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“Alright, listen up everybody,” Mr. Schue said, capturing everyone’s attention as he walked into the choir room and over to the white board. “Hope everyone is having a good day so far. Now I was thinking that for this week’s lesson we could…”


He stopped talking when someone knocked on the choir room door and stood in the doorway. “Why hello there, New Directions.” The voice said and everyone turned their heads to see the one and only Sebastian Smythe, not in a Warbler’s uniform, smirking out over the group. “Miss me?”


“SPY,” Rachel shouted and she quickly got up and walked over to him, trying to show him out the door. “I don’t know why you’re here but you can’t spy on us for your precious Warblers. Get out.”


“Whoa, calm down there, Streisand.” Sebastian said, lightly placing his hands on her shoulders and moving her aside. “I’m not here to spy, I’m here to join.”


Everyone in the choir room shared looks of confusion and suspicion with one another. Well, everyone except Kurt who seemed to be trying to make himself as invisible to everyone as possible. He was pretty sure he knew why Sebastian was here at McKinley and he didn’t want anyone to know the reason why.


The only one who actually seemed happy to have Sebastian join was Blaine, who sat there with a charming smile, trying to capture Sebastian’s attention. When he saw that Sebastian wasn’t returning the smile, he pouted slightly and slumped back in his chair.


“Whoa, now hold on guys,” Mr. Schue yelled, calming the group down. “What’s the rule about this club?”


“Mr. Schue, we can’t let him join. Remember what happened with Jesse St. James?” Finn asked. “He’s gonna find out about our setlist and then he’s gonna go back to the Warblers and tell them. We’ll lose Regionals if that happens.”


“Wow, I’m actually offended right now,” Sebastian said, putting his hand over his heart. “You guys should be grateful that I want to join your minority group. With me here you guys are sure to win Regionals and then to go onto Nationals.”


“See, he sounds exactly like him,” Rachel shouted, earning nods from everyone in the room except for Kurt who was trying to make himself as unknown as possible, Blaine who was still pouting in his chair and Sam who didn’t know anything about the Jesse St. James incident.


“Settle down, Rachel. It’s not like Sebastian can transfer back to Dalton at any time since Dalton is a boarding school. He’d at least be with us for the rest of the year. There’s no way for him to rejoin the Warblers at this point.” Mr. Schue explained.


“Well how do we know that Fivel’s not going to leak the setlist to his precious Warblers so that they win.” Santana asked, shooting death glares at Sebastian who just smirked in return.


“Why would I do that? I want to win as badly as anyone else here.” Sebastian told them. “You guys haven’t even heard me sing yet, just give me a chance.” He said “give me a chance” like he was only talking to one person in general, pleading with them. He looked over at Kurt who kept ignoring him and let his expression change from cocky to hurt for a moment before resuming his smirk.


“Why’d you even leave Hogwarts in the first place?” Puck asked him.


“Well because I’m in love with someone here.” Sebastian explained like it was obvious. “They said that it would never work out because we’re opposing teams and because you guys hate me so much so I’ve transferred here. To be with them. To show that I can be a good guy.”


“Eww, that’s gross,” Santana said. Blaine perked up in his seat and straightened his posture before clearing his throat.


“Come on guys, I say we give him a chance.” He told the group but all he got in return was an outbreak of groans and eye rolls. He turned his attention to Sebastian. “Who’s the lucky guy, Seb?” He asked but his face fell when Sebastian started walking past him and to…




“It’s Kurt.” He said and everyone in the room dramatically gasped as if they had just heard that Kurt had killed someone. 


Kurt snapped his head up to look Sebastian straight in the eyes and hissed, “What are you doing here Seb?”


“I’m here because I want to be with you, Kurt. Come on, I can’t stop thinking about you ever since that night. I’m doing this to show you how much I care. Give love a chance babe.” Sebastian explained but he saw that he was getting nowhere with Kurt. He kept his bitch face on, giving Sebastian an icy stare. They both knew that Sebastian was going to have to do more than just transfer schools if he wanted to win Kurt over. He had to show Kurt that he wasn’t just some toy for Sebastian to play with and then throw out when he got bored.


“What a minute, hold up?” Artie asked, confused. “What do you mean ever since that night?”


Everyone watched as Kurt and Sebastian had a conversation with their eyes.


“Don’t you dare,” Kurt “said”.


“What the hell am I supposed to tell them?”


“Nothing, it’s none of their business.”


“You want me to lie to your friends?”


“Well don’t tell them that we slept together.”


“Oh. My. Gay.” Santana gasped and then her face broke out into a grin. “Well, guys it looks like Lady Hummel isn’t as innocent as we thought he was.”


Puck, Quinn, Brittany, Sam and Artie smiled alongside Santana, Blaine and Rachel looked furious, Mercedes, Tina and Mike wore a surprised expression and Finn just sat back with a dumbfounded look.


