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“What do you mean, tentacles?”

“Exactly what I said,” Nile answers, “If you don’t believe me, come to the gym and I’ll introduce you.”

Nicky is new to the small fishing town of Portofino, having only moved a few weeks ago after being granted the executive chef position at a popular restaurant in one of the elite hotels. 

Nile is his sous chef and an absolute lifesaver in the kitchen. The job is high stress, with standards that are higher than anything he’s ever had to deal with before, but with Nile by his side, he’s found the job far more manageable than he had originally expected.

Not only do they have a good rapport in the kitchen, they've become good friends outside of work too. When she isn’t taking him on a tour around town, she’ll bring him to the local pub for a drink or invite him over to her place for beer and taralli. 

Now, Nile wants to introduce him to her friends. 

One of which, afflicted with a peculiar … condition?  Abnormality?

The man is part octopus. Allegedly .

“Just don’t say anything rude, okay? Joe’s a super nice guy. He knows he’s different and doesn’t mind when people stare, but keep any simple-minded comments to yourself.”

“I still don’t believe you,” Nicky scoffs before taking a sip of his lukewarm coffee, “I mean, if more than half his body is made up of tentacles, how have I never heard of him before? Shouldn’t he be in the Guinness Book of World Records, or something?”

“I think you need permission from the person, or the person's parents, as consent to divulge that kind of info to the public, and Joe's parents would've never allowed that. They worked really hard to give him a normal upbringing, so when the press or some other media outlet caught wind of his ah-  irregularity , his parents always sent them packing.”

“They sound like good parents,” Nicky replies sincerely, though still a little doubtful that the man they are discussing has actual tentacles for appendages .  

“Yeah, his mom’s a sweetheart. She actually works down at the marina. His dad, um- he died a couple years ago. Went on a fishing trip and never came back. It was tragic.”

“That’s terrible…”

“He’s handling the loss a bit better now and he makes a great wage working at the hotel. The money helps provide a stable life for him and his mom.”

“He works at the hotel?” Nile is surely fucking with him. If that’s the case, Nicky’s quite certain that over the past few weeks he would have noticed a man with tentacles slithering about.

“Yeah, he works on the top floor in the massage parlor. He only works a few hours, mornings and evenings, which could explain why you haven't run into him yet." 

Nicky looks at her skeptically.

“You still don’t believe me?”

“Oh, I believe you have a friend named Joe, it’s the tentacle thing I’m having trouble wrapping my head around. I feel like this is some kind of new guy initiation joke.”

“As your friend, you wound me, Nicky,” Nile feigns a look of offense.

Listen,” she argues between a mouthful of scone, “he’s at the gym right now. I’ll introduce you. But seriously, be nice.”

Finishing his coffee, he chuckles, “Whatever you say, Nile.”




The gym around the block isn’t anything fancy like the fitness center at the hotel. 

The building is small and simple, with a few machines, several benches and an impressive set of weights; a place designed for the local’s flock to, as it’s considerably less expensive than the glitzy facilities in the hotel. If Nicky wasn’t already offered a free membership where he works, he would gladly workout in this cozy little space.

Feeling Nile tug on the sleeve of his knit jumper, he turns to focus on the man she’s motioning to and blanches. 

Exactly as Nile described, stands a man whose arms and complete lower body is comprised of thick, dark purple tentacles .

“Come on! Let me introduce you!” Nile squeals excitedly as she pulls him towards the tentacled man.

“Nile!” Joe cries, delighted. “How you doin beautiful?” 

With two large tentacles that appear to be his arms, he drops the heavy weights he’d been lifting and wraps them around Nile in a warm embrace.

There are numerous tentacles that make up his lower half, not quite as thick as the tendrils that serve as his arms, but still quite large. The many appendages are a very dark, eggplant purple, with small suckers that adorn the underside. They hold him higher than if he was standing on two legs, making him appear more imposing, especially with that enormous, sculpted chest. 

However, no matter how intimidating his stature may appear, as soon as he flashes Nicky that amazing smile, drawing attention to those charming dimples, and warm brown eyes, the Italian can’t help but think how captivating this strange man is.

