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I Scale The Heavenly Ways

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“Do you think I overreacted dad? Be honest with me, honesty is all I want right now” TK felt his dad press a kiss to the side of his head before squeezing his arm.
“By the sounds of it kid it really was just dinner”
“But the champagne!”
“Does he know not to offer you any champagne?” TK kept silent knowing the answer to that and knowing how his dad would tell him not to be embarrassed to refuse alcohol.

His dad squeezed his hip this time and resettled before kissing by his ear “Hey at least it means that we can still do this” he said as he canted his hips up a bit higher making TK moan.
“Dad you know that we could still probably do this even if I was with Carlos” that made Owen hum thoughtfully.
TK whined as his dad stopped thrusting knowing that he probably wanted to make some unnecessary speech about an open and honest relationship. A purely hypothetical one considering he and Carlos were nowhere near that and probably weren’t ever going to be one.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands. He pushed his dad's hand off his hip and rolled away from him, barely noticing as his cock slipped from inside him. He could feel his dad wanting to ask him what was going on but didn’t give him the chance. He grabbed at Owen and pushed him flat onto his back before climbing on top of him. Before pushing his dad's dick back inside him, he leant forward and kissed him just as wet and open as he had kissed Carlos just an hour or so before. He could feel his dad's tongue chasing his trying to reclaim dominance but TK wasn’t having it. He needed to be fucked and claimed on his own terms. He pulled away from his dad's lips, reached back for his cock and pushed it back inside of him. He didn’t let him respond before he started thrusting as quickly as he could. He wanted to feel this for days. Wanted to have his dad come in him and make him feel better. Wanted to do it again and again to try and clear Carlos fucking Reyes from his mind.

Thankfully Owen had caught on to what TK needed and gripped his hips with more force than before and matched him thrust for thrust. At this brutal of a pace it wasn’t long before he screamed out and came all over himself. As he clenched down on his dad he felt him thrust a few more times before coming in him. He collapsed on top of his dad and peppered kisses over his chest. He could feel Owen stroking his back a few times and he was whispering sweet nothings into TK’s ears. God was he grateful for his dad.


TK had practically floated home from the police station. As much as he wanted to forget Carlos there was just something about him that TK craved. Hearing Carlos call him Tyler had made all sorts of feelings arise. Not even his dad called him that and they were all types of close.

He couldn’t help but wonder if there was something worth chasing with Carlos, he had thought he’d ruined his chances but being able to sit and talk with him had made him realise that Carlos was different. He genuinely seemed to care.
He pushed his thoughts away, he didn’t have the energy to keep thinking about them. He just wanted to get in the shower and clean the dirty bar stench off of him.


He lived with his dad. His dad who was already super overprotective of him. Maybe he was asleep? As he approached the front door after silently thanking the Uber driver he realised just how unlucky he was the door was open and his dad was there looking a truly confusing mix of incredibly worried and incredibly pissed off.

“Carlos called, he wanted to make sure you had gotten home safe which thoroughly confused me because I thought you were home safe.” He paused as he moved to one side to let TK pass through the door, once it was shut and locked he spoke up again “You are too old to be sneaking out TK and do I even want to know why you are now starting fights?”

TK groaned and tried to move towards the bathroom but his dad wasn’t having any of it, instead choosing to grab TK’s arm and pulling him around to face him.
“Come on kid, talk to me” TK restrained himself from rolling his eyes, the last thing he wanted was to push his dad completely into pissed off territory. Instead he pulled his arm free and rubbed at the spot where his dad’s hand had been.
“Can you please just trust me that everything is okay and that I’m handling it? Carlos already busted my balls over this.”

Owen raised an eyebrow “Busted your balls? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”
TK couldn’t help but to roll his eyes at that, “It’s not like that dad, anyway can you just let me go shower? It’s late and I just want to go to sleep” he started to move towards the bathroom once Owen had nodded but was unsurprised that his dad was following him.
The shower here had plenty of room for two and knowing his dad he probably wanted to thoroughly check TK for injuries.

He didn’t pay much attention as he heard the door click shut behind him. Instead focusing on getting the shower turned on and adjusted to the right temperature.
Once he had it set for his preferences he stepped back to start stripping but was stopped by his dad who pushed him against the sink.
He just smiled as his dad took off his shirt and pressed kisses to his neck before dropping to the floor to pull his trousers off.

