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The show must go on

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Everything Roger loved about Brian he was seeing while he was organizing this musical.

He was excited, he couldn’t stop talking about it, in the middle of night he woke Roger up with an idea for the stage and instead of being angry about it as he was before, he smiled. He smiled because he remembered the night where Brian woke up with an idea for a song and grabbed the guitar that was in the corner of the bedroom. Roger used to complain because he wanted to sleep, not to think about music, but Brian was always willing to produce during the night.

It was on a night like this that they wrote together Thank God It’s Christmas. They never had done anything like this, they had written songs together, but always in the studio, the four of them, or they gave ideas to each other’s songs, but never wrote together.

The experience was also different because at first they thought of writing a love song, but if both of them sign the credits someone may suspect something. So they remembered that they never wrote a Christmas song.

Roger hears everything Brian has to say about the musical. He agrees to almost everything, he’s not a big fan of it, he doesn’t like musicals, but Brian had the idea to do something for Queen that doesn’t involve them, and that’s it, make other talented singers and actors to honour Freddie’s memory and their band. 

John doesn’t want to know anything. They are still sharing by four everything they earn and that’s the only thing John does, he doesn’t want to be part of anything they do with their name. So it’s his duty to be by Brian’s side for whatever he decides to do.

It was such a success that Brian wanted to be part of it too. Roger wasn’t very keen to that idea too, one thing was the actors, other thing was themselves. They couldn’t just show up like this just the two of them, he’s sure no one wants to see just them, it wouldn’t be the same thing.

But as he does everything if Brian asks the right way, meaning, he does everything Brian asks, they join their own musical. And it was amazing, Roger must confess, he felt loved again by the public. Not that he’s not loved in his solo career, but it’s different, that’s why despite having a solo career in the 80s he always came back to Queen, it’s his life and what he loves to do.

But one thing is the musical, another completely different is to sing in a concert. He and Brian were invited to play in a concert for Nelson Mandela. Too important to deny but too important to accept.

What will they do? Put together a band and sing themselves while playing their instruments? No, they can’t do it. It’s too much to ask.

But that’s exactly what they did.

They went to South Africa without having an idea of what to do. How will they sing? Each one sings their own songs? They had to discuss the set list the same way they did before. And despite being so different and only two people doing it, they saw something similar from all those years before.

They were arguing.

It’s been ages since they argued like that, they had fights, but it was because of stress and because of small things. But not now, now was their fight, the type of fight that they missed so much.

Finally they were feeling like themselves. Not complete, they don’t think they ever will feel complete again, but at least they took again a part of themselves.

They enjoy playing again as Queen so much that they decided to do something they never thought they would. They will come back to the business.

At first they were afraid of doing it. They are only half of the Queen, so they were not sure if their fans would like something official, with world tours and new albums, without Freddie.

So they talked to Paul Rodgers, Brian already did some concerts with him, so he agreed to join this new adventure with them. It was different, a different dynamic, but the public loved and that’s what mattered the most for them.

“Do you think he suspects something?” Roger asks Brian one day when they are in a hotel in Germany. They always take only one room, for obvious reasons, even when one of their childrens, and even their ‘wives’ went on some part of the tour with them.

“Have no idea… if he does, he doesn’t say anything…” Brian says, they are in the bath of the hotel, a quiet moment in the middle of the chaotic life of touring - which they love. “Well, for everyone we are closer now that it’s just the two of us…”

They laughed. And it’s true. It’s not like they are together basically since they met and they never did interviews together just the two of them. They’ve been giving hints since forever, but they look more like best friends, which is not a lie, they also are.

But as everything in their lives is moving on faster lately, they ended their partnership with Paul. They had great years together, made new experiences that they never thought they would have, they realized that they can do much more for Freddie’s than to stay at home, sad. It’s their way of living and they learned it with Paul.

But now it’s time to start something new, they still have no idea what. Roger released a new solo album and Brian finished his PhD. They are trying to figure out what to do from now on. They are getting old, but they are not still that old to not start again. And that’s why they decided to take some time off, to relax.

It all changed, however, when they met Adam. Adam was just perfect for them.