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It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane

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Arthit was supposed to be in the midst of his second meeting in South Korea, discussing international affairs, to make the relations stronger between the countries. 

Instead, there he was, his passport and boarding pass in hand as he was in the line to deboard the flight back to his own country, the flash of some phone camera going off towards him didn't surprise him anymore. Not so discreet stares all around him wasn't surprising either, if anything it was justified because it's not everyday that the Crown Prince of Thailand was travelling with the locals and no security in sight.  

Arthit adjusted his coat, despite the smooth texture of the cloth, it's collar felt prickly at his nape yet he ignored that feeling, also ignoring the stares and cameras his way as he walked ahead, no one stopped him when he broke the line and rushed through the process. 

In all its honesty, Arthit's mind wasn't even there, his mind was enveloped with the thoughts of a certain someone to whom he had surrendered his heart to a long time ago, a certain young man who had eyes like the reflection of ocean and smile like the moon's charm. 

*A Day Ago*

"I can't do this anymore." The man uttered in a shaky mumble, getting up from the  couch he had occupied not long ago, yet he stood at a distance from Arthit. 

"Come on, Kong… it's just for like a week. I'll be back in no time." Arthit explained, rummaging through his closet to pull out his tailored suits, walking over to the bed, and dropping some of the shirts rather haphazardly in the sleek bag, it didn't matter, someone was going to look through and arrange his stuff anyway. 

What he missed in all of it was the uncertain and utterly upset look on Kong's face. 

"Then what?"

"Huh?" Arthit was contemplating between the two colours of his shirt. 

"What happens when you return? Can I take you out on a date then?" 

It was the edge of bluntness in his passive tone that caught Arthit's attention as he turned to look at Kong, something like dread settled in his chest with the sad look in his lover's steely gaze. 


"No seriously, will you walk around the city with me? Let's go to the Rama VIII Bridge, remember our first kiss? Or have you already forgotten it?" 

"Kong, why are you being like this? You know we can't-" 

"I know and I hate it!" Kong shouted, stunning Arthit because he had never witness the younger shout like that before. 

Kong sighed, crumbling down as he ran through his hair and turned away from him, 

"Why the fuck I can't be seen with you in public? Why can't I talk about you to my friends? Why can't I hold you everyday? I don't want to lie to meet you every fucking time!" 

The last of Kong's words came out a sob and Arthit swallowed the lump forming in his throat. 

"I can't- this isn't just about me, Kong… it's about my family, our reputation…. We've talked  about this before." Arthit whispered, walking closer and wrapped his arms around the middle of Kong resting his head against his shoulder, Kong was still, not yanking away but neither turning to hug him like he usually did. 

Instead, he gently moved away, turning to hold his gaze as he spoke. 

"I can't anymore. I regret this." 

Something broke inside Arthit at those words, like a delicate vase shattering into a million pieces in an empty room, it was like he could hear his heart shattering into a million pieces, echoing loud and harsh within. 

"You regret loving me." Arthit uttered but Kong shook his head yet he didn't meet his gaze. 

A single tear traitorously slid down from Kong's left eye, he wanted to reach out to wipe it off but the younger did it himself before he could even touch him. 

 "I just regret the fact that I've always been some dirty secret of yours." 

"You're not, please understand-" 

"I do, P' and I respect your decisions, I really do. But it's just- I don't want to feel selfish just because I want to hold hands with you in public or because I want you to think about my feelings when you take others' in reverence." He said softly, voice breaking, trying hard not to shake as he held Arthit's hand for a final time. 

"I don't want to be someone's secret." Kong finally uttered, voice shaking yet his melancholic gaze was firm. 

"We can do something, Kong…. Okay we'll go to the bridge-" Arthit tried to hold Kong's hand that was slipping so easily from his desperate grasp. 

"Will we go at a normal time or past the dark?" Kong asked.

Arthit couldn't reply, it didn't matter because Kong knew and the hand had already left his hold. 

"Goodbye P'Arthit." 

Those were all the words he heard before Kong had grabbed his duffle bag and phone from the couch and left without another word. 


*End of Flashback*

It took a sleepless night, a flight to South Korea and a meeting and half for Arthit to utter "Fuck this" before leaving the meeting abruptly. 

Who was he fooling afterall? 