“I’m sorry, the first time meeting me can be a bit of a shock,” Joe says as he extends his arm-like tendril in Nicky’s direction, “my name's Joe, and it’s lovely to finally meet you.”

Nicky grasps the sleek tendril, surprised at how normal it feels in his hand. It’s warm and tough, like skin, but smooth like glass; nothing wet and slimy like he was originally expecting.

“Uh,” he responds stupidly.

“That’s an odd name,” Joe laughs, “I thought you said he was Italian, Nile?”

“Sorry!” Nicky apologizes quickly, feeling like an absolute ass, “Nicolò, well Nicky. You can call me Nicky - unless you prefer Nicolò, but everyone calls me Nicky." 

“It’s nice to meet you, ‘you can call me Nicky’ ," Joe chuckles, "Nile’s told me a lot about you.”




They’re at the all-night lounge, sitting out on the patio, talking shop and drinking too many margaritas. 

“How do you even have time for the poor thing if you work all the time?” Joe asks incredulously.

“The hotel has a doggy daycare,” Nicky explains as he waves at the waitress for another round, “and he  loves  it. He sees me before work for snuggles and a walk, then he spends the rest of the day with all his puppy friends.”

“It doesn’t get any better than that!” Nile snorts.

Nicky giggles, already feeling the effects of the margarita’s, “My biggest issue with taking the job was the thought of not being able to provide Pan Pan with the attention he needs. When I mentioned it to the hotel Manager, he worked it out so I could drop Pan Pan off at the daycare anytime, free of charge! I'm so relieved he was willing to work with me. I could never leave my best friend behind, even for an opportunity like this." 

“I’m glad it worked out for you Nicky,” Joe says sincerely, “that Corgi has a wonderful Papa.”

Nile laughs, “You can say that again. That dog is fucking spoiled ."

“He’s not spoiled,” Nicky scoffs.

“Nicky, you knit him a pair of booties when you thought his little paws were getting too cold.”

“The nights are cool, Nile.”

“Not that cool!”

“I would love to meet Pan Pan,” Joe chuckles before taking another swig of his drink, “I’m definitely a dog person.”

“Pffft. Says the man who’s never owned a cat,” Nile chides affectionately.

“Cats aren’t my biggest fans. I think it’s the -” Joe holds up his tentacled arms, “that they are a little hesitant to get to know.”

“Pan Pan will love you,” Nicky exclaims, “one good tummy rub and he’ll be your best friend." 

“The same could be said about Nicky,” Nile teases, laughing when she notices Nicky’s flushed cheeks.

After knocking back a few more rounds, Nile is the first to tap out.

“Guys, it’s been fun, but if I don’t sleep off this hangover, I’m gonna be a bear at work tomorrow.”

“Fair enough,” Joe chuckles, “we’ll walk you to your flat and then I’ll walk Nicky home.”

“Oh…” Nicky utters nervous, “you don’t have to do that Joe. I can catch the late bus.”

Everything is well within walking distance in the little fishing town but Nicky knows that in his inebriated state, it’s probably safer to take public transport. That, and he doesn’t want to be in Joe’s company long enough to say something foolish, as his brain is still short circuiting on too much alcohol.

“Okay, well since Nile’s only a block away, how about we walk her home and then I take the bus with you. It’ll be faster for me to get home too.”

“Sounds good,” Nicky responds quietly, downing the rest of his margarita. 

He can feel the warm blush crawl up his neck at the thought of being alone with Joe. Up until this point, Nile’s been the buffer between them. As strange as it sounds, Nicky’s never felt more attracted to someone as he does to this tentacled man. 

Perhaps, it’s the sheer confidence and kindness Joe exudes, even when a group of tourists rudely point and gasp on the street. 

Or those strange tendrils that are able to elegantly hold a wine glass, wield a paintbrush, and delicately wrap around Nicky’s shivering frame when he forgets his coat at home. 

Or that muscular chest that’s so big and broad, he’s unable to find a proper shirt, forced to constantly show off those amazing pectorals that leave Nicky salivating. 

