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Calm Before the Storm

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"Tired, Makoto?" Laura asked at some point. "I can go if you want so you can get some sleep."

"No, no, it's okay." He smiled at her. "I can manage until the end of the movie."

"Okay." The Ultimate Copywriter nodded, her hand slowly getting closer to Makoto's, until her fingers were brushing his.

Makoto's eyes widened just a little bit as he felt her touch but didn't say anything. He thought he was imagining it, honestly. However, he was aware of it enough to intertwine his fingers with Laura's digits.

Near the end of the movie, the two protagonists were forced to separate. It was a classic plot twist in romance movies, and of course, something happened soon after so that they could actually stay together.

The end result was a well-deserved kiss for two lovers who had been in denial for way too long, in Makoto's opinion. He felt Laura's hand leave his own to touch his thigh. The feeling was pleasant.

The credits rolled. None of the names rung bells for Makoto, which confirmed his suspicions that none of the actors were famous. The young woman's hand went up and down his leg in a soothing rhythm. He acknowledged it but didn't protest. He yawned again.

Of course, there was a post-credits scene, like in almost every movie. The two main characters were shown years after, happily married together and with a pair of twins on their laps. Makoto smiled at the cute scene.

"I dream of a life like this."

He registered Laura's voice more than her hand inching closer to his waist, in-between his legs.

"Yeah? Well, I think we all do," he argued with a shrug. "I mean… they're married, and they had children. I don't think anyone would complain in their situation."

She nodded. "Yeah." She rolled around so she could look at him in the eyes from above him. "I know you don't see me as a lover, so it doesn't fit with the movie, but… do you think I'm as pretty as the girl in the movie, Makoto?"

"H-Huh?" Where did that come from…? He wondered. "Well… Yeah, I guess you are." What a weird question to ask at this moment… The Luckster thought.

She placed a hand on her blouse and removed the first two buttons. "And do you think these are pretty, too…?"

Makoto's hazel eyes widened in shock. "W-W-What…?"

Laura placed a hand on Makoto's chest, stroking where the young man's pecs would have been if he wasn't too lazy to work out. She then unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, revealing her pink bra to the Former Ultimate Lucky Student. He didn't even notice the nasty scar she had near her stomach, his attention drawn to a pair of round breasts.

"L-Laura…" His gasp did not leave his mouth. He stared at the girl in both shock, admiration, and now, a bit of lust. "W-What are you doing…?"

"I just want us to share a cool moment before the battle…" she explained as she continued to caress his chest through his t-shirt. "If you don't wanna, it's fine, of course." Her eyes trailed to his crotch. "I somehow feel like you're more than okay with it."

"L-Laura…" he repeated. He had not even realized it, but he could have gone camping with the tent inside his boxers.

Tomorrow would be a stressful day, whether he wanted it or not. After all, as a Future Foundation Special Agent, a battle like this could be one he didn't come back from.

Yeah, if I die tomorrow… I'll die happier knowing I didn't miss any opportunities. The young man nodded at Laura. His eyes turned towards his bed table's drawer to retrieve something, but the feeling of Laura's hand palming his crotch made him turn his attention back to the copywriter.

"Laura…" Makoto gasped as he felt tingles of pleasure travel through his pants and boxers to his shaft as she caressed his bulge.

"Is… is this alright, Makoto?" Laura asked, blushing as shyness permeated her voice. "Am I… Am I making you feel good?"

The Special Agent blushed as he nodded. "Yeah… that… feels good, Laura…" he confirmed.

Laura giggled, warming Makoto's heart as he realized that his friend was at least able to smile in the calm before the storm. The young man felt his friend's hand remove itself from his crotch and take his wrists. He continued to blush as she held them against the bed and gently pinned him underneath, protection forgotten as he felt Laura's bra-covered breasts press against his chest.

How did I go from refusing to kiss Laura to agreeing to have my first time with her…? Makoto wondered as the day's events replayed in his mind. Well, even if I'm not in love with her, at least our respective first times will be with someone we trust… Who knew I'd actually be having a 'friends with benefits' relationship…?

