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Jeremiah would do anything for his lord. Since betraying his emperor to joining a terrorist group to follow his revolutionary ideals.

Because Jeremiah was loyal.

He had failed once and he would not do it again. He’d not allow it.


For that reason, right now he felt completely useless and an embarrassment.

His new purpose was to protect Lelouch, his true and only Emperor, not to plan his assassination.

It seemed that fate was determined to mock him at every step. How many times would he have to lose? When would his effort be enough?

He couldn’t even protect his Lord’s sister, because once his Majesty’s glorious plan is completed, Jeremiah would be considered a simple murderer in the service of the Demon. Jeremiah didn’t care what people thought of him, the only opinion that mattered to him was that of Lelouch. So, it hurt that his Lord would be seen as a tyrant. The Demon Emperor, nothing less.


There’d be no one to defend Lelouch’s legacy, except for Sir Suzaku. And this new Knight of Justice would be there just to remind everyone of his Emperor’s crimes.

The big plans, the sacrifice that was made to reach where they were, all that would be buried for the purpose of keeping the peace.

Orange trusted Kururugi (as much as one might expect), he had to do, considering that his Lord was giving his life to him on a silver platter, he knew how important Sir Kururugi was to His Majesty, and still, a part of Jeremiah hated him.

He hated him because Suzaku would take Lelouch away from him, and Jeremiah would have to allow it.


What a shame. A useless knight

However, Jeremiah was determined not to show his resentment, he didn’t want to cause his Lord any more trouble.  Orange sought to be of use to His Majesty. He wanted to take away some of the heavy burden he refused to share.


For that reason, when he found His Majesty despondent in his office, all Jeremiah wanted was to be able to help him in some way.

“Your Majesty” he greeted by placing a knee on the carpeted floor, but Lelouch didn’t notice his presence, not immediately.

“Orange?” After a few moments, His Majesty finally looked up from the papers he was reviewing. He looked tired, fragile. And yet, Jeremiah did not think there was a more beautiful person in this world.

“I bring the reports you requested, Your Majesty”. He reported. Lelouch made a careless move with his hand to leave it in the pile next to him. It was overflowing with unchecked sheets and folders.

“Thank you for your services Orange, you may retire”. Jeremiah knows he must obey, but his protective side just wants to help him.

Noticing that he was still not retiring, the Emperor looked at him quizzically. Jeremiah is as efficient as Suzaku, he has never been slow to follow an order before. “Orange?” He asked, putting aside the papers he was holding.

“Can I help you with anything else, Your Majesty?” There was something peculiar about the way he said it. Lelouch looked closely at his knight. As he expected, Orange’s face showed nothing out of the ordinary, he was serene and calm, yet, it was Jeremiah’s voice that set off strange alarms in the young Emperor. Lelouch didn’t know how to respond to that.

“It’s all, Orange”. He said tentatively. “I’ll brief you on your next mission later”.

Jeremiah finally headed for the door.

“If there’s anything I can do for you, Your Majesty” there was that strange tone of voice again. “ Anything, all you have to do is call me and I’ll do it instantly”.

“I know, thank you Orange”. Only then, the loyal guard leave Lelouch alone again.


Lelouch didn’t think about it again, too busy preparing everything for Nunnally’s eventual reign. As he said, Lelouch continually sent Orange to finish off some pests that refused to fall, so he didn’t  see him very much.

His health was not improving, in fact it was worsening. Even CC mentioned it to him, almost worried.

Suzaku also mentioned that, as he was unable to leave the palace due to his current condition, now he spent more time cooped up with Leloicuh in the office. Lelouch reviewed future plans with him; even with Suzaku’s disdain, they made a lot of progress during those long days.

Lelouch was grateful for the company, there was no camaraderie, not even jokes among them (unlike CC), despite that, it was good to have someone close around.

Lelouch didn’t want to be alone.


Things kept progressing, Lelouch continued working, he had to.

Orange only looked discreetly at his Lord, he could not bear to watch him slowly wither. He had an idea of His Majesty’s thoughts. That’s why, from time to time, he visited the cell where Lady Nunnally was kept locked up. He never saw her cry, her willpower was something to admire.

Jeremiah was aware of the authority she would carry in the new world of peace, but in his heart, Orange knew that he could only recognize and proudly serve one of the siblings.




Jeremiah’s cooking skills were quite weak compared to his piloting skills, fortunately there were still a few servants under the geass who knew how to cook.