Or maybe, just maybe , it’s the kindness and sincerity Nicky sees in those gorgeous brown eyes and dazzling smile. Joe is undoubtedly the most charming man he has ever met and he understands why the people of Portofino love him so.

“Whenever you’re ready, guys,” Nile says through a yawn, pulling herself out of her seat.

After a few minutes of arguing, Joe uses both strong, tentacled arms to hold Nicky and Nile away from the table as one of his many lower tentacles reach for the bill.

“Sofia!” Joe calls to the waitress, “just put it on my tab with the normal tip."

“Again Joe! You keep tipping like that and you won’t have anything left,” Nile chuckles as she struggles to walk in a straight line, "you shoulda let me foot the bill."

“I make more than enough at the hotel,” Joe shrugs, “this is your stop Nile. You gonna be okay getting up to your flat?”

“I’m good. See you tomorrow, Nicky. Later, Squidward.”

“You’re lucky I like you,” Joe laughs as he goes to embrace her.

“Night, Nile,” Nicky waves as she stumbles up the stairs and into the building.

“The bus stop is this way,” Joe points with one of his lower tendrils, his arms busy holding Nicky in a standing position, “you gonna make it, lightweight?”

Nicky giggles as he gently shakes Joe’s tendrils from his shoulders, “Si, si. I’m fine.”

Joe makes sure he doesn’t stray too far behind, just in case.




Once on the bus, Nicky looks at the bench that Joe’s currently seated on, trying to work out if he’ll be able to squeeze in next to him. He doesn’t want to be rude and sit away from the tentacled man, but with all those tendrils spread out, they don’t leave him much room.

“Oh! Sorry, sorry," Joe exclaims nervously, noticing Nicky’s hesitation to sit on one of his many appendages. With his large tentacled arms, he gathers his lower tendrils and lifts them towards himself, like a heavy gown, in an attempt to make more room.

Grazie,” Nicky whispers, his blush returning full force as he sits next to Joe.

During the ride, both men remain quiet. Nicky, still reeling from the alcohol, drifts in and out of consciousness, only fully coherent when he feels something gently shake him awake.

“Nicky,” Joe whispers, “I think this is your stop.”

“Oh, yeah it is.”

“You need help getting inside?”

“No, I um - I think I’ve sobered up a bit. I should be fine. Grazie, Joe.”

“Anytime, Nicky,” Joe replies with a warm smile.

Before Nicky can remove himself from the bus, Joe calls out, “Nicky! Would you uh - would you be interested in dinner tomorrow night? Just us ?”

Si ! I mean -yeah, I would really like that.”

“Great!” Joe replies quickly, his giddiness matching Nicky’s, “See you at eight?”

“That works for me.”

“Hey Joe! It’s the end of my shift! You gonna give your beau a goodnight kiss or can we get moving?” the driver calls out teasingly.

“Sorry, Antonio!” Joe replies, face flushed, “See you later, Nicky.”

Nicky just giggles, waving goodbye as he gingerly steps off the bus.

When he’s back in his flat, Nicky lets out an excited, 'Yes!' as he does a little victory dance, accidently knocking over Pan Pan’s water dish in the process. Awakened by the clatter, Pan Pan jolts out of bed, scanning the room for the culprit.

“Oops,” Nicky chuckles, “sorry Pan Pan.” The corgi just lets out an annoyed huff before curling up and falling back to sleep.

That night, Nicky dreams of warm brown eyes and tentacles.




As predicted, Nicky has a great time with Joe, which only leads to more dates. 

Joe shows him more of Portofino; taking him to many different scenic locations, amazing restaurants, and fun nightclubs.  

Today, they've decided to spend their morning on the docks, Joe adamant on helping Nicky catch his first fish.

“I can’t believe you’re some big wig chef and you haven’t even caught your own fish before!”

“I went on a fishing trip with some friends years ago, but didn't catch anything. None of us did. I guess, I never saw the appeal after that."

“Wait until you do catch something,” Joe smiles, “you’ll be addicted to that feeling.”

“Okay, okay,” Nicky chuckles, “I’ll give it an hour, but after that I have to go to bed. I’m working the evening shift tonight.”

