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Unforeseen Happiness

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The steady ticking of the clock told Mobius that it was close to being that time again. That time when the whirlwind would make their presence known to everyone and anyone that was willing to listen and offer their precious time to whatever sort of farfetched tale would come out of this person’s mouth. Mobius looked at the clock to the left of his computer monitor, preferring the analog to the digital medium, and saw that there were only a few seconds left before it would hit the halfway mark of the hour. 

“Three….two….one.” He mumbled quietly to himself, and once he arrived at one, the door to the library blew open as if a gale was happening outside. But no, it was just the one person that always seemed to forget that this was a place that didn’t tolerate those sorts of loud noises, mostly because Mobius was too shy to enforce any rules. 

“I’m back!” The person that always showed up at the library at half past five on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays was now back again, looking as pleased as they always looked. “Mobius!” He tried to duck down, pretending that he wasn’t sitting at the circulation desk, not at all interested in hearing what their story would be today. “Mobius, you know I can see you, right?” 

Sighing, he locked his computer and looked up into bright blue eyes framed by long dark strands of hair that he honestly thought were too long for today’s style but this person didn’t seem to care about anyone’s opinion except their own. “Hello, Loki.” He tried to keep the amusement off of his face as he saw Loki’s face seem to light up at being addressed by his name. “What’s happened now?” 

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Loki turned around, then looked to see if he had any other willing participants to listen to his story. “Where is everyone?”

“I’m surprised you noticed.” Mobius stood up, and looked around the first floor. “Most are upstairs, because we all know that you show up at this time. They’re hiding from you.” 

“Rude.” The messenger bag on Loki’s shoulder switched from his right to his left, Mobius wondering how he could have this much energy for so late in the day. “Fine, I’ll just go upstairs and find people that are willing to listen to my story.” 

“Good luck.” He sat back down in his chair as Loki went to the staircase to head up to the second floor. “Don’t make too much noise. I don’t want to have to kick you out.” 

“You’d never do that, Mobius. I know you have way too much heart to actually follow through on your silly threats.” 

Not bothering to look up, Mobius waited until the footsteps disappeared as Loki made his way up the stairs, leaving him alone. He exhaled a long, slow breath as his heart did a number inside of his chest. It wasn’t the first, nor would it be the last, time that Loki had left him feeling slightly out of sorts. That’s the kind of person he was, a person that commanded the attention of everyone and everything at all times. Mobius thought it was exhausting, and yet he found himself looking forward to this time of day more and more. 

A girl approached the desk with a book, which Mobius took and helped her check out for three weeks. He helped a few more students, and then the clock was striking the reminder that it was now on the hour. Time to go home. But Mobius wasn’t ready to leave - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays he tended to stay a little extra, and not because of a certain person. No, it was strictly because he had things he needed to finish that required more of his time. 

“You’re going upstairs, aren’t you?” He saw his counterpart come back behind the desk, getting set up for the next shift. Since they were a part of a university, their library stayed open a little bit later than a normal public library. “You’re still good to work my shift tomorrow, right?” 

“Yes, Casey, I am.” Mobius hadn’t worked the closing shift on a Thursday for a long time, and he hated that he wasn’t going to be here when Loki arrived. But there was nothing that could be done about it. Tomorrow he was working from six until midnight, but tonight - tonight he was off now. “What are you doing tomorrow that you had to switch shifts?” 

“None of your business.” Casey got the desk set up the way he liked it, and really, Mobius knew it wasn’t any of his business but he figured he should ask anyway. “See you tomorrow?” 

He nodded his head, then grabbed his jacket and put it on. The temptation to head upstairs to see how Loki was doing was great, but he decided that it would be too obvious if he were to head up there when his shift was already over. No, he’d see him again next Monday, since he wouldn’t be around to see him tomorrow. 


Arriving at the library at a quarter to six, Mobius felt a little out of sorts. He normally worked the middle shift, noon to six, as that was his preferred shift. But as a favor to Casey, he’d agreed to switch, but now that he was here, he wasn’t so sure it had been the best idea. He was mildly upset that he didn’t get to see Loki, but he would never admit that out loud. That would mean certain things and he wasn’t ready to face those things. He might not ever be ready, and that was just fine by him. 

He saw Casey was already packing up when he got to the circulation desk. “In a hurry?” He asked, setting his bags down. He brought his dinner to eat, as well as his normal items he kept with him. “Are you taking off now?” 

