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An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break


Yoongi had always taken issue with the whole soulmates thing.

Ok, yeah, he was aware that the little red sting that was tied around his left pinky finger apparently led to his other half, and that most people thought that was great, found it really reassuring and what not. (“Just think,” Yoongi’s friend Seokjin was always saying when they were younger, “there’s someone out there on the other side of this string that’s just for me. Isn’t that beautiful?”).

But Yoongi knew things didn’t always work out just because you shared a string with someone. It was something he had known ever since his Dad had walked out on his mother and him, despite the knotted and tangled red string still firmly attached to his pinky finger.

Yoongi sometimes hoped his soul mate lived somewhere far away in some distant country where they could never run into each other. Seokjin looked absolutely scandalized when he’d said that out loud, but soulmates were fine for people like Seokjin and Namjoon. In fact it had been Yoongi who had inadvertently introduced them when he finally (after nagging him for weeks and offering to pay for their next meal) managed to convince Seokjin to be a supportive hyung and come to one of his rap battles. It had been completely embarrassing actually.

He and Namjoon had the whole thing planned out. He’d laid down the track himself layering the beats painstakingly and had the synth just so. They had practically used up a whole notebook writing and rewriting lyrics. Pages and pages of failed rhymes amid the margin scribbles and toffee colored rings pressed into the pages by coffee cups, until they finally settled on something they could agree on, but all of this was for to be for naught.

Namjoon had been uncharacteristically antsy before their set, constantly glancing down at his hand, and pacing around the room, sweat already glistening on his forehead before they even stood under the bright stage lights.

Yoongi let him be, didn’t question him at all, but it all clicked into place when they were standing on stage, and he saw Seokjin slide his way into the crowd just barely making it in time to hear his set, and somehow managing to trip on about three different people on his way to the center of the room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Namjoon with a dumbstruck look on his face, and realized that Seokjin hadn’t even glanced in Yoongi’s direction since he got there. His eyes were trained on Namjoon’s and on a thin red string stretched tight between them.

Yoongi had heard their track’s heady beat thrumming out of the speakers and felt it vibrating in his sternum. It seemed to be slowly shaking Namjoon out of his trance.

Namjoon straightened his shoulders in a way that struck Yoongi as significantly different than his regular performance stance. He then proceeded to spit out what was essentially an extremely cheesy freestyle love poem all while maintaining steady eye contact with Seokjin, and completely ruined any credibility they had built up in the underground scene up until that point. It was months before Yoongi could even show his face on stage again.

And Yoongi was totally happy for them or whatever. He also super appreciated how Seokjin was always inviting Namjoon to their dorm and cooking full course meals ever since Namjoon had complimented his cooking. Actual food was a definite fringe benefit for being totally humiliated by his friend’s complete and utter sappiness, but the point was while it all worked out fine and dandy for Seokjin and Namjoon, Yoongi was still determined not to fall for it all.


Which is exactly why when Yoongi first felt the tug on his pinky finger while sitting innocently in the library amidst a mountain of books, he almost had a breakdown. He’d always been fine at school before, but it was the start of a new year and there was a fresh batch of students wandering the halls looking all wide eyed and a bit shell shocked, and god this was only getting worse. Yoongi’s string is probably attached to some kid who's just out of high school? God.

The tugging was starting to get more insistent, and if he was completely honest with himself he was starting to panic. He stood up and quickly slung his backpack over his shoulder. All but running towards the first exit he could see, he turned corners wildly and didn’t stop until his back was pressed up against the admittedly somewhat flimsy door of his dorm room. His breath fell in heavy pants, and it took him a full hour before his heartbeat returned to normal.


The next day he arrived at school with a beanie pulled low over his head, and a thick scarf wrapped around his neck partially concealing his face. He even threw on a pair of sunglasses just in case, and spent the whole day peeking carefully around corners. People looked at him a bit strangely, but better safe than sorry. That was Yoongi’s motto, or at least it was now.

