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Pool Night

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Alert: This story contains rough sex and ligth spanking, but it’s all consensual. If you don't like to read these kind of thing, you can skip this one! 

After what appeared to be an endless war between Samantha and Alex over who would have their name on the firm's wall, the final verdict, given by Louis with Donna's great help and direct influence, culminated in both Samantha and Alex’s names on the wall of Zane Specter Litt together. As a way of celebrating, Harvey called the firm's lawyers for a night of drinks and pool at his condo. 

Louis thanks him for the invitation but decides to stay with Sheila. The rest agrees, thinking it's a good idea to have a private setting instead of going to a bar that is crowded, noisy, and full of strangers.

Ready to pack up their belongings in their respective offices, the lawyers vacate the meeting room, making arrangements to meet in the lobby, leaving only Donna and Harvey behind.

Donna fusses beside him and hums, “Apparently today, the glorious Harvey Specter will lose to Donna Paulsen. Do you want me to prepare something for you? A glass of water, a tissue?”

Harvey stares at her with a raised eyebrow and quickly thinks back to early that morning.

It is around 10 am, and Harvey is concentrating on a small pile of papers, when Donna walks into his office. He can’t help himself and takes a good look at the redhead. She is wearing a burgundy dress, with a kind of cape at the back and a generous cleavage which his eyes focus on for a moment before his gaze reaches her face. Harvey doesn’t mind being caught in the act, because he notices that her eyes also wander over his suit with the same intensive gaze.

They have reached another level of flirtation. Rachel and Mike's wedding was where everything changed and since that day they started teasing each other more explicitly, they shared more hungry and lingering looks, purposeful touches, long nights over drinks in one of their offices, and last week there was even a mention, in the form of a confession, of strawberries and whipped cream when Harvey said he thought about them some nights while touching himself. He noticed how her breath hitched, how her gaze had slightly darkened, and the way he destabilized Donna.

“So, apparently some of your mail ended up on my desk and I opened it without realizing. It was a delivery confirmation for an order. Did you buy a pool table? Seriously?” Donna asks as she drops the letter onto his desk.

“Yes, and they were faster with the delivery than I expected.”

“Well, I can't wait for the day when you're going to be crying in humiliation from losing to me,” she says, giggling with a superior air around her as she checks her red painted nails.

“You play pool?” Harvey asks, his brows furrowed in mild astonishment.

“Yes, I do. Why do you seem so surprised?”

“You're not the type to play pool,” Harvey teases with his right eyebrow raised.

“Oh, Harvey, I play...,” she says, walking towards the exit of his office, “ well as I know how to play another game with my hands so well." She flirts shamelessly and leaves with a smile on her face when she sees him running out of response.

"You are going to be the one who needs the tissues. Because we both know you are going to go down," Harvey responds with confidence.

Donna laughs mockingly and then folds her arm through his, one hand stroking his bicep. “Come on pretty, drinks and the pool table are on you.”

The celebration was a great way to relax. Harvey has a vast stock of booze and he wasn’t shying away from sharing it. Everyone drank, talked about anything but work, and played pool out on the balcony. Everyone that is, except for Donna who spent half the night talking and drinking with Samantha and Katrina, while surreptitiously watching Harvey concentrate on his games.

Robert was the first to leave to be with his wife. Alex also left the apartment about an hour later, he was grateful and happy for the small get-together for him and Samantha but would like to celebrate with his wife and daughters. Katrina had fun drinking and laughing with the new female name partner, but she called it quits after midnight as she was getting tired.

At around 1 am, Sam was the last to leave Harvey's apartment and she was by far the one most drunk, but no one blamed her for it, she deserved the party. She is an excellent lawyer, a good person to have on your team and she rightly deserved to have her work recognized, as did Alex. Donna offered to help the woman into the elevator and taxi and would then be back to help Harvey clean up what little mess had formed throughout the night.