"Makoto…" Laura began, her voice still shy as she moved her hand to cup his cheek. "I know you said no before, and you don't have to say yes now, but… may I kiss you?"

Makoto stared into her pleading eyes before caving. Well, we're already gonna have sex, even if it's not making love… Besides, I… probably need to be a little harder before we get to the… good stuff… "I understand… Sure, why not, Laura?"

"Thank you…" she whispered as she gradually closed her eyes and lowed her face until her lips pressed against Makoto's own.

Laura's lips… feel… nice. They're soft and warm… Makoto thought as he let Laura have her way and continue to kiss him, not really kissing back but not objecting either as Laura's gentle kisses soon turned into hungrier ones.

He let out an aroused moan as the copywriter's tongue slipped past his lips and stroked his own. Laura moaned in turn as the bulge against her crotch continued to arouse her, feeling her panties begin to dampen beneath her skirt.

Motivated by her growing arousal, Laura eased her blouse off her body, letting it fall to the floor before she began to fiddle with the buttons on Makoto's dress shirt.

One by one, she released them from their enclosures until the two hums hung loosely apart. She then spread them apart to reveal the white T-shirt underneath. Her hand slid up his chest to the tie hanging around Makoto's neck before she fiddled with the knot, gradually loosening it before it unraveled in her hands. After she tossed it aside, she reached for the hem of Makoto's T-shirt and, after a shy nod from him, pulled it over his head and tossed it aside.

He blushed as she caressed his chest with her hands, sending tingles of pleasure down his spine. "You feel really soft, Makoto…" Laura complimented.

"Th-Thanks…" Makoto bashfully replied as he blushed as red as a cherry.

The young woman giggled. "There's a clasp on the back strap of my bra. Would you mind taking it off for me?" she wondered.

"O-Okay…" Makoto nodded as she released his remaining wrist, allowing him to reach up behind her and nervously fiddle with the back strap of her bra.

I can't believe I'm actually taking off a girl's bra- huh, this seems easier than I thought it would be. It's almost like I've done this once before… yeah, right, Naegi. You've never been on a date before, let alone taken off a girl's bra…!

Makoto pushed the thought aside as he unlatched Laura's bra and let it fall, causing his eyes to widen as he saw Laura's round breasts in all their naked glory, topped with pink and perky nipples that seemed to invite his touch.

Laura giggled bashfully. "You…wanna feel them?" she asked. "It's okay, you can touch me, Makoto…"

"Sorry, just… nervous…" Makoto stammered before he took a deep breath and reached up to cup the undersides of her breasts in his palms. "H-How's this?" he hesitantly asked as he stroked the curves with his thumbs.

"Oh… that feels… good…" Laura purred as she smiled at her crush. Though, it'd probably feel better if…

She reached down to place her hands over his, gently moving them up her breasts until his thumbs were rubbing against the tips of her nipples. The Unremembered Ultimate gasped in pleasure as Makoto's shifted ministrations sent intense sparks of pleasure down to her core. She rubbed her thighs together as she felt her panties start to dampen even more.

Guess she likes it… Her nipples must be really sensitive… Makoto observed as he continued rubbing the tips of her nipples with his thumbs as he used his other fingers to squeeze her breasts.

"Oh… Makoto~" Laura began to moan as the waves of her voice began to arouse Makoto further, causing his cock to throb in his work pants.

The Luckster gasped as he felt Laura's hands trail down his chest and belly until they reached the hem of his pants.

"Those… can't be comfortable right now… Makoto…" the Ultimate Copywriter managed to force out between moans. "Wouldn't it be better if… you had more… room down there…?" she asked as she stroked his bulge, lost in her own pleasure as Makoto continued to touch her breasts.

Makoto nodded as he watched Laura fiddle with the button and zipper of his pants. He didn't have to wait long though, as she quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. Licking her lips in anticipation, Laura quickly tugged his pants and boxers down to his knees in one fell swoop, causing his erect cock to bounce into view. The Former Ultimate Lucky Student blushed as Laura stared at the appendage, seemingly hypnotized by it as it bobbed back and forth.

"Hm, Laura… are you okay…?" Makoto asked. It's kind of embarrassing just watching you stare at it… He thought.

