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Percy Achilles Cullen son of Poseidon

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A five year old boy ran through the snow cover streets of New York, as he was running he can hear a harsh man calling after him, when Percy hid in the bushes and Smelly Gabe ran past him, Percy closed his eyes as he started crying remembering what happened earlier his mother a kind woman was killed in front of him by Smelly Gabe.

A few minutes had passed, when a young man went over to the bush he was hiding in. He knelt down and smiled, “hello there little one are you lost?” he asked which caused Percy to move away.

“Hey I won't hurt you, I want to help you. My name is Marcus. What is your name, little one?”

Percy looked up at the person in front of him as some tears were still falling “p-p-Percy.”

Marcus smiled, “Percy, that is a lovely name, is it short for something.”

Percy was about to answer when a growl was heard along with a laugh, “yummy Demigods for lunch.” A strange man said as Percy ran behind Marcus and held onto him.

Marcus glared at the Cyclops that was with two hellhounds and smiled “hey big and ugly,”

Percy poked his head out from behind Marcus “get puppy’s some ice water it looks like they need it.” As Percy said that the hellhounds turned and ran leaving the Cyclops alone looks at a shiny bow that glows like the sun with an arrow drawback.

The Cyclops was about to attack the two when the arrow fired and it hit the Cyclops in the eye killing him.

Marcus sighed and picked up Percy and carried him to his house.

Percy fell asleep when they arrived to a large Victoren style house. The house was a light blue color that looked white in the sunlight, with the white trims that looked like the frosting from Gingerbread houses from christmas. Marcus went inside the house and was greeted by a female spirit that lived there.

“Hello, Lord Marcus What can I do for you today?” The woman said bowling to Marcus

Marcus smiled at the spirit “I need my wine and get some apple juice please.”

The spirit nodded and went to get the drinks, leaving Marcus to carry Percy to the living room. There were some couches and a huge chandelier that was made with gemstones like Amber, Garnet, Rubys, and a bunch of others courtesy of Hades and Wicus as a thank you for rescuing Solstice, Wicus’s twin brother from some monsters.

Percy moved around as he drooled a little bit. Marcus smiled and wipes his drool off and let Percy sleep because it looked like he need it. He then takes his drink and head upstairs.

Percy started getting a nightmare

Percy fell to his knees desperately shaking his mothers rapidly cooling body in the chilly night air. “M-mo-momm-y. Mom-m-my!” He sobbed as he tried to get Sally Jackson up when he heard a laugh and saw Gabe with the gun in his meaty hand beside him was a shadow figure with glowing gold eyes. The figure walked over and reached for him without Gabe glancing his way, “so you are the one who would be my Queen. You are very beautiful”

Percy started shaking as the figure was about to touch him when a sword slashed through the figure making Percy wake up.

The spirit from before came in and calmed down Percy as he was crying. Percy finches and under his covers that was provided to him.

The spirit frowned and went to Marcus' room where he was talking to Carlisle by the Iris Message.

“Look Carlisle I know that the Voltori isn't your favorite but I need someone I can trust to take care of someone for me.”

Carlisle looked at him, “I am still trying to wrap my head around what you are telling me, You are saying that the Gods are real, and they have kids.”

"Exactly the point," Marcus said to Carlisle. "The Mythology are real and the Gods that came named after them have kids. Which makes them Half-Blood, you see. They are both mortal and god. Half of both. Things will chase after them amd for centuries I have also helped the children up until as of late"

Carlisle stared at him blankly trying to figure out another way to question the questions dancing around. "And who's this someone you need to be taken care of?"

This caused Marcus to smile. “His name is Perseus “Percy” and I don't know his last name but he is just the cutest kid around.”

Carlisle smiled, “Yes I bet he is but he is still a human and I am worried what if he gets injured when we are around him and he will bleed..”

Marcus chuckled softly, “if you taste his blood regardless of the demigod Apollo will smite you.”

“What do you mean Apolo will smite me?”

“It will go against a vow that Aro made with the god apollo after he killed Apollo’s favorite son and Priest, in return for not killing him Aro vow to the River Styx that all vampires don't attack demigods in return they won't burn in the sun like Aro instead sparkle.”

Carlisle shouted “That's why Aro is always moving around as if the sun is chasing him!”

Marcus laughs softly, “yeah so would you take him.”

Carlisle nodded, “I sure can take him in.”

Marcus smiled “okay i will bring him over to Greece later on in upcoming months i first have to call someone else”

Carlisle nodded and Marcus swiped his hand through the rainbow and fixed it to make a new call to Hades lord of the underworld.