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A Night With An Escort In Your Hotel Room

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F4M (Script Offer)



(Parentheses) = Guidance for attitudes/emotions

[Brackets] = Actions and sound effects.


I've included the SFX Sounds, but it would work without them.


SFX Sounds: (included as inspiration)


Door knock:

Door open and close:

Opening envelope -

Counting cash -

Bathroom door opening/closing-

Champagne pop:

Drink pour:

Slow walking in high heels:

Unbuckles belt -

Removing trousers -

Removing underwear -

Climbing on bed -

*****Note: Sfx are completely optional*****


-------------------------------All characters within are 18 years or older -----------------------------


[SFX: Knock on door.]

A beat


[SFX: Sound of door being opened.]


Hi, is this room 118?


Hey, very nice to meet you too.


[SFX: Sound of door being closed.]


I'm great, thank you.


Yeah, the guy downstairs let me in with no problems.


A glass of water would be great, thanks.


Sorry, I just need to give my friend a call real quick.


[You call your friend.]


Hey, it's me. Just letting you now, I'm here and everything's good.


Okay, I'll call you shortly, thanks.




[You hang up.]


Now that that's out of the way, why don't you show me around.


This is a such a beautiful place...


How did you come by it?


So you must travel a lot?


What do you do?


Oh wow, that must be interesting to work in.


(Flirty) So you're a busy boy then?


Not enough time for yourself?


(Flirty) You know, it's very important to look after yourself.


Mind if I take a look at the view.


Oh wow, the city looks stunning.


[He hands you a glass of water.]


Thank you.


[You take a sip from the glass.]


What were you reading?


Can’t say I’ve heard of it. Is it any good?


Sounds interesting.


Hmm, I’m more a Stephen King girl.


Ya  know, sitting poolside in a skintight bikini reading one of his books, that’s more my vibe. (Giggle)


So how long are you in town for?


Mmmm, and you were thinking a little pleasure before the business.


I couldn't agree more.


Speaking of business, I like to deal with the financial side of things up front.


Ooh an envelope, just like the movies… How illicit. (Giggles)


Mind if I count it now?


[SFX: You open envelope and count out the money.]


Perfect, It's all there.


You didn't buy that champagne for me, did you?


That's so sweet, you shouldn't have.


I'd love a glass.


I brought the lingerie to wear that you requested, and the red lipstick.


Would you like me to put it on?


Do you have a restroom?


Great, I'm just gonna excuse myself real quick.


Why don't you pour me that glass of champagne, and I'll be right back.


[You leave the room.]


[SFX: Pop of champagne.]


[SFX: Sound of glass being poured.]


(Distant) Are you okay out there?


(Distant) I’ll be out in just a sec.


[A beat.]


(Distant) I'm ready, baby. Shut those eyes for me. I want you to enjoy every second.


[SFX: Slow clip of high heels across floor approaching.]


You can open them now. (Giggles)


Do you like it?


I thought you would.


Mmm, black is one of my favourite colours.


So, have you done this before?


(Giggles) I could tell.


There's no need to be nervous, I promise I'll take good care of you.


So tell me, what do you like?


Well, do you like to watch?


Mhmm, well why don't you watch me model this sexy black lingerie you bought.


That's it, sit back there and get comfortable.


Tonight is your night…


(Sultry) And I want you to enjoy every second.

[Feel free to ad-lib here.]


I love how silky these stockings feel.


So soft, you really spoiled me. 

How do you like these stilettos, baby?


(Giggle) Do they make you want to do bad things to me?

Mmm, so many filthy fantasies I bet.

Sultry) Tell me how fuckable I look in these six inch heels.


Mmm, so how do you like the view?


Am I everything you wanted?


How badly do you want to see this lingerie on the floor?

(Giggle) You just want to tear me out of these clothes.


Mhmm, tell me how great my tits look in this outfit.

The bigger the tits the harder the cock gets, right? (Giggles)


Nuh uh, I didn’t say you could touch me yet, did I?


I just said you could watch.


You wanna touch them?


Go on then, touch them.


Mhm, I want your hands on my tits.


[You moan as he touches your tits.]


Mmm, that's it, squeeze them baby.


[Moan] You like how hard my nipples are?


God, your hands feel good.


I hope you’re an ass man.


Because I love to have my ass played with.


