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The Angel

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Fabien doesn't remember when it started, he remembers the first time it happened. He was found in a field near a river he couldn't move his body refused to move Fabien wanted to scream ask why he was there.

But nothing......rien didn't come out even a groan all that could do was close and open his eyes, Fabien desperately closed his eyes and waited for something to happen is in hell something or rather someone was approaching him. This person approached him humming a sweet melody.......he was so sweet...... Fabien felt soothed by the sound that he did not want to open his eyes, if it was death that came to him he could leave now without any regret. Then he felt a hand on his cheek caressing it with tenderness and love so he allowed himself to open his eyes again. 

When he opened them Fabien discovered the most wonderful and beautiful creature in his eyes, was an angel from heaven sent by God to take him to hell for all the crimes he had committed. Fabien didn't know and just looked at the angel who had since crouched down and taken his head gently and placed it on his lap while continuing to caress his cheek. 

"Are you an angel?"

Fabien asked and realised he could speak again. 

"Are you an angel sent by God to take me to hell?" 

"The angel" continues to caress Fabien's cheek, smiling as he spoke for the first time." 

"Why do you think I am one? Is why do you think God is going to take you to hell?" 

"I have killed and tortured so many people" 

Fabian replied as he watched the angel in front of him, he couldn't see his face but he knew he was the most beautiful one he had ever seen. 

"You did it to protect the king and the people of France, you did it to punish all those who would take the lives of innocent people, so no, you are not a fisherman. 

Fabien felt reassured by her words and then his vision began to blur, Fabien wanted to move, he wanted to shout, to stay with his angel. His angel was aware of his intentions and put his finger to his lips. 


The angel leaned over and kissed Fabian's forehead, Fabian closed his eyes and listened to his angel's last words. 

"I will see you soon here in the same place with the same melody" 

With these words Fabien fell asleep in the arms of his angel