After making it a full two days with no additional tugging he eventually started to relax. It was not even on his mind anymore as he slid into the chair next to Namjoon, he unwound his increasingly constricting scarf, and was halfway into convincing Namjoon to share the lunch Seokjin had packed for him (“Yah! I’m your hyung, and I introduced you two!”) when he feels the tug again.

It’s an even stronger pull this time. His eyes widen, and he shoots out of his seat, racing out the door before he even has time to hear his chair clattering to the ground, and leaving behind a very perplexed looking Namjoon.


Unfortunately after this incident Yoongi’s soul mate seems to only grow more persistent, and he’s now spent the last four days running from the increasingly frequent tugs on his string. One particularly hard tug even requiring him to make a getaway on Namjoon’s bike.

All in all it was turning out to be a lot more physical activity than Yoongi was prepared to handle. So when he’s sitting in his favorite café with his cheek pressed against the cool table as he waits for his tea to reach a temperature that won’t scald his tongue, and he starts feeling a steady tug, he just can’t be bothered to run away again. Even when he can feel the tugs getting harder and more insistent and his heart beating more and more quickly he just lays there with his face pressed to the table. He waits until he sees a boy slide into the seat in front of him. A boy who is smiling widely at Yoongi and holding his pinky finger up close to Yoongi’s face for Yoongi to see.

Yoongi’s eyes focus on the red thread tied snugly around the boys finger, his eyes follow the line of red, there is a cluster of knots and tangles, but the other end of the string is clearly attached to Yoongi’s left pinky. It might have been Yoongi’s imagination, but the string seemed brighter than usual it’s deep crimson color standing out starkly against his pale skin.

He refocuses his eyes on the boy’s face, and god could the kid tone down the megawatt smile a bit? Yoongi was already feeling guilty that he was going to have to be the one to break it to him that he doesn’t believe in all this soul mate crap. I mean it’s not the kid’s fault he got matched up with Yoongi, and he really does look like a kid. He’s got a baby face with somewhat pudgy cheeks and eyes that curve up into crescent moons when he smiles, and Yoongi really can’t take it anymore. So, he just blurts it out.

“Sorry kid. I don’t believe in soulmates,” he says and then he stands up to leave the café as quickly as he can, tea promptly forgotten and left still steaming on the table so he won’t have to see the smile slide off the boy’s face.

He’s just about to breathe a sigh of relief when he feels a tug on the sleeve of his jacket and turns around to see that the boy has followed him, smile still attached.

“Wait for me hyung~” he says.

Yoongi sighs loudly, his breath coming out in plume of smoke as it hits the cold air. He doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve this.


The next few days find Yoongi feeling rather frustrated.

Jimin (because that is the boys name) trails after Yoongi wherever he goes like some sort of lovesick puppy, keeping up a steady stream of incessant and never ending chatter. At first he’d asked Yoongi a million questions,

“Where are you from? What are your parents like? What do you like to do? What’s your favorite food? What would you do if you were turned into an elephant for 24 hours?”

The list goes on, but after a while he seemed to notice that Yoongi wasn’t actually answering any of the questions (not that Jimin had ever paused long enough for Yoongi to answer them really, but that was a moot point anyways) so instead he started just telling Yoongi everything there was to know about Park Jimin.

He grew up in Busan and sometimes Yoongi could pick out the accent in his voice and he definitely didn’t find it endearing at all. He liked to dance, and was on the dance team. He didn’t know what he was going to major in yet though he was leaning towards music. He also liked to exercise. Which honestly, Yoongi thought pretty much proved that they were incompatible, but when he tried to point it out to Jimin he just laughed and slung an arm around Yoongi’s shoulder as if they’d known each other for years.

Seokjin sees them from across the lawn and makes his way over to Yoongi.

