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Letty immediately knew something was wrong. Something had startled her awake, but she wasn't sure what. She felt cold, and it didn't take long to realize that it was from being alone. Dom wasn't beside of her, but it was still dark outside.

Her heart sank, because deep down she already knew what had happened. She waited for a moment, hoping to see Dom emerge from the bathroom, or the doorway that led outside, but she knew it was useless.

Glancing to the side, something shining in the moonlight caught her eye. On the nightstand, lay a stack of cash, from today's job, and Dom's silver necklace. That necklace, worth so much sentiment to both herself and Dom was confirming Letty's worst fear. Dom had left.

It took everything in her not to scream out in anger… or maybe it was desperation. She wasn't really sure, but whatever she was feeling was overwhelming. One thing she did know, she should've seen it coming. 

Earlier that night, Dom had said he didn't want her near him when the cops caught up. Letty had brushed it off, saying they would figure it out together like they always did… but she should've known that he wouldn't let it go. Maybe she knew, but just didn't want to see it. She didn't want to think about him walking away in the middle of the night without saying goodbye, because that would mean having to picture her life without him… and that was something that she had never really done before. Even now, the thought was unbearable, but here it was right in front of her. 

Dom was gone.

Gently, as if holding onto it too tightly would break it, Letty picked up the cross, and ran her fingers across the edges. The necklace made everything real, because if she hadn't seen it on the table, maybe she could have kept imagining different scenarios in which he would still walk through the door… but with the piece of silver in her hand, the weight of reality came crushing down upon her.

Now Letty knew what had awoken her. It was the emptiness of the room, or more accurately, the emptiness of her heart, because right now she felt so hollow. 

When she had found Dom in the Dominican Republic, she thought they had the chance for a fresh start, and that's what it seemed like for the brief time they were together. They had gotten married, he had promised her eternity… but now that was all broken into a million pieces of hopelessness and shattered dreams.

The anger Letty was feeling wasn't directed towards Dom at first, because this was his messed up way of trying to protect her. That feeling was directed towards herself. She should've tried harder to convince him not to leave, to convince him that she didn't need protection… but then thinking about it, she was angry at him. Angry for him thinking she needed protection in the first place, and for breaking the promises that they would stick together no matter what life threw at them. 

Those promises had meant everything to her, and now they were turned upside down. As the minutes ticked on, anger turned into anguish. Letty had never been one to cry, she always sought out more useful ways to deal with pain, but now, alone in the bed that had been shared with him, she let the tears fall… after all, no one would be there to see them.