What was he going to achieve by that meeting? Or by following every damned order and instructions forced on him? 

 When he would be on his deathbed, would he be satisfied with the decisions he took? Would he be happy with the absence of someone who loved him the most? 

Sure his parents were proud of the competent man Arthit had become, they were satisfied for how their heir had worn his crown with ease but were they happy? 

They could fool themselves to feel that they were, but the bar cabinet in their living room and their forced exhausted smiles told another story. 

Arthit wanted to believe that they weren't and he was supposed to follow their footsteps. Would he like that? Would he be able to live like that, without Kong by his side? 

Hell no! 

It was foolish to even think like that, seriously it didn't make sense to go through so much pain and a life devoid of love and happiness just because you don't want to be shamed by people. 

Why did it matter who Arthit dated or loved?

People should be concerned with his public activities, his personal life was no one's business and if he had to choose, he'd happily get shamed and ridiculed as long as he could love Kong without any restraint. 

"Come on." He muttered in a hiss when he realised Kong had blocked him not only on every networking platform but as well as his number. 

He looked around, people gathering, soon enough there would be a crowd and security wouldn't be far and he wanted none of that. He strode out of the airport as fast as he could, waving for a taxi while slipping on his glasses because the sun's glare and the flashes of cameras became stronger. 

The taxi driver looked stunned when he settled at the back, Arthit barely reacted to that as he told him to drive to the address he would never forget. 

How long had it been since they had started dating? Technically, six years but for the first two years, Arthit really believed Kong was joking all along.

They were teenagers back at highschool, Kong barely sixteen when he had asked eighteen years old Arthit out on a date. 

Obviously Arthit had rejected him but Kong took it in stride, they were still friends, well they had always been since middle school when fourteen years old Arthit had helped a sobbing twelve years old Kong to his feet after the younger who had been hit square in the face from the basketball that Arthit had meant to throw elsewhere. Kong had followed him through highschool and Arthit was so glad he had.

 Even after the rejection, Kong didn't stop flirting with him from time to time, everyone around thought they were dating, for most part it did feel like they were dating but they always laughed it off as a joke, Arthit didn't know how he convinced himself that Kong wasn't in love with him, it was foolish. 

To be honest, the teenaged Arthit wouldn't have a reply if someone asked what exactly attracted him to Kong.

Kong was just…. Kong, a lanky young teenager with a heart as warm as his hands. He never even called him a prince throughout those years, never treated him like royalty like others around, wasn't jealous either. 

He hadn't cared when he was sitting in the school's infirmary and screaming at Arthit for hitting him with the basketball, complaining  to the nurse while being bandaged up. 

After that he had never looked back at him but it had been the Arthit  who went out of his way to find out the younger's classroom, approached him during the recess, apologising and deciding to play with him even if his peers considered it some kind of shame to be playing with younger kids. Arthit hadn't cared back then. 

It was the last day of Arthit's highschool life when he had somehow managed to ask Kong on a date because he felt so damn miserable with the thought that it would be the last time he would ever see Kong again. 

School was their safe little sanctuary, of course intrusive glances never really left Arthit but still he felt safe there, holding Kong's hand through the recess, to talk about conspiracies and everything irrelevant and just be the teenager he was with him, it was a safety net where Arthit could smile with him, study together and just laugh without the thought of others watching them. 

Kong didn't hesitate to agree for the date, he still didn't look excited either, sharing the same thought of separation as they went to a dingy little restaurant after the farewell party, the first time Arthit had sneaked out of the Royal security, wearing one of Kong's basketball hoodie over his formal shirt, trying to meld along with the little crowd of students and adults around and letting Kong hold his coat as they silently ate by the corner. Kong had placed a soft peck on Arthit's head before passing his coat and they separated their ways. Arthit had cried himself to sleep, holding Kong's hoodie close to his chest through that night. 

He had never gained the courage to ever reach out to Kong again because the safety net of being a kid was gone.

Suddenly he was an adult who was supposed to juggle between his duties as an Engineering student as well as a Crown Prince of Thailand and he had to be impeccable with everything. 

He was studying hours and hours on end even after classes and then accompanying his father through meetings, through the politics and administration. To be honest, he felt more like a machine than a human, he didn't even have friends, his father was too absent when it came to spending time together and mother too formal to step into his comfort zone. 