It didn't take more than ten minutes for Donna to return to Harvey's apartment and closing the door behind her, she watches him lean against the pool table. She pours herself another shot, joins Harvey on the balcony, sits down in one of the lounge chairs there, and sips her drink, looking out into the New York night.

Harvey watches her and she feels his gaze burning her skin.

Donna looks at Harvey with her head cocked and, as usual, he tilts his as he stirs the drink in his hand.

"What?" she asks smiling at him.

He downs the amber liquid, shrugs as he looks at her, and says in a humorous tone, “For someone who claims she’s really good at pool, I haven't seen you act much on that today, Ms. Paulsen.”

She stares at Harvey with that patented Donna look, gets up to walk over to him, and after taking a sip of Scotch, she replies, ", You know, none of these opponents were in my league. But for your information, no one beats Donna Paulsen at pool, Mr. Specter." Her voice carried all her usual confidence and smugness.

"Sounds like a challenge," he says with the same look in his eyes and provocative tone of voice from 13 years ago.

"One you are never gonna win," Donna teases in a whisper, walking closer to Harvey.

"You know that I'm a gambler and the best closer in New York," he flirts.

"I know that, but you already know how Donna I am." She is flirting right back and winks.

Harvey gulps down some of the Scotch as his throat has suddenly gone dry from the direct flirtation and full-on references to conversations from the past. Taking another sip, he quickly puts his best player face on and looks at her intently.


"Let's do this, hotshot." Donna snaps her finger at him.

Like the gentleman he is, Harvey allows Donna to be the one to break. The balls scatter and he and Donna take turns, not allowing any distractions, both equally competitive. Harvey is surprised by the skills Donna has, she knows techniques few people did and her moves are precise.

As Donna pockets the 8 ball, she does so sporting a victorious smile on her face. Harvey can only roll his eyes.

The second game is different. Fiercer. The previously consumed alcohol heated up their bodies and they allow themselves more distractions, casting unchaste looks at each other. By now, Harvey is barefoot, his tie is lost, two buttons on his shirt are open, the sleeves rolled up, and he is already semi-hard — a consequence of Donna’s neckline. He has also noticed that Donna looks at him from time to time while she lightly rubs her thighs against each other.

They are in a constant match of glancing, flirting, and teasing during the game as if they are testing how far this will go. They are far from being completely drunk, they may be a little intoxicated, but both aware of all their actions.

Donna has shed her heels and has her hair up in a bun, causing her entire long, freckled neck to be on display. Her chest, emphasized by the deep neckline of her burgundy dress, is already flushed. She rubs the end of the cue with precision as she glances at Harvey and bites her lip. She bends over and takes the shot only for the ball to miss the pocket. Her frustrated moan reaches directly into Harvey's groin and takes a hold of it.

The game ends with Harvey winning, the two of them facing each other with desire and sexual tension a thousand times higher than usual.

Harvey signals that he's going to get them another drink. He walks into the apartment and starts refilling the glasses, but watching Donna chalking up the cue tip, her lean over and lightly rubbing her thighs together once more, Harvey decides to act. He knows, through the stolen glances, from the air of seduction and flirtation, that the lines between them were now more than blurry and that Donna wants this as much as he does. And fuck, he can't wait any longer.

Silently he walks towards her, coming to a stop when he is almost pressed against Donna's back. He notices her freeze and her breath quicken. Closing the distance between their bodies completely, Harvey presses his chest against her back, his raging erection rubbing her ass through the burgundy dress.

"How about a best of four?" he whispers low into her ear, his hands traveling to her tiny waist as he grinds his groin against her.

The cue slips from Donna's hands and falls down, rolling across the floor of the penthouse balcony.

"Har— vey," she moans, grinding her ass against him, the sensation of the friction sending shivers through her body.