Joe can tell that the job is beginning to take its toll on his friend? Boyfriend? They’ve been going out for nearly a month but haven’t yet clearly defined what they are to one another. 

Joe doesn’t mind. Just being with Nicky is good enough for him.

“You should take some time off, mio amico. You look tired.”

“The job has definitely been - well, it’s been a lot,” Nicky agrees, “Nile said she could cover me for a week so I can recharge and spend some quality time with Pan Pan and, well–  you,” he can feel his cheeks begin to burn, “and I’m thinking of taking her up on her offer.”

“I know Nile, and if she says she can handle it, she can handle it,” Joe reassures him, “and if you want to start your vacation off right, how about you come in for a free massage?”

“Oh, Joe, I couldn’t ask for that,” Nicky states firmly, knowing that a massage from Joe doesn’t come cheap.

“Nicky, it’s fine. Honestly, there’s no one I know that’s in need of a massage more than you and I'd be happy to give you one.”

Nicky hesitates.

“They don’t call me the best masseuse in the country for nothing,” Joe smiles, “It’ll help you relax. I promise.”

Nicky nods, accepting Joe’s offer, but can’t help the anxiety that builds in his chest. Just being near the tentacled man sends Nicky’s senses into overdrive. In the time Nicky’s known Joe, he’s embraced him, cuddled into him, tightly gripped the man’s tendrilled wrist, but never has Joe ever touched him like that . It’s not the tentacles that bother him but how his own body might react to them.

"You're important to me, Nicky," Joe whispers sweetly, "and it's important that I rise to the occasion to help you release some of that pent up anxiety." 

Nicky just feigns a smile. It's not that he's ungrateful that Joe is willing to rise to the occasion and lend a helping han- tentacle . It's the fear that if Joe touches him in such an intimate setting, something else might rise to the occasion.




“I’ve never had a massage before.”

“Really?! Nicky, you’re missing out!” Nile replies incredulously, “but seriously, if Joe’s gonna be your first masseuse, you’re never going to want to go to anyone else. He’s a miracle worker! There’s a reason he’s always booked up.”

Sitting on Nicky’s small couch with Pan Pan cuddled up on her lap, Nile holds a brochure for 'Joe’s Miracle Touch Massage Parlor' , holding it open for both her and Nicky to look over.

Nicky scans the brochure, trying to decide on the type of massage he should ask for.

“I’m a little nervous," he admits quietly.

Nile gives him a strange look, “I thought the tentacles didn’t bother you?”

“They didn’t - I mean, they don’t! I just -” he takes a deep breath, deciding to just come clean, "you know I really like Joe. More than like, and I’m afraid that if he touches me like that, I might get, um..."

Nile looks at him like he’s grown two heads, “Get what?”


“Oh, OH!” Nile exclaims, "Wow.  I knew you guys were close but you never told me you were officially an item,” she gives him a warm smile, “if it makes you feel any better, I don’t think he’ll have a problem with you getting excited.

The last remark earns her a teasing shove as Nicky rolls his eyes, and plucks the brochure from her fingers.

“I don’t know what we are but I’m pretty sure he feels the same as me.”

Pretty sure? Nicky, do you not see the way he looks at you? It’s obvious you like each other; I just didn’t know whether or not you guys were going to pursue anything serious because of his, uh -unique body type.”

“That doesn’t bother me.”

“Then what’s stopping you guys from taking the next step?”

Nicky contemplates her question. 

Maybe he should make a move to push things along; anatomy be damned! He could care less what they can, and can’t do, in the bedroom.

Nicky just wants to belong to Joe; to run his cheek along that coarse beard, to run his hands through those perfect curls, to kiss those plush lips, to feel those strong tentacles hold him close. 

He’s made up his mind, he’s going to make it official, but not until after the massage. 




The massage parlor is gorgeous.  

Located on the top floor of the hotel, the entirety of the room is nothing but glass windows, giving the clients a perfect view of beautiful Portofino. There’s a fountain in the center, with a table a few feet away that holds a pitcher of fresh water, and a reception desk by the door where he is currently standing.

“Can I help you?”