“If that’s cool?” Casey asked, already up out of the chair. He was around the desk when Mobius gave his okay, then flashed him a wave as he left through the library’s front door. 

There weren’t very many people on the first floor right now, and he wondered if it would be the same upstairs. They had someone up in the circulation desk on the second floor, and they’d be finishing up their shift at eight. Everyone knew the policy of the library - when the clock struck eight, if you needed to check something out, you went down to the main circulation desk. Mobius didn’t anticipate there would be too much commotion tonight, as Thursdays were a relatively quiet day. If it had been midterms, that would have been a different story. But right now they were a few weeks out from that, so it was peaceful. 

Looking at the analog clock, he saw that it was about to be six, and he couldn’t help but wonder if Loki was upstairs, or if he hadn’t bothered to show up today. He didn’t hear any loud noises coming from upstairs, so he figured that the trickster hadn’t bothered to come in. Torn between wanting to breathe a sigh of relief, and one of sadness, Mobius instead looked at the stack of books that had been returned throughout the day and began to work on getting them organized to take back to the stacks. 

“Mobius!” He lifted his head and felt his palms begin to sweat as he saw long raven hair flying every which way as Loki took the stairs two at a time. “You’re here!” 

“I work here.” Mobius reminded him, but couldn’t help but feel a little happiness that Loki was here, and had noticed he wasn’t around earlier. “You know this, Loki.” 

“Yes, but you weren’t here earlier, so I assumed you were ill.” Loki threw his upper body over the front of the desk, and stared at him with a hopeful look in his eyes. “I missed you.” 

“I find that very doubtful.” He picked up one of the books and set it off to the side. “Do you really have to do that?” He gestured to how Loki was still leaning over the desk, looking like a damsel in distress. “No one’s around to see your show right now.” 

That seemed to get Loki to move. If Mobius didn’t know any better, he would have sworn he saw a look of disappointment cross over the student’s face, but that couldn’t have been possible. “Right. I’m sorry.” Loki looked around, and Mobius felt a twinge of regret at being so harsh with his words. “I’ll see you later.” 

“Loki, wait.” Not wanting to end things like this, he saw Loki stop walking. “I’m here until midnight tonight. There was a change to my shift tonight.” 

Staying with his back turned, Loki gave a small nod of his head. “Will you be back to your normal schedule on Monday?” 

“I will.” Mobius nodded his head, even though Loki couldn’t see it. “Have a good night, Loki.” 

“You as well, Mobius.” Loki didn’t bother to look back, not that Mobius expected him to, and headed out of the library. 

He dropped the books he was holding, and heard a girl whisper ‘Shhh’ to him, which he apologized for in a soft whisper. Damn it. He hated that Loki seemed to make him both happy and annoyed at the same time. But he was gone now, and he needed to get things done before the end of the night. 

At least he got to see him. That was all that mattered, really. 


Mobius locked up the library and headed out the front door with security, locking it up for the early morning shift tomorrow. He said a quick goodnight to the security guard, who resumed their patrol of the campus, and he began to make his way to his car. 

“I hope you don’t mind, but I thought it might be fun if we went and did something.” Mobius came to a complete standstill when he heard the one voice he hadn’t expected to hear. He definitely didn’t think he’d hear it at this time of night. “Unless you’ve already got some plans?” 

Turning towards Loki, Mobius stared at him in total confusion. “Who the hell makes plans at twelve thirty in the morning?” 

“I dunno, vicarious students?” Loki shrugged his shoulders, wearing the same clothes that he’d been wearing earlier at the library. “I take it that that’s a no, then?” 

“What are you even doing here, Loki?” He tried not to get too excited by this. Twenty minutes ago he’d been dragging and wishing it was time to lock up, and now he felt full of life and was in no way shape or form tired. “Don’t you have some party to be at? So you can come and tell your subjects all about the fun time you had without them around?” 

Loki didn’t answer for a few minutes. “Funny story - I don’t really….I don’t really have friends.” 

“Why does that not surprise me.” Mobius began to walk again, figuring that Loki would join him. But after walking about ten steps, he turned around and saw Loki was standing in the same spot. He gave a nod of his head towards the parking lot. “Come on - I’ll drive you to your….dorm? Apartment?” 


He raised an eyebrow up. “House, huh? How fancy.” 

