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“Hey, if somebody interesting shows up, let’s buy ‘em...”
--Chapter 500, pg 15



To be completely fair, Kid had never planned on buying anybody. He certainly hadn’t planned on seeing anyone worth buying in the first place; he’d only gone for the spectacle of the human auction. But this, like so many other things, just sorta happened. You had to roll with the punches you were given, particularly if they were good ones. He hadn’t exactly anticipated seeing someone who piqued his fancy, and he definitely hadn’t anticipated Trafalgar Law being on sale.

What he knew about the other captain was minor, but significant. Law had been a big player up North, with a nasty reputation that was well-earned by the sound of it. Kid knew that seeing Law as he was - on stage, in shackles, utterly defeated - wasn’t something you saw every day. Opportunity was knocking very loudly indeed.

And Eustass Kid knew, during the bidding that sold the man, that Trafalgar Law attracted him just as well as a magnet sought out steel. It was the way their eyes never wavered, particularly when it became increasingly evident that Kid would win any wager in order to own the other man. Kid was not sure during that period of bidding if he was the iron filing in this situation, or if he were the magnetic source: it didn’t matter, because they’d come together one way or another, and it was what happened after they came together that mattered.

Kid surprised even himself by the possessiveness he’d felt during the bidding - he was certain that if he hadn’t won honestly, he would’ve taken the whole auction house down to get to Law. It was strange, but he didn’t dwell on the feeling.

“I really hope you know what you’re doing,” Killer drawled after the final bid had been called.

“What did I say, eh?” Kid was feeling a bit hot around the edges, excited from winning and anticipating so much more. He laughed, “Might as well start off into the New World with someone to make it that much more interesting.”

“You’re just lucky we’ve still got funds to get the ship coated.”

Kid grunted in response; it wasn’t like he couldn’t get more money easily enough.

It was a long afternoon of poking around Sabaody after that, getting the ship coated and supplied before Kid retired to his rented room. He felt antsy and restless, just waiting for Law to be brought to him, and he started when there was a knock on his door. “Who is it?”

“Merchandise delivery, sir.”

Kid had been waiting, and used his devil’s fruit ability to flick open the metal lock on the door. “Come in,” he said, and stood as a rather greasy-looking man entered his hotel room, pulling a cord that was connected to the collar on Kid’s newly-acquired property: Trafalgar Law’s face was carefully neutral with only a hint of a smile hiding at the corners of his mouth, and he returned Kid’s gaze with lazy eyes.

“So here he is,” the auctioneer said, detaching the lead from Law’s throat. “The payment was received earlier, so he’s all yours. We’re not responsible for defects discovered or inflicted following sale.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Kid grunted, and accepted a set of keys that the man passed over. Probably for the collar at Law’s neck, and the shackles binding his hands at his back. Kid broke his eyes away from Law and glared. “Now take off.”

It must’ve been something in his voice, because the slaver was out the door before Kid could threaten him. “Pleasure doing business with you, sir.”

Kid flicked the lock securely shut again from across the room, and considered the man before him. At the moment, Trafalgar Law looked much less impressive than his reputation promised: he was dressed only in a loose pair of pants, without even shoes on his feet, and he was sporting a few mean-looking bruises that were likely several days old. Not surprising, in Kid’s opinion: you didn’t get sold off to slavers by winning the fight. And even if Law looked a bit pathetic, it wasn’t Kid’s problem. He’d won that auction fair and square, and he intended to enjoy his prize.

Law’s eyes hadn’t moved from him since he’d been led into the room, and Kid felt his lip curling in a sneer, “You gotta staring problem or something?”

“I’ve seen your face before, on a wanted poster,” Law said. “Eustass Kid.”

“Likewise. But how did someone with a bounty as high as yours end up on the chopping block, huh?”

Law pressed his lips together as he attempted to suppress a rueful smile. “Bad luck, I’m afraid. It’s a long story. Suffices to say, the man who defeated me has a fairly twisted sense of humor. It was more fun for him to sell me off as a slave than collect any reward from the Marines.”

Kid shrugged out of his coat, leaving it on the room’s bed before approaching the captive man. “He made more outta the deal this way, at any rate.”

“Yes, I was quite surprised. Who would’ve thought so many people would be so eager to pay that much for little old me?” Law smiled with a heavy-eyed coquettishness, and Kid didn’t miss the small note of pride hiding behind the sarcasm.

“Guess you never know your own worth until people are fighting over you, is that it?”

“You ought to try it some time. Does wonders for the ego.”

Kid laughed unexpectedly. “Y’know, I gotta say, you’re talking this really well.”

