the younger’s observational skills.





“Well, I have to, Jin hyungie,” Jeongguk sighed with a fond smile on his face. “Otherwise, they will get into all kinds of trouble.”





“Ah, it reminds me of someone I know.” Seokjin teased, looking directly at Taehyung.





“Hyung, I don’t get into that much trouble,” Taehyung whined looking at his eldest hyung and Jeongguk laughed, scrunching his nose. Both Jin and Taehyung cooed inwardly at the sight.





“Jin hyung?”





“Yes, Jeongukkie?”





“Can you tell me who the men that are with Moonbin and Yugyeom, if you don’t mind?”





“Of course, Jeongguk-ah,” Jin nodded, understanding the hybrid’s reluctance. “The one who is sitting with Moonbin-ssi is Lee Dongmin, but everyone calls him Eunwoo. He is a fledgling of the Park Coven and he is a very polite and well-behaved boy so you don’t have to worry about him. The one with Yugyeom-ssi is actually the coven leader of the Im Coven, Im Jaebeom and I’m quite surprised as I haven’t seen anyone interested in anyone besides his five mates for over two centuries. This is also the first time I have seen him dancing in such close proximity with anyone besides his mates.”





“And you don’t have to worry about him either, little bun,” Taehyung finished, assuring the bunny. “Jaebeom is well respected among the vampire community, and I really don’t think he wants to hurt your friend; quite the opposite I believe.” he smirked, wiggling his eyebrows.





“Taehyung.” Jin chastises softly. “Now is not the time for that.”





“Sorry hyungie!” Seokjin just shook his head.





“I see Jiminie walking towards us, I can’t wait for you to meet him, Jeongguk!” Taehyung beamed as watched the shorter vampire walk towards them.





















“Are you enjoying it so far, sweetheart?” Jaebeom said as he twirled Yugyeom.





“I am indeed enjoying it, Jaebeom hyung.” 





Jaebeom, he discovered, was the most laid back person he ever met; a total contrast to his intimidating and big body. Not that he was looking at his body anything. Okay, maybe he was, but can you blame him? Yugyeom would do absolutely anything to press his face on that chest, run his fingers through those chiseled pectorals straining through his tight shirt and probably bite his biceps.





Gods above, he needed to stop his train of thought before he popped a boner in front of the vampire. And that would be so embarassing. Not because he thought the older man would not return his sentiments, but more so, because Yugyeom is not a exhibitionist, thank you very much.





Yugyeom had seen the way Jaebeom’s eyes had racked over his body. Oh, he knew very well how he had affected the older man. But he wasn’t sure about his intentions though. 





Jaebeom had told him that he was part of a coven that consisted of five other vampires. He smiled rather fondly while talking about them. Then why was he even wasting his time with him? He didn’t know what to think of that, did even need to think of that? He was just here to have fun then go his own way, he doubts he would ever see Jaebeom again. People like Jaebeom and he don’t mix in the same crowd.





Yugyeom knew what he had to do. He would have fun, dance till he could not feel his legs, eat as much as he could, get his friends at the end of the night and go back home. He would for tonight, just tonight, that he belonged here; that he belonged with these people and tomorrow would be a reality check. He just needed to make sure that he didn’t get emotionally attached, because if he did, it would hurt like a bitch but even then Jeongguk hyung would be there to pick up the pieces. He would be safe, still he could not get attached.





“... gyeom? Yugyeom-ah?” Jaebeom said, snapping his fingers in front of his face, bringing him back from his stupor.





He shook his head, mentally scolding himself. “I’m sorry, I k-kinda spaced out.”





Jaebeom laughed, waving him off. “I thought I was boring you,” he said, teasing.





“No, hyung. You are not!” he pouted, lower lip jutting out. “I am just weird like that, I tend to space out a lot.” 





“Glad to hear that.” Jaebeom chuckled, amusement clear in his eyes. “Would you mind if we have a seat now?”





“Of course not!”