Laura shook her head and smiled at him as she apologized. "Sorry, Makoto. It's just… the only time I saw a real penis in my life was when Tony and I took baths together as kids… I was like two, and he was maybe five…"

Laura frowned as she sighed and looked down, haunted by the memory of her brother falling into despair and attacking her and Makoto. However, her sadness soon transformed into warmth as she felt a pair of hands cup her cheeks and force her to look up into Makoto's smiling, hazel eyes.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save your brother, Laura. Maybe if I truly was an Ultimate Hope, I could have brought Tony back, and you two could have stayed a family together-!"

"Don't say that!" Laura suddenly exclaimed. "You are an Ultimate Hope! You gave me hope even when I was wallowing in the despair of Tony's death! Makoto… your hope is why I crushed on you like this…" she sighed. "I know you don't have a crush on me, and I accept that. I'm just grateful that you're giving me my first time… perhaps my only time before I die. For that, there are no words to describe just how grateful I am, Makoto."

"Laura…" he muttered, blushing. Even if I don't love her the way she loves me, at least I can give her hope tonight. He thought. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna make her forget all about the Tragedy and the Unremembered Ultimates tonight. I promise Laura, I'll make this the best night of your life so that if we do die tomorrow, we can die without regrets!

Makoto took a deep breath as he slid his hands down from her breasts. Laura winced as his fingers lightly brushed the scar on her belly until his hands rested on the top hem of her black skirt.

"May I…?" the hazel-eyed asked hesitantly, blushing as he did.

Laura blushed in return, then smiled and nodded as she took his hand. "Let me give you a hand," she offered. "There's a flap on the side of my skirt; you'll find the zipper there."

Makoto nodded as Laura guided his hand along the side of her skirt until he felt a small flap cover the tops of his fingertips. As she released his hand and removed it from her skirt, he slid his own hand further up her thigh until he found the zipper. He grabbed hold of it with his thumb and pointer finger before he gently pulled down, hearing it unzip until it released at the bottom.

"Here, I'll get it off," Laura offered as she pulled at the loose fabric and tossed it off the bed.

She then sat up, allowing Makoto to do the same before his eyes lowered past her navel and focused on her damp, pink panties.

His former colleague giggled and asked "You like them? I'm not an expert on having dressing sexy, so sorry if they're a little plain…"

Makoto shook his head. "No, they're… pretty…" he assured her.

"T-Thank you…" Laura bashfully replied before she spread her legs and invited "Would you do the honors?"

The Luckster gulped nervously before he slid his hands up her thighs and buttocks before he gently hooked his thumbs on the elastic of her waistband. He looked into her eyes and, after she nodded in permission, gently pulled them down and over her legs.

As she kicked the undergarments off the bed, Makoto's eyes wandered to the pink, glistening entrance, soaked with Laura's arousal. His cock throbbed as her exposed pussy practically invited him to sheathe his shaft inside her warm, welcoming walls.

Laura… she looks… really sexy… He couldn't help but admit to himself, despite his platonic feelings towards her.

I can't believe it… he's… really aroused by me… Laura thought in wonder. She let him stare for another minute, increasing both their arousals before she interrupted the mood and glanced down at his legs.

"Why don't I help you get those off? Then we can get started?" she offered as they glanced down at his pants and boxers, still bunched at his knees.

Makoto bashfully nodded as Laura got on her knees and reached for the hem of his pants and boxers. Once her hands were wrapped around the fabric, she pulled down until they were punched around his ankles. He awkwardly shifted his legs over the bedside and kicked the fabric off, letting them land in a heap with the rest of their discarded clothes.

Once the Former Ultimate Lucky Student pulled his legs back onto the bed, Laura crawled on her knees to his waist before she shyly reached out and wrapped her hand around his throbbing shaft.

"You feel… so warm and hard, yet… somehow soft, too…" Laura complimented before she began to stroke the underside of his length, making Makoto moan.

"L-Laura…" That… that feels really good… Makoto admitted as he let her caress his cock, pleasing Laura as a stream of precum trickled down from his tip.