“Would it help matters if I broke down and begged at your feet for mercy?” Law asked, and Kid felt a ripple of excitement at the thought of Law on his knees and doing just that.  “I don’t have any illusions that you’re going to let me go freely. A man like yourself doesn’t spend that sort of money on a charity project.”

“You already seem to have your mind made up about me.”

“Your reputation precedes you, as I’m sure you’re well aware.”

“So does yours,” Kid smiled nastily, leaning into Law’s face but the other man didn’t move an inch. Kid could feel the heat coming off his bare skin, and wanted to touch it. “It’s the real reason I wanted you in the first place, since we’re having such an honest chat here.”

“You own me; you don’t have to flatter me. It will get you nothing you don’t already have.”

“That’s a blunt way of putting it.”

“I prefer to keep things in perspective. There’s no advantage in dressing this up as anything other than what it is,” Law said, tipping his head to the side in consideration. He shrugged, a sly smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. “And let’s not be coy, Mister Eustass. There’s only one reason someone like yourself would purchase me for the amount that you did.”

Kid began a slow circle around his captive, who remained very still. He could see the tension in the man’s lean frame despite his casual words. Kid paused behind him before looping an arm around Law’s abdomen and pulling him back until they were pressed together. “You’re right, you know,” Kid said into Law’s ear, before nipping at the lobe and pulling one of the golden earrings into his mouth. He could feel Law’s heart beating very fast through his palm, which was open and pressed flat across Law’s stomach. “I’ve got a bit of a... weakness for expensive things.”

Law’s laugh had an edge of nervousness to it. “You really have terrible taste.”

“Maybe,” Kid acknowledged. “But you could’ve done worse.” He pressed his mouth down the line of Law’s hair to the nape of his neck. The explosive collar he’d been sold with for added control blocked Kid’s path; he’d been intending to take it off from the beginning. It was unnecessary.

Law started when the collar was loosened and then removed. “Are you sure that’s wise?”

“It’s in the way,” Kid responded. He set the device on a small table, one of only two pieces of furniture in the room. “Besides, it’s not like I’d use it. I like your head where it’s at.”

“If I’m supposed to be won-over by this show of benevolence, you’re wasting your time.” Law smirked unpleasantly, rolling his neck to loosen it now that he was free.

“These get to stay, though,” Kid said, and pulled at the shackles that bound Law’s hands behind his back.

“So you’re not as stupid as you look.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be more respectful of your master, hmm?”

Law caught his eyes and held them, unblinking. “Please don’t treat this like a game, Mister Eustass. It’s not.”

“You don’t have to remind me,” Kid growled, and took Law’s mouth with his own. His hand wrapped around the back of Law’s neck, holding him in place. Law opened surprisingly readily beneath him, and Kid felt a hesitant, sliding response as he tasted his new property. He fisted a hand into Law’s short-cropped hair, pulling his head back and forcing his throat into arch. Law made a low sound, wincing, and Kid let his mouth skim along his straining flesh, feeling the flutter of Law’s pulse against his lips.

“I guess the only question left is if you’re worth all the money I paid for you,” Kid murmured, and dipped his tongue into the hollow at the base of Law’s throat.

“That depends on what you want.”

Kid relaxed the grip on his hair, meeting Law’s eyes. He smirked, “You do requests?”

“I would be helpful to know what you’re expecting.” Law shrugged. “I can be a blushing virgin and you can deflower me, if you like that sort of thing. Or I can be more...experienced.”

“Which one are you really?”

“Oh, come now. Don’t I get to keep any secrets?”

“Nah, you’re right. That is more interesting,” Kid said, trailing the knuckles of one hand from Law’s breastbone to his navel. He liked the contrast between the colors of their skin. “But you blew your chances at being a believable virgin a while ago, just saying.”

Kid swiped his thumb over Law’s full lower lip. To his surprise, Law opened his mouth, drawing it inside and sliding his tongue up the side of Kid’s thumb. Something dark coiled in his stomach, “Why don’t you show me what you can do with that mouth of yours, huh? When you’re not busy making smartass comments, that is.”

He dragged Law with him to the bed, shoving his shoulders down and kicking his legs out until Law fell on his knees. If Kid hadn’t already been half-hard, just the sight of that would’ve done it; it was the defiance in the other man’s dark eyes and the barely-hidden curl of his lip. Like something wild that’d been chained up and was just waiting for the right moment to tear itself loose. It was hidden again in an instant; masked over by the bored amusement Law kept on his face.