So yeah, he was a royal with too many responsibilities on his head and too little time for himself. 

It all changed on the day when he heard a certain commotion not far from him at the cafe of the college. He looked up to spot some of his peers, the hazing group looking ahead and laughing at a certain direction, he followed their direction of gaze and froze. 

There, Kong- Kongpob Suthiluck, in all his glory, was standing on a bench, screaming "I LIKE MEN." on top of his lungs repeatedly. 

Arthit was too stunned to react for a few seconds, a blush crawling on his face as he watched the boy scream that, he was frustrated and happy together. Then he felt an unreasonable annoyance when the boy stepped down and started to ask, rather loudly, the boys around if they wanted to go out with him. It was humiliating and so damn frustrating. 

As Kong walked further ahead through the cafeteria, Arthit held his breath, his grasp frozen on the book he was reading. It felt strange because he really wanted the younger to look at him but also didn't. 

But then, the boy walked further, eventually his gaze met Arthit's and the older didn't know how to breathe anymore, too gone to break eye contact as the younger smiled wider, his gaze screaming "found you."

But when his steps started to come closer, the two guards at Arthit's sides stiffened, Arthit lightly commanded them not to stop the boy as Kong reached his table. 

"Will you go out with me?" 

The students around who had been laughing just a second ago were suddenly silent, as if holding their breath because it felt like the boy they were hazing had caused trouble because no one was allowed to even talk to Arthit without his permission. 

Arthit sighed, an annoyed look in his eyes as he picked up his bag and left the cafeteria without uttering a word, the guards at his back at once, red colouring his cheeks as he walked further, trying to shake his head out of the weird haze. 

Arthit didn't know if he had ever felt as furious as he had felt in that moment, he felt angry because Kong was there, and he knew what that meant but also…. He felt happy. After so long, Arthit felt so happy that he had wanted to scream to whole fucking world that Kong was his junior once again. 

He tried so hard not to disturb the equilibrium of his sanity but eventually his emotions and heart had the best of him when he scribbled his private number and handed it to one of his bodyguards, asking him to pass it on to Kongpob Suthiluck, the freshman of the same faculty. He needed to talk to the boy. 

It took exactly five texts exchanged between them before the two decided to meet at the Rama VIII Bridge at two in the morning because it was deserted then. It was the second time that Arthit sneaked out of the Royal security and met with the boy, a scarf, a mask and baseball hat covering his identity. 

The first thing Kong had done on spotting him was laugh like the asshole he was commenting that he looked ridiculous. Arthit had narrowed his eyes at him but said nothing. 

"I might not show it but I'm pissed, you ignored me P'." 

"What was I supposed to do?" Arthit shrugged as the two leaned against the railing, watching the silent soothing waters. 

"You were supposed to say yes, you asshole." Kong joked and Arthit glared at him. 

"You don't even understand how angry I am with you right now." Arthit grumbled, looking away, feeling the younger's smile drop a little. 


Arthit sighed, he had to speak anyway, "You wanted to go into Economics, it was your favourite subject! You just joined this college because of me! Why did-" 

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt a tug at his wrist and was immediately in the warmest hug he had ever received, he didn't even know the last time he was actually hugged. He felt himself breathing for the first time, taking in Kong's scent of moon and night as he hid his eyes on the crook of his neck, trying not to cry and tell him how much he had missed him. 

He felt Kong rubbing his back in circles, trying to calm him, maybe he had started to cry before he could've stopped himself. 

"I got a scholarship to your college, P'Arthit, how was I supposed to give up on a whole scholarship for one of the most prestigious colleges of the country? The world doesn't revolve around you." Kong smirked as Arthit moved back so they looked into each other's eyes, arms still around each other. 

Arthit pouted lightly as Kong chuckled, "Ok, maybe it does revolve around you a bit, but I don't." He said firmly, gently wiping Arthit's tears with his thumbs. 

"And… dreams change sometimes." He shrugged as held Arthit's face. 

Arthit didn't know who leaned in first but soon enough, he had felt those chapped soft lips against his and suddenly, he felt like a human again, he felt like a young man with a heart that beat louder with every second as he kissed his friend, lover and everything way beyond it. He didn't want to stop kissing him because he had missed that boy so much and it hurt, it hurt for a long time. 