What am I into? (Giggles)


Good question.


(Sultry) Well, I'm into pleasing.


Mhmm, I really enjoy making dreams come true.


(Sultry) Mhmm, every little fantasy.


So, do you like to have your cock sucked?


Do you like it nice and wet?


I bet it’s really big too.


Why don't you stand up.


[SFX: Belt being unbuckled.]


You don’t need these anymore.

[SFX: Sound of trousers being removed.]

I love getting paid to undo guy’s belts. (Giggle)


Mmm, look at that, I can see the outline.


Mmm, you’re really hard huh.


(Giggles) So you do like this outfit, hmm?


Well, I think it’s about time we formally say hello.


Let’s take these off...


I want to see what you have in here.


[SFX: Pulling down his underwear.]


Oh wow.


Look at that...


Mmm, all this for me.


You should know I’m very greedy. (Giggle)


Mmm, I can tell this is going to be my pleasure.


You can sit back down, baby.


Mmm, watch me get on my knees for you.


[You lower yourself onto your knees.]


Mmm, I love a hard cock in my face.


I just want to taste it.


[Slowly you tap cock against your tongue.]


Do you like to have your dick sucked?


Yeah? You think you can handle these red lips around your cock?


Mmmm, why don’t we find out.


Hmm, but I shouldn’t give it to you all at first.


Nuh uh, I think I should tease it.


Yeah, I’m gonna tease this cock


Mhmm, watch me smear red lipstick all over your dick.


[Cock kissing]


Is this what you like?


My soft red lips all over you.


[Cock kissing]


Fuck, you’re so big.


Look at that ring of lipstick I made. (Giggle)


Mmm, such a pretty cock.


[Spits hard on dick.]


Do you like that?


Make it nice and wet for you.


[Slowly you begin jacking his cock.]


Is that good, hmm?


Tell me how much.


[You continue jacking his cock, increasing speed.]


Mmm, feel how hard it is for me.


It wants me.


Wants my slutty fucking mouth.


[Spits on cock]


You like all of the spit?


Mhmm, I know you do.


You like it dirty don’t you, baby?




[Mouth pop.]



I'm going to run my tongue over every inch of you.


All the way from the base…


Down your thick shaft…


All the way to the head.


Think you can handle it?


(Giggles) Hmm, lets see.


Mmmm, put that cock between these slutty lips.


[You start sucking his cock. You moan with pleasure.]


Fuck, you taste delicious.


[The blowjob sounds get wetter and sloppier]


Mmm, watch me work my mouth all over your cock.


Every fucking inch.


[You continue sucking.]


Mmm, you like that, don’t you? (Giggle)


Mmm, I think its time I play with these balls.


[There's a gentle 'pop' as you suck on his balls, teasing him, moaning as you do it.]


Mmm, I love a set of balls in my mouth.


(Lusty) Mmmm, I'd never want to neglect them.


[We hear you suck on his balls, moaning as you make them sloppy.]


Mmm, I can fill them swelling up with cum.


[The wet popping sound as you suck on one of his balls.]


Mmm, I want your dick back in my mouth.


[You start moaning as you return to sucking his cock.]


Mmmm your precum tastes yummy.


Such a little cock whore, aren’t I?


(Lusty) Mmmm, come on baby, fill my mouth with it.


[With his cock in your mouth.] Mmmm, so big.


[Intensely wet sucking noises]


I know how to suck your dick good, don’t I?


Makes you want to fucking cum.


(Sultry) Nuh uh, not yet.


(Seductively) We haven't even begun to play...


Mmm, tell me you want more...


Want more of this slutty fucking mouth.


Mmm, I want your cock throbbing at the back of my throat.


You know this slutty little face deserves to get fucked.


(Lusty) Come on, push my head down. I can take it.


[You deepthroat for a long time, we hear you gluck.]


[You hold his cock in your throat and gag as you come up for air.]




[Catching your breath] Holy shit...


[Moan] That’s what i’m talking about. Choke me with it.


Watch me play with my pussy whilst I suck your cock, baby.


Mmmm, feed me that fucking cock.


[With his cock in your mouth, you say] Mmmm...Yeah, don't stop.


[Another long, sloppy deepthroat. We hear you moaning as his cock glucks in your throat]


[You come up for air again, gagging.]


(Catching your breath) Oh fuck [Moan] Oh my god.