Contrary to Lady CC, Jeremiah was very sure that people couldn’t live just by eating pizza. So he ordered a simple dish to take it to His Majesty, he was sure that Lelouch had not eaten all day, again.

He gave a couple of knocks on the door, waiting patiently until his Lord allowed him to enter.

“Orange” he said, surprised “I didn’t expect to see you today”. It was already night, so His Majesty was halfway through removing the elaborate Emperor's attire.

“I thought I’d bring you dinner, my Lord”. To emphasize his point, he attracted the cart with the hot food.

Orange could see the strangeness rising on Lelouch’s face, but he dismissed his stupor and appreciated the gesture. Miraculously, he ate. Orange would never tell it out loud, but it was obvious that His Majesty was hungry.

While Lelouch was eating, Jeremiah picked up the clothes from the floor to put them in their respective place, if he was going to be there, he could at least be useful.

Once he finished eating, Lelouch thanked him again.

“You don’t need to thank me, Your Majesty, I’m happy to serve”.

Jeremiah was arranging the used dishes when he noticed the strange look on his Lord’s face. He looked exhausted, as if he were going to break at the slightest movement. His mind wasn’t in the room, Jeremiah could tell for sure.

“Have you been to visit her?” The question caught him off guard.

“My Lord?” Jeremiah knelt down to get a clearer view of Lelouch’s expressions.

“Have you been to see my sister?” he repeated, not wanting to see his guard’s face.

“Recently...” He admitted, he wouldn't lie, not to him.

Lelouch nodded, Jeremiah could see the unspoken question “Did she say something?” Without being sure of his actions, he placed one of his hands on his Lord’s knee. “I don’t usually visit her when she’s awake, and on the few times I did, she did not ask to see or talk to you”. In fact, she didn’t even talk, not to him at least. He was sure that one of the Black Knights talked to her a lot.

“That’s fine”. He said in a whisper, if it weren't for Jeremiah’s position, he wouldn't even have heard him. “Soon this will be over and she’ll be happy. It won’t be long now”. His Emperor sounded hopeful as he spoke of his own death. Jeremiah couldn’t stand it.

Without measuring his actions, he took him by the shoulders, shaking him without too much force, he just wanted to get his Lord to look at him.

“Don’t say that, Your Majesty!” But Lelouch didn’t respond to his request, still with that blank stare. Jeremiah was getting desperate, he could try to bear the thought of letting his Prince die, but he could not allow him to think so little of himself. No after Jeremiah understood the extent of his future sacrifice.

“You are very important to many of us, please don’t put yourself down!”

“Nunnally hates me, Suzaku too. I murdered people I loved and caused massacres because of my stupidity”. Lelouch listed his failures. “So tell me Lord Jeremiah, who’s going to care if I live or die?”

“I care!!” He said dead serious, holding his Emperor’s hands between his own. “I know what you have done my Lord, and my loyalty and concern for you prevails. ”

Lelouch pushed Jeremiah’s hands away from a sudden movement.

“You say that only for who my mother was!” No, Jeremiah wasn’t going to allow his loyalty to be questioned, not even by His Majesty.

“After knowing what Lady Marianne did, do you think I follow you just because of the memory of the empress?” He calmly asked. Lelouch slowly began to breathe normally.

“I know your sins, my Lord; also those of Marianne. That’s why I choose to follow you. I choose to protect and serve only you”. At the end of his statement, Orange was sitting next to his Lord. “I know you’ve made a lot of mistakes, but you try to solve them. Despite everything, you’re looking for a better future for everyone, even if for that you have to let them know you as a demon.”

Lelouch was trembling. In the dark of his room, with no one to judge him. The Emperor’s mask was breaking.

Jeremiah gently caressed his Emperor’s cheek, his Lord was something precious that deserved to be protected.

“Let me help you, Your Majesty”. Slowly his hand moved to Lelouch’s lips. “Just for tonight”. He asked in a whisper.

Lelouch nodded, at last he looked at him “Do it”.

Jeremiah didn’t need more.


The bed was wide, Jeremiah let Lelouch lie down, comfortable among the many pillows that adorned the bed.

Orange never thought he’d be able to appreciate such a perfect view, his Emperor beneath him, lying down and willing. With gentle touches he caressed his Lord’s body, even over the clothes, Jeremiah felt small spasms when he touched a sensitive area. On his knees, leaning on one of his arms, he lowered himself enough to kiss his Emperor’s mouth.

“He has no experience” was his first thought. Jeremiah felt he was in glory itself. Orange had the opportunity to give him a pleasure he had never experienced before. 

