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My Boyfriend is Going to Kill You

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Keith opened his eyes groggily. The back of his head was pounding and his mouth was uncomfortably dry. As he became more aware of his surroundings, he slowly realized he had no idea where he was. Clearly, he was on the hull of a ship, but it wasn’t the castle. The lights and colors were all wrong and he couldn’t hear any of his teammates. 


Oh god, his teammates. 


Keith’s eyes flew open and suddenly, he remembered. Being in a fight on the ground. Ducking and weaving through the battlefield with Lance behind him. Pidge updating them through the comms on their progress of retrieving the data. They had been trying to steal intel from a lower level Galra ship when they had been ambushed. 


Lance had been taking shots from above in his post while Keith had been on the ground. Keith loved knowing that his boyfriend was always watching his back. It didn’t hurt that Lance was a very good multitasker and threw out compliments while watching Keith fight. When Keith had disposed of all the Galra on the ground, he had turned around to grin at Lance, when he saw a Galra crawling up behind him. 


Keith’s stomach dropped and he had let out a scream; Lance had whipped around just in time to see the Galra, being pierced in half by Keith’s bayard. He hadn’t even remembered throwing it. He just blinked and it was gone and embedded in the enemy’s chest. Lance’s mouth had dropped open in shock and his eyes snapped back to Keith in awe. 


Keith had let out a hysterical laugh. He hadn’t even known that he could throw that far, let alone with that type of aim. He made a mental note to see if the training deck had target practice. He lifted up his hand to salute Lance, who was grinning at him with unabashed joy. He started making his way to Lance, when he saw his boyfriend’s face fall quickly and he yelled, “Keith! Behind-!” 


And everything had gone black. 


Which led him here. Being tied up on the hull of a Galra ship. I’ve never been kidnapped, Keith thought to himself with amusement. I’m being adultnapped , he added with a giggle. Do I have a concussion? He shook his head and it pulsed painfully. Maybe . He swallowed, fighting down a wave of nausea. This was going to make escaping much more difficult. 


“Oh, good,” a snarled voice came from above him. “You’re awake.” 


Keith groaned in response. Being hit in the head was nothing like in the movies. 


Someone slapped him hard and Keith’s head flew backwards. The pain gave him something to focus on besides the throbbing of his head. A clawed hand gripped his jaw and tilted his head backwards. “You will make a fine prize for Emperor Zarkon,” the voice continued. 


Keith forced himself to focus to take in his surroundings. The pounding in his head was subsiding slightly and he took in the Galra’s uniform in front of him. “You guys are screwed,” he gasped out weakly. “You aren’t even ranked officers.” 


“That won’t matter when we bring the Red Paladin to the Emperor,” the Galra waved him off. 


“It does matter,” Keith argued, “Because my boyfriend is going to kill you.” 


The hull went silent for a moment. The other Galra soldiers stopped working for a moment, and turned to watch the leader nervously. He waved them back to their duties impatiently. “Your boyfriend will not be able to find us, nor will he be able to withstand us,” the Galra said condescendingly. 


“Fine,” Keith huffed. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he settled back against the wall. “He’ll definitely be pissed about this,” Keith said, gesturing to his cheek, which he could already feel starting to bruise. The Galra watched him for a moment and then kicked him in the ribs. Keith cried out and promptly threw up. The ache was almost unbearable in his ribs, but at least the nausea was gone. He curled up as best he could to protect himself from more blows. 


“Thrax,” one of the other galra said nervously. “If the rumors I heard at the last base are true, then the Red Paladin is dating the Blue Paladin.” 


Thrax, then looked a bit nervous, but shook it off. Keith aimed his spit at his shoes. Thrax took another swipe at Keith’s face, but Keith avoided him. “The Blue Paladin does not scare me,” he hissed at his fellow soldiers. 


“Well, he fucking should,” Keith grumbled. Thrax ignored him and headed back to the front of the hull, clearly planning to ignore him until they made it to their destination. 