Mmm, your dick makes me smile.


You like it when I fuck you with my pretty little face, Hmm? (Giggle)


Tell me it's the prettiest face you've ever fucked.


(Giggle) You dirty boy.


Wanna see my ass whilst you’re fucking my face?


Mmm, I know how much you like it.


Mmm, watch it jiggle whilst you fuck my throat.


[You take his cock and slap it against your tongue repeatedly, moaning as you do it.]


Now make me fucking gag on it, baby.


Make these pretty eyes water.


[You deepthroat him one last time. You gluck as you inhale his cock.]


[You deepthroat him, it’s incredibly sloppy. We hear you gag.]




[Spits over dick.]


Holy fuck.


Mmm, Fucking cover your cock in my spit.


[You spit drool all over his cock, and moan in satisfaction.]


Did you like that, baby?


Mmmm, tell me I’m the perfect slut.


[You jack his cock briefly and we hear how sloppy it is.]


Look at the mess I made on your cock.


I hope you don't mind... [Giggle]


I just love getting nasty with your dick.


[Feel free to ad-lib here.]


My mouth is all yours.


[You stick your tongue out for a little bit, encouraging him by making sexy "aha" or "mhm" sounds]


Mmm, If my mouth feels that good imagine how tight my pussy is...


Is that what you want?


(Sultry) Tease you with my panties like that.


How badly do you want a glimpse?


Mmmm, let me just slide out of these.


Mmm, look at that pussy. It's fucking glistening.


You like that?


Are you gonna give me what I need?


Mhmm, I think it's about time we get onto the bed...


Follow me, baby.


[SFX: Clip of high heels across floor.]


Just stare at my perfect ass.


Tell me how sexy I look in these stockings.


Mmm, I’m glad you like.


[SFX: You climb onto bed.]


How do you want me?


Mmmm, from behind…


Are you a mind reader? How did you know I love being fucked doggystyle? (Giggle)


Mmm, I love your hands on me.


That’s it, grab those hips.


I want to feel that hard cock inside me.


[He slides it in and you moan.]


Feel how wet I am for you.


My pussy is yours.


[Slowly he begins to fuck you.]


Mmm, Oh my god.


Use the stockings to hold on.


That's it, squeeze that ass.


Mmm, I love it when you pull me deeper onto your cock.


Holy shit.


[Moan] Fuck, you’re so big.


Tell me how good it feels.


My pussy wrapped around your dick.


Mmmm, it’s all yours baby.


[He begins to pick up the pace, we hear how wet you are.]


[Moan] You have no idea.


Don't stop.


[Moan] Please don’t stop.


You’re so fucking deep.


Play with my tits, baby.


Mmm, I want your fingers on my nipples.


[Moan] [Moan] Fuck, that’s amazing.


[You’re going even faster now]


(Whimpering) Shit, shit, shit.


[Moan] Fucking pound my pussy.


Make me feel so good.


[The pace Increases, we hear how wet you are.]


Mmm, you like it when I look back at you?




Is that a good view, watching my ass bounce up and down on that perfect dick?


[Feel free to ad-lib here.]


Mmm, I love your balls slapping up against my ass.


[He spanks your ass.]


You like spanking too, huh?


Mmm, my ass can definitely take it.


Come on, spank my ass, baby.


[Sound of ass being spanked.]


Come on make me your whore.


Let me taste my pussy on your cock.


I wanna feel you back in my mouth.


[SFX: Sound of You moving position on bed.]


Just stare at my slutty little face whilst I suck you off.


[You start sucking his cock again, moaning as you go.]


Mmm, my pussy tastes so good on you.


Did you miss my lips being wrapped around it?


Admit it.


Nothing else compares.


God, I think I’m in love with your dick. (Giggles)


I just wanna worship it.


[You swirl your tongue around the head of his cock and spit on it.]


(Seductively) You wanna do something special?




(Seductively) You wanna do something different?


(Lusty whisper) Slide your perfect cock in my ass.


(Whispers seductively) Come on baby... We both know how badly you want it.


Spread my legs apart...


Look how delicious my asshole is.


So ready to be fucked.


Is that what you want?


(Sultry) Mhmm, I know it is.


Mmm, watch me slide my fingers inside.


[You slide your fingers inside and let out a moan.]