Gently, he caressed his face, calmly guiding him through the kiss.

When he separated to let him breathe, Jeremiah continued to kiss his jaw and neck.His Majesty sighed and gasped at each new touch Jeremiah made.

The blush soon settled on his face. “Orange” he said with a sigh.

Jeremiah could forever enjoy Lelouch’s lips, but his mission was different.

Orange continued his kissing path along his neck. He would never dare to spoil the skin of his Lord, but the urge to show what he could offer him was stronger. Jeremiah dared to scrape the skin of Lelouch’s neck with his teeth, without biting, just showing.

Orange left wet kisses where he could feel his pulse. A reminder that his Emperor was safe in his arms. Deftly, Jeremiah unbuttoned the shirt that was still covering Lelouch’s chest. The pale expanse of skin presented itself to him as a gift. With His Majesty’s help, he managed to remove the garment completely.

Lelouch made an attempt to cover himself, unaccustomed to being seen so exposed.

“Please my Lord” Jeremiah asked, as he took his Prince's hands and left them at his sides.

Lelouch, still blushing, agreed. Instead he clenched the sheets between his fists.

He was still too tense, Orange returned to his task of kissing and licking his neck, then moving down his collarbone; he was sure that it stood out so much because of his lack of care. He hated himself for not watching him as should have.

His hands encircled the Emperor’s hips, drawing him closer. Jeremiah’s mouth was still working on worshipping every part of exposed skin, with his tongue he licked the sensitive areas on his Lord’s chest, wrapping his mouth and sucking. Everything in order to hear more of those sounds that Lelouch gave him. His Majesty also hugged his guard, scratching his back when the sensations became too much.

Lelouch, although inexperienced, did not lack enthusiasm. Unlike Jeremiah, he had no qualm about leaving marks on the skin of his loyal guard. Jeremiah couldn’t ask for anything more. His Lord’s warm tongue, his teeth scraping and breaking his skin…

Now their kisses were not as soft as at the beginning, just for this once, Orange was determined to lead the kiss. His Majesty could dominate him any other day, but not today.

“Orange” he repeated, seeking to strip him of his uniform. And what could Jeremiah do but obey? Still kissing his jaw and near his ear, Orange took off his own jacket and shirt as quickly as he could.

He felt proud to see the hunger in his Emperor’s eyes. Lelouch ran his hands over Jeremiah’s body, enjoying new sensations. He didn’t seem to care that half of his guard’s body was made of metal, in fact, he looked interested.

“Is this fine, Your Majesty?”

Without hesitation, he looked for the zipper of his pants, right now he hated that the Emperor’s dress was so ornate. He carefully removed his pants, revealing his long and elegant legs. Jeremiah sought a new position, now almost lying between his Lord’s thighs.

His hands holding Lelouch’s thighs was the only thing that kept him from closing his legs.

“Please, relax” . He requested leaving butterfly kisses on his inner thighs. It was more and more difficult for the Emperor to retrain his panting.

Jeremiah was licking the expanse of his thighs, kissing where the legs joined the groin, close to where he wanted, but not enough. Orange could feel his Prince squeezing his legs as his mouth approached his sex. Would it be so bad just to let his Lord tighten his head between his legs?

With that in mind, Jeremiah hurried to remove the last garment and toss it with the rest of the clothes.

His Lord put his hands to his face, he had nowhere to hide.

Jeremiah’s mouth watered, Lelouch’s dick stood proudly in front of him, demanding attention.

Orange slid his lips down over his Emperor’s cock, licking his tense erection, resting his lips over the head, without making too much pressure. This time Jeremiah was rewarded with a deep groan. And god dammit, he was going to get more of those.

Lelouch felt too embarrassed to look at.

“Does this feel good, Your Majesty?” he asked, letting out his breath on the sensitive glans.

Lelouch didn’t find his voice to respond, too absorbed in the sensations.

With a confident smile, he began to suck his dick, tilting his head for a better access. He bobbed his head slowly, taking his time to enjoy the sensation, taking it deeper and deeper with each slide, until he could feel him hitting the back of his throat. Jeremiah moaned with his Emperor’s cock in his mouth, which sent a delicious vibration through his Majesty dick.

Lelouch couldn’t do anything but moan and writhe thanks to the skillful mouth of his guard.

Jeremiah slid Lelouch’s dick through his mouth, he swirled his tongue over the vein under his Emperor’s cock, until he reached the tip again. Jeremiah savored the salty taste of his semen.