Then it was a game of secrecy that felt so stupid and insane, soon enough Kong started to stop by his place, more like stopping by at times when the security and media weren't focusing much on him, staying in his house long enough that everything- from his kitchen to his bed started to smell like him, it smelled like home when Kong was there.

They didn't stop meeting even when Arthit graduated college, and somehow through the four years, they had been strong until the side of the string that Kong was holding onto snapped.

Arthit should've seen that coming, Kong had always been a person who was true to himself, never took anyone's bullshit and still held enough warmth in his heart to tolerate pain for the ones he loved. 

He was a self made young man, top of the classes and doing internships and participating in every college activity, was intelligent enough to go through middle and high school and now even in college through scholarships, being the Head Hazer and trying to bring some change, unflinchingly participating in debates and standing up for those who couldn't. He had also never lived his life on someone else's terms and was confidently open about sexuality, not that it was anyone's business in the first place. 

So, yeah, it did hurt when the one whom he had given his heart to couldn't bring himself to be seen with him. Arthit knew how much Kong had tried to make peace with that, after all it was love that mattered and Kong knew how much Arthit loved him, how much he cherished  every moment they ever shared. 

Kong was also aware of the pain and melancholy in his gaze when he was leaving again, he knew when Arthit cried silently holding Kong close when he thought the younger was asleep, it was heartbreaking and he couldn't bring himself to do that to himself and Arthit anymore. 

"Take a right turn, it's the shortcut." Arthit asked the driver who nodded stiffly, eyes still in shock while Arthit went back to texting and calling Kong, maybe the younger would unblock him somehow. 

Dreams change, Kong had said back then at the bridge. 

It suddenly reflected with Arthit in that moment, in the silence of his room when Kong had left him for the final time. 

If he was honest, he didn't even know if he could say that being a good prince had been his dream, rather he was conditioned to feel so, he was brought with the thought that it was what he had to do, not something he could have a choice in. 

But being a Prince without Kong by his side? 

That sounded like a very sad life, something he couldn't imagine living. Sure he had done his part, tried to do everything in his power to keep his country safe and happy, but sacrificing himself like the foolish ones around him? 

Nope, he was too insane for that. 

Abruptly, his phone buzzed, he felt his excitement bubble but deflated immediately when he saw it was his mother calling. 


"Prince Arthit… where are you? People have spotted you-" 

"I'm fine, mother." 

"Why are you not at the meeting? People are saying that you were on the streets hailing some taxi?" 

"Mother, I'm fine." 

"Ok, but you need to report back, the meeting has been rescheduled-" 

"Mom… do you care if I am happy?" 


"I'm finally going to do something that makes me happy, mom, wish me luck." 

"What? Arthit report back-" 

He didn't wait for an answer as he ended the call and muted it, slipping it in his trousers' pocket and feeling his heart thud in his throat as he saw the car slowing in front of the apartment complex. 

"Thank you." Arthit knew he paid like five times the fare of the ride as he got off the car, he could care less about it as he walked towards the building, suddenly he was very aware of the nerves, his anxiety shooting a little at the shocked gasps and stunned eyes glancing his way. 

He made his way to the fourth floor of the building, knocking at room number 407 and fidgeting nervously, eventually slipping his coat to keep it at the crook of his elbow, keeping his glasses in his pocket and trying to straighten his rumpled shirt, running a hand through his hair, trying to look presentable after all it would be the first time he may come face to face with Kong's parents. 

Some of the neighbours passing by froze at the sight of the prince and Arthit tried to awkwardly greet them before he summoned his courage to ring the bell. 

Soon enough, it was opened by a woman, it took an instant to recognise the familiarity of Kong on her. But the woman looked stunned on recognising Arthit, eyes widening so huge that Arthit feared her eyes might bulge out, and he hadn't even told her he was her son's boyfriend yet. 

"Prince Rojnapat?" She gasped, her eyes still marvelling him like some damn artwork, like he wasn't even real.  

"Yeah, uhm... I-I'm Arthit…. Arthit Rojnapat. I was…. Was here to see Kong- Kongpob." 

It was awkward, so awkward that Arthit wanted the earth to swallow him whole then and there. 

"Who?" The woman tilted her head for a moment. 

Arthit frowned for a moment, Kong had shown photos of his mother, he knew she was his mother! 

"Your son?" 

