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How it should've been

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Bella watched Dr. Cullen's foster kids walk into the cafeteria. Jessica, Lauren, and Angela were explaining who was who. "The blonde girl? Her name is Rosalie Hale. She's the prettiest girl ever and she knows it. She's with the big guy, Emmett McCarty," Lauren began. Bella sensed jealousy when she talked about Rosalie. 

Angela picked up where Lauren left off. "Rosalie helped me when a boy was following me, made him leave me alone. I dont know what she did but im glad she did. And Emmett is really nice to people. He opens doors for people. He even changed my mom's tire in the school parking  lot once," 

Bella began to realize Lauren will speak with envy about people. Stereotypical mean girl. While Angela speaks only good things. She wondered where Jessica would fall. Jessica looked at the ones who came in next. "That's Edward Masen -he's Dr. Cullen's biological nephew. His mom and Dr. Cullen were siblings, she passed away a few years ago and the little weird girl is Alice Brandon," 

"Edward and Alice are always on the same brain wave length. Its like they know what the other is thinking all the time. Personally i think he's too traditional for the spunky pixie girl," Lauren rolled her eyes. 

Angela came to the family's rescue once again. "Lauren, Alice is super nice. She always in a good mood, like an actual good mood that makes others be in a good mood. And Edward is shy but, so what? He's a great person to work with in school. I would've failed that history presentation with out him. They make a great pair, who cares if their aesthetics dont match?"  Bella decided Angela was the best one. "And then there is Jasper Hale, Rosalie's twin," He walked in and Bella turned to catch a glimpse.

All the foster siblings were stunning, maybe it was a requirement to be one. But Jasper took her breath away. His curly blond hair was just above his collar. He looked cold and uncaring, but Bella saw a fire in his eyes. "He's the resident loner. He looks like he's in constant pain," Lauren sneered. 

"Dont waste your time with him if you're interested. No one in this run down town is good enough for him," Jessica sighed. 

"Maybe he is in pain. You dont know if he has a medical condition or if he's depressed. Most foster kids are in foster care because of bad situations. He's shy, not a big deal,"  

Bella watched him walk past her. The way he carried himself commanded respect. "Well, Bella?" She cocked came back to earth to see her new friends watching her. "Do you think he's cute?" 

"Clearly, look at him. Look at all of them," Bella looked back to the group, they had full treys but none of them were eating. Alice and Edward were holding hands on the table, their ankles were locked under it. Rosalie was leaning into Emmett and she laughed at Alice. Jasper was smirking, suddenly he was looking at Bella, she blushed and turned her head. 

"Bella, dont waste your time," Lauren warned. At least Bella took it as a warning based on her lowered tone. Angela appeared to be doodling on her notebook when she slowly turned it to Bella. It read 'dont listen to them, they're used to getting what they want' 

The bell rang to dismiss them. Everyone dumped out their treys and packed their things up to go to the next class. Bella had a reading class after lunch. She loves to read so this was her favorite class. She walked in and handed her paper to the teacher. "You dont have to do a fun fact about yourself, here's this years reading list. Have you read any of these?" Bella read the list: Little Women, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Scarlet Letter, Romeo and Juliet. 

"I've read Little Women a few times. I'm in the middle of To Kill a Mockingbird. We had just gotten to Scarlett Letter at my old school. Romeo and Juliet is okay," Ms. Rucks seemed impressed. "My mother is an avid reader," Bella went to sit down in the only empty desk. 

"Would you mind taking today's quiz? If you pass i'll let it count, if not i wont. I'd like to see where you're at in Mockingbird?" Bella nodded her response. She suddenly felt tense. She looked to her left and saw Mike, to her right was Jasper, and behind her was Jessica. She gave Jessica a smile, hoping to trick her into thinking Bella wasnt thinking about what she was. Which was Jasper and how that dark black t shirt he was wearing looked amazing against his pale skin. Jessica smiled back and Bella hoped it had worked. She turned around when the bell rang and took the quiz. It seemed fairly easy. She was done in half the time, but so was Jasper. Bella sat down and pulled out her newest book, the Diary of Anne Frank. It's not the first time she's read it. She read the book so much it fell apart. This was a new copy of it. 

Towards the end of the class the last test was handed in. "Everyone has turned in their tests, I'll have them graded by Monday. Now we have book projects due at the end of month. You can present before then if you finish early. I have everyone's names in the bowl. You will draw at random. I'll explain the assignment afterwards," She reached in and grabbed two names. "Jessica will be with Adam. Mike with by with Tyler," Bella zoned out and listened for her name. "Bella will be with....Jasper," Bella's heart froze and went back to beating at full pace. "The assignment this time is for you and your partner to pick one book off the list that you both enjoy...or hate the least in some of your cases. You must do a presentation by either acting out a scene in the book or by having a light hearted debate over something you don't agree with in the book. You may also change one moment in the book to how you think it should be. We'll be in the library tomorrow," 

Bella turned to get out of her desk when Jasper caught her gaze. He was staring at her with his lips slightly parted. His eyes were a dark honey color. "Jasper? I'm Bella," 

"Nice to meet you, Bella," he said with a southern accent. They stood up and went towards the door. Mike had - intentionally- let it shut in her face. Jasper caught it and held it open for her. 

"Thank you," She quickly ran into the bathroom at the end of the hall where she saw Angela go in. "Ang?" She called. Angela was already washing her hands when she got in to rest room. "Jessica and Mike are mad because Jasper and I are reading partners," Angela turned to Bella and laughed. 

"But she drew from a bowl? Its not like you demanded to work with him. Jess will be fine when she gets over herself, promise," 

At the end of the day Bella went home to fix dinner. She liked cooking for Charlie. If she didnt the man would live off of frozen pizza and diner steaks- which are just burnt burgers with no bread. She made a pot roast with rolls. It was ready by the time he walked in and hung his gun belt up on the peg. "Bells, you dont have to cook,"

 "I like it. Honestly its like you just have a kitchen because it came with the house," She teased.

 "Well, yeah," He admitted. They sat down together at the table. "How was your first day? 

"Pretty good. Made some friends. Angela Weber is one of them," "Weber? Nice family, sweet girl. She volunteers at the hospital a lot, usually with the babies and sick kids," Bella wasn't surprised. 

"Anyone else?"

 "Mike Newton has a thing for me," Charlie stopped chewing to look at his daughter. "But he's all alone with that,"

 "Why?" He said gleefully.

 "He's nice and all but he's just...meh," "His family is nice, too," Bella shrugged. It didnt change her feelings towards him. "What about the Cullen's?" Charlie all but slammed his drink down.

 "Dr. and Mrs. Cullen have the best behaved kids ever. They're always so respectful-" 

"Woah, woah. woah. I was just asking cause Jasper is my reading projects partner. Angela said nothing but nice things about them," Charlie relaxed.

 "Sorry, Bells. People are so rude about them keeping to themselves. Just small town nonsense, they dont wanna talk about how i pull their kids over all the time but they wanna talk about how odd the Cullen's kids are," Bella bit back a laugh. She didnt think he'd blow up the way he did about the family. They finished dinner with small talk.