“Who’s this?” He asks with one raised eyebrow. Yoongi tries to squirm out from under Jimin’s arm, but somehow Jimin’s arm ends up around his waist instead pulling Yoongi in close, before proudly turning to Seokjin to inform him that he is Yoongi’s soul mate.

Yoongi scoffs at the word, and Jimin glances at him with a look that can only be described as exasperated affection, and says “oh sorry hyung, I forgot! Yoongi doesn’t like the word soulmate,” he says to Seokjin leaning in close like it’s a secret, and then continues, “I’m Park Jimin, Yoongi’s lifelong lover” he says instead, sticking out a hand to Seokjin for a formal handshake.

Yoongi splutters, and he feels his face heat up, flush spreading out on his cheeks and continuing to creep down his neck. Jimin throws him a cheeky wink, and Yoongi grabs his arm and forcibly removes him before Seokjin can stop laughing enough to pick himself up off the ground, and say something to add to his humiliation.

Once he’s finished pulling Park Jimin away he rounds on him with a look that he’s been told is very intimidating. Seriously Yoongi may only be 176 cm’s but he is a seriously intimidating guy. He really is.

Except Jimin must be immune to it, because instead Jimin coos at him. Like actually coos, and even has the nerve to reach up and pat Yoongi’s still blushing cheek. Then he starts talking a mile a minute again about how happy he is that Yoongi is introducing him to his friends (he wasn’t) and about how cute he looked when he blushed (he did not).

It just figures that Yoongi’s soul mate would not only be immune to his intimidation, but also be someone who enjoyed embarrassing him. Typical, honestly. Just typical.


Yoongi continued trying to avoid Jimin, but Jimin didn’t even seem to notice. In fact after the third time Jimin shows up at Yoongi’s lecture hall, slightly panting as if he had to run there to make it in time, Yoongi starts to strongly suspect that Seokjin has betrayed him and told Jimin not only where he lives, but also his entire school schedule.

He’d roll out of bed in the morning feeling completely unrested, grumpy, and generally terrible, and there would be Jimin outside his dorm waiting to walk him to school.

“Hello, hyung!” Jimin was standing only a few meters away from Yoongi, but he still shouted it as if he didn’t want to give Yoongi any way to pretend he hadn’t heard him. Yoongi had to admit the kid was pretty smart as that had sort of been his original plan.

He was waving so enthusiastically that it was almost bordering on psychotic. Plus Yoongi’s dorm was literally right on campus so he really didn’t see the point, but Jimin was holding two fresh cups of steaming coffee in his hands so he gave in and took one.

Jimin smiled at him, and his smile took up his whole face, Yoongi’s heart stuttered because Park Jimin had a cute smile, and it’s not Yoongi’s fault that he’s always been weak to cute things.

Yoongi glaces at the thin red string that connects them just so he will have somewhere else to look besides Jimin’s beaming face, and he notices something. The knots in their thread are starting to loosen.


After noticing the knots coming undone Yoongi feels another wave of panic overtaking him.

He becomes determined to put a stop to all of this and put some distance between them. So when Jimin is yet again waiting for him outside his classroom (Yoongi is going to destroy everything Seokjin loves for this blatant display of disloyalty). He grabs him by the wrist (causing Jimin to sport a stupid smile that Yoongi’s just going to have to ruin, god, is he trying to make this harder?), and pulls him into an empty classroom. He points at a desk and Jimin obediently takes a seat.

Yoongi briefly wonders if Jimin would follow other orders he gives him too, or if this only works for desk sitting, but he shakes his head to dislodge the thought and steamrolls ahead.

He might take it too far.

He definitely takes it too far.

He rants and raves about how the whole soulmates thing is ridiculous, and that it completely childish of Jimin to buy into such sentimental notions. He tells Jimin to stop following him around, because Yoongi’s never ever going to change his mind.