Nicky's greeted with the sight of an attractive woman with long dark hair, dressed in a very becoming red blouse and a fitted, black pencil skirt.

“Oh, um-”

“You’re Nicolò, yes?” she asks politely.


“I’m Quynh, it’s nice to meet you,” she extends her hand that he graciously accepts, “I’m going to help you get settled before your appointment with Joe.”

“Oh, okay,” Nicky responds clumsily, “I’ve never done anything like this before so any tips are appreciated.”

Quynh gives him a bright smile, “When you see Joe, all you need to do is relax. But, right now, I do advise that you drink a glass of water before the session. After that, feel free to use the facilities around the corner and then I’ll get you set up in Joe’s Zen Room.”

After taking Quynh’s advice, he’s led to a small, private room that is curtained off from the outside. The only light, emanating from some dimly lit candles and several large salt lamps, giving the room a warm, comforting glow. The room smells of citrus and lemongrass; the soothing aroma already alleviating some of Nicky’s pent-up stress.

“Okay Nicky, because you opted for the full body massage, please remove all your clothes and place them on the chair. There’s a towel on the massage table you can wrap around your waist. Joe will make sure to knock before he enters.”

“Alright.” Nicky replies nervously.

“Enjoy your hour and a half, full body massage, Mr. Di Genova.”

Nicky just nods. 

He must look as nervous as he feels because the receptionist, Quynh, is giving him a reassuring smile, “Relax, Nicky. Joe will take good care of you.”

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what he’s afraid of.

When Quynh leaves, he begins to remove his clothes, neatly folding them and placing them on the chair.

Cazzo!” he swears when he gets to his underwear. He forgot to ask if he should leave them on or take them off and at this point he’s too embarrassed to ask. She did say to remove all his clothes. 

Fuck it, he thinks as he removes his underpants and ties the short, white towel around his waist. Noticing the towel only just covers his backside, he contemplates putting his underwear back on, but is stopped by a gentle knock on the door.

“You decent, Nicky?” Joe asks quietly.

“Uh, yeah!” Nicky replies as he quickly hops on the massage table, tightly crossing his legs with his hands protectively in front.

As soon as Joe opens the door, he knows he’s made a huge mistake. Sitting there, in what appears to be only a towel, sits the object of his affection. 

Usually, clients are expected to keep their underwear on, but if Nicky’s more comfortable this way, Joe’s not going to tell him otherwise. 

Although, the knowledge that only a small towel is keeping Nicky from being completely exposed, is not going to make it easy for Joe to concentrate. 

“Nicky,” Joe greets, his voice a little higher than usual, “I’m glad you’re here. During the session, don’t feel like you have to make conversation. As much as I love talking to you, this is about helping you relax. If you are uncomfortable or exhibit any pain anytime during the massage, please tell me right away. If there’s a problem area you would like me to focus on, don’t hesitate to speak up. Do you have any questions?”

“I um - I think I’m good.”

“Just let me know if you’re not, okay?”

As anxious as he is about the whole thing, Nicky’s relieved he has the power to stop the session if need be. Clad only in a small towel, he's quite confident it will be difficult to hide his attraction to Joe if the touching becomes too intimate, “I will.”

“Okay, so if you could just lie on your stomach with your face on the cushioned ring, I’ll just get things set up on my end and we’ll begin.”

Nicky nods, carefully maneuvering himself on the cushioned table so that the towel doesn’t ride up, and give Joe an indecent eyeful of his rear end.

No matter how careful Nicky tries to be, Joe’s already noticed the towel slide up just enough to get a good glimpse of those full, pale globes. It takes every bit of Joe’s strength to concentrate on the task at hand.

Ambient music is set on low, while the scent of lemongrass gets stronger, permeating the entire room. The slick sound of Joe lathering his tentacles with body oil serves as a sobering reminder that they will be all over Nicky's body within a matter of seconds. 

Joe's touched me plenty of times. It will be fine, Nicky's brain tries to reassure him.

He’s just like any other client. It will be fine, Joe thinks to himself, trying his best to stay focused. 

Turning around, Joe’s inner mantra is instantly halted as he’s greeted with smooth pale skin, deliciously on display and awaiting his touch to soothe every single exposed area. Taking a deep breath, he moves towards Nicky, ready to begin.

