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kanna goes missing (reupload)

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saras alarm clock rings once again, she groans and hits it so it would shut up. she rubs her eyes and sits up in her bed. "good morning, kanna" she says while yawning, she notices that kanna didnt answer her like she normally does, she always wakes up when the alarm clock goes off. sara looks over to the other side of the bed where kanna was sleeping, she was planning to wake her up, but then sara realizes that kanna wasnt in the bed with her. sara assumed she woke up early, sara got out of bed to go look for kanna, she looked in the living room, not there. she looked in the kitchen, not there. she looked in the bathroom, not there. she looked in the guest room, not there. she looks in the basement, not there. she looks outside, not there. sara started to get a little worried, she looked everywhere in the house and couldnt find kanna anywhere, sara decided to call some people to ask if they've seen kanna, sara picks up the phone to call kugie, kanna's older sister


"hey kugie, sorry to bother you, but is kanna with you? she wasnt here when i woke up and i cant find her" sara said


"no, shes not with me, maybe she's with shin?"


"alright. thank you, kugie" sara said as she hung up the phone


sara then dials shins number


"hello, miss sara, do you need something?"


"hey shin, im sorry to bother you, but is kanna with you...?"


"no... why?" shin said, confused.


"i can't find her. she's not at the house and she's not with kugie"


"what?? did she leave any sort of note telling you where she was going?"


"no! i looked everywhere and there was no note, i dont know where she is!"


"... try calling hinako or gin, if she's not with them, call keiji to see if he can help you look for her."


"ok, i'll do that. thank you"


sara hung up the phone, she was getting a terrible feeling in her stomach.


she called hinako and gin, neither of them were with kanna. saras mind starting thinking the worst like it always does, she tried to ignore those thoughts, theres no way anything could have happened to kanna, right? she goes to call keiji like shin told her to do, her hands are shaking from fear, she hopes kanna is ok.


"keiji, kanna is missing. i cant find her anywhere, shes not with kugie, shin, hinako, or gin. i dont know what to do and im getting worried, can you help me look for her, please?"


"of course, sara. dont worry, i'm sure kanna is alright."


keiji went to saras house to pick her up, they spent hours driving around looking for kanna, they couldnt find her anywhere. they decided to look in the woods to see if she was lost in there somehow, they didnt think they would find her there, but it was worth a shot. they only looked around for about 5 minutes until they saw a horrifying sight. it was kanna laying on the ground with a knife through her stomach, she was covered in blood and her clothes were ripped off of her, sara and keiji couldnt believe what they just saw.


"KANNA!!" sara yelled, crying her eyes out, she didnt know how this happened or who did this to her girlfriend, it felt like her heart was being ripped out of her chest. sara fell to the floor and started screaming more and more, she couldnt understand, why kanna? who did this? keiji tried to comfort sara, he hugged her tightly until she pulled away, sara walks over to kannas corpse and picks it up, sara holds kanna in her hands and cries some more, "i love you kanna, im so sorry." she said, going in to kiss her. she covers up kannas naked body as keiji goes to call the police.