"I think we're ready to get to the good part, Makoto," the young black-haired woman suggested as she crawled over him. "Want me to initiate?"

Makoto nodded as Laura lowered her hips and rubbed her entrance against his tip before it disappeared into the depts of her walls. The two of them moaned as she slowly took him inside her inch by inch until finally his cock was buried to the hilt.

"Laura? Are you…alright…?" Makoto forced out between moans as Laura grunted in slight discomfort.

Laura smiled. "Yeah, just… getting used to having you inside me," she assured him. "This is my first time, after all… Just… give me some time, okay?"

Makoto nodded and took a deep breath, taking the time to get used to the sensation of having his cock surrounded by Laura's walls. He barely withheld his reactions as he felt them curiously squeeze around his length until his friend smiled at him once more.

"Alright, I'm ready, Makoto. Just follow my lead, okay?"

He nodded as Laura gingerly lifted her hips until just the tip was left inside. Then, she slammed straight down onto his hips, causing them both to moan as her walls squeezed more forcefully around him.

God… Laura feels… amazing! Makoto exclaimed to himself as he felt sparks of pleasure electrify his cock.

"Makoto… you feel so good…!" Laura couldn't help but voice as she lifted her hips once more and slammed them back down, causing the intense pleasure bubbling in their cores to intensify as she repeated the rhythm.

Before long, Makoto found himself bucking his hips in tune with her own movements, doubling their pleasure as the heat bubbling in their bellies grew hotter and hotter.

Makoto was the first to reach his tipping point, feeling the hot rush up the base of his cock as he grunted "L-Laura… I… I'm gonna…"

"Go… go ahead, Makoto. C-Come inside me…" the copywriter grunted as her walls squeezed his cock one last time.

"Ah! L-Laura!"

"Makoto!" she exclaimed in return as she felt the rush of his sperm blast through her womb, triggering her own orgasm as the mixture of their bodily fluids leaked out of her entrance, staining his sheets as they pooled beneath them.

The two Ultimates gasped for breath as their pleasure ran its course, coming down from their hormone-driven high with each breath that entered their lungs.

Laura was the first to speak, smiling. "Who knew the Ultimate Lucky Student would be so good in bed?" she complimented. "You sure you've never done this before?"

Makoto chuckled. "I've never had a date, so how could I have had sex with a pretty girl?" he reminded her.

"Well, thanks for giving me my first time, Makoto," Laura thanked him sincerely as she eased herself off of him. "I'll get off you now… hm?"

As she sat a few inches away from him, they both glanced down at his waist. The short man blushed as he saw that his cock, glistening with her juices, was still rock-hard, occasionally twitching.

"I see… was one round not enough for you then?" Laura teased, causing Makoto to blush in embarrassment. She giggled at his cuteness before she told him "Good thing I'm still in the mood too."

"H-H-Huh?!" he exclaimed, gaping as Laura laid down in front of him and spread her legs.

"Why don't you be on top this time?" she asked as she winked in invitation.

"O-Okay…" Makoto took a deep breath to steel himself before he began to crawl over the Unremembered Ultimate the way she did with him.

She watched with anticipation as Makoto carefully lined up his tip with her glistening entrance, rubbing it up and down against her pussy.

"Are you ready, Laura?" Makoto asked hesitantly, making her giggle and nod. "Alright, here goes…" he warned her before he eased his cock inside her walls.

Laura hummed in pleasure as her walls easily parted for her crush's cock, now used to his shape and welcoming it inside her instead of resisting its penetration. Once he was buried to the hilt once more, Laura wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down so that her breasts were pressing against his pecs.

"Fuck me…" she whispered in his ear as the Former Ultimate Lucky Student scrambled to grasp her hips, only to giggle as his digits pressed into her skin. "Sorry, I'm just a little ticklish, but it should be okay now."

Makoto nodded and took a deep breath as he gently pulled out, feeling Laura's walls squeeze him in an attempt to keep his cock from leaving until just the tip was left inside her. He then gently pushed back inside her womb, causing both of them to gasp as her walls squeezed his shaft once more.

"Makoto! More!" Laura begged as she felt the tip of his cock press against her womb.