Taking advantage of her hair being up in a sloppy bun, Harvey pulls the zipper of Donna's dress down a little to get more access to her neck. Tracing a path of wet kisses from the nape of her neck to her shoulder, Harvey nibbles at the spot where the parts meet before moving towards her right ear. He whispers hoarsely, “I really want to fuck you here on this pool table.”

“Oh God,” Donna says in such a low moan, that it sounds like an involuntary reaction and not a conscious decision. 

“Do you want it?” Harvey asks, kneading the top of her breasts that are spilling out of her neckline. “Tell me, Donna.”

They were on his penthouse balcony and even though night has set in, anyone in the nearby buildings could see they were having sex and she should have been worried, but fuck it. Her pussy is throbbing with need and she can’t play this game anymore.

“Yes, Harvey. Yes.” Her voice is full of desire.

Reaching up to the back of Donna's neck, Harvey massages it a little as Donna turns her head to meet his mouth. They kiss and it's completely different from the way she kissed him in her office that fateful night a year ago. This kiss is hungry, mouths and tongues dueling over control. And God, it feels so damn good that even though muffled, their moans can still be heard clearly.

With Donna’s back still to him, Harvey finishes sliding down the dress's zipper, kissing every new inch of skin that is revealed to him until the fabric slides to the floor. She isn’t wearing a bra, something Harvey hadn't noticed before, and he groans when he sees she's only in tiny black lace panties. Donna turns around and Harvey faces her breasts. Breasts he has stared at spilling out of the neckline of her dress, not just today but almost every day over the past 13 years. 

Donna leans back against the table and Harvey takes her boobs in his hands, kneading, feeling, appreciating. He squeezes both pink nipples in his hands, pinching them until they turn red, and then he moves his head down, taking them in his mouth, sucking on both, leaving them glistening with his saliva. Donna moans and rubs herself against his thighs, needing to create friction.

Within seconds, Donna pushes herself up to sit on the pool table and lies down, her body full of anticipation for the moment Harvey puts his mouth between her legs. He was the best at giving oral she has ever had, even though she only got to experience it once, it was certainly something she would never forget. 

She watches him shrug off his shirt and pull down his pants, leaving him only in his black boxers, his cock fully erect and struggling against the tight space. She loses her train of thought when Harvey moves closer to her, leaning on the table. The balls they didn’t pocket during the game, he just carelessly throws on the floor. The loud noise almost prompts Donna to scold him, and under any other circumstances she would have, but fuck it, all she wants right now is feeling his body..

Harvey places an open-mouthed kiss on Donna’s lower belly and then slowly pulls the sides of her panties down, his gaze never leaving hers. He tosses the piece of fabric to the floor and she opens her legs for him, showing her swollen core glistening with desire.

Donna's breathing stocks as she watches Harvey lick his lips before kneeling down in front of her. To her infinite frustration, he doesn't immediately dive right into the spot she needs him most. Harvey keeps torturing her first by kissing and licking her inner thighs. She knows he is teasing her to test her patience, but she can't take it anymore. So she begs. "Please, Harvey. Please."

“You’re so fucking wet for me, Donna," he replies, sounding almost proud, a smug smirk on his face.

Another kiss and then he literally falls on her with his mouth.

He starts opening her up by licking her outer lips, sucking and blowing against her wet flesh, causing Donna to sigh loudly. He moves to her entrance, pressing down with his tongue, and then he starts eating her out with no mercy. Donna moans loudly and arches her back hard from the sensation of having Harvey's mouth on her.

He keeps the motion up for a long time, but it isn't enough for Donna.

When he's satisfied with the increased moisture, Harvey finally closes his lips around Donna's swollen clit and inserts two fingers inside of her. He quickly finds a rhythm to fuck her with his mouth and digits simultaneously. 

With her hands in Harvey's hair, Donna’s moans turn into screams as her core tightens around his long fingers, and with a light bite on the hood of her clit, Donna falls in pleasure.

 Donna comes for the first time that night. In his mouth, on his fingers, and she watches him as he delightfully licks his skin clean.