Yoongi has always had a sharp tongue, and now Jimin is sitting at the desk with this pitiful look on his face. His eyes are a bit wet and his bottom lip is sticking out further than usual. He’s not even looking at Yoongi which somehow manages to make it worse, and for once Jimin seems to have nothing to say. Instead he just stands up and walks out the door. Yoongi distinctly hears a little sniff, and it takes everything in him not to run after Jimin’s retreating figure. The knots in their string have tightened again, and this should make Yoongi feel better, but for some reason he just feels terrible instead.


The next day Jimin isn’t waiting for Yoongi outside his dorm. Which is fine. Obviously. It’s what Yoongi wanted. Like Yoongi had explicitly told Jimin not to follow him or waste his time waiting around for him anymore. So this was exactly what he’d wanted.

Except Yoongi had kind of gotten used to Jimin bringing him coffee these last few days so he hadn’t brewed any of that fake instant crap he usually drinks before setting off, and now he’s stuck going to an early morning lecture (10 am was early morning no matter what Seokjin said) with zero caffeine to bolster him up.

He was totally fine with it though. Completely. And he’s really not sure why Namjoon keeps asking who he is looking for or why he keeps craning his neck around wildly. In fact he totally didn’t even notice when he didn’t see Jimin at all the whole day of school. Didn’t even come to his attention. Like at all.

And he wasn’t thinking about it even a little bit while eating dinner with Seokjin and Namjoon.

Seokjin and Namjoon, who kept doing really irritating things like smiling at each other, and talking easily between each other and laughing at each other’s lame jokes.

Yoongi didn’t want that. He didn’t need it. He knew soulmates weren’t forever like everyone else seemed to think. It didn’t mean anything.

Still the way Namjoon automatically put a steadying hand on Seokjin’s back to right him when he clumsily tripped on nothing yet again was kind of nice. Or how Seokjin set the table with the stack of paper plates and cups he kept in the cupboard for when Namjoon came over since he was always breaking the regular dishes and then spending hours apologizing needlessly. Or how while they didn’t usually overtly show their affection they always sat close enough for their knees to be pressed together. Those things had never really bothered Yoongi before, but tonight for some reason it all seemed really overwhelming.


The next day Yoongi does something he assumes he will regret. Actually he already regrets it since apparently Jimin’s first class is at the ungodly hour of 8am. No one should be awake this early, and he glares at anyone he sees that apparently thinks otherwise. He’s standing in front of Jimin’s dorm building with two cups of sugary coffee in a drink carrier.

Finding Jimin’s dorm had been easier than he expected it to be. He knew the general area Jimin usually walked off to after walking Yoongi home from school, and the string seems to want him to find Jimin. He almost feels as if it is guiding Yoongi to him.

Once he stands in front of Jimin he realizes he should have thought this through a little more. He doesn’t even know what he was planning on saying to him, because he’d been so focused on trying to remember just what kind of coffee it was that Jimin usually ordered and just finding him and everything.

Jimin is waiting patiently for Yoongi to say something. His face is carefully schooled into a blank expression that Yoongi has never seen on it before.

Yoongi stands there stubbing his toe into the ground and feels his cheeks tinging with pink. He awkwardly rubs the back of his neck before shoving the steaming cup of coffee in Jimin’s face and saying,

“Yah! Park Jimin why didn’t you bring me coffee yesterday? And I had to walk to all my classes alone too! It was very lonely. I’m your hyung shouldn’t you be taking care of me?”

A smile spreads across Jimin’s face and he says “Sorry hyung I’ll bring you some tomorrow!”

And in all honestly Yoongi feels a little stupid, because what kind of apology was that?

But Jimin seems to understand, and so when Jimin reaches for his hand Yoongi lets him take it, and when he asks Yoongi what he likes to do, he tells him about taking pictures and making music instead of ignoring him like he had done all the times before.


Yoongi keeps up his pretenses for a bit longer, but unfortunately Park Jimin seems to see right through him.

After classes are over Yoongi pretends he doesn’t see Jimin waiting for him outside the lecture hall. He’s headed to the studio to work on some new songs for his demo, and he works better alone. Yoongi shoves his cold hands in his pocket and starts walking quickly.