Makoto grunted as he pulled back out, only to push back in slightly faster. They moaned as he thrusted in and out faster and faster, her walls squeezing faster and harder in an attempt to keep him inside.

This time it was Laura who felt the rush of pleasure first as the Ultimate Copywriter moaned. "M-Makoto… I-I'm close…"

"Me… Me too…"



Once more, Laura's walls squeezed him tightly as her fluids gushed out of her, coating his quivering cock. This triggered Makoto's own orgasm as the pleasure that had been pooling in his tip exploded, mixing with her own juices in her womb as the overflow leaked out from her pussy, pooling beneath them. The two gasped for breath as their second orgasms passed, the rush working its way through their systems faster than their first round.

This time, it was the Luckster who spoke first. "You're… you're sure this isn't your f-first time?"

Laura giggled and shook her head. "Nope, first-timer." She reached down and stroked the base of his shaft that wasn't inside her. "But it's flattering that you think I'm good in bed too, Makoto, even if it's not for romantic reasons," she thanked.

Makoto moaned as she continued her ministrations, stroking his tip as he eased his cock out of her pussy.

"L-Laura… if you keep doing that…"

"You'll get hard again?" the young woman teased as his currently flaccid cock began to twitch into hardness. "There's a chance at least one of us might not make it out of the battle alive tomorrow. So I want to milk this opportunity for all it's worth, just in case," Laura reminded him seriously.

Emphasis on milk… Makoto deadpanned as his cock became rock-hard once more.

"I think I have enough energy left for one more round…" she told him as she turned on her side and wiggled her ass at him, making him blush. "Mind taking me from behind this time?"

Makoto nodded hesitantly, then took a deep breath as he wrapped his arms around her belly, pulling her close until her rear touched Makoto's belly. Laura reached down and wrapped her fingers around his cock before she angled the tip against her pussy. They both moaned as she guided it inside her entrance, letting go as he pushed the rest of his erection inside her.

"M-Makoto…" Laura moaned as he pulled out, then thrusted back in, feeling her walls squeeze him as he penetrated her once more.

"L-Laura…" Makoto moaned as he continued to thrust faster and faster. I don't think I can do another round after this. I'll be too tired, and she will be too. I gotta make this count, but what can I do to give her more pleasure this time? Wait… Letters swirled around in his head until they lined up perfectly to form a cohesive word. Now I understand!

The Luckster took a deep breath and, while continuing to thrust in and out of her pussy, slid his hands up her belly until he cupped her breasts with his hands. As the copywriter gasped from the surprise sensation, Makoto rubbed the tips of her nipples with his pointer fingers.

"Ohh~ Makoto…" Laura moaned, feeling intense sparks of pleasure zap to her womb, causing the warm pool between her legs to bubble. "More! Keep… keep doing that!"

Makoto smiled as he continued teasing her nipples and groping her breasts, causing her walls to squeeze his cock even tighter. He moaned as he thrusted faster and faster, eventually feeling the rush of pleasure travel up the base of his shaft.

"Laura… I'm c-close…"

"Me too… let's come together, Makoto… please…"



As they shrieked in pleasure, their respective orgasms activated simultaneously; jets of semen burst out of his tip, flooding her womb, which squeezed his shaft as hard as it could while her own juices flooded and soaked Makoto's erection. Their juices mixed together as they leaked out of her pussy, flowing onto the sheets beneath them and increasing the stain that had already formed beneath them.

As Laura regained her breath, she wheezed "T-Thank you, Makoto. I'll remember this night… for as long as I live…"

As the man's lungs refilled with oxygen, he smiled as he lowered his hands from her breasts until they locked around Laura's slender belly.

"You… you're welcome, Laura…" Makoto yawned. "I'm… really… tired…"

"Me too…" Laura yawned sleepily. "Mind if I… stay here tonight…? I don't really wanna get up… and feeling your cock inside me… feels… nice…"

Too tired to blush, he nodded against her shoulder and yawned, closing his eyes. "Good… good night, Laura…" he muttered.

"Good night, Makoto…"

The Special Agent merely groaned in acknowledgment as Laura yawned one last time before she closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms.

The End.