“My brother has a lot of money, and is renting a house for me.” 

“Again, how fancy.” Mobius didn’t own a house - he rented an apartment a few blocks away from campus. He didn’t see the need to purchase a home when he had all the comforts that he wanted in his bachelor pad. “Why were you waiting for me?” 

“Was I waiting for you? No, I don’t think I was.” Loki shook his head. “I just happened to leave a thing and saw that it was almost midnight, and remembered you said you were off at that time.” 

“You’re a terrible liar.” 

“I am not. I’m very good at lying!” 

Mobius rolled his eyes. “Sure you are.” He pointed his keys at his car, disarming the alarm with a flash of his headlights. “That’s me.” 

“No, that’s your car.” Loki smirked, and Mobius almost laughed at that but managed to keep quiet, not wanting to humor Loki at all. “Or are you some weird vampire, where you turn into a car instead of turning into a bat?” 

“Oh my God, shut up.” He opened the passenger door for Loki. “Get in.” 

“Right. Thank you.” Loki’s hand brushed his arm, and his immediate reaction was to bite his lip as he hadn’t expected a current of electricity to race up his arm at the accidental touch. Ignoring it for now, he walked around the car and got into the driver’s seat. “Should I tell you where I live? Or are you planning on taking me home with you?” 

That comment startled him, Mobius turning to look at his passenger. “We don’t know each other. Why would I be taking you home to my place?” He held his phone out. “Put in your address.” 

“Very well.” Mobius saw a look cross over Loki’s face that he had to wonder if he’d imagined or if it was a legitimate look. He waited for him to finish typing it out, then put the phone onto the console and plugged it into his speakers. “So, no late night dinner at a nearby diner? No drive all night to get to know one another better?” 

Turning the car on, Mobius gripped the steering wheel a little tighter than necessary as Loki rattled off his questions that sounded like amazing ideas but he knew he couldn’t do them because he had to be at work tomorrow, and he doesn’t function that great on a limited amount of sleep. “Tempting, but no.” He backed out of the spot, and began to follow the directions his phone gave to him for taking Loki home. “Besides, why do you want to do that with me anyway? We’re years apart - there’s not much that we would have in common with one another.” 

“What an awful thing to say. Are you calling yourself old, or am I too young for you?” Loki asked, the look returning to his face that he’d seen before. Maybe he had made him a little sad by telling him no, but Mobius couldn’t understand why. “I’m much older than some of the people at our school.” 

“By whose standards? What are you? Twenty-two?” 

“Closer to thirty, but thanks for that.” 

“Well, great. I’m still closer to the age of fifty than I am to my thirties.” Mobius brought the car to a stop as they waited at a stoplight. “You don’t like me. You’re lonely and are looking for someone to take that loneliness away.” 

Loki turned to look at him. “What’s wrong with that? Aren’t you lonely?” 

“No, I’m fine, thanks for asking.” The light turned green and he saw that there were only a few more turns before he would deliver Loki to his house. “You’re an attractive guy - you don’t want me.” 

“I wish that you could see yourself the way that I do. I think you’re very smart, and would like to get to know you better than just our little talks at the library.” Mobius pulled onto Loki’s street, and then parked out in front of his house. “If you don’t want to stay out all night tonight, what about tomorrow? Do you work late tomorrow night? Don’t tell me you work on the weekends, Mobius.” 

“What’s wrong with that?” Mobius shook his head. “No, I’ve got enough seniority that I don’t have to go in on Saturdays and Sundays.” 

“Then meet me here tomorrow night after you get off work. I’ll pay for gas, and for food as I doubt you make a lot of money.” 

“Ouch.” He did make a substantial amount for the hours that he worked. “You’re really batting a thousand here, kid.” 

“Don’t call me that.” A touch of vehemence came through Loki’s tone, surprising Mobius. “I’m not a child, Mobius.” 

He held up his hands in apology. “Sorry. I didn’t think it would be taken so poorly. I strike it from the record.” 

“Thank you.” Loki opened the door. “Will you be here tomorrow night?” 

“We’ll see.” He didn’t want to say yes because as nice as it sounded, there were also things to think about. “Have a good night, Loki.” 

“Good night, Mobius.” The car door was shut gently, and Loki took off to walk up the path to his house. 