Jaebeom led him towards the many circular tables around the dancefloor. The older vampire pulled his chair and helped him sit, and Yugyeom almost swooned right in front of him. What a gentleman. He asked the hybrid if wanted to eat anything but Yugyeom told him that he was still full as he ate a lot earlier, but he wanted something to drink. Jaebeom readily got up from his seat, to get drinks for both of them.





Yugyeom looked around the ballroom as he waited for Jaebeom to come back. First he saw Moonbin sitting with quite a specimen of a man. Lucky Bastard, he smiles slyly. They were sitting quite close and Moonbin was acting quite shy. Was Yugyeom’s eyes playing tricks on him? Moonbin being shy? His tough and badass Moonbin acting shy? Quite impossible, but it was happening.





After quite searching, his eyes finally landed on his hyung, sitting beside not one but two tall and handsome men. He smiled knowingly at the sight. So much for his hyung to say that he won’t find anybody. Hah! He found two! Soon, he watched as a third man joined them, the newcomer was shorter but definitely beautiful, beyond words. He wondered who they were? 





Should I ask Jaebeom when he comes back?





“Ask me what?” Jaebeom asks as he places a glass of white wine in front of him, before sitting beside him.





Yugyeom splutters, rather eloquently. He cannot believe he spoke out loud. He really needs to stop doing that. “Do you happen to know who that is?” he said, subtly pointing towards the man beside Moonbin.





“That, my dear, is the fledgling of the Park Coven. His name is Dongmin, but everyone calls him Eunwoo. He studies at Seoul National University, as far as I know from BamBam. He’s quite a good kid, very polite. Why are you asking?”





“Oh. The boy, Eunwoo-ssi is sitting beside, is my friend and roommate, my dongsaeng, Moonbin; that’s why I was asking.”





“It’s great that you are looking out for him.”





Yugyeom blushed, but he didn’t really consider it as a compliment. This is how it has always been, because far away from home; in Seoul, three of them only have each other to go to. 





“And, those three? Who are they?” he murmured, pointing (subtly, he is not rude to point at others) to the three men sitting with Jeongguk.





“Them? You really don’t know them? Strange. The broad-shouldered man is Kim Seokjin, the dark-haired man is Kim Taehyung and the silver-haired man is Kim Jimin. They are the Kim Coven, minus the other three members.”





Yugyeom’s mouth was gaping like a fish as Jaebeom finished. Jeongguk hyung went big.


Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

The vampire,  Jimin, reached their table in the blink of an eye. The vampire was short, shorter than the two vampires beside him, and shorter than him but the power he radiated was out of this world and he was beautiful to put it lightly. His hair was silver, shining in the lighting of the ballroom, parted to the side. His eyes were blue-grey with tints of black on them and long, dark eyelashes, high cheekbones and plump lips. He was dressed in a black suit with silver designs on the lapels of the jacket. 




Why must I be tortured being surrounded by these beautiful men? I’m too gay for this shit. Alas, this was his life now. Poor him.  Turning his head towards Taehyung, who was smiling from ear to ear, as soon as he spotted Jimin and Seokjin was not any better, his smile lighting up at the sight of one of his mates. They love each other so much.




“Hey Hyung, hey Tae,” Jimin greeted, his voice was music to his ears. Was he part Fae? He had to be. “Who do you have with you?”




“Jimin-ah! Come, come, meet Jeonggukie,” Tae said, making grabby hands at him.




Jimin was still standing next to Taehyung; his smile was gentle while looking at the younger vampire, before his eyes settled on the hybrid at the table. His gaze narrows slightly, though not losing their warmth (it’s not every day his mate comes and says that he found their final piece, he is going to be a little cautious), at the stranger with his mates. His first thought was cute, the hybrid was utterly cute. Jeongguk ducks his head at the intensity of his eyes, his floppy ears drooping, making him look even more adorable and for the first time in the evening, he felt like an intruder.





“Kim Jimin, nice to meet you,” he says softly, offering his hand, also minus gloves.




“J-Jeon Jeongguk. Nice to meet you too, Jimin-ssi,” he stammered out nervously before shaking the vampire’s hand.




