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If Only

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Nobody, nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody
Ooh, nobody, nobody, nobody

I've been big and small
And big and small
And big and small again
And still nobody wants me
Still nobody wants me

Flashbacks of raised fists and flipped tables. Kazutora doesn’t remember much, but he remembers you’re worthless and the feeling of abandonment.

But then Baji came and saved him from that hell and he felt accepted. When he had gotten ganged up on by a gang, Baji had come to his aid. Bastard, if you ever need help, just fucking ask for it and I’ll be there, Baji had chided him while cleaning his wounds. When he had accidentally killed Mikey’s brother, Baji never blamed him, or looked at him with disgust.

Kazutora, no matter what kind of hell awaits us, I'm with you till the end.

That was the first time anyone said something like that to him. Baji, you are my sun.

And he had killed the only person who would ever understand him. No one else would smile at him the way Baji smiled at him.

It’s cold.

Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night

Had I known how to save a life
How to save a life
How to save a life

Baji bleeding out in his arms, body getting colder and heavier as the seconds passed.

Stay with me!

I won’t die.

But Baji stopped breathing.

Why did you lie? Why didn’t I do something, I could have stopped him.

Baji and him lying on the school roof after they had sneaked into the school at midnight, watching the stars. Look, a shooting star, Chifuyu make a wish quickly! And he did, he wished that he and Baji would stay together until they died.

Why did you lie?

Baby, though I've closed my eyes
I know who you pretend I am
I know who you pretend I am

Do mi ti
Why not me?
Why not me?
Do mi ti
Why not me?
Why not me?
Do mi ti
Why not me?
Why not me?

Gifts on his doorstep, wrapped just like how you would for a crush. The heels inside meant for him, but not for him at the same time.

Your hair looks like Akane’s, Koko had said as he ran his hand through Inupi’s hair. But I’m Seishu, Inupi wanted to say, but he couldn’t because he didn’t want to see the look of despair and regret on Koko’s face as he remembered that accident. He didn’t want to bring up unnecessary memories.

Koko holding his face, smiling softly at him, but he knows Koko doesn't see him.

When will you ever notice me?

I stay up all night
Tell myself I'm alright
Baby, you're just harder to see than most
I put the record on
Wait 'til I hear our song
Every night I'm dancing with your ghost
Every night I'm dancing with your ghost

Never got the chance
To say a last goodbye
I gotta move on
But it hurts to try

Staring at Emma’s motionless body on the table, face peaceful. No. He had beat up Mikey pretty badly.

Why aren’t you fighting back? Why aren’t you telling me it was a stupid prank?

Ever since that day Emma died, he never slept well. Everything reminded him of Emma. Emma wouldn’t be there to braid his hair. Emma wouldn’t be right next to him during the fireworks festival next year, and the next year, and the next year. There would not be the boisterous and bubbly presence next to him everyday anymore.

I love you, so please come back. He knows that denial isn’t the answer, but it wasn’t easy to just pretend everything was fine. He regrets not openly showing his feelings towards her, did she die thinking it was all one-sided?

Say you love me one more time.

And what's left of us now
I'm herе sitting in my room
Alone again
Talking to the loneliness
My only friend
I can't even go outside
Cause everything reminds me of us and
I don't know why
But every time that I pass our place
The truth's the only thing that I cannot face
Pretend it doesn't hurt
And I can replace you

I’ll protect you forever!

Koko walked back home under the dim overhead lights, going through what happened. Until then, I'll wait for you, Akane had told him while smiling at him. He could still feel his cheeks burning. He heard someone saying there was a fire, he turned around and saw smoke in the area he had just come from. Nonono- not after I just told Akane-san that I would protect her. He rushed back to the house, and saw it breaking out in furious flames, but he still went in. Akane-san akane-san akane-san, he chanted repeatedly in his head.

Please let her be alright. But he had rescued the wrong person. Akane laid in the hospital covered in bandages, hardly recognisable. I’ll make that money even if I die, he promised himself after hearing about the cost to cure Akane.

But he couldn’t make it in time. She had died before he could make that money.

Didn’t you say you would wait for me?