Mobius waited until Loki was inside before putting the car back into drive. As tempting as the offer was, he began to formulate an apology in his head that he would tell Loki on Monday when he saw him again at the library. Friday night he would go home after work, because going on an adventure with Loki sounded like a very bad idea, and he wasn’t about to head down that road. No, sir. 


Casey showed up right at six on the dot, Mobius trying not to be too annoyed that his coworker chose tonight of all nights to be right on time for work. He had to go home and freshen up, as he’d decided that maybe showing up at Loki’s might not be as awful as he’d made it out to be at midnight last night. Everything sounded like a bad idea at that time of night, and after thinking about it for most of his shift, he’d decided that he would go and take Loki up on his offer. 

“Sheesh - someone’s in a hurry.” Casey said as Mobius was already wearing his messenger bag as he walked behind the circulation desk. “Got a date or something?” 

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He mumbled under his breath before holding his hand up in a goodbye, then left the library as fast as he could manage to walk. 

He took a quick shower when he got home, and then stood at his closet trying to figure out what to wear. He usually wore a tie to the library, but wearing a tie to go out seemed a bit too formal. Mobius grabbed a black shirt and a tan sweater, as it was a little on the cooler side today. Grabbing a pair of jeans and his boots, he put on his outfit and stood in front of the mirror to look at himself. 

“What am I doing?” He sighed, running his hand through his grey hair. “This is stupid. This is dumb.” He didn’t like the way he looked, but it was too late to try and find something else in his closet as he didn’t really have much except what he wore to work. “This is going to be awful.” 

Getting into his car, he put his phone back on the console and pulled up the maps program and saw that Loki’s address was still saved. He drove over to his house, and when he got there, he sat in the car for a good five minutes working up the courage to head to the front door and announce his arrival. Sighing, he got out and walked up the pathway, then raised his hand to knock on the door but stopped short when the door opened. 

“Hello!” Loki greeted him with a large smile, his face looking much more chipper than it had the last time he’d seen him. “I didn’t think you’d come!” 

“Neither did I.” He admitted, then looked back at his car. “You wanna head out now?” 

“Come in, come in!” Loki stood to the side of the door and gestured for him to enter. “My brother popped over for a quick hello. He doesn’t live here.” 

Mobius felt a little nervous at the mention of meeting Loki’s brother. “Oh, I see.” He didn’t know what else to say, and followed Loki into what looked like a very nice, well to do living room. He saw a man sitting on the couch, a very muscular man that looked like he could murder him with a handshake. Swallowing, Mobius stood awkwardly and gave a little wave. “Hello.” 

“You must be Mobius.” Loki’s brother stood up and walked over to him. “I’ve heard so much about you.” 

“Thor!” Loki groaned as Mobius held his hand out to let his brother shake it. “I thought I told you to not say anything like that.” 

“Ah, brother - but you said you fancied this man and I wanted to see who has captured my brother’s heart since it’s such a rare feat nowadays.” Thor, as it were, grabbed his hand and gave it an extremely hearty shake. “It’s nice to finally put a face to your name, Mobius.” 

“It’s nice to meet you.” He replied, praying that he wasn’t wincing as the man could literally crush his hand at any moment. He breathed easier when Thor let go, giving him his extremity back. “I don’t want to interrupt family time. If we need to do this another time?” 

“Nonsense!” Thor slapped his shoulder. This time Mobius couldn’t hide the wince, and he saw Loki look at him with sympathy in his eyes. “You and my brother deserve to have a grand time tonight. I was just leaving.” 

“And so were we.” Loki sidled up to him, Mobius grateful to have the protection of his body in case Thor decided he wanted to pal around again. “Shall we go, Mobius?” 

“After you.” He nodded, then followed the two brothers out of the house. “Thor - it was nice to meet you.” 

“Treat my brother well, Mobius. If you do not, and I find out about it-” 

Mobius tried not to look too rattled by the comments. “I understand. You don’t have to say anything else.” He opened the passenger door for Loki. “Your chariot, Loki.” 

“We’ll talk later.” Loki shot an angry glance at his brother, who had the biggest smile on his face as he got on the back of his motorcycle that was parked in the driveway. Once he was gone, Loki turned to look at him and gave him an apologetic look. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t think he would be like that.” 

“It’s alright.” He waited for Loki to sit down, then closed the door and headed to the driver’s side. “I’ve got a younger sister so I get it. You gotta look out for your family any way that you can.” 