Nicky lets out a startled gasp as Joe’s tentacled arms gently glide over his bare back. The feeling is euphoric, as the strong tendrils use the perfect amount of pressure to dig into some of the problem areas along his upper back and shoulders. The small suckers on the inside of the tentacles add suction that increase the pressure, pushing on every knot with fervor. Feeling his tense back loosen, Nicky begins to relax, sinking further into the cushioned table, while other tendrils begin to work on his arms, legs and feet. 

No wonder Joe’s the best in this trade! The feeling of every single part of his body being massaged at once is absolute bliss.

The tendrils that work on Nicky’s legs gently circle around his ankles, all the way up to his thighs, gradually adding pressure and suction that involuntarily cause Nicky to further spread his legs.

Joe almost stops, as he can’t help but stare at Nicky’s slightly visible cock and balls.

“I’m just going to apply more oil,” Joe says quickly, removing his tendrils from Nicky’s body and praying the man notices that he’s left himself quite exposed.

Nicky just hums, staying completely still as he waits for Joe to finish. He’s never felt more relaxed in his whole life. His entire body feels lighter, like years of pent-up anxiety just melted away with nothing more than Joe's expert touch. He’s also hard.  Which, really shouldn’t be an issue since he’s positioned on his stomach.

“I’ll have you turn around now, Nicky.”

Nicky’s eyes fly open in panic, “I um - you can still work on my back. I feel like that’s where most of my issues are.”

Joe knows he’s contradicting himself after he’s just told Nicky that it’s his session to control, but Joe’s not sure he can keep it together if Nicky doesn’t rearrange himself.

“That’s fine, I just - I can reach those problem areas in your shoulders and thighs easier if you’re on your back. You did ask for the full treatment.”

Nicky hesitates, “Okay, ah - just give me a second.” 

He doesn’t want to move but he doesn’t want to seem weird either. A hard-on should be normal, right? Joe has an excellent touch and he can’t be the only man he’s massaged.

Well, Nicky’s brain decides, maybe now's the time for a little ‘show and tell.’ Might as well lay it all out on the table, literally .

Slowly turning around, Joe sees why Nicky was so hesitant to move. Straining against the towel, Joe can see the outline of Nicky’s hard cock, a bit of wetness already leaking through.


“I - I’m sorry,” Nicky replies hesitantly, “is this - did you want to stop?”

“No!” Joe replies quickly, “I mean -” 

This isn’t something new. Joe’s used to his male customers sometimes getting a little too excited during their appointment but he has always made a valiant effort to ignore it and continue the session. 

But this is Nicky. 

Nicky, the man he dreams about regularly, in this same situation, minus the towel. The man he’s been dating for over a month but hasn’t found the courage to officially ask to be his boyfriend. 

It’s not that Joe doesn’t want to make their relationship official; he wants that more than anything. He’s just not sure if Nicky wants the same thing. Nicky cares about him, that he’s sure, but he’s not sure if being intimate with a man - a tentacled man, is something he’d be comfortable with.

“Joe, listen. I think I should get this out now because I really like you, and I don’t want things to be uncomfortable between us,” Joe waits patiently, his brow pinched in anticipation, “I ahh - I was hoping we could take our relationship to the next step, and be like, officially dating.”

Joe can’t hide his look of surprise, “Really?”

Si. I really like being with you. You’re funny, kind … ridiculously attractive,” he whispers, his face heating up, “who wouldn’t want to be your boyfriend?”

“Lots of people, Nicky,” Joe replies seriously, “you don’t even - my anatomy must at least make you a little nervous?”

“Not really,” Nicky shrugs, “I mean - we can make it work. I know enough about your anatomy that it shouldn’t be so different. You’re just a bit - bigger than most is all.”

“Is this what you really want?” Joe sighs, the look of anxiety still clear on his face.

Nicky slowly removes himself from the table, approaching the man he can’t stand seeing unhappy.

“Joe,” he says firmly, standing on his toes to reach up and cup the tentacled man’s face, “I’ve never been as happy as I am with you. The sex stuff is minor, we’ll figure it out. I just want to be with you.”

