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Good Boy

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Takemchi was commonly said to be an angel. With his gracious and pretty eyes, his eternal concern, and his soft voice, it wasn't hard to believe.

This was because Takemichi was raised to be a good boy. One who did not get into fights (although his parents failed a bit there), one who did not get high before his time and much less took drugs.

A good boy who din't smoke.

Naturally, Takemichi grows with repudiation and a mild terror of these three things, so when he encounters the God of War, he can't help but frown in annoyance.


Akashi was a strong person, a very strong one. After all, his nickname has to come from somewhere.

However, Akashi tries to stay away from one only thing in this life: good boys.

Not that they really bothered him, or he envied them. In fact, he was glad there was some light in this polluted shitty world.

It's just... Akashi was a smoker.

He always carries at least two boxes of cigarettes in his pockets (taking care of the brats in the gang is stressful), and his lighter is never missing.

So when he meets Hanagaki Takemichi, big-eyed and honest, Hanagaki Takemichi, Akashi just knows that his habit of creating smoke screens is going to annoy him.

He's not wrong.

"You shouldn't do that" says Takemichi, leaning back in Draken's workshop chair. When Akashi raises an eyebrow, Hanagaki clears his throat and continues "Smoking, you shouldn't do it"

Takeomi blinks, taking the cancer stick between his fingers and letting it hang there as he stares at the blue-eyed for a long time.

"I like to do it" he finally answers, after turning the tinted blond with his dark eyes uncomfortable.

"Do you like killing yourself?"

Akashi sighs, the act being tiring and reminding Takemichi how old he really was.

The taller one moves from his position on the couch, and approaches the teenager, taking his chin between his fingers and lifting it slightly so that their eyes meet.

"I like doing it enough to kill me," he mutters, lowering his voice an octave and bringing his lips closer to Takemichi's to connect them for a second. Not for much longer, Akashi regrets as he feels a fist smashing against his cheek and a hand choking his neck.

Beyond the massive titan that is Draken, Inupi walks up to a surprised Takemichi and checks for any damage, casting an angry look at the former Black Dragons member despite not finding any injuries. "

You know? I thought we could be good companions" Draken growls, murder flashing in his eyes with passion "But I see you decided that we can't..."

The only thing Akashi regrets is not having gotten to more with that good boy.