“Mmmmh, you taste so fucking good, Donna.”

His action and words make her breathing stop. Sitting up, she pulls him up into a kiss and gets to taste herself in his mouth.

Pulling away, she trails kisses down his jaw, sucking his pulse point, leaving a deep red mark on his skin. She licks and lightly sucks on his Adam's apple, which finally causes a long moan to leave Harvey’s throat. Donna’s lips move down to his chest and she drags her nails over his abdomen until she reaches his underwear.

She drops his boxers in one fluid motion and his member bounces up in all its glory. The tip is red, swollen, and already leaking precum, his veins pulsing and Donna feels her own mouth water. She takes him into her hand, gives him a few upwards and downwards strokes, spreading the precum. Her other hand slides to his balls and she runs her nails over them lightly. Harvey moans and his thighs tremble.

Donna is getting ready to jump off the table and drop to her knees to put his member inside her mouth when Harvey catches her around her waist and stops her.

“As much I want to feel your fucking pretty mouth around my cock, we will have to postpone it. If we don’t do this now, I’m not gonna last.”

She grunts and lays back down on the table, licking her fingers that touched his.

Harvey lets his gaze glide over her form from head to toe, taking in her long creamy legs, her white marble thighs, and he lingers on the cleft between her legs for a while — the strawberry blonde hair neatly waxed. Her core is pink, wet, and swollen with need. He feels his cock twitch and pulse against his own hand but he continues to study the vision in front of him. His eyes catch her flat stomach, still twitching slightly from her recent orgasm, followed by her flushed chest, her breasts still a little wet with saliva. Her nipples are hard and pink, almost raw from his enthusiastic handling of them earlier. Donna touches them and Harvey bites his bottom lip.

His eyes finally make it to her face, her flushed cheeks, her mouth slightly open, panting for air. His eyes darken and glisten with desire and anticipation. Her red hair is fanned out over the green surface and a few strands are sticking to his forehead. She's there, on top of his newly acquired pool table, waiting for his next move. He has never seen anything so breathtaking in his whole life.

“You’re so beautiful. And you are all mine.” Harvey exhales, looking at her with wild eyes.

The sparkle in her own changes, too. Her dark gaze now softer. “Am I?” she asks in a timid voice.

“Since day one, in that bar” he declares and bends down to kiss her again.

Harvey and Donna groan in sync when their centers rub against each other. Harvey takes his cock in his hand and slides it over her wet slit, focusing on Donna’s throbbing clit, making her moan, and arch her hips.

"Condom?” he asks, because it’s her and she will always be his only exception.

“Pill,” she quickly replies.

Donna’s answer is barely out of her mouth when Harvey pulls her legs around his hips and he inserts himself inside her hot core without any hesitation. His length enters her in one thrust and the satisfactory moan that leaves Donna’s throat is so guttural, it sends shivers down his entire body.

It’s real and not just his imagination anymore.

Harvey gives Donna some time to adjust to the sudden stretching and while he’s waiting, he starts kissing her neck again, licking and biting, his hands on her breasts, squeezing them. Donna whimpers and moves her hips, her body telling him that she is ready.

He starts cautiously, circling his hips in a torturous slow rhythm. His hands travel down her body and his mouth finds her neck, sucking and nibbling on her skin so hard a hickey appears. Donna moans lowly as she pushes her calves against his ass and Harvey knows what that wants — she needs him to speed up his movements and he didn't refuse her request.

He pulls out of her wet core only to slide back in harder. His body is banging against Donna’s, his groin flush with hers, his cock hitting that one spot that makes her back arch again. Her fingernails dig even deeper into his back. Donna asks for him to go harder and deeper and once again he obeys her orders as his hands move over her flushed breasts. Despite being sturdy, the pool table starts to squeak from the force of their movement.