Ohmigod, I'm so fucking tight.


(Slowly you finger your ass, teasing him. We can hear this.)


Mmmm, it feels so good.


(Feel free to ad-lib here.)


Do you like watching me play with my ass?


Tell me how sexy it is.


How badly do you want it?


Mmmm baby, it wants your perfect cock.


Give it to me.


Make me your anal whore.


Mmm, that's it.


Spread my ass so you can get nice and deep in there.


Mmmm, it's all yours tonight.


Fucking pump it in slow.


[He slowly slides himself inside you. You moan loudly.]


(Whimpering) Oh fuck!


(Whimpering) Holy shit!


Mmm baby, you like it when I spread my legs for you?


[Moan] your cock looks so fucking sexy sliding in and out of me.


[He picks up the pace. We hear him fucking you.]


(Lusty) Feel how fucking tight my asshole is.


Can you feel it?


[Moan] Your dick feels so fucking good.


(Whimpering) Make me take it.


[Moan] This ass is all yours.


You fucking paid for it.


Use it, baby.


[You moan continuously as he finds the perfect pace.]


Yeah, go deeper.


Make me take every fucking inch.


I’m your little fucking slut


Treat me like it.


Pull my fucking hair.


[He pulls your hair and you scream in pleasure.]


Fucking harder.


[He quickens the pace, you moan with passion.]


[Screams] Oh God, yes. Fucking wreck me [Moan]


[Moan] Fill me up like a fucking whore.


(Between moans) That's it, right there, right there.


Mmmm, stretch my ass, baby.


Tell me how good I feel.


My ass wrapped around your dick.


It’s all yours.




I'm gonna make you cum so fucking hard.


Spank my ass, baby.


[Sound of your ass being spanked.]


Right there.


Punish me.


Mmm, I’m your dirty whore.


[Sound of your ass being spanked harder.]


(Whimpering) Oh fuck.


(You're overwhelmed by passion: Feel free to ad-lib here)


Mmmm, I want you to cum all over me.


Cover me with it.


I want it all over my face.


Mhmm, is that what you want?




To cum all over me.


To make me lick it up.


[Moan] I'm so ready to lick up every drop for you.


Are you gonna let me taste it?


[We hear him pounding your ass.]


(Breathless) I love how hard you fuck my ass.


Ohhmigod, yes yes yes yes.


(Lusty) I just want to leave here covered in your fucking cum.


I want everyone to see what you did to me.


Would you like that?


For everyone to know I'm your filthy cumslut? (Sexy giggle)


Mmm, you are a bad boy.


Mmm, are you gonna give me my cum?


Mmm, I’m hungry for it.


Mmm, I want my reward.


It’s fucking mine, I worked for it.


Yeah, make me beg like the little slut I am.


I’m such a dirty girl.


I want to feel your cum all over my face.


I want you to cum on my tongue.


Let me taste it.


I’m gonna savour every drop.


Mmmm, are you close?


Just tell me to get down on my knees and open my mouth.


[SFX: You get on your knees.]


We hear you spit on his cock and begin jacking him. We hear how sloppy it is.]


Cum for me, baby.


Cover my slutty face with your warm cum.


(Animalistic) Empty your fucking load all over me.


Animalistic) Your cum belongs inside my mouth.


[You open your mouth wide and make the ahh sound.]


[He erupts hard all over you. You moan passionately as he coats you with cum.]




[Moan] Oh fuck.


(Ecstatic) Mmm, that’s fucking gorgeous.


Is there more?


I need to get every drop.


[You suck the cum from the tip of his cock, then open your mouth so he can see the cum on your tongue.]


[Moan] So yummy.


Oh fuck, look at this big spot over here.


[You scoop the cum up with your fingers and lick them clean.]


[You moan and blow bubbles with the cum dripping over your lips. Feel free to improvise how you play with the cum.]


[We hear you audibly swallow his load.]


Mmm, that was absolutely perfect, you taste delicious.


You were incredible.


Was that everything you wanted it to be baby?


Did I make all your dreams come true?


It was my pleasure.


You can definitely call me again.


[A beat.]


I'm gonna go freshen up.


I won't be long.


And I’ll take that glass of champagne when I’m back.


You've still got me for the rest of the night, and a girl needs to stay hydrated. (Giggles)


[SFX: Sound of high heels walking away.]