Keith must have fallen asleep at some point because he woke up to the sound of a large crash. Lance must have found him already. He pushed himself into as much of a sitting position as he possibly could, and watched the chaos. All the galra were running around in terror. Some were frantically trying to plot a new course for their ship. Several were holstering weapons; not that it would do them any good. 


Keith oddly felt better, for some reason. Maybe it wasn’t a concussion, maybe he was just sleep deprived , he thought to himself. Another boom rocked the ship. He would have to let Lance know, he thought idly. More galra screamed in the background. Lance would help him with his sleep schedule. Speaking of, where was Lance? 


Several of the soldiers ran out besides Keith, and he assumed that the doors were somewhere behind him. He heard shots being fired behind him and felt himself relax. Lance was here.  Everything was going to be fine now. Very few glara were left in the hull with him. Thrax was still barking orders, but most seemed to have either fled into the ship’s lower levels or been picked off. Keith peered around the corner and saw Lance barreling towards him. 


“Baby!” cried Lance, skidding around the corner. He slammed to a stop in front of Keith and shot at the remaining few galra in the hull. Keith heard a few more cries and then it fell silent. Lance fell to his knees in front of Keith and crowded against him. “Are you hurt? Do you need immediate medical attention,” Lance shot at him, his hands fluttering all over Keith’s body, checking for injuries. 


“No, I’m alright,” Keith shrugged. 


Lance suddenly grabbed his face and began peppering it with kisses. “I am never letting you out of my sight again,” he said firmly, accenting each word with a kiss on Keith’s upturned face. He cut Keith’s arms and legs free and Keith let himself be dragged into Lance’s lap as his boyfriend continued showering him with kisses. 


Keith hummed happily, closing his eyes and letting Lance fret over him. Lance pressed a kiss to his cheek and Keith hissed. Lance pulled back and took Keith’s jaw in his hand, cradling his face as he turned Keith’s head left and right. “Who did this,” Lance demanded, hotly. 


“That one,” Keith nodded towards Thrax, who was propped up against the control board, breathing shallowly after clearly being shot in the shoulder. 


“You fucking slapped him,” Lance growled, spinning around to crouch in front of Keith. Keith felt his stomach swoop with interest. Now was not the time to be thinking like that. But Lance is very attractive when he’s pissed , his brain helpfully reminded him. 


“He also kicked me in the ribs,” Keith piped up helpfully. Lance whipped around to look at him and Keith put on his best pouting face. Rile Lance up, rile Lance up , his brain kept chanting at him. 


“We weren’t really going to-” Thrax croaked out.


“Shut up,” Lance said, and shot the galra in the head. He turned around and ran his hands over Keith’s side, until Keith winced in pain. “Okay, it doesn’t feel broken,” Lance said, after a moment. “Guess that shithead had bad aim.” He bit his lip and Keith saw him take a shuddering breath. All at once Keith felt awful. Lance must have been terrified. 


“Hey, it’s okay, I’m here and alive,” Keith said, pressing his forehead against Lance’s. “You found me and saved me. I honestly wasn’t even worried. I knew you would come find me.” 


“I always will,” promised Lance. He helped Keith to his feet and the pair began making their way off the ship. 




“If it makes you feel any better,” Keith said, after they were safely in Red, “You’ve been rougher with me in bed than that guy was.” 


“Jesus Christ, Keith,” Lance yelped. “Don’t say shit like that!” 


“Well, I like it when it’s you,” cried Keith indignantly. 


“No, Keith, the comms are open,” Lance shrieked in horror. 


Keith heard Pidge’s wolf whistle, Hunk nervous laughter, and Shiro’s quiet horror. “Oh,” he said. “Okay, I’m going to need you to put me back on the other ship now.” 


Lance cackled, “No can do babe, you’re never leaving my sight again.” Keith heard their teammates cooing at him and demanding Red to fly faster so they could see Keith too. Keith just blushed and let Lance fly them home.