With his tongue he caressed the soft glans over and over again, sucking hard, searching for more of his taste. He lowered his mouth to slide his lips over Lelouch’s balls. Jeremiah found he liked to play with them, using his tongue; to have that warmth resting in his mouth.

While his mouth was concentrating on sucking the head, his hands masturbated the rest of his erection. Jeremiah clasped his cheeks, squeezing as he used them to push Lelouch further into his mouth.

The enticing sounds encouraged Jeremiah to go faster and deeper.

“Jeremiah!” Lelouch exclaimed with his breathing erratic from his guard’s taunts.

Jeremiah’s own erection was already pressing insistently against his pants. but he was there to please his Emperor, so Orange barely moved his waist to press his cock against the mattress.

Withdrawing his arms, Lelouch looked in the direction of his guard. For a moment, he forgot how to breathe. Orange, his Jeremiah was watching him as he swallowed his cock. 

Lelouch felt the heat run down his spine. In the eyes of his knight there was nothing but pure adoration, worship that was directed towards him.

Without thinking, Lelouch held his loyal guard’s head with his hand, inviting him to go faster.

Orange left all control to his Lord. Lelouch was now in complete control of the rhythm.

Jeremiah was just concentrating on relaxing his throat enough for his Lord to pursue his own pleasure

Jeremiah could sense that he was close, the movements becoming more and more erratic. The legs on the sides of his head were also tightened. Jeremiah closed his eyes, waiting obediently.

“Orang- Jeremiah!” Lelouch shouted as he cummed, straight down his knight’s throat. Orange for his part, did his best to swallow it all. Though he still had his Emperor cock in his mouth, pressing against one of his cheeks.

Once Lelouch calmed down sufficiently, he loosened his grip on Jeremiah’s hair and finally pulled his dick away from the warm mouth.

The Emperor watched a bit of his semen sliding down the corner of his knight’s mouth. It was a sight worth remembering.

Jeremiah left one last kiss on the tip of Lelouch’s cock and without taking his eyes off his Emperor, licked up the semen to swallow it. 

After all, every part of his Lord deserved to be worshipped.

Lelouch could get hard again just with that.

Yet, there was one detail to deal with first. Jeremiah’s erection didn’t go unnoticed by him.

“Orange” he said, approaching his knight with the intention of touching him. Jeremiah held his hand (gently). “You don't need to do anything, Your Majesty. Your pleasure is enough for me”.

In a few seconds, the shy boy who didn’t know how to kiss disappeared to show his proud Emperor.

Wordlessly, he settled back between the pillows. “Oh? Is that Orange?” Once comfortable, he extended his elegant legs, opening them and inviting him to come closer, to take him.

“Do I have to order you to please me then?” Orange’s breath got stuck. His Lord, his Emperor was willing to submit to him.

With eager hands, he went back to touch the soft skin offered to him.

“Do you have any lotion, my Lord?” The blush returned to the Emperor’s cheeks. “In the upper drawer”. He indicated. Lelouch was much closer to the forniture, but, why strive if he had his loyal guard with him?

Jeremiah obeyed instantly, finding that it wasn’t a lotion, but a lubricant.

He uncapped the bottle and placed the gel between his fingers. Orange approached his Emperor, luring him with his free hand into a solid kiss. He didn’t know if it was His Majesty’s first time, and he wasn’t going to ask. Instead, Jeremiah would do it the right way, so that his Lord would feel nothing but pleasure.

More confidently, Orange explored Lelouch’s mouth with his tongue. The Emperor was relaxing in his arms.

He carefully began to stroke around his entrance, without pushing yet, just looking to get him to relax. Lelouch began to moan into his guard’s mouth. His erection was slowly beginning to wake up.

“Relax Majesty”. He said against his mouth, while pressing one finger to initiate.

Lelouch squirmed at the sensation, between the gel and his guard’s digit, he tightened unintentionally. Orange patiently continued to kiss his Emperor’s pleasure zones. “Shhh, it’s okay Your Majesty”.

Lelouch nodded and tried to relax. Once he considered it safe, Orange began to move his finger, searching for a certain area that would make his Liege shout with pleasure.

The Emperor clung to his back, burying his nails in the broad shoulders.

Then he groaned.

There is.

Orange smiled in pleasure, he again brushed that area and obtained the same result. Lelouch’s body was undecided whether to get closer to his knight or to lie back and enjoy it. Orange held him against his body using his free hand.