Kid sat, and Law shuffled closer, crawling on his knees. Kid cupped the side of his face, tracing his jawbone and Law turned, mouth against his palm and then the inside of Kid’s wrist. The way he stared up at Kid through thick eyelashes was far more seductive than he had any right to be. He wondered why Law even bothered; it wasn’t like he was earning anything by being agreeable.

He didn’t focus on it too long, because the other man was kneeling between his legs, spread on either side. Law mouthed a line from Kid’s navel to the bulge in his pants, breathing hotly through the cloth. Kid had to work to keep from groaning, the feeling muted from what he really wanted.

Law used his teeth to draw the blue sash away from Kid’s waist. “This would be much easier if you would just untie me,” Law said, sounding annoyed.

“I think you can manage,” Kid grinned. “And besides, this’s more fun.”

“For which one of us, I wonder?” Law frowned and began pulling at the laces of Kid’s trousers with his mouth. There was the soft puff of his breath against Kid’s stomach and the flick of his tongue, closer and closer against his stiff cock. Kid’s impatience got the better of him and he finished the job, pulling his cock from confinement and shivering as Law’s lips and mouth slid up the side.

Law explored him with experimental licks while Kid stroked his hair before he pulled the man’s face away from his swollen flesh. Kid put a thumb into the corner of Law’s mouth, pressing down. “Open.”

And Law did, before nipping at the intrusion. “You may have paid for me, but you’ll find I don’t take orders well, Mister Eustass.”

“Then I’ll have to break you of that habit, won’t I?” Kid sneered. He enjoyed the resistance, the way Law refused to fall into the obedient roll he’d been sold into. Kid wasn’t sure if he would’ve bought him otherwise; why pay, when the pleasure of breaking had already been done? He didn’t even want Law broken, he would’ve been useless that way. But Kid did want him to yield and was willing to make that happen any way that was necessary.

Kid forced the other man’s mouth open with an insistent pressure, holding Law’s eyes steadily as he did it. To his surprise, there was no resistance, only a cold glare as Law’s mouth parted and allowed him inside. Controlling himself was difficult as Law’s eyes feathered shut and his tongue slipped around Kid’s cock before engulfing him completely. His fingers latched into Law’s hair, forming to the curve of his skull as his hips thrust forward of their own volition.

And Law didn’t move one inch, swallowing around him as Kid pushed inside. He could feel the dull nudge of Law’s nose as it brushed his navel, his soft breath and the swipe of his tongue. Kid wanted to fuck his mouth until Law choked, but restrained himself, allowing Law to set his own pace. Kid hadn’t spent the sum he had just to throw it all away with one quick satisfaction, particularly when Law clearly knew what he was doing.

With Law’s talented mouth moving over him, Kid knew he wasn’t going to last long and pulled away, growling, “That’s enough.” Kid used a hand against the back of Law’s skull to pull him upright, kissing him before Law had a chance to get his breath back and tasting himself on his tongue. “Come up here.”

Law got to his feet awkwardly, and Kid used his lack of balance to pull the other man into his lap. There was a flash of that rebelliousness again as Law bristled at the manhandling, sitting astride Kid’s thighs with his knees on either side. Kid could tell the other man was purposefully putting as much distance between them as he could, refusing to concede the last few inches.

It was almost cute, in Kid’s mind. Here the other captain was: bound, almost naked, and with his mouth swollen from sucking Kid’s dick and he still wouldn’t give in. Kid found that he liked that stubborn resistance. He trailed a hand up the inside of Law’s thigh to his cock, which was hard; Law’s body stiffened at his touch.

Kid smirked, “You get hard doing that, huh? I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed it.”

“It’s purely a physiological response. It means nothing, let me assure you.”

“I think you’re lying,” Kid replied, tracing up Law’s ribs before rolling one nipple under his thumb. He felt it pebble into hardness and Law hissed, the vertical line of a frown showing between his eyes. “What’s that? Just another response?”

“You can grope me into an orgasm and it will still mean nothing.”

“That sounds like a challenge.” Kid could feel an electric charge at the prospect - there was just something incredibly satisfying in seeing Law’s mask of control slip, in getting under the man’s skin and forcing him to react. He pushed the loose cotton pants past Law’s hips to his knees and admired the view.

Law raised an eyebrow in a sly smile. “Like what you see?”

“I liked you as soon as they dragged you out on that stage,” Kid answered, and the statement didn’t really seem like enough: Law had an almost perfect body of tight, coiled muscle, with sharp hipbones and his cock erect between them nearly touching his flat stomach. Kid let one hand slide up and over Law’s hip, his thumb dipping into the hollow. “Haven’t been disappointed yet. But I didn’t buy you just to look at you.”

