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Q: Origin of your given name?

A: Apparently it has the beginning and the end of both my parents’ names, heh. To as in Tobirama,  Na as in IzuNa,and..when I was little I thought that Ra was for Uncle MadaRa and Ma for Uncle HashiraMa, hahah.

Q: Your nicknames?

A: Ehmmm, Daddy calls me Toni-chan :3.

Q: Daddy is-?

A: Uh..Izuna Uchiha..and..yeah, Tobirama Senju is.. “Father”. Hah, feels weird saying it like that.

Q: What about your father (Tobirama), any nicknames from him?

A:..Heh, Father calls me Tonara, when he’s in a good mood, hehe.

Q: Guess that answers our next question,  who’s more strict?

A: Definitely Father, hah..theeen I’d have to say, Uncle Madara, then Daddy and then Uncle Hashi.

Q: Did kids at the Academy make you feel different for having two dads?

A: No..not really. I have cool friends :).

Q: Who’s your best friend?

A: Kagami..Uchiha.. We‘re on the same team..

Q: Your goal for the future?

A: Hmm, learn more about falconry and become a  healer like Uncle Hashi. Oh! And get involved with Father’s research! 

Q: No grand dreams, say, becoming Hokage or taking on a leading role in the village,  or becoming the head one of your clans?

A:Ahah..Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not aiming that high just yet. Those positions are well taken care of and I like that I don’t have to take on such strenuous roles yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but admiration for my Uncles who run Konoha and my Fathers who help them, of course, but I can see how much it takes to do all that. I think I got time to make up my mind, heh.

Q: Yes, you’re quite young!

A: Yeah, just turned seventeen.

Q: And you’re a Gemini, right? Born in May.

A: Oh, yeah..I guess so. 

Q: You’re a Jounin in ranks already! Great work!

A: Ahah, thanks.. There was a bit of pressure to live up to my name..Not gonna lie, I had to work hard, heh.

Q: Who pushes you the most?

A: Umm, Uncle Madara pushes me to my limits and beyond, hahah...which is great. I work best that way. We have a good dynamic when we train, though it causes an occasional riff-raff between him and my Father.

Q: How come?

A: Oh..It’s nothing..Father thinks Uncle works me too hard, but Uncle knows what I can take. :)

Q: Favourite colour?

A: Ehmm, black. But I like forest green too!

Q: Any romantic interests?

A: Ohh-God!.. I think I’ll take a pass on this one, hehe.. They gonna read this, aren’t they..WAIT- Don’t write that down!

Q: Your Father appointed you as a member of an Escort Unit, how does that make you feel?

A: Awesome! I feel like he trusts me to do the job and I have the opportunity to prove myself.  One thing was that Daddy was really worried.. but uh...comes with the territory, right?

Q: Favourite food and least liked food.

A: Most of Daddy’s cooking aaaand..probably seafood, not a  huge fan. 

Q: MO in battle?

A: Ehmm, I’m a Sharingan user so all that comes with the great gift. But if you think that spared me the two-way training, learning of both clans’ ways then you’re mistaken, hehe. Hence why my previous comment about having to work hard to live up to the name(s).

Q: A shinobi who made the strongest impression on you?

A: Uh- Are we talking alive or-

Interviewer: Either.

A: Ok, well in that case, it would have to be my Grandfathers. I will never get tired of hearing stories about them battling each other. I love learning about my clans’ colourful history and the members who lived and made a name for themselves with their skills and actions. 

Q: You’re an only child, do you ever wish for a sibling?

A: Mmm, nope! Hah..I’m really spoiled from all four sides. Wouldn’t wanna share! Haha.

Q: The hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

A: Oh, that’s easy. Once I had to stop Father and Uncle Madara from fist fighting each other after a family dinner and couple bottles of Sake!  Hah, they’re both freakishly strong!

Q: Guilty pleasure?

A: Sneaking to my parents’ bed and sleeping in with Daddy. We just sleep until noon all snuggled up and Father is stomping around the house every time, hah.

Q: You got your Father’s family name, though you are a legitimate heir to both clans and wear a modified crest.

A: Yeaah, that’s actually a whole deal with formalities, it’s easier this way. And if anyone questions my Uchiha heritage, I can just flash them-

Q: Sorry?

A: A- I meant my Sharingan! O.O Sorry.. O///O

Q: How did you awaken your Sharingan?

A: Um..My puppy dog died and it fault..Sorry, I don’t.. really want to get into the details of that..Kinda painful for me still..

Q: What is a sure eye-roll moment for you?

A: When Father asks me how did I manage to stuff three hares in my eye, every time I activate my Mangekyō Sharingan.. ‘Cuz it looks like..ehm..bunnies..running around.. -_- That’s the lamest dad joke he ever came up with, for real.. 

Q: Last question, what scares you the most?

A: Mmm..Being in charge scares the cr*p out of me, heh.  Don’t know how they(Uncles, Father) do it! 

Q: Thank you for your time.

A: Thanks, have a nice day.  


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Q: Your hairstyle is very trendy! An undercut! Who’s your inspiration?

A: The moment I saw an old photo of my  Grandfather Tajima, I knew I had to have it the way he wore it. Went and had it done the same day. Daddy nearly blew through the roof that day, hahah. He was not pleased at all, I cut off a good 30cm-long ponytail. :P