“Orange...” He pleaded in his ear. “Go on”. Half command half plea.

Jeremiah kissed Lelouch’s forehead. Without pushing him away, he inserted a second finger. “I’ll be sure to oblige”


Of course Lelouch had masturbated before, but there was a big difference between his own fingers and Jeremiah’s.

He felt full, it was a strange feeling, and at the same time, he wanted more. He let out a long sigh.

Jeremiah’s fingers stretched and explored inside of him, his heat driving him crazy. Orange only wished to get into him, but he’d never forgive himself if he hurt his Prince. Jeremiah let him lie down in bed, to caress Lelouch’s cock, which was now fully erect.

Orange was a brilliant man with his hands, thus using his thumb and forefinger he put pressure on the sensitive head, spreading the semen over the entire erection.

If his Emperor was already deliciously broken after his previous orgasm, now he was crushed.

Jeremiah wasn’t giving him any breaks.

“Can you bear one more, my Lord?” Lelouch’s vocabulary had been reduced to constant “ah, ah, yes!”, so he just nodded excited. Orange added more gel to his hand and inserted his third finger.

The Emperor’s back arched in such a delightful way.

“Yes!” Jeremiah was pleased, he stopped masturbating him to get rid of his own underwear.

“Come on Orange, do it. I want it”. Ordered as soon as he felt ready. Jeremiah withdrew his fingers stained with lub. He placed more gel on his own cock, hissing at the sudden cold.

Once his dick was sufficiently slick, Orange held his Lord’s thighs, keeping him open.

He positioned himself right near His Majesty's entrance, began to enter.

Lelouch tensed, the feeling of being filled was too much.

Jeremiah stopped instantly, kissing him and whispering comforting words.


Gradually, he managed to enter completely. He couldn’t put into words what he was feeling, everything was warm and tight around him. He stood still, waiting for a signal from His Majesty.


Orange started with short movements, pressed into him and gently pulled out before snapping his hips forward again. His Majesty’s moans and groans were a sign to him that he was doing well.

He felt his mood intensify every time he saw his cock disappear inside his Emperor.

And the sounds.

The skin colliding, the wet sounds at each thrust… The unfocused gaze by the pleasure in His Majesty’s eyes. Jeremiah didn’t want  that to end.

His thrust became longer, no he was pulling his cock almost completely to put it back in.

That got real screams of enjoyment from his Majesty when Jeremiah hit his prostate. Lelouch was immersed in pleasure. “Harder, faster, more, more, more!”.

Just as he thought he was about to come, Lelouch stopped him. “Wait” he said almost breathlessly.

“What happens, Your Majesty?  Did I hurt you?” He denied.

“No, I want to try… something else”. Great was his surprise to see the Emperor of the World, on four, with his face resting between the pillows.

“Go on”. He said, sounding too smug for someone who was almost out of breath.

Jeremiah didn’t know what he did in his past life to deserve such a beautiful gift. He was not going to waste it. “As you command, Your Majesty”.


Holding him by his hip, Jeremiah got into position, sliding his cock easily inside Lelouch. His Lord’s shouts, now more intense, were hidden under the pillows. He could touch Lelouch’s prostate more often.

Jeremiah dared to place his weight on the Emperor’s body, his chest lined the elegant back and in that way, he could kiss the neck and shoulders of his Majesty.

Just took a few more thrusts to make Lelouch cum a second time.

His arms couldn’t bear the force of his orgasm and he dropped onto his bed. Only his waist was held up, thanks to Jeremiah’s help. Orange continued to fuck him through his orgasm.

He was about to leave before cumming, but Lelouch stopped him.

“Don’t you dare, cum inside”. Orange did so. His semen dripped between his thighs.


By then, Lelouch was completely exhausted and satisfied.

Jeremiah was concentrating on stabilizing his own breathing.

The sheets were a disaster, they would have to be replaced immediately. The problem was that His Majesty didn’t seem to feel like moving.

"My Lord." He called out to him, received a soft moan in response. "You need to clean yourself”. That woke him enough to at least raise his head.


“I know you are Majesty, but-” 

Lelouch, mustering all the willpower he had left, managed to get up in the direction of the bathroom. He didn’t bother trying to clean up the traces of semen.

“Then I expect you to take responsibility for what you did, Sir Jeremiah”. He said with a smile. “Clean the room and join me as soon as you’re done”. He ordered.

Jeremiah was happy to see his Lord energetic again.

"Yes, your Majesty”.