Joe smiles, tears forming at the corners of his eyes, “People accept me, but no one’s ever wanted something like this from me before. Nicky, I want you too - so much. I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

Nicky smiles wickedly before tugging on the small towel, allowing it to slide down his wide hips, and land in a heap on the floor, “Do you think I would be as hard as I am if I was uncomfortable?” 

Before Joe has a chance to reply, Nicky pulls Joe's face to his and kisses him passionately, desperately.

Unconsciously, Joe’s large, tentacle arms gently embrace Nicky, the tips sliding lower until they are situated under Nicky’s generous bottom, the curious tendrils gently sliding up and down the warm area between the plush globes.

“Nicky,” Joe breathes, backing Nicky up until his lower back is against the padded table, “do you want this?”


“Then let me make it good for you,” Joe winks, “you still have forty minutes left on the clock.”

Getting the hint, Nicky scoots onto the table, on his back.

“Comfortable, Habibi ?”


“Good,” Joe replies as he lathers his tentacles up with body oil once more, “because things are about to get very unprofessional .”

Nicky giggles as Joe turns the lights a little lower, adding a little more body oil to his thick tendrils before approaching the massage table and the vision that lies upon it.

If Joe had fingers, he’d pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. How did he get lucky enough to have a man as kind, intelligent, and stunning as Nicky, gloriously naked, and eager for him on his massage table? Never in all his life has something like this ever presented itself to him, and because of that, he’s starting to get cold feet - er, tentacles.

“I uh-” he says, still transfixed on a very naked Nicky, lying on his back, spreading his legs a little more, allowing Joe a closer look, “I’ve never done anything like this before. I have an idea of what to do, but if something’s uncomfortable or-”

“Joe,” Nicky whispers softly, “if you are unsure, this can wait. I don’t want to rush something you're not yet ready for.”

“Oh, I want this,” he replies without thinking, “you have no idea…”

“Well, if that’s the case, if you don’t touch me soon, I may actually combust,” Nicky says a little breathless, his eyes large and desperate.

Without responding, Joe moves towards Nicky, his two large tentacled arms squirming up Nicky’s legs, thighs, and stomach, before resting at his chest. The tendrils swirl around his pink nipples, occasionally suctioning to them, adding a little pull, a little pressure, that stiffen the small buds with every movement.

Dio mio.” Nicky pants, as he moves his hand toward his cock.

“No, Habibi,” Joe scolds, as one of the many tendrils from the bottom half of his torso wraps around Nicky’s wrists, maneuvering them behind his head, binding him, “we’re still on the clock, which means, your body is mine to pleasure.”

Nicky moans in abandon as he feels two more smaller tendrils wrap around his legs, spreading them even further, leaving him exposed, and completely at Joe’s mercy.

“That’s it, Tesoro. Relax for me.”

More oily tendrils begin to squirm and slide across his flushed skin, across his nipples, around his sac and hard cock. It’s nothing he’s ever felt before. 

It’s too much and not enough all at once. 

Panting hard, he thrusts his hard cock into the tendrils' firm hold, crying out when he feels more tendrils gently slide against the tip of his cockhead and graze the sensitive area between his asscheeks. The tendrils are everywhere; all massaging, suctioning, and sliding against every sensitive part of his body at once.

Nicky, close to the edge, whimpers a warning that he’s about to come, only to be stopped by a tendril that tightly wraps itself around the base of his cock. Desperate for release, tears begin to form in Nicky’s eyes as he weakly tries to break out of Joe’s hold, “Per favore let me come.”

“Is that truly what you want, Tesoro? Or do you want to come while I’m inside you?”

Si ! In me, Joe! Per favore!”

At his boyfriends request, Joe uses two more tendrils to spread Nicky’s cheeks, giving him a full view of the pretty little pucker hidden within.

“Beautiful,” Joe sighs, noticing Nicky’s cheeks flush pink at the endearment, “do you enjoy being spread out like this for me, Nicky? That delicious little hole just waiting to be devoured, and filled.”

Si, Joe,” Nicky pants. 