The noise of the wood sliding, along with the groans and grunts of the couple, and the sound of wet skin slapping against each other, creates an erotic symphony — it is the only thing heard in the apartment.

Her breasts are bouncing with his thrusts, his hands on her hips are possessive and she knows they are is going to leave marks, but she doesn’t care. It’s Harvey — the man she loves and the reason for her life of luxury and happiness. It’s Harvey — hitting hard and deep and Donna wants to cry from how good it feels. It’s finally real after 13 years.

“Fuck, you’re so tight and wet,” he groans, speeding up his movements.

Oh, she knows how wet she is, just from the sounds his groin is creating in sync with her flesh.

Harvey is focused on their mutual pleasure and mesmerized by this vision of Donna laid out in front of him. And just when he thinks she can’t drive him even more crazy, with her back arched and in between desperate moans, Donna says, “I want you to take me from behind.”

Fucking hell...

Donna detects when his breaths and thrusts lose their rhythm. She gives him a lecherous smile as she realizes the effect she has on him.

“So, turn around for me, baby,” he counters, pulling out of her.

She obeys and turns, laying her chest and face on the table. Her feet are back on the floor.

Harvey puts a hand against her slit, spreading her juices, and within seconds slides inside of her again. Donna immediately rolls her hips to create friction. Harvey can’t resist and he slaps one of her butt cheeks.

Donna gasps and looks at him with dark eyes and an open mouth, her expression telling him to do it again. So he does. Her pale skin turns pink and is now proudly displaying Harvey’s handprint. His cock is beating against her front wall and his balls hit her clit and it’s all so delicious that she doesn’t care to be discreet with the sounds leaving her mouth.

“It feels so good, Harvey. I’m so close,” Donna grunts.

Then he feels her inner walls close around him, contracting and getting tighter. Her moans and whimpers increase and he knows that she is close to falling.

The pressure building up in Donna’s body almost makes her eyes tear up. Her orgasm is so close, just a few more hard strokes and she will be there. But instead of speeding up, Harvey is slowing down, pulling further out of her after every forward thrust. Suddenly, he slides completely out of her and Donna turns around in fury. Harvey swears that if a look could kill he would be dead right now.

“Fuck, Harvey!” Donna yells at him, moving her ass and hips backward trying to make contact again.

He bends his body over hers and with a low voice murmurs into her ear, “I want to watch you come and moan my name, just like the other time.” He ends his statement by lightly sucking on her earlobe.

She almost comes just from his words.

He helps her turn around and sits her back on the edge of the table. She instantly pulls him in for a deep and open-mouthed kiss, crossing her legs around his hips. Harvey enters her hot, wet core again hitting hard.

“Faster” Donna whines, her eyes closed, completely blinded by pleasure.

He complies and increases the speed and intensity of his thrusts, her short hairs mildly scratching Harvey's groin and his pubic bone hitting her clit, are driving them both into insanity. Donna is digging her nails into his abdomen and his back, leaving scratches that burn a little when hit with sweat, but fuck, it's Donna who is marking him and her actions only turn him on even more.

“Look at me,” he demands in a husky, but at the same time, soft voice. His hand finds one of her flushed cheeks.

Donna blinks a few times until she can hold his gaze and the vision she has is wonderful — Harvey with his jaw clenched, mouth slightly open, small grunts leaving it, throat muscles tense, and fuck, she knows that he is close. She is too and isn’t going to last much longer.

Harvey notices her body language and licking his own thumb, he starts drawing faster circles on her clit, her pussy getting wetter, making Donna whimper. Harvey’s lips are on her neck, sucking and marking her skin, the movement of his hips against her center is driving her mad.

He is all around her and this is all too much.

She comes hard, core pulsing, her mind going into another dimension and her whole body is trembling as she loudly screams the only name that she now knows. “Harvey!”

He is still rubbing her clit, feeling her toes curl into his legs as he guides Donna through wave after wave of pleasure. With a messy kiss and three more deep thrusts, Harvey is spilling his hot liquid inside of her, groaning a “Fuck” and “Donna” against her lips.