“You guys slept together?” Mercedes asked, “White boy, why didn’t you tell me?”


“This is not an appropriate time to talk about this ‘Cedes,” Kurt told her, rolling his eyes. “And why is it such a surprise anyway? I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Fine, we’ll just ask your boy toy,” Rachel said, folding her arms and glaring at Sebastian who just stood there, watching the conversation play out. “So, Sebastian, did you ask permission to sleep with Kurt? Did he give consent? You didn’t force him into anything did you because my dads know some pretty powerful lawyers and we could sue your…”


“Are you really accusing me of raping him?” Sebastian asked, getting angry. “Why would I even do that? No, I didn’t force him into anything, it’s not my fault that you guys see him as a child and not as the teenager that he is.”


“We’re just looking out for him given your reputation,” Quinn told him.


“Leave him alone you guys,” Kurt yelled, irritated. He just wanted to have some fun, why was it such a big deal? It’s not like he could get pregnant or anything and Sebastian didn’t force him into anything, he had wanted it. He knew that Sebastian cared about him and that he didn’t want to hurt him. “I wanted it, stop antagonizing him. I’m old enough to make my own decisions and I don’t need anyone looking out for me. Now stop it.”


“I thought you hated each other,” Tina said and the group nodded. 


“Well, you obviously thought wrong,” Kurt told them.


“So does that mean you guys are in love?” Puck asked.


“I don’t know,” Kurt admitted, looking over at Sebastian, sadly. “I’m sorry, Seb, I don’t know how I feel yet.”

“Well, that’s why I’m here. To show you that I love you and that you love me. I know you do Kurt, you just haven’t realized it yet.” Sebastian told him.


Up until this point, Finn had been awfully quiet, trying to let all this new information sink in. His stepbrother was sleeping with someone. Innocent Kurt was sleeping with a man-whore like Sebastian? They might love each other? If they loved each other then they might get married and then Sebastian would be his brother-in-law. He didn’t like it. What if Sebastian breaks Kurt’s heart? Finn would want to kill him. It was a bad idea.


“I don’t approve,” Finn told Kurt. “Quinn’s right, he has a reputation and I don’t want him to hurt you Kurt.”


“It’s not up to you, Finn, “Kurt snapped at him. “I’m right when I say I can make my own decisions. If I’m stupid enough to love him and he breaks my heart then that’s my fault and I’ll deal with it but it doesn’t concern you. In fact, it doesn’t concern any of you.” He said, gesturing to the group. “You don’t like it, fine. You don’t like him, fine but he’s going to be a part of the club so you’d better learn to get along.”


“I think it’s hot,” Sam admitted, shrugging his shoulders when Finn and Rachel gave him death glares. “What? As long as Kurt’s happy then we should be happy to.”


“Thank you Sam,” Kurt said, smiling over to him. 


“Well now that that’s out of the way, can I audition now?” Sebastian asked, turning around to look at Mr. Schue who had resorted to grading papers at the piano. 


Yes, of course, Sebastian,” Mr. Schue said, half-mindedly. “Floor’s all yours.”


Sebastian turned back to Kurt and gave him a wink which Kurt returned by playfully rolling his eyes and then walked over to the band and whispered the song that he chose into their ears. He was sure that it would get Kurt on his side since it was one of his favorites and he was excited to share his performance.


He then walked towards the center of the room and prepared himself. 

“This is for you babe,” He told Kurt. “Hit it,” He demanded the band and they started playing an upbeat beat accompanied with a bass and electric guitar. Sebastian started walking around the choir room taking in all the faces on the glee clubbers. He could tell that he had already won over Artie, Puck, Sam, Mike, Brittany and Tina and that Quinn and Santana were warming up to him. The only people that were a problem were Rachel, Finn and Blaine but he didn’t care about Blaine since he was only jealous that he had chosen Kurt over him.


There he goes

My baby walks so slow

Sexual tic-tac-toe

Yeah I know we both know

It isn't time, no

But could you be m-mine?


He walked up to Kurt and bowed down, holding his hand out for Kurt to take. Kurt took it and blushed, making Sebastian the happiest person in the world. They let go of each other and Sebastian walked back to the center of the room where he broke out into a dance routine that he had been practicing along with the song. Sebastian was surprised when Mike and Brittany got up and started dancing along with him but it only made Kurt smile more, knowing that his friends were warming up to him.


We'll never get too far

Just you, me and the bar

Silly ménage à trois, sometimes

Would you be m-mine?

Would you be m-mine?

Would you be m-mine?


Artie, Sam and Puck were all dancing along together in their seats and Mercedes and Tina were lip singing the lyrics together while nudging at Kurt.. Quinn and Santana were exchanging looks with each other and Blaine, Finn and Rachel all sat together in the corner, whispering back and forth and throwing glances at the rest of the group. Kurt sat in between Tina and Mercedes and hummed quietly along with the music.