Loki nodded his head. “She must be nice.” 

“Oh, she is. She lives in another state. I think she did that on purpose.” 

Laughter filled the car, Mobius surprised by how nice Loki sounded when he laughed. “You’re too intense for her.” 

“Something like that.” He grinned, then turned the car on. “What are we doing? Are you hungry?” 

“I’m starving.” 

“Then I know the perfect place to feed your stomach.” 

“Very well, Mobius.” 

It was strange, having Loki in his car again for the second time in less than twenty four hours. It felt good to have someone to spend time with, as it had been a long time since he’d allowed himself to do something like this. The last relationship he’d been in hadn’t ended so great, and he didn’t see any point in trying when he was older, and was set in his ways so to speak. But Loki was different, and he was having a good time with him - so far. 

Mobius took them to one of his favorite Chinese restaurants - a restaurant in downtown Chinatown, the place filled with mostly Chinese people and a few others. The owner greeted Mobius with a friendly hello and pointed to a table, which he led Loki over to. 

“I hope you like Chinese food.” Mobius said as he picked up the menu that was written entirely in Madarin with pictures next to the food to make it easier for foreigners to read it. “This is one of my favorite spots.” 

“I’ve never been here.” Loki looks around, taking the place in. Mobius notices that Loki is wearing a button up shirt with a tie, looking a lot more dapper than he did when he was on campus. Mobius almost regretted not wearing his usual clothes until Loki pointed it out to him. “I think I like you in a shirt.” Loki said, pointing to his chest. He’d taken his sweater off before heading inside to meet Loki and his brother and had failed to put it back on. “It was surprising to see.” 

“You look real nice in a tie.” He commented, feeling his cheeks grow a little warm as he offered the compliment to him. “Sorry, Loki - it’s been a long time since I’ve done something like this so if I’m a bit off my game, that’s why.” 

“You’re doing great.” Loki reached over and put his hand on top of his, then gave it a squeeze. A much lighter squeeze than Thor had used, and Mobius could feel himself getting a little giddy at the touch. “I’m happy you showed up tonight, as I was afraid I was going to be sitting there all night.” 

Mobius smiled, then shook his head. “I wouldn’t have done that to you. You fascinate me.” 

“Is that a good thing?” 

“We’ll see.” He smirked, then looked up when the owner greeted him in Madarin. He spoke back in fluent Madarin and then looked over at Loki, who was staring at him with his mouth open. “What? Oh, right. Sorry - I spent a few years in mainland China when I was in college and never gave up on the language.” 

“What other secrets do you have, Mobius?” Loki leaned forward, clearly excited by learning he could speak Madarin. “Will you order for us? I don’t really care what we eat - just nothing too spicy.” 

He looked up at the owner and ordered what his favorite dishes were, some unique to the province that the owner was from. She left with a smile on her face, and then someone came over and brought them an appetizer he hadn’t ordered. “Dig in, Loki. You’re in for some good food tonight. I hope you’ll like it.” 

“I already do.” 

Their eyes met, Mobius’ face returning to that flushed feeling as he allowed himself to really look at him. Loki had beautiful eyes, and a smile that he knew he’d see when he closed his eyes to go to sleep tonight. This was dangerous, but he was determined to see where this night led them. He was having a good time, and was going to ignore all the warning bells for now. So what if Loki was a little younger than himself? There was nothing wrong with that. He was as interesting as the next person, if not more so. 

The food came in waves, the two of them drinking water and green tea as they learned more about each other. Hearing Loki tell his tales had Mobius on the edge of his seat, believing every single word that he was saying. After meeting his brother, Mobius knew that the stories that Loki would tell in the library had some merit to them, as he’d once described his brother as God-like. And after meeting him, he agreed with that description. 

With their bellies full of good food, Mobius paid for their meal without telling Loki. Loki had been a little bit upset, but then offered to pay for dessert. Now they were walking to a little stall down at the end of the street that sold delicious Chinese desserts that Mobius hoped that Loki would like. 

“You are full of surprises, aren’t you?” Loki asked, as they walked back to Mobius’ car, munching on their desserts. The streets were quiet, but on occasion you could hear loud yelling, groups of people gambling behind closed doors. 

They came to a stop at his car, and he moved to be a little closer to him. “Are you saying that that’s a bad thing?” Taking a chance, he put his hands on Loki’s waist and stepped closer to him. “Are surprises not your thing?” 