When both items were pooled in a mess on the floor, Owen ran his hands all across TK’s body wanting to map it for any sensitive spots. He was secretly pleased that TK had started a bar fight and somehow came out with just a split lip but couldn’t resist getting his hands on his boy.

Satisfied with the lack of bruises on TK’s gorgeous body he pulled his underwear off, letting it fall to the floor. He was far more interested in licking TK to hardness than folding the clothing.

When TK was fully hard and writhing above him he pulled away and stood up. He kissed TK thoroughly and whilst he was distracted he parted his cheeks and ran a finger across his taint just to feel it flutter. TK pulled back with a high pitched whine which made Owen grin. His boy was beautiful.

He stepped back ignoring TK’s puppy face and pulled him into the shower with him. He made sure that TK was directly in the spray of the water and then slowly lathered his shampoo in his hair. He made sure to massage it thoroughly, enjoying all the noises that TK made before tilting his head back to rinse it out. He repeated the process with their conditioner but left it in TK’s hair as he poured a generous amount of soap onto his hands and started to rub it on to TK. He made sure to massage his shoulders and thighs, making him all soft and pliant. Once Owen had finished with the soap he rinsed it off of TK’s body followed by the conditioner. Once the water was off he stepped out of the shower rubbing TK dry carefully but rushing drying himself off.

He didn’t bother getting clothes, just walked with his hand in TK’s to his bedroom and pushed his son down onto the bed. TK sighed and got comfy before spreading his legs. Owen smiled at that. So proud that his son knew just what he wanted.
Owen kneeled on the bed and pushed a pillow under TK’s hips before using his hands to spread his cheeks. He watched as his son’s hole fluttered in anticipation for a second before leaning down to lick a stripe up TK’s taint. He did it twice more, loving how TK sounded increasingly desperate before angling his tongue so that it would breach inside him.
He heard TK moan and ask for more so he pushed his tongue further in before pulling out and licking all over his taint. He breached TK’s hole again and again letting it drip with spit and watched as it got easier to push his tongue in. TK was writhing and trying to push down further so Owen went harder. Loving how TK begged and begged. Before long TK was coming all over himself so Owen pulled his tongue out and started licking the come from his son's chest. Once it was all clear he leaned down to kiss TK who was blinking up at him dazed. He heard a muffled “Thank you daddy” and nearly felt his heart burst. He rarely gets called daddy these days. TK must’ve been really stressed.


His dad had cancer. Had known about it for ages and just decided not to tell him. TK thought about all the things his dad whispered to him and all of the love he had given him since moving to Texas. It all felt fake.

He pushed all those thoughts aside as he rummaged through the bag at his feet, feeling so small in the chair. He listened half heartedly to Wayne talking about the effects of the treatment and couldn’t help the smirk that grew on his face. His dad was having no issues with anything like that.

TK spent most of the time waiting for his dad's chemo to finish plotting just how he was going to take care of him when they got home. He wanted so many things. Wanted to not let his dad touch him as punishment for not telling him. Wanted to be fucked slow whilst being pressed into his dad’s arms. Being comforted and reminded that he was here and that it was going to be okay. Wanted to be fucked hard and make a mess as he tried to make his dad realise just how he needed to cling on to the treatments because if he didn’t there’d be no more sex like this.

He squirmed in his chair and his dad shot him a knowing look, clearly picking up on how desperate TK was to have some fun.

They were home now and TK was pressed into his dad's arms. They were trading slow kisses, just trying to show how much they loved each other. His dad slowly unzipped his hoodie and pushed it off his shoulders. Once the hoodie was out of the way TK’s T-shirt was next. He didn’t want to break the kiss with his dad but thankfully it was over swiftly and they resumed kissing this time with more passion. His dad loved sucking on his tongue and making TK pant for more.

His dad pressed TK to the bed before unzipping his pants and pushing them out of the way alongside his underwear. TK quickly leaned forward and nuzzled at his dad’s cock. He opened his mouth wide and hummed in bliss at the familiar weight settling on his tongue. He closed his eyes and let his dad fuck his throat slowly. His mind couldn’t help but wonder to Carlos and how good it would feel to be able to share this with him. He just knew how much fun his dad would have with Carlos. Both of them teasing him. Hell, maybe even both of them fucking him at once. He moaned at the thought and received a pleased hum from his dad at the sensation.