Oh baby, light's on

But you're mom's not home

I'm sick of laying down alone, hey

With this fever, fever, yeah

My one and own

I wanna get you alone

Give you fever, fever, yeah


Sebastian sang the chorus and Puck and Sam got up and started dancing along with Mike and Brittany. Sebastian was surprised to see how in sync everyone was with each other, they were like the Warblers only they hadn’t rehearsed the piece. They were and he hated to admit it… amazing.


There it goes

You're still my soul and so

Cause, sweetheart

No-no-nobody a-kno-kno-knows me

Or can find me, ooh

Time to be m-mine, mine


Quinn and Santana shrugged together as they got up and joined the group. Now it was Brittany and Santana, Puck and Mike and Quinn and Sam dancing around Sebastian as he continued singing and dancing. Soon he would probably have everyone up there performing with him, having won them over and therefore having won Kurt over and then he would have achieved his goal.


Let's get inside your car

Just you, me and the stars

Kind of ménage à trois, sometimes

Would you be m-mine?

Would you be m-mine?

Would you be m-mine?


He didn’t really understand how he had fallen in love with Kurt. He didn’t realize it at first because he had never fallen in love before but when he did, he knew he couldn’t rest until Kurt was his. Yes, he had a bad reputation but he could turn himself around and become the best boyfriend in the world for Kurt. He deserved it. There was something about the smaller boy that made Sebastian feel energized. There was no one else like Kurt. No one else could be as snarky, sexy, ambitious, driven as Kurt was. No one could be as amazing as him and Sebastian could be amazing for him if Kurt gave him the chance.


Oh baby, light's on

But you're mom's not home

I'm sick of laying down alone, hey

With this fever, fever, yeah

My one and own

I wanna get you alone

Give you fever, fever, yeah


Mercedes and Tina left Kurt sitting by himself as they joined in on the dancing. Sebastian kept his eyes on him and was relieved to see that Kurt was loosening up and was actually enjoying his serenade. Sebastian knew that Kurt usually hated public displays like this (he had heard about the GAP attack with Blaine) but it seemed like he was enjoying this. Maybe because it was for him or maybe because it was Sebastian. Sebastian hoped that it was both.


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

You baby, oh baby, oh baby yeah, oh baby you're mine!

Baby you're mine, mine, you're mine


Sebastian hit the high note and everyone stopped their dancing for a moment to clap and holler for him. When they resumed their dancing, Sebastian went over to Kurt again and held out his hand but this time pulled Kurt out of his chair and pulled him to the center of the room and held on to him so they could dance together. Kurt danced along with him and they spun and stepped all over the room.


Oh baby, light's on

But you're mom's not home

I'm sick of laying down alone

With this fever, fever, yeah

My one and own

I wanna get you alone

I got this fever that I can't sweat out


Finn, Rachel and Blaine were the only ones that didn’t join in on the performance. Blaine was still pouting and he resembled a five-year-old child that had dropped his ice cream. Rachel was still whispering to Finn no doubt in Sebastian's mind that it was about him and Kurt sleeping together. Finn looked both confused and sick but their expressions only made him happier.


Oh baby, light's on

But you're mom's not home

I'm sick of laying down alone

With this fever, fever, yeah

My one and own

I wanna get you alone, yeah

Give you fever, fever, yeah!

Give you my f-f-fever, my f-fever!

Give you my f-f-fever, my f-fever!

Give you fever, fever, yeah!

Give you fever, fever, yeah!


At the end of the song, Sebastian tilted Kurt back, holding him up with his arm behind his back and kissed him passionately on the lips. Kurt kissed him back and the room went wild, clapping and cheering for them. The two parted and Sebastian lifted Kurt back up and then gave him a hug. 


“So, what’d you, Princess?” Sebastian asked him. “Give me a chance?”


“Hmm…” Kurt said, thinking about his options. “I don’t know, what do you guys think?” He asked his friends. 


“White boy, you better get your man,” Mercedes yelled at him as the rest of them cheered again.

Kurt smiled and turned back to Sebastian. “Okay, I’ll give you a chance.”


“Yes,” Sebastian shouted and accepted the pats that Sam, Puck, Mike and Artie gave him on the back. He was so happy, the happiest he had been in a long time. He was dating Kurt. He was dating the one and only Kurt Hummel and he was not going to screw it up for himself. Neither was anyone else.


“Okay, but on one condition,” Kurt told him. “You have to get along with Finn, okay? He’s my brother and I won’t tolerate fighting. That goes for you too, Finn.” Kurt lectured the boys.


“I’ll behave if he behaves,” Finn said, being stubborn.


Kurt just rolled his eyes and kissed Sebastian again before holding his hand and leading him over to sit down with him. Things couldn’t be any better for the both of them.