"Oh! Yeah. Sorry- I just-" the woman shook her head, chuckled nervously, slapping herself lightly as if bringing herself back to reality before looking at him, part still in shock, part in pure confusion. 

"He told me he was going to study at the library, he'll be back soon, you should come in." She stepped aside to let the prince inside, still disbelief etched in her gaze as she led him to the cozy living room, telling him to wait there while she went to the kitchen to get him something to eat, even on Arthit's protest. 

Arthit fidgeted anxiously with the collar of the coat while waiting for Kong's mom to return. 

She returned with some lunch and tea, the plate looked so new that Arthit suspected she had picked it out from the "special occasions" set that Kong talked about, just for him. 

"Dig in, I'll call Kong-" 

"No! Let him come on his own…. Studies are important." 

He sounded so stupid to his own ears, he swallowed his anxiety as he reached for the plate, he could worry about it later, he was actually hungry. 

"So… how? I mean, what do you want from my son? Has he done something wrong? I mean, I know my son participates in these protests, I tried to stop him but-" 

"No-" Arthit tried to chew his food fast enough before he could talk to her, he could almost feel the panic in her wavering eyes. 

"No, actually it's me that…. Messed up, you don't have to worry." He explained, his fingers trembling and he couldn't bring himself to look in her eyes. 

"I… I don't- understand…. How do you know Kong?" She asked, her voice soft and still nervous. 

"I used to be in the same college as him…. School too." He said in between the bites and she tried to grasp it but still looked confused. 


Before he could speak anything embarrassing, he heard the familiar voice call. 

"Mom, I'm home." Hurried voice, footsteps echoing and Arthit felt frozen, his heart beating louder and his head buzzing. 

"I'll be in my room, don't disturb me…. It's something important, something  crazy is happening-" Kong toed off his sneakers, making way to the living room and furiously typing through something when he finally looked up, his mother sitting uncomfortably straight and prim and…. 

Arthit was weirdly aware of the fact that he still had meatballs stuffed in his mouth, frying to chew them as he awkwardly and stupidly enough tried to mumble "Hey." 

Kong opened his mouth, then closed it, before opening again as if he didn't know what to say. 

"Hey." He finally uttered and Arthit felt a drop of relief as he finished the food in his mouth before standing. 

"I- I wanted to talk." Arthit said. 

"I…" Kong glanced at his mother for a moment. 

"Mom, we'll be in my room." He said as his mother nodded, still confused and awkward while Arthit silently followed Kong into his room. 

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Kong pretty much growled as he closed the door behind him and Arthit stood in the middle of the room. 

"I wanted to meet you." 

"P'Arthit…. The whole media is on your ass right now! You're all over the news!" Kong looked furious, he looked…. Scared. 

Had Kong been scared for Arthit? As much as it made him feel a little guilty, he still found it adorable. 

"I don't care." Arthit uttered.

"You don't care?" Kong echoed, hands on his hips and eyes still glaring. 

"Yeah." Arthit said. 

"Why are you here?" The younger asked instead. 

"I wanted to see you." 

"Why? I told you-" 

"I know, but I can't…. Not because of this." Arthit knew he sounded like he was whining and Kong's glare softened a little. 

"What do you want P'? Because…. I can't be like this with you anymore." He said. 

"I want to go to the bridge with you, if you are fine with it." 

Kong stilled for a moment, all the glare and confusion slipping away. 


"Now." Arthit affirmed in a confident tone. 

Life without Kong would suck and who was he kidding? He wouldn't survive two days without Kong being by his side. 

Kong looked around as if trying to think but it looked like he wasn't able to sort his thoughts out either.

"It's a ten minutes walk from here." Kong uttered, trying to test him and Arthit met his gaze with ease. 

"Sure, let's walk there." He said and Kong's expression finally softened, he didn't smile but he still looked relieved in a way. 

"Ok, but you need to change." 

"Just say you want to see me naked." Arthit mumbled as he finally got to drop his uncomfortable coat on the small bed. 

Kong snorted but gave no other reaction as he reached inside his closet and pulled out a comfortable pair of a white hoodie and grey sweatpants, something Arthit would've never stepped out with.

Kong left the room, probably to talk to his mother while Arthit swiftly changed into the soft clothes, he felt way better and yet his anxiety had been at the highest it had ever been. 