And there it was again. Jimin’s eyes flash black as soon as their hands’ touch, disappearing in a second. The touch, oh the touch, sent a shiver down both of their spines. Jeongguk could feel the goosebumps spreading on the span of his skin, oh boy, that was intense, an unusual warmth spreading down on his body.




Seokjin and Taehyung sat there, not daring to breathe, not that they needed to, watching the scene. Seokjin berated himself inwardly, he should have seen this coming. Jimin, out of all of them, followed his instincts most; not that he thought Jimin would do anything out of line or lose control. But it could scare Jeongguk easily, the younger being a bunny hybrid.




Then Jimin gently let Jeongguk’s hand go, realising he has been holding onto it this whole time. Jeongguk was their mate, there was no doubt now. They finally had their seventh mate. It had been more than a century since Taehyung joined them, and now they found Jeongguk. His heart filled with so many familiar yet unknown emotions, that he did not know what to do with himself.




“Would you like to sit down, Jimin-ssi?” Jeongguk murmured shyly, offering the older (obviously) man a seat beside him.




“Sure, I’d love to and call me Hyung.”




Jeongguk stared as Jimin slid on the seat next to him with the grace of an angel, and seemed to have a staring contest with Seokjin. Maybe they were talking in their minds again, hehe. It didn’t take him long to figure out what the vampires around him were doing. Hoseok and Taehyung were a dead giveaway and maybe because he has always been a keen observer. Jeongguk almost giggled out loud while thinking about it. It must be so cool to be able to talk to your mates without being in the same room as them.




“Jinnie hyung! I think I see Yoonnie hyung there, come with me,” Taehyung said, taking Jin’s hand and pulling him out of his seat. “I want to talk to him about something and I need you there.”




“Alright, alright, let’s go,” Jin replied, letting the younger vampire pull him up. He looked at Jimin and Jeongguk, “You both chat here, we’ll see you later.”




Jimin sighed, shaking his head watching his mates leave. “They are not being subtle at all.” He murmured, lowly to himself.








Jimin turned his head sharply towards the bunny hybrid, meeting his eyes. That was not what he was expecting. Also, fuck him for forgetting that Jeongguk was a bunny hybrid and had very sharp ears and he definitely heard him. 




“You guys are not being subtle at all, you know and I am not a dumb bunny,” Jeongguk joked, smiling at the vampire mischievously. “I know something is going on; between us, all of us. I thought it was a coincidence at first when I felt it with Hobi hyung but it happened again with Jin hyung and you and it possibly would have happened with Tae hyung as well, if not for his gloves. Now I am sure that if I meet the last two of your mates, it will happen again.”




“Why didn’t you say anything before? To Jin hyung, or Tae. Even Hobi hyung.”




He shrugged. “Well, I wasn’t sure at first to be honest, I thought it was just an accident but it happened again with Jin hyung and you, so I was sure and it’s not like anyone asked me anything. Also, I didn’t want to presume or expect anything.”




“Presume? Expect? What are you talking about?” Jimin questioned, his frown deepening as he heard the younger spoke.




Jeongguk’s eyes melted, hiding away his insecurities. “Six of you have been together for centuries, you all already have a bond; stronger than anything. Where does that leave me? Where do I fit in all of that? And I really don’t wish to intrude on your relationship.”
















“Tell me more about you.”




“What do you want to know?”




“Well, for starters, tell me about your hyungs. I believe they are my age.”




“They are,” Moonbin said, nodding. “You already know their names; Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Yugyeom. Jeonggukie hyung is an art major with dance as his minor. Yugyeommie hyung is a dance major and music as his minor.”




Eunwoo hummed, nodding slightly. “That’s why I don’t have any classes with Yugyeom-ssi but I believe I do have my art class with Jeongguk-ssi. Now that I think about it, I might have seen him in the class.”




“Jeonggukkie hyung mostly keeps to himself around others, except his friends. He only has Channie hyung and Mingyu hyung with him in his art class. Yugyeom hyung has a few friends here and there but nothing that close.”




“What about you?”




