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Lilac Skies

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Renesmee Cullen hasn't been feeling well the past few days so she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. 

The half vampire teenager woke up groggily this morning in her bedroom, her hair a ruffled mess. She slowly slung herself out of the bed and slowly stood from the edge of the bed. She went over to her full length mirror and looked at her stomach which had a bump. She grabbed a large sweatshirt which hid her bump and then left her bedroom. 

When Renesmee went into the kitchen, she saw her family. She looked upset and scared due to knowing that she would eventually have to tell her family about her and Liam's baby. Bella was in the kitchen waiting for Renesmee. When she saw how her daughter looked, she rushed to her side. "Renesmee? What's wrong?" 

"N-Nothing. I'm fine mom." Renesmee lied.

Edward had been a little lost in his own thoughts that he hadn't been listing when Renesmee took the pregnancy test and saw the result. When she came downstairs, however, he immediately heard her thoughts and the glass of orange juice that he'd poured for her slipped from his grasp and crashed to the floor. He stood there staring at his daughter in shock, similarly to when Bella told him she was pregnant with Renesmee. 

"Edward? What is it?" Carlisle asked his son slowly and carefully as to not set Edward off. The blonde doctor could tell it was serious as vampires don't just drop things on accident and there is a reason behind it. 

Edward was physically trembling a little as he slowly spoke to his daughter "please tell me this is a joke..."

Renesmee didn't know what to do. After a few seconds of standing there not moving or speaking, she quickly turned around going back to her room. On her way back to her room, she bumped into her aunt Rosalie. 

Rosalie saw the look on her niece's face and frowned. "What's wrong? Are you alright?" She asked worriedly. Renesmee felt tears fill her eyes and start running down her face as she was now crying. 

Rosalie hugged her niece and she hugged her aunt back then they parted. "What happened?" 

"Dad knows, he read my thoughts." Renesmee said as she whipped her tears away.

Last night, Renesmee had told her aunt Rosalie about her and Liam's baby. 

"I'll talk to Edward and make sure he doesn't kill the human boy that got you pregnant." Rosalie said.

"His name is Liam." Renesmee said. Her eyes were red from crying. 

"Come with me." Rosalie took her niece's hand and led her downstairs to the kitchen. 

Edward was pacing the kitchen, about ready to murder the human that had gotten his little girl pregnant. How dare that insignificant little human lay a hand in any way let alone this way. 

He thought this wouldn't happen so soon. Both him and Bella had sat Renesmee down when she started to go to human school and told her that she needed to be careful and how she can be safe if it ever came to that. 

"Edward, please calm down" Carlisle was trying to calm him the best he could as Jasper was out hunting with Emmett and wasn't around to calm Edward down with his gift. 

"Calm down?! Some idiot human got my daughter pregnant and you want me to calm down?!"

Rosalie and Renesmee both heard Edward yelling. Rosalie looked at her niece and had her go back upstairs to her room. Once the blonde vampire got downstairs, she looked at Bella.  "Renesmee's in her room." She said. Bella went upstairs to see her daughter while Rosalie stayed downstairs. 

"Edward!" The blonde vampire yelled at him. 

"You know why your daughter didn't tell you and you had to read her thoughts to find out? Because she knew you would do this. I know that cause she told me last night." Rosalie said. 

Upstairs in the half vampire's bedroom, Renesmee was laying in her bed and Bella stood by the door as they talked. "How are you feeling?" Bella asked her daughter. 

"I'm really hungry." Renesmee said hugging the stuffed bear Liam got her for Valentine's Day earlier this year. 

"I'll get you something to eat." Bella said. 

As Bella opened the door, Renesmee spoke to her. 

"Please don't leave me." She said starting to cry. 

Usually Rosalie was the one that could fire Edward up the most yet at her words, Edward's anger seemed to fizzle out into sadness. He felt hurt in a way that his daughter didn't trust him enough to tell him and Bella first yet he quickly understood why upon hearing his little girl start to cry. 

"She's my little girl, Rosalie..." Edward spoke softly to his sister, looking defeated. "I'm not ready to let her go..." 

Jasper and Emmett came home at this point and naturally both were wondering what was going on but Jasper didn't hang around to hear what was happening. Instead, Jasper went straight upstairs after feeling Renesmee's emotions and straight to her room. 

"Ness...?" He called her name softly as he gently knocked on the door. "Can I come in?"

Esme and Alice were upstairs when they both overhead what was going on. Esme went downstairs and started making breakfast for granddaughter while Alice was on her way to see Bella and Renesmee. 

Rosalie walked over to Edward and hugged him. "Why don't you go talk to her? Bella's already upstairs with her." 

Renesmee was still laying in her bed crying as her mother was sitting on her bed next to her. Bella had her arm around Renesmee as she spoke to her daughter. "Everything's going to be alright, I promise." While Bella talked to her daughter, Alice was looking through her niece's closet grabbing all the baggy clothes she had. 

Bella and Renesmee heard Jasper at the door. "Do you want me to let him in?" Bella asked her daughter.  

"Sure." Renesmee said quietly. 

"You can come in Jasper." Bella said.

Jasper entered the room after being given permission and knelt at the side of Renesmee's bed. He gently started to pet her hair from where he knelt with concern in his eyes "what's gotten you all upset, Princess?" He asked her softly, using the nickname he'd given her when her appearance was of a toddler and he continued to use it occasionally now. 

Edward gently hugged Rosalie back and sighed softly as he hugged her "I'm sorry for yelling..." he apologized to the room "I just... can't let my little girl go... not yet... she's so young..."

Carlisle carefully stepped in at this point and lay a hand on Edward's shoulder, "take it from me, son, as a father, you'll never be ready to let your children go but you just have to." 

"I don't want to talk about it." Renesmee mumbled. 

"Nessie's human boyfriend got her pregnant." Alice said.

"Seriously aunt Alice?" Renesmee said. 

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it." Alice said looking at her niece. 

"Dad found out by reading my thoughts." Rensesmee said to her uncle Jasper.

Jasper nodded and appreciated Alice telling him since he and his wife can't hide anything from each other no matter how secret it's supposed to be. He could understand Edward being upset about it and slowly let out a calm wave into the room to try and help everything be calm again. "I'm guessing Edward didn't take it well at all?" He voiced softly as he them continued to gently pet Renesmee's hair. 

"Despite how it seems, it's a good thing that your father is at least a little bit upset" Jasper started to talk softly to his niece. "It means he loves you so much that he wants you to keep being his little girl forever. As any father would, he still sees you as his little baby and is too protective to see otherwise. It's not necessary a bad thing, it just means he cares." he tried to show his niece the better side of the situation. Edward being mad doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't care at all and just maybe cares a little too much.

Renesmee looked back at her uncle Jasper. 

"I-I guess your right."