“I’m not sure what my thing is.” Loki put his arms up onto the top of Mobius’ shoulders, allowing him to step even closer to his body. “I didn’t know tonight would be such an adventure.” 

“Are you happy that it was?” He started to bring his face closer to Loki’s, happy to see him inching forward at the same pace he was. “Or do you want to have a few more surprises?” 

“That depends.” 


“On if you’re going to kiss me right now, or not.” 

Mobius smirked as he brought his lips right up to Loki’s but didn’t give him the satisfaction. “Why should I? If I do that, then you’ll want something else, and I’m not sure what I can give to you right now.” 

“I’ll gladly take whatever you wish to offer to me.” A soft moan left Loki’s mouth as Mobius got his body to press up against the car, their hips now in alignment with one another. 

He took a deep breath, and made sure that Loki could feel it against his lips as he did it. “You’re going to be trouble for me, aren’t you?” 

“I can be good.” 

“What if I don’t want you to be?” Mobius murmured, then sealed the deal with his lips finally touching Loki’s with a kiss. 

It felt like lightning had struck as their lips came together, Mobius quickly stepping as close as he could to Loki as they continued to kiss each other with simple kisses. He dragged his tongue along the seam of Loki’s lips and then pushed in once it opened up to him, moaning low as his tongue found Loki’s. The hands on his shoulders now wound themselves into his hair as his own hands slid up Loki’s back as he kissed him deeply, choosing to recycle the air by breathing through his nose as their lips stayed locked together for what felt like an eternity. 

Loki broke off the kiss, Mobius’ head immediately gravitating towards his neck to keep kissing, keep touching his body. “T-Take me home, Mobius. Come home with me.” 

“If we do that, then there won’t be any stopping this train tonight.” He brought his lips up to Loki’s ear, and gave it a little playful tug. “You ready for more surprises?” 

“If you don’t take me home right now, I’m liable to do indecent acts in public and while the thought of doing that is an immense turn on, perhaps we should save that for the third or fourth date.” 

He chuckled low and brought his lips back to Loki’s, kissing him with the promise of more kisses. “I like the sound of that, Loki.” Pulling away, he opened the car door for him, then waited for him to get seated before closing it and headed to the driver’s side. “Back to your place it is.” 

Time seemed to stand still the moment they got back to Loki’s house. Mobius followed him in, and then their lips were back together, kissing each other with a passion that had slowly been simmering in the parking lot but now was on full blast here in the safety of these walls. Mobius followed Loki up the stairs to his bedroom, and then when the door closed, he realized that yes, this was going to happen. 

“I’ve got condoms.” Loki said, as he walked over to his dresser and showed him a pack, as well as some lube. “I’m not promiscuous, Mobius.” 

“I never said you were.” He took off his shirt and tossed it to the floor, then got to work on his pants. “Right now, I’m going to need you to get your clothes off so we can have ourselves a little fun in bed like two grown adults.” 

Wild eyes stared back at him as Loki began to take off his clothes without any sort of show about it. They were off, and then he was on the bed on all fours, looking up at him with a look that went straight to Mobius’ arousal. “What would you have me do, Mobius?” 

“Anything you wish, Loki.” Standing at the edge of the bed with no clothes on, he looked down at him and saw that there was a look in his eyes that he could feel in his heart. This wasn’t going to be a mistake, this was going to be a wild ride that he wasn’t sure he was prepared for but decided to throw caution to the wind. “Anything at all.” 

Loki chose to give his cock a little attention, using both his hands and his mouth to coax him into a very aroused state. He’d been hard before, but after these touches he was harder than he’d been in a very long time. Reaching down, he cupped Loki’s face and stared down at him. “Enough. Get me a condom?” 

“I will.” Loki moved across the bed as Mobius knelt down on the soft mattress. A condom was pushed into his hand, and an excited look appeared on Loki’s face. “You don’t have to do too much to me.” 

Smirking, he waited for Loki to turn back around to show him his ass, and saw the slight glisten on his anus. “Were you hoping this was how tonight was going to end?” 

“And if I was?” 

“I’d say good job on being prepared.” Mobius lowered his head and kissed him flush on the lips, savoring the deep moan that left Loki’s chest at their kiss. “Do you want to stay on your hands and knees? Or do you want to do this in a more traditional style?” 

