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Whatever It Takes

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Descriptive Text (Note: This comic has no dialogue)

Page 1

Panel 1: Aerith is praying on the altar in the Forgotten City. Her eyes are closed, and her hands are clasped together, her right over her left.

Panel 2: Aerith opens one eye and looks up with a questioning expression.

Panel 3: Sephiroth is descending from the sky with his sword, the Masamune, pointing straight down. His coat and hair are flying upwards with the force of his descent. His gloves are missing.

Panel 4: Without changing the position of her hands, Aerith activates a red laser pointer that was hidden in her clasped hands.

Panel 5: Sephiroth notices the red dot of the laser pointer, which is reflected in his eyes. His eyes are wide open, his pupils are thin slits, his teeth are clenched, and an exclamation mark reflects his surprise.

Panel 6: Sephiroth lands on the altar next to Aerith, having stabbed through the red dot from the laser pointer. Sephiroth's coat and hair are floating back down from the descent as he remains crouched with his face downcast. Aerith's hair is blown sideways from the impact but she's smiling, still activating the laser pointer. The floor of the altar now has cracks in it, radiating from the Masamune's point of impact. He now somehow has his gloves on.

Page 2

Panel 1: Still in the same crouching position, Sephiroth lifts his head slightly and glares from the corner of his eyes toward Aerith with clenched teeth exposed. Aerith's hand, as identified by her bangles, reaches over Sephiroth's pauldrons, towards his head.

Panel 2: With her index finger, Aerith scratches Sephiroth over the ear. The sound effect "Scritch Scritch" appears. Sephiroth's eyebrows fly up, his eyes go wide, and his lips pucker up into an "o" of surprise.

Panel 3: An extreme close-up shows Sephiroth's languid gaze. His eyelids are half-closed, his pupils are dilated to pointy ovals, and there are sparkles in his eyes. One eyebrow is raised higher than the other.

Panel 4: A close-up shows Aerith's soft, self-satisfied smile.

Panel 5: Aerith stands behind Sephiroth, stroking the sides of his head by his ears. His eyes are closed, his mouth is open in a smile, and his cheeks and ears are flushed. A musical note over his head shows his contentment.

Panel 6: In front of a sickly green background, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, and Cid stare at what's happening with their mouths open.

Page 3

Near the entrance to the altar, Cloud stands shrugging, palms up, with blank eyes and his mouth slightly open in a frown. In front of him, Sephiroth is lying belly-up on the floor of the altar with his head in Aerith's lap, his hair splayed out to either side of him. Aerith is once again sitting on her legs, as she had been when she was praying, but she's in her stocking feet. She is stroking Sephiroth's head by his left ear as she teases him with some fresh catnip in her other hand. She dangles it over his head as he reaches for it with clawed fingers. His pupils are thin slits again, his eyebrows are furrowed, his exposed clenched teeth reveal a fang, but his lips are merely parted rather than pulled down in a frown. Overall it is a conflicted expression. A ray of light shines from the right at a slant toward the altar, with the words "The End" written in cursive over it.