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Ghostly Encounters

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“It’s 4 am on a Monday , Nakyum, and I don’t need to be awake until 7. What could possibly be wrong?”


“Just get up! Oh, God. What if it followed me?!”


Seungho ignores his boyfriend’s persistent tugging on his arm. “What if what followed you? You’re going to have to be more specific than that.”


Nakyum finally turns to him with sheer terror and tears in his eyes, and Seungho feels guilty about not getting up the first time he asked. 


“Please! Seungho, you have to come look!”


After detaching himself from their warm bed, Seungho follows his boyfriend to the end of the hall.


“Are you at least going to tell me what it is that I’m looking for?”


Nakyum clings to his arm and hides behind him. “It was in the spare room! I thought I saw a silhouette disappear in there!”


Seungho doesn’t have the time to dismiss Nakyum. He should know of all people, Seungho isn’t one to fall for such theatrics. Things like this can be explained with science and logic.


“Will it make you feel better if I looked around in there?”


Nakyum nods profusely into his boyfriend’s back, causing Seungho to sigh. If this is what it took to get back to their comfortable bed with Nakyum, he wanted to do it as quickly as possible. He decides that he’ll tell Nakyum how ridiculous this all was when they’re both awake and alert in the morning. He gently pries Nakyum’s fingers off of his arm, and proceeds to walk into the room. 


Be careful! ” Nakyum whispers. Seungho rolls his eyes and turns the light on. 


Nakyum watches a safe distance away from the doorway as his boyfriend looks around the room.


Seungho looks under the bed for the last time. “See? Nothing here.”


“C-could you check the guest bathroom too? Please?”


Clenching the bridge of his nose to prevent himself from expressing his dismay again, Seungho goes through the passageway connecting the guest room and bathroom. 


The contents of the medicine cabinet were scattered in the sink, and the sink was wet as if the water had been running. Seungho doesn’t say anything to alert his already petrified boyfriend and picks up a bottle of shampoo to attack the squatter with. He slowly and quietly makes his way to the bathroom door.


He almost jumps when Nakyum asks if he’s okay, but he can’t respond because he’s so close to uncovering the culprit.


With a battle cry, Seungho opens the bathroom door and flicks the light switch on. 


Seeing who the culprit is, Seungho lets down his defenses. “If I don’t like the reason you have for breaking into my home, I’m breaking your legs. You have five seconds.”


Jihwa stutters and laughs nervously as he sits on the toilet in shock. “Well, you see, the funny thing is―”




“Okay! Okay! I-I called you earlier to ask if I could use your bathroom, since you live the closest to me! I’m having plumbing issues, and I needed to go so badly but you weren’t answering...I’m so sorry, Seungho!”


“That doesn’t explain why my medicine cabinet is in disarray.”


Jihwa’s face reddens with embarrassment, and he clenches his fists. “I couldn’t find my way to the bathroom, it was so dark! I swear I wasn’t planning on doing anything but using your bathroom! I already knew the password to get into your house, so I―”


“Decided to scare Nakyum half to death with your tip-toeing around?”


“No! I―”


Nakyum squeezes into the doorway to see the commotion. “Mr. Lee?”


“Yeah, this idiot trespassed and broke into our house to use the fucking bathroom.”


Jihwa looks to Nakyum for forgiveness. “I promise that’s all I came to do! I’m having plumbing issues, and I called Seungho multiple times and never got a response!”


Both men watch as Nakyum giggles. “And here I thought there was a ghost in here! Seungho, don’t be so rude. He’s a mutual friend, and he did ask before coming here.”


Seungho stares at Nakyum in disbelief and then back at Jihwa. He turns around and begins walking briskly out of the bathroom.


“If I get woken up one more time today, I’m going to go insane.”


After Nakyum apologizes to Jihwa and leads him out of the house, he quietly slips into bed next to a not-so-convincingly asleep Seungho. He glances at the time on their alarm clock. 5:37 am.


He turns to his back and blows air on the back of his neck, to which Seungho ignores. Nakyum puts a hand on Seungho’s arm and receives a grunt in response.


“Sorry for waking you up so late for nothing. Are you mad at me?”


Seungho turns over to hold his boyfriend in a tight embrace. 


“I will be if you keep waking me up.”