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FemFlash February

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Minerva grips Hooch’s arm and holds her breath, hardly daring to blink as Hufflepuff’s seeker pulls up neck and neck with Slytherin’s. Hooch clings to her just as tightly, muttering ‘come on, come on, come on’ under her breath.

Next weekend, when Gryffindor takes the pitch against Ravenclaw, the two of them will go back to being the fiercest of rivals. Next weekend, Hooch will do everything in her power to knock Minerva off her broom and out of the running for the cup.

But right now, as Hufflepuff’s seeker grabs the snitch right out from under Slytherin’s nose and the crowd erupts in cheers, none of that matters. Minerva grabs Hooch by her blue and bronze scarf and kisses her full on the mouth, house rivalries be damned.