Moonbin tilted his head to the side which was adorable if you ask Eunwoo. “I have a couple of friends but mostly it’s just the hyungs. We have classes almost on the same days even if they are a year above me and they are the only people I’m really close with.” Eunwoo could feel the genuinity of the hybrid’s words, he truly loved them immensely. “Enough about me! Tell me about your coven, if you want that is.”




“There’s nothing much to say, really. I met them five years ago; when I was human and we bonded around four years ago, I think? Yes, four years ago.”




“That’s awfully... long.”




“Time becomes fickle; especially to immortals, no matter when we turn. It stops mattering much.”




“Quite mature of you, I’d say and also accepting. I didn’t expect that?”




“Accepting what exactly?”




“Immortality. I don’t think I would be able to live, just to watch my loved ones die in front of me.”




“Not if they would enjoy eternity with you. I only have my coven,” Eunwoo added, shrugging lightly. “I don’t have to lose anyone, you see.”




Moonbin nodded, agreeing. “I suppose eternity with the ones I care for wouldn’t be so bad after all.”




“I think we have talked enough about all these serious things,” Eunwoo laughed at how serious it had gotten. “Do you want something to eat? I’ll bring you a plate if you want.”




“I-I, I mean, sure, if it’s not too much for you.”




“If it was, I wouldn’t have offered,” the vampire smirked, before getting up. “I will be right back! Don’t move!”




Moonbin smiled fondly as the vampire walked away like he could not help himself. Was this supposed to be normal? This sudden comfort with a total stranger. It shouldn’t be this relaxing though, it shouldn’t. He knew Eunwoo a total of two hours, even less but it felt like he’d known the older man for a lifetime. What was this? He hated that he didn’t know, he hated not knowing.”



Eunwoo made him put his sentry down and be out of his comfort zone, it felt good somehow. The only times that he was himself was with his hyungs but in front of others, it was all a mask. A cool, impassive mask that no one could permeate.




He learned from a young age that there were very few people that he could trust, and be vulnerable with. He was, unfortunately, quite naive when he reached his majority, trusting unworthy people; those who didn’t deserve it and then learnt from his oversights. He let them take advantage of him. Pathetic.




No, this was not the time or place for such thoughts. Moonbin was finally in a good place after a very, long time and he was not going to revert to the darkness again. He could feel his cat ears dropping; wanting someone? He didn’t know but maybe he did. He wanted someone, he needed his hyungs or at least one of them. He had got to find them at once but he didn’t even know where they were. He could hear his breathing going shallow, his chest tightening for the lack of air. He tried to calm down and breathe but he could not bring himself to do so. He should have stopped himself from thinking, knowing how easily he can get triggered.




He got up from his seat as normally as he could without raising any suspicion about his raging panic attack but it was difficult. Oh, so difficult. He stumbled a bit as stepped out of the ballroom in a frenzy, not looking where he was going.




Moonbin dragged himself in the long, immense hallways of the Manor until he found an alcove and crouched down with his back against the wall. He tried to get his breathing under control but it was not working, no matter how hard he tried to get air in his lungs. To stop the burn, anything to curb the burn that was scorching him inside of him.




Until he felt warm, warm hands on his cheeks.




These hands cradling his face so lovingly, so gently in their warmth. He perked up to see the concerned gaze of his hyung, his eyebrows pinched in worry, for him. It always felt good to see that they cared for him when no one did. When no one bothered to do so but they did. Always did.




Breathe, Bin-ah. Slowly, in and out. Follow my breathing.”




Moonbin nodded promptly, slowing his ragged breathing down and gradually inhaling through his nose. He tried to follow his hyung’s breathing pattern to the best of his ability but he wasn’t sure if it was working out the way he wanted to.




“You are doing wonderful, sweetie. Keep breathing through your nose, slowly.”




“Y-Yes, yes, I’m o-okay.”




“No, you are not,” replied the gentle voice of his hyung. “And that’s alright. If you are not okay, which you totally are not, it’s alright.”




“Shh, don’t talk; keep breathing for me, Binnie. Breathe for hyung.”




It took them fifteen more minutes to calm Moonbin down. Yugyeom enclosed his strong arms around the younger hybrid and his tail wrapped snugly around his waist. “Feeling better now, hyung.”