“This is good.” Loki put his hands back down on the mattress and pushed his ass back towards him. “We’ll have time to do it the other way.” 

“Don’t be so sure.” He chuckled low as he brought his thumb to Loki’s anus. He gave it a little tug and watched as it stayed open, the soft skin around it trying to pucker but failing to do so. “I’m not as virile as you are.” 

“We’ll build up your stamina together.” 

Rolling the condom onto his cock, Mobius grinned. “I do like the sound of that, Loki.” 

“As do I, Mobius.” 

He lined himself up to where Loki’s ass was, and then put his hands on his hips. “Deep breath for me.” Once Loki did as he was told, he pushed the tip of his cock into his body, and soon began to sink into the warmth of his body. Mobius moaned low as he heard Loki release a somewhat pitched moan, slowing down his movements. “You feel that? Is that what you’ve been wanting, Loki?” 

“Oh, yes…” His moan rang in Mobius’ ears as he kept pushing forward, letting him feel him go in. “Yes, Mobius…” 

Gripping his hips a little tighter, he pulled himself out a little and then slammed back in, moaning low as he felt Loki’s inner walls spasm around him. Pushing in and out of that delicious heat, he knew he wasn’t going to last very long in this position. The one drawback of being his age and having a limited sex life. But if Loki was serious, he knew that it wouldn’t be like this for too long, and had every intention of giving his lover the kind of attention that he deserved. 

Mobius slid his left hand from Loki’s hip and brought it to his cock, and felt him dripping with precum. Pressing his chest to his back, he brought his head to Loki’s, and spoke low into his ear. “You’re already so wet. Are you going to come for me like the good boy that you are?” It was a risk, but he knew that if anyone was going to want to be praised, it would be this man that loved to boast stories in the library. 

“Y-Yes! Yes, please!” Loki pushed his hips back, grinding himself down onto Mobius’ cock. He moaned low as he felt him tighten up around him as his hand stroked him off. “M-Make me come…” 

He brought the pad of his thumb to the tip of Loki’s cock, and began to rub the weeping slit as he jerked him off. “Then do it, Loki. Come for me right now…” He felt his own orgasm swiftly approaching as he began to pound hard into his body. 

Heat spilled over his fingers as Loki began to come with a loud wail, Mobius’ own cock drilling deep into Loki’s body as his inner walls tightened up around him. Two more thrusts and he began to flood the condom with his own release, a deep moan leaving his mouth as he crossed over into oblivion with Loki for the first time. 

Pulling his hand away from Loki’s cock, he licked a little cum off of his fingers and hummed low. “ taste nice.” He carefully pulled himself out, and then got up off the bed with a groan. “Tissues?” 

“Bathroom.” Loki collapsed on the bed, his hair going every which way which made Mobius smile. He walked into the en suite bathroom and took care of the used condom, and then quickly washed his hands before heading back out to the bedroom. Loki was still in the same position, his body still slightly flushed after the orgasm he’d given to him. “You, sir, need to build up your stamina fast because that was incredible.” Loki put himself against his body, and was now resting his head against his neck, Mobius holding him in a comfortable position. 

A soft smile appeared on his face at the comment. “I’ll do what I can. But if I can’t get there, that doesn’t mean I can’t give you the pleasure you seek.” He rubbed his face against Loki’s cheek, and heard him release a contented sigh. “Have patience with me, Loki. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a lover.” 

“I will, Mobius. If you promise to do the same.” 

“Of course.” They shared a kiss with one another, and then he heard Loki begin to snore seconds later. The smile remained on his face as he fell asleep with his new lover in his arms, happy that the night had gone as well as it had. 



Looking up from the monitor, Mobius saw Loki was right on time. “Good afternoon, Loki. Did you have a nice weekend?” 

“I did indeed.” Loki grinned, Mobius’ lips curling up into a smile. “Did you? I have lots of stories to tell you!” 

“I bet you do.” Mobius locked his computer, and gave his attention to Loki. “Let’s hear all about them.” 

While to the rest of the world it may seem that they were doing their normal routine, Mobius knew that Loki was abiding to his request that they keep their relationship between the two of them. After spending the weekend together, they’d had the discussion this morning before Loki had gone to class, and they both decided it would be best. But they would know that there was something different between the two of them now, something that Mobius knew was going to be a fun, and sometimes turbulent, ride. 

He couldn’t wait.