Using all the tendrils that have a hold on Nicky, Joe raises his lover's body so that his ass is level with his face, his large tentacled arms keeping Nicky steady as Joe enthusiastically eats him out.

Nicky, completely at Joe’s mercy, whimpers incoherently as Joe licks and sucks at his rim, occasionally plunging his tongue into Nicky’s clenching hole. Another oiled tendril joins Joe’s explorative tongue, probing deeper and deeper inside until Nicky can feel it pressed up against his sensitive prostate.


That's right. Let me hear you, Habibi,” Joe whispers, turning his attention towards Nicky’s heavy sack, licking and suckling as his coarse beard rubs up against Nicky’s reddened asshole.

Nicky is trembling, unable to keep himself silent as his tentacled lover moves towards his tightly bound cock and sucks on the head, drinking down the beads of pre-come that have already begun to make a mess on Nicky’s taught stomach.

Aware that Nicky’s resolve won’t last long, Joe works another tendril inside his quivering lover, stretching him as he pushes hard against Nicky’s aching bundle of nerves. 

Joe’s ‘cock’, a thick tendril hidden beneath the others, is much thicker than a human penis and longer than average. Nicky can take it, but not without the proper prep and some calm nerves.

“Relax for me, Tesoro,” Joe coos as he gently inserts another tendril into Nicky’s slick, puffy hole.

Nicky is full on crying now, with a bit of drool dribbling out the corner of his mouth. His eyes are glassy and he’s silently praying for release.

Removing his tendrils from Nicky’s hole, Joe turns Nicky around so that he’s on his front, chest pushed into the table with his plush ass presented like a feast.

Joe prays the table can withstand both their weight as he maneuvers himself over Nicky, his thick, hidden tendril hard and ready to push into that divine heat. Lining himself up, he begins to push in slowly, trying hard to make sure Nicky experiences no pain.

Sensing no unease or discomfort, Joe thrusts in earnest, his tendrils once again wrapping around Nicky’s torso, his ankles, neck, cock and balls, providing the perfect amount of pressure, as his thick member thrusts hard into Nicky’s greedy hole.

Si, Joe! Si! – Dio mio!"

With one final thrust, Joe releases his hold from Nicky’s swollen cock, coming hard inside his lover -as Nicky comes in thick, white ropes across his stomach, chest, and the table below.

After taking a few minutes to catch their breath, Joe maneuvers Nicky so that he’s seated in front of him on his knees. 

Taking his lover's face in his tentacle-like hands, Joe kisses him deeply, hoping to convey his gratitude, elation, and adoration with nothing more than the loving sweep of his tongue. 

Nicky kisses him back just as fiercely, as passionately, feeling like he could ascend into the Heaven's. His body more sated than it’s ever been as it sings out for Joe’s body and soul.

Unconsciously, Joe’s tendrils begin to wriggle their way back into Nicky’s used hole, possessively trying to push Joe’s spend back inside.

Nicky giggles.

“Well, I certainly feel relaxed,” he gives Joe a sheepish smile, “You’ve really never done that with anyone else?”

“No. No one’s ever been interested in me like that. People they - people are uncomfortable with what they don’t understand.”

“What’s not to understand? You are a wonderful man, with a kind heart, and a smile that takes my breath away. Those other people are missing out,” Nicky smiles as he gently combs his hand through Joe’s thick curls, “and I mean it when I say missing out. That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Joe chuckles, as he holds Nicky gently against his large chest, “I’m so happy I found you, Tesoro. You speak so highly of me and forget how much kindness you have bestowed upon me these last few months. Knitting me tentacle warmers for the rainy season, and a shirt that actually fits, so I can join you for dinner at your fancy restaurant. Surprising my mother and I with visits from you and Pan Pan. Packing me lunches for work, holding me by the ocean while helping me work through my anxieties. Nicky I -”

“Don’t be afraid, Joe,” Nicky says gently, “say it.”

“I’m in love with you,” Joe replies quietly.

“Incurable romantic,” Nicky replies teasingly, leaning in for another kiss, “I love you too.”

“Tentacles and all?”

“Tentacles and all.”