Moonbin nodded with a little smile on his face and purred slightly as if to confirm that he truly was okay. “Much better now. Thanks for that, hyungie. Love you.”




“Don’t mention it and hyung loves you too, baby.”




“Let’s go in now.”




“Do you want to? We can get Jeonggukie hyung and go home. You don’t have to stay for us, baby. You always come first.”




“I’m okay now. Truly, don’t look at me like that, I am not lying. I just… don’t want to go home yet.”




“... And does it have anything to do with the boy I saw talking to you earlier?”








Yugyeom laughed at Moonbin’s half-assed attempt at lying. “Sure, I believe you!” His expression turned serious again. “But seriously, Bin-ah, if you don’t feel like staying, don’t do it for anyone.”




“I’m not, hyung. I am not doing anything for anyone. I honestly want to stay for now.”




Yugyeom held the younger hybrid’s gaze for a while before sighing. “Alright, you win but if I see that you are stressing out or are even close to it, I’m letting Jeonggukie hyung know and he’ll be dragging you home, crying and screaming.”




“Okay, fine.”




They then walked back towards the ball in silence, talking about stupid things here and there. Yugyeom still had his arm wrapped around Moonbin; not wanting to let go of him yet. He was rather worried because the Cat hybrid did not have a panic attack since. . .




“Well, well. Who do we have here?”




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Chapter Text


“It leaves you with us, Jeongguk. With us,” Jimin said, taking Jeongguk’s hand in his. “You have no idea how long we waited for you, waiting to be complete. All we want is to love, cherish and protect you. If you allow us, that is. As long as you’ll allow us.”


“Really?” Jeongguk asked, his eyes searching for any dishonesty in Jimin’s. Gripping the man’s hand tighter, he asked, “How do I know you won’t just abandon me after you had your fill? It would not be the first time.”


The silver-haired man shook his head, looking sad and mildly angry look in his eyes after hearing the last words. If he didn’t have heightened senses, Jeongguk would have missed it. “You’ll know when you feel the complete bond with all of us. How it is impossible for us to leave you.”


“So it’s just because of the bond, huh. That’s it.”


“No, no. Jeongguk, no. It’s never just that. You want to know you, beyond the bond. Know the real you. If you let us. Please, give us a chance to get to know you. Only one, that’s all we ask.”


“I need time. To wrap my head around this.” Jeongguk exhaled a breath he did not realise he was holding. “It’s never everyday you meet your bondmates.”


Jimin cracked a smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners. The bunny hybrid liked that, he liked that very much. He would do anything to see it again. He swallowed the lump in his throat at the thought. Yes, he showed his tough act and he couldn’t help it. It takes a lot to earn his trust. Can anyone blame him? When the people who birthed him left without a second thought. And only because he was an Omega hybrid and not an Alpha like they wanted. He was a burden to them and not their precious son as soon as he was presented as an Omega.


“Take all the time you need. We’ll be here.”




They both turned their head towards the source of the voice which was behind them. It was man; a very handsome man, Jeongguk thought. The man was purple-haired, not an outrageous purple but a rather subtle shade of the colour. He was wearing black-rimmed glasses with fierce dragon eyes behind it; eyes that could stare at your very soul. In an all black suit that showcased his muscular biceps very well and the jacket showed a lot of his chest too. In short, he was the textbook definition of  ‘Daddy’.


Overall, he was the kind of man, Jeongguk dreamed, was fucking him, nice and good and hard and fast, during his heat-induced hallucinations. Who was also staring at him heatedly; not with anger (thank goodness for small miracles bestowed upon him from heavens above) but he couldn’t quite place what it was either.


“Hyung!”  Here to meet Jeongguk?


How did you know? Am I being obvious?  “Jimin-ah, I thought I would say hello to you and your friend.”


“Ah, hyung. Meet Jeon Jeongguk. Jeonggukie, this is Kim Namjoon, one of my coven mates.”  I don’t think you are but don’t overwhelm him. 


Jeongguk bowed to the older man and offered his hand. “Nice to meet you, Namjoon-ssi.”