He started meeting his dad thrust for thrust, feeling spit start to slide out of his mouth as he opened up to suck more or his dad. Two quick thrusts had his dad coming down his throat. With a pleased noise TK pulled off and licked his lips. Looking up at his dad before scooting further up the bed and spreading his legs. He watched as his dad jerked his freshly spent cock in TK’s direction before getting on the bed with TK.

This is what he needed but maybe he could have more.


He had been shot. It still didn’t feel real, even with all the pain. His dad was being sensible and wouldn’t touch him beyond a passionate kiss but TK wanted more. Needed the comfort.

Then he met up with Carlos. To try and talk about the confusing mess of their not just friends but not really anything else either only for a solar storm to mess everything up. After that he had come clean to the team which felt good, like a step in the right direction.

Now as he was laying on the hood of Carlos’ car with their hands entwined he could hear his dad’s words ringing in his head.
‘Just how many serious decisions are you making today’
He knew that what he and Carlos had was beyond fragile but he wanted to tell Carlos. Before they really tried to have a relationship, Carlos needed to know about TK and his dad. He didn’t know how he could face losing either one of them so he had to try for both.

He took a deep breath before turning to look at Carlos. This was definitely going to be fine and not at all enough to make him feel like he was going to puke.
“Hey Carlos?” He got a hum in response so continued “At risk of sounding like I’m half my age, I’m currently on a curfew and my dad wants me to be home before midnight” his dad didn’t say that to him, more than pleased that TK was with Carlos he even told him to have ‘fun’.

He smiled as Carlos held his hand to help him climb off the car and smiled some more when he held the door open for him. As they drove to his dad’s place he barely thought at all. He wasn’t even sure if he was breathing.

Before he knew it they were outside his dad’s place, TK turned to Carlos and lifted an eyebrow to try and look coy “You want to come in?” Thankfully Carlos nodded because he didn’t know how else he was supposed to convince him to enter the house with him.
Once they were inside he made sure to lock the front door behind him and hide the keys. If this went horribly he didn't want Carlos to leave without at least promising to not tell anyone.

He held Carlos’ hand as he walked into the lounge where his dad was watching something on the tv. He saw him startle before turning the screen off so that he could greet TK and Carlos properly. He shot TK a look before offering them both a drink. TK declined and so did Carlos. Good, they were all still in the same room together.
TK turned to Carlos who looked like he didn’t know if he should sit down or flee. He took the chance to push Carlos down on the couch. Carlos squeezed their hands together clearly sensing that TK had something to say.

He closed his eyes and didn’t open them whilst he spoke. “Okay Carlos, please please, please don’t freak out. I know our relationship is still very fragile and this could completely overthrow all that we talked about today but please just know that I couldn’t be in a relationship with you without you knowing.” He opened his eyes to see Carlos’ brows knitted together. TK squeezed his hand before separating them “Please just don’t run away without an explanation, if this is too much for you I more than understand but just give me a chance to talk to you before you leave if you want to leave.”

Carlos still looked so confused but his dad sat with a look of resigned determination. Taking a deep breath he moved from where Carlos sat over to his dad. His dad flashed him a small smile and it was all the encouragement he needed. He sat on his dad's lap, spread his legs so that their crotches were pressed close and leaned up to kiss him. He kissed his dad with all the built up energy he had and was pleased that despite the current scenario his dad was just as eager to kiss him. He opened his mouth willingly and let his dad suck on his tongue before reluctantly pulling back.
He had to look at Carlos, make sure that Carlos was still in the room.

When he opened his eyes he was pleased to see that Carlos was still in the room and not only that he was gripping the arm rest, legs spread and sporting a very obvious hard on. TK grinned and moved from his dad’s lap to sit on Carlos’, with a little fear he looked up into Carlos’ eyes and saw nothing but desire. He slowly leant forward to press a kiss to Carlos’ lips and hummed when Carlos kissed back desperately. He even rutted his hips up a little into TK’s own. Before long TK was lost in kissing Carlos and grinding into his lap. He was acutely aware of his dad’s zipper being opened and he heard the familiar moan as his dad touched his cock.

God the fact that his dad was watching him make out with Carlos and was getting off on it was everything he could have dreamed of and more. He could feel Carlos pick up the pace and followed suit. Pressing himself further into Carlos’ lap and spreading his legs more. He whined when Carlos pulled away and bit at his neck and with one more well timed thrust they both came into their pants. He pulled back panting and looked at Carlos’ eyes, they were