With heavy breaths and bodies still trembling on the pool table, they fall into a brief silence.

It happened. After more than a decade.

Donna is the first one to breaks the quiet.

“Fucking hell. It was worth the wait,” she pants.

Harvey chuckles, and with him still being inside of her, it evokes a delicious feeling deep in her body.

“Oh yes…,” he replies, still needing a moment to gather himself, but it doesn’t take long for his face to feature a worried look. “Are you ok? Did I hurt you or anything?” he asks, intensely looking into her eyes.

“I’m more than ok, Harvey. Don’t worry,” she reassures him.

He smiles in relief.

They kiss again, slowly and softly this time and then they are surrounded by silence once more.

Minutes pass, and they can't say for sure how long it has been, their bodies still glued to each other, covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Harvey is sliding out of Donna's center, his cock now resting on her right thigh, and their breathing becomes more stable with each second that passes. As they rest their heads on each other's shoulders, absorbing the postcoital ambiance, they are both still in awe that this has actually happened.

Caressing Donna's back with his hands and trailing soft kisses from her shoulder to her jaw (dwelling a bit in the area marked by the red hickey), Harvey stares at her, his pupils dilated and his typical smug grin on his face. “So... I think you've finally found a worthy opponent.”

Donna lets out a throaty laugh and looks at Harvey with hunger in her eyes. They both know that the second round won’t be far off.

"Oh, definitely! We can say that...," she starts in a velvet voice, reaching for his cock and giving it a few strokes that make Harvey moan, “...he has a very long stick and knows how to use it so fucking well." She squeezes him lightly, feeling him harden in her hands.

“Oh yes, he does,” Harvey groans, but continues in a proud tone. “But from what I can tell, my opponent is top-notch at releases.” The fire in his eyes grows, her hands still stroking his dick.

She has no time to reply or act because suddenly, she is being picked up from the pool table. The action elicits a small cry of surprise to leave her, which is quickly replaced by a gasp as her core is met by Harvey's. With her legs still around his hips, and their bodies slightly clammy with sweat, Harvey begins kissing Donna with hunger as he walks them into the apartment and towards his bedroom.

As they enter the large space, Harvey blindly feels for his bed and when he has reached it successfully, he lies down on it, placing Donna on top of his body. Her red hair falls around them like a curtain as they share a slow kiss. Donna groans as Harvey pinches her pink nipples.

"I think it’s time for another round, you know, just to see who’s the best player," he suggests with a smug smirk, putting his hands on her waist and rubbing his penis against her wet lips. Donna moans softly as an answer.

“You’re an idiot…,” she whimpers, “...but I love you.” The declaration turns into a moan as she grinds her pussy against his cock.

“I know... and I love you too,” Harvey replies in a whisper, gazing into Donna’s hazel eyes without an inch of hesitation.

She smiles with a glow sparkling in her eyes and gives him another soft kiss.

She then takes him in her hand and slowly sits down on his thick and hard length. Moans leave both their mouths as she starts to grind her hips in a slow pace. It's her turn to be in charge and Harvey knows it's going to be so fucking good. After all, she's Donna, and they are finally together in the way they always should have been.

What starts out slow, quickly turns into something way more energetic when Donna actually rides him and the second round ends with both having a powerful orgasm and collapsing in each other’s arms. The third time starts half an hour later in the shower. Donna finally gets the chance to go down on him and they both end up with new marks on their necks, waists, backs, and shoulders. The fourth and final round for the night takes them back to bed with Harvey gently making love to her as they hold each other in a tight embrace. 

They will have more time later to let go of all the accumulated tension and make up for all the lost time but for now, Harvey’s body aches in the most delicious way possible, and with a sleepy redhead in his arms, He finds out that together, he and Donna will always be the best players, whether it be at a game of pool or in bed.