“Nice to meet you too, Jeongguk-ssi,” Namjoon said, returning the bow and shaking his hand.


There it was again. For the fourth time that night, the same electric-warmth sensation went down his spine, making him feel tingly all over. Namjoon’s eyes widened at the familiar sensation that he hadn’t felt since he had touched Taehyung. The need to claim the hybrid, to protect him, was rising in the pit of his stomach but he curbed it down to his best effort. Okay, I understand what Hoseok meant and by Gods, he is cute, Jimin.


 “None of that ‘ssi’ formalities. Call me hyung.” 


I know and before you forget. I told you so~  “Yes, Jeongguk-ah. Namjoon hyung doesn’t like all that stuffy formalities so just call him hyung.”


“Okay, hyungs.”


“Take a seat, hyung! I hope you don’t have anywhere to be,” Jimin said.


Namjoon sat in a chair between the other vampire and the bunny hybrid. “No, none of that. You know Jin hyung and Yoongi hyung take care of those things. It has never been my forte.”


“Mhm.” You sure you are not making excuses to get a chance to talk to Jeongguk? 


Jimin smirked inwardly at the shocked expression on the older vampire’s face. Caught you, didn’t I?


Whatever. “Jeongguk, do you go to college? You look like you are that age.”


“Yeah, I do! I’m in my junior year currently.”


“Good, good. What’s your major?”


“I am majoring in Art, which is not really a big deal,” Jeongguk mattered, rubbing the back of his neck. “But I always wanted to pursue this so yeah.” 


“You are in the Art Department? Of SNU?” Jeongguk nodded. “Taehyungie and I go there too! But we take the night classes so maybe that’s why we never ran into you.”

“That’s great!”


Then they continued talking for a few minutes; the two vampires asking about his degree, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and all that jazz. In turn, Jeongguk asked a few things here and there; nothing too invasive because he could not shake the feeling of being intrusive. Deep in his heart, he knows he’s being anything but that, he knows they want him to know them as well. He just felt as if he was missing some things or rather some ones. 




He still hadn’t met the last member of the Kim Coven. Yoongi. That’s his name. He was mentioned by the others a few times so that must be him. He also hasn’t touched Taehyung directly, so he understood what the emptiness in his heart, his soul meant. Fuck. He was in too deep. Shit.


Now that he was having an internal dilemma with himself, he was hit with the smell of burnt coffee and rotting flowers. Yugyeom and Moonbin. That is what they smelled like when they were angry or in distress. No. They were not supposed to smell like that. Not here. Not when they were in an unknown place, out of his reach. Not when they were not in the safety of their home.


Someone or something was causing his pups to distress and he was going to see to the end of it.











“Well, well. Who do we have here?”




 Gwan Chinhae. 


He was SNU’s major asshole who particularly liked to annoy Moonbin whenever they crossed each other in the hallway. It was also that they both were Omega cat hybrids and Moonbin tends to get more attention from the Alphas (not that he wants it anyway, they can suck their dick for all he cares) than Chinhae. Like really? Attention-seeking much?


“Chinhae. I can’t say that it’s nice to see you.” Yugyeom said, rolling his eyes.


Chinhae scoffed. “Like I wanted to see you lowlifes here. What are you doing anyway? Last time I checked you don’t have mates or a coven.”


“None of your business.”


“Did you, losers, sneak in or something?”


“We have an invitation and again, none of your fucking business.”


“The Kims invited you? Jeongguk, I can understand but you two? Please.”


“Hyung, please let’s just go in,” Moonbin said breathing heavily clutching Yugyeom’s arm.


“Yeah. Listen to the rat, Yugyeom.” Chinhae mocked. “He looks like he’s going to cry like a baby.”


“Shut the fuc–” Yugyeom started before he was cut off.


“Aren’t you all a bit far away from the ball?”


Three of them turned to look at Jeongguk simultaneously and neither Yugyeom nor Moonbin missed the rage in the older’s eyes. Moonbin looked at the now spluttering Chinhae from the corner of his eyes. He smirked at the sight. Oh, this is going to be good. Jeongguk was highly respected at the university; being the top of his department and the ever helpful person that he is, everyone loves him including the faculty and the senior students, and no one wants to be on Jeon Jeongguk’s bad side.