They didn't wait any longer once Arthit was out of the room, he greeted Kong's finally-more-at-ease  mother at the door while wearing his shoes. 

"Are you sure? Please don't punish yourself-" Kong tried to reason but he had forgotten that once Arthit set his mind onto something, he hardly backed out. 

"I'm sure." 

Quite some crowd had gathered around but Arthit felt safe when Kong easily made his way through it, all the while holding onto Arthit's arm rather firmly. 

There were cameras everywhere when they stepped out, Kong could care less as he grasped Arthit's hand, knowing the prince was overwhelmed as they made their way to Kong's car instead, well, it was the family car but Kong drove it more than others in his family anyway. 

"I thought we were going to walk." Arthit asked, trying to stay in step with his boyfriend. 

"You think you can walk two steps with these reporters around us?" Kong pretty much shouted before opening his car. Both of them swiftly got in and locked it from inside at once. 

"You're fucking crazy." Kong muttered under his breath as he managed to pull the car out of the place. His eyes focused ahead and fingers held slight trembles as he drove. 

Sometimes it was so easy to forget that despite all the bravado and confidence, Kong was just a twenty years old boy who had to deal with too much on his plate just because he fell in love. 

"I'm sorry for this." 

"Don't be." Kong said passively, as if trying to compose himself. 

"You can still back out…." Kong said. 

"I can't." 

"Arthit…. I'm sorry- but please…. Don't do this just for my sake." Kong said, blinking away the tears that threatened to form at the corner of his eyes. 

"I'm doing it for my sake." Arthit said, his eyes never leaving Kong. 

"This is scary." Kong's voice shook, the car slowing at the curb, the bridge in view. 

"I know." 

"This is so insane." Kong muttered, stopping the car, not having the courage to get out yet. 

"Best decision ever." Arthit said, leaning back and Kong glanced at him. 

"Aren't you scared?" 

"More than you think." The prince easily answered. 

"We can try something different…. You can back out- I'll meet you…. Tomorrow's headlines will call me just a friend." Kong tried to reason. 

"Do you want that?" He asked and Kong sighed in frustration. 

"It doesn't matter what I want! I just want you to not be in any kind of danger." Kong shouted, facing him. 

"Me too, I want this 'secret' shit to end. I can't do this without you." He simply said and Kong looked like he was going to cry. 

"You've suffered enough because of me…. And what lays ahead is even more…. Unpredictable. Will you still hold my hand?" Arthit asked, his voice shaking, he tried to swallow the lump forming in his throat as he met Kong's warm gaze. 

"I'll always be there whenever you need me." 

"I need you to be there because you want to, Kong. Not because you have to." 

Kong took a deep breath, looking ahead as some of the media reporters had already gathered. 

"My mom's going to kill me." The younger mumbled more to himself than to Arthit. 

Arthit smirked, "Mine too." 

That made Kong snort. 

"Come on then." Kong sighed, taking another deep breath before opening his side of the door while Arthit followed suit. 

Arthit didn't hesitate to hold Kong's hand in front of everyone, Kong stiffened at first seeing the few gasps and cameras focusing on their entwined fingers but then relaxed as the older moved close enough as their shoulders brushed.

It didn't take much effort to make their way to the bridge, the waters looked colder than it looked at night. 

"We can still back out-" 

"I don't want to but if you-" 

"I don't want to either." 

They both turned to each other, Kong's eyes were swimming in unshed tears, he was scared, he was so scared but damn him if he wasn't insanely in love with the man facing him.

"I love you so much, P'." Kong's voice cracked and Arthit moved closer to wipe those tears off before they rolled down any further. 

"I'm sorry for what you have to go through…. I really am." 

"I'll go through much worse if I have to if it's with you…. As corny as it sounds." Kong chuckled and Arthit smiled.

The voices around felt like some white noise in those adrenaline charged moments. 

"I love you so much too…. It's actually insane." Arthit chuckled and Kong chuckled too, their foreheads touching and Arthit's arms wrapped around Kong's waist. 

"Let's make the whole world a third wheel." Kong smirked before leaning in and Arthit's lips easily moulded with Kong's like it was the most natural thing. They could care less about the shit that went down, about the people around and the guards and police already on scene, trying to push the reporters out. 

Kong smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Arthit's shoulders as they kissed deeper. 

The world be damned.