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home, at last

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Zhao Yunlan comes back late into the night. He can see the lights are still on, which means Shen Wei is still awake, waiting for him.

Shen Wei always waited for him. It looked like a unspoken rule for them, and Zhao Yunlan always found it difficult to think about. No matter what, when or why, Shen Wei would always be there, sitting down at their kitchen table looking tired but still grading paper, killing time until he also came home. It hurt him a bit, thinking about the man sitting alone in the soft light of their kitchen, waiting for him.

Zhao Yunlan walks into the house with warmth making his heart throb, because no matter how much time he spends with Shen Wei, it always makes his chest ache a bit, to see how much the ghost king loves him.

“I’m home” he says, stepping into the kitchen. Shen Wei looks up, a smile lighting up his dark eyes, and Zhao Yunlan doesn’t wait anymore, and covers the little distance between them with two large steps, catching the other man in his arms when he stands up.

Shen Wei kisses him like he’s made out of sand and he’s slowly slipping through his fingers, but as quick as it is, it’s the sweetest Zhao Yunlan has ever been kissed, and he can’t stop himself from chasing after the other man’s lips. It’s not much of chase, since Shen Wei never actually intends to get away from him, not now that he has the freedom of being as close as he likes.

They kiss once, twice. Thrice. Shen Wei chuckles, Zhao Yunlan changes direction and kisses his nose.

“Welcome home” Shen Wei says.

Zhao Yunlan feels the warmth setting in. This is, without a doubt, how “home” feels like.