“No, n-no. Nothing. J-Jeongguk-ssi,” Chinhae muttered out nervously. “We were just talking, y’know? Catching up, yeah.”


Jeongguk raised an eyebrow, not believing a word. He had seen and heard everything but still nodded. He didn’t want to start a scene in someone else’s home. “Well, I hope that’s all it was, Chinhae-ssi. Would you mind if  I take them away now? If you are done catching up, of course.”


“Yes, of course. Please go ahead, Jeongguk-ssi.”


Jeongguk flashed a fake smile at the boy before turning towards his dongsaengs. “Come on, you two. Let’s go in.”


“Yes, hyung.”


“Okay, hyung.”







“You both want to explain what I just heard there?”




“Not really.”


Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “I’m leaving this alone for now but we will be talking about this when we get home.”









“Are you sure? Like seriously, we can leave if you both want to.” Jeongguk asked for the twentieth time as they entered the ballroom again.


“Hyung, please. We’re fine. Chinhae was being an idiot. As usual.” Moonbin insisted. “And it’s like eight-thirty right now. We cannot go home this early.”


“Moonbin.” Jeongguk gritted out at the Cat hybrid’s dismissal. “I’m still pissed off that you had a panic attack and didn’t think of letting me know. And Yugyeom, don’t even think that you are off the hook.”


Both the pups pouted at the impending lecture they were about to get. If not tonight, they will  be getting it tomorrow morning. Sigh. They should have let their hyung know.


Jeongguk sighed, his anger mellowing down at the sight. “Just— Just let me know when stuff like these happen, okay? I need to know these things and handle the situation accordingly. I can’t do that if you don’t talk to me. Communication is the key, remember?”


“Yes, hyungie. We’re sorry,” Yugyeom said.


“We really are. We’ll tell you if anything like this happens.”


Jeongguk sighed, relieved. “Thank you both.”


“No, hyung. Thank you for being there for us.” Moonbin smiled, leaning towards the older hybrid.


“Even when we are little shits,” Yugyeom added.


Jeongguk laughed. “Well, you both are my littl—” The voice from behind cutting him off.


“You are Jeongguk, right?”


Jeongguk caught his breath in his throat as he turned around to look at the source of the voice. The man in front was beautiful to say the least. He had creamy white skin, cat-like eyes, soft petal lips and silvery grey hair. Goddess above. Despite all of that, the man looked intimidating, but not in a bad way. The aura around him was that of a strong man that is not to be messed with. He was going to die at this point. What is it with him and meeting all these, beautiful and totally out of his league, men?!


“Um, y-yes. Uhh- that’s me, Jeongguk. Yeah.” Jeongguk spoke as calmly as he could muster but he knew he failed miserably. He was not going to live this down.


Yugyeom and Moonbin shared an amused look at their hyung’s flustered state.


“I happened to see the conversation these two were having with Gwan. I was about to step in before you arrived at the scene.” The man gave a poignant smile. “And I am Yoongi, by the way.”


Oh my god, this is Yoongi. Fuck. “Ah, thanks for that. At least, now I am relieved that someone would have stepped in.”


“That’s fine. Good thing I was passing by the other way.”


“Yeah, thanks again.”


Suddenly it became all sorts of awkward. Maybe because it was not just the two of them like all the other times he met the Kim Coven members? Could be. It could be because Yugyeom and Moonbin were watching their every move with an apt amount of attention. 


The younger hybrids seemed to realise that as well. “I see Jaebeom there! Come Moonbin I’ll introduce you to him!” Yugyeom said pulling the Cat hybrid but not before sending Jeongguk an overly exaggerated wink. “Bye hyung, see you!” 


And Jeongguk wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole. Why did Yugyeom have to do that? Like– Like Yoongi and he were going to have some sort of… thing together. He was beyond mortified, he had just met the man and Yugyeom did that.


Oh Gods, please kill me.