Then he hears a, “Wait! Where are you going hyung?”coming from the general vicinity that Jimin had been. Yoongi keeps his eyes forward, because he recognizes that whine in Jimin’s voice and knows exactly what sort of expression accompanies it. It’s the one where his eyes get a little shiny, and his bottom lip pushes out childishly. The one that makes Yoongi cave in every single time. The one that holds some strange sort of power over him, and he’s become increasingly suspicious that Jimin is completely aware of exactly what kind of power it holds.

Even though he still hasn’t turned around to check he knows it’s there, and it’s too early and he hasn’t had enough coffee to fight his already crumbling resolve so he just says,

“Fine, you can come too,” and without even turning around he knows Jimin’s smiling and his eyes are crinkled into crescents, and he can hear his sneakers slapping against the pavement in his effort to catch up. Just out of the corner of his eye Yoongi sees one of the few knots left fall loose and curses his weakness to pouting for what he’s sure won’t be the last time.


A few weeks later Yoongi agrees to meet up with Namjoon and Seokjin at their favorite BBQ restaurant and he brings Jimin along.

Jimin is practically exuding giddiness and Yoongi definitely overheard him telling several of his friends that he was busy tonight because he was going on a ‘double date’ with a smug expression on his face.

And obviously this wasn’t a ‘double date’. It’s just that Yoongi was already planning to go and Jimin is around him more often than not these days so he just casually invited him to come along.

It wasn’t like a big deal or anything. There wasn’t going to be like a horse drawn carriage or a fairy godmother, but Jimin had smiled extra wide and tilted his face up to press a quick kiss to Yoongi’s cheek when he had asked him, and if Yoongi smiled for the rest of the day who’s to really know why anyways.

They arrived at the restaurant and saw Namjoon and Seokjin already seated around a table.

Yoongi had strategically placed both hands in the deep pockets of his jacket so Jimin wouldn’t be able to cling on to it like he usually did. Seokjin still hadn’t forgotten about the whole ‘lifelong lover’ thing, and Yoongi was not eager to add any more fuel to that fire.

However, Jimin seemed completely oblivious to his carefully laid plans, and instead he just reached into Yoongi’s pocket and seamlessly linked the fingers together inside.

Namjoon raised an eyebrow when they slid into the familiar booth still connected at the pocket, but said nothing, and Seokjin had a glint to his eye that Yoongi didn’t exactly find comforting, but at least he too kept his mouth shut.

They managed to chat for a bit about school and other mundane topics before Namjoon finally just said, “Wait so are you guys like together now? I mean officially or whatever?”

And Yoongi lets out a long suffering sigh and rambles on about he couldn’t get away from Jimin anyways and it was too tiring trying to fight him off all the time and all, but he slips his hand under the table and links his pinky, the one with the red string around it, with Jimin’s, and a smile spreads across Jimin’s face. and settles there.

Jimin gets along great with his friends, and Yoongi’s totally happy about that, but when Yoongi comes back from a trip to the bathroom he overhears Namjoon telling Jimin,

“He took you to the studio? And let you listen to his demos?? Seriously? Trust me he likes you. Like a lot. For Yoongi that’s practically like getting down on one knee and proposing.”

He totally knew this whole thing was going to come back to haunt him. He slumps back into their booth leaning heavily on Jimin and putting almost no effort into holding himself up, and whines,

“Don’t listen to the things he says Park Jimin. None of the rest of us do” Namjoon acts mock offended, over exaggerating it in an effort to make Seokjin laugh, and they go back to discussing other topics.

Yoongi’s pinky finger finds itself wrapped around Jimin’s shorter one again, and he feels the warmth that radiates off of the boy sitting next to him, and he knows that maybe a red string doesn’t come with any guarantees, and it’s not going to always be easy, but it just might be worth it.