Kid pulled a jar of slick from his trouser pocket that he’d been saving, and Law made a clipped laugh that sounded disbelieving. “I’m shocked that you actually have that,” he said.

“Did you expect me to just take you dry?”

“Yes, actually. You don’t really strike me as the prepared type.”

Kid sucked down the other man’s neck while he trailed wet fingers along his back, to the base of his spine. “It might surprise you, but I’ve become pretty invested in making sure you enjoy this.”

“Why bother?”

Kid slid his fingers into the cleft of Law’s ass, watching for a reaction as he did so. “Because I think you’ll hate that more.”

“Then you are wasting your time,” Law snapped, and hissed as Kid brushed over his entrance. He pressed a single, slick finger inside, careful with his fingernails and surprised by the tightness and heat. Law twisted away from the invasion but Kid countered by wrapping his free hand around his cock. Law was effectively trapped, unable to escape as Kid slipped another finger in alongside the first.

“Nah, you’re worth it. Worth the trouble and the money. I would’ve paid twice as much just to see you as you are right now,” Kid murmured, nudging his face against Law’s clenched jaw. The man’s eyes were closed, the frown deepening on his face as Kid loosened him ever further. He didn’t rush and took careful notice when he hit something inside that made Law’s breath hitch. Satisfied, Kid took his fingers away, pulling Law closer. “I’m gonna enjoy taking you apart.”

He slicked his cock before guiding in, a slow and deliberate slide as he pressed insistently down on Law’s hips until he was seated deep within him. He followed the curve of Law’s arched back past his bound hands and to the place where they were connected. Law felt like oiled silk against his cock, and he was very still aside from the clench of muscle in his abdomen as he adjusted.

“So fucking worth it,” Kid breathed against Law’s heated skin, the scent of him rising with his sweat.

Kid withdrew and Law whined before the sound was cut off; Kid knew the other man would never make a noise like that voluntarily. But it was just as well, because fucking Law until he came undone was just what he had in mind. Kid rocked his hips, driving back in and past the resistance Law’s body maintained.

He went slow, working Law open to make sure he could feel the way his body was being used. Kid wouldn’t be ignored, no matter how much Law tried to divorce himself from reality. And he wasn’t doing too good a job at distancing himself, based on the way his breathing had turned ragged, the way sweat had begun on his shoulders as Kid pushed him further. He curled one hand around Law’s hardened cock, mirroring the movements inside his body. He won an involuntary jerk from Law’s hips as they rolled in a languid echo, following after Kid’s hand and meeting his cock with its next thrust forward.

Once he started, it seemed like Law was unable or unwilling to stop, matching every push of Kid’s body. His mouth was parted only slightly, and Kid kissed him possessively, biting his lip. “You look good riding my dick.”

“And you fuck too slowly,” Law countered, tensing with a clipped gasp as Kid drove into him with sudden force.

Kid grinned, “Better?”

But Kid knew that it was, just by the way Law’s heavily lidded eyes fell shut. He took Law deeper, sucking at his neck to leave a physical mark of his claiming behind. Law was his now, and he wanted to take every last piece, to make the ownership complete and have the other man entirely. It was the same visceral desire that’d tightened his stomach into knots when Law had been brought out on stage at the auction: Kid liked dangerous things, and he’d known Law to be that the moment he’d seen him. He wanted to see how far he could push Law until he cracked and that controlled facade of his was rendered useless.

It wouldn’t exactly be easy going, Kid was beginning to realize - it was his own weakness in how much he wanted. Just having Law moving against him in ragged answering pulls of their flesh as they met and separated was pressing Kid to his limits. He could tell by Law’s breathing that the other man was close as well, his hips moving more erratically as he approached completion. Kid cupped Law’s ass, following his movements before letting his fingers drift over the stretched rim of Law’s body, spread wide around him. He stroked across it delicately and Law made a sharp sound of surprise, tightening around his cock, the strain of muscle evident in his legs and stomach. Kid didn’t waste another moment, and slammed forward, burying himself and catching Law’s hair to bring his head snapping back. Law gasped loudly, an edge of pain to it.

Kid used his free hand to keep them together, holding Law’s hips still with his cock buried inside. It took most of his self-control to remain motionless, and he let his labored breath dampen Law’s throat, bared before him. “You were gonna come just like that, weren’t you?”

He heard Law swallow with a little, painful click. “What can I say? You’re good.”

“You can say more than that.” Kid’s body still thrummed with hypersensitive energy; it didn’t dissipate but only coiled tighter inside him, edging into pain. “If you want to come, I want to hear you ask me for it.”

“You’re joking,” Law laughed and it sounded delirious. “That’s pushing your luck.”

Maybe, but Kid could already feel himself gaining balance at the edge of the precipice, and it felt so good just as he was now, deep inside Law’s tempting body. He could feel a thin, uneven trembling start up in Law’s muscles with every second that ticked by without release. Law groaned, shifting on his lap and trying to gain any sort of friction, but Kid wouldn’t let him have it. He wanted every last inch of what Law had to give surrendered to him, because it was easy to pay money for a person; real ownership had to be earned.

He licked at Law’s adam’s apple as it strained out from his arched neck and Law seemed to come alive in a frenzy, thrashing and wild. The shackles on his hands rattled as his shoulders knotted with effort, but Kid held them both as immovable as stone until Law wore himself out. It didn’t take long.

Law’s heart was beating like it was trapped, a low sound dragging itself out of him like something dying, forced between his clenched teeth. His nostrils flared, eyes glassy and  unfocused for a long, final moment, before he said “Please,” and the word was laced with venom.

“Yes.” Kid released the hard grip on Law’s hair, pulling his face down for a wet kiss. He shoved forward with his hips, starting their rhythm up again and Law made a desperate noise into his mouth. “Just like that.”

His fist curled around Law’s cock, making his body bow forward until his head almost rested against Kid’s shoulder. His breath was loud in Kid’s ear, harsh and uneven, and he said it again, like a genuine request instead of something forced out against his will: “Please.” And then he came with a suddenness that was surprising, body clenching as he spilled himself over Kid’s hand. A dry gasp caught in Law’s throat as he shuddered under the last wave of release, and that was enough to bring Kid tumbling after him as he scratched deep lines down Law’s spine.

Kid felt as though he’d been sucked under a wave by the time he surfaced, still buried within the other man. Pleasant shivers prickled up his thighs and stomach, and he brought Law’s face closer, sucking at his bottom lip which had been bitten so hard it was bleeding.

The cool, collected reserve was returning to Law’s features only too quickly. “I will kill you for this, Mister Eustass. You have my word.”

Kid almost wanted to laugh, still coming down from his euphoric high. He kissed Law, hard and claiming, the sound of Law’s voice as he’d begged lingering in his ears. It made the creeping possessive part of himself that’d shown its face when he’d first seen the other man up for sale bask contentedly in the warm glow of ownership. He grinned, self-satisfied and smug. “I look forward to seeing you try.”

Kid shifted, withdrawing so he could lay Law out on the bed, pulling the loose pants the rest of the way down his legs and casting them to the floor. The darker man was limp, watching him with heavy, half-lidded eyes.

“Turn over,” Kid said, and Law obeyed him, rolling onto his stomach with a muffled sound of discomfort. There were bruises patterned up his back, from his capture or the slave stocks, and Kid traced over them and down Law’s spine with his fingers. He paused at the cleft of Law’s ass before cleaning him with the discarded pants. Law flinched at his touch.

Law’s arms moved restlessly, fingers clenching and making his bindings rattle. “Remove these, will you?”

“Are you gonna fight me if I do?”


“And you’re worth believing, then?”

Law cast a glance over his shoulder, meeting Kid’s eyes. “I’m tired and my arms hurt. Please.”

Something low and sated stirred with renewed interest. This one was going to be a handful, if only because Law was proving himself a constant challenge to Kid’s self-control. He pressed his mouth against the back of Law’s neck, licking the taste of him through old sweat, and catching his shackled hands at the same time. Law’s fingers clenched against his, a fierce response that made Kid wonder if it was voluntary or not. He didn’t bother with the keys and instead used his Devil’s Fruit power to break the bindings, metal shackles falling away as he did so.

The skin was bruised beneath, and Kid licked at the marks before proceeding to the other hand. Law simply watched him, with no expression at all. The muscles in his shoulders were trembling all the way down to his fingertips as he stretched his arms from where they’d been held captive for far too long. “Thank you.”

Kid liked the way that small mercy had released the tension from the other man’s frame. Law seemed closed to exhaustion. “Go to sleep.”

Law mumbled in response, eyes already closed, and Kid watched him until his breathing turned regular and even.  Kid wasn’t worried about the other man waking and surprising him during the night; he was a light sleeper and Law was likely too worn out to mount much of an escape attempt. But even still, he used his magnetic abilities to fix the room locks before lowering the light and returning to bed, curling alongside the man who now belonged to him.

Kid never gave much thought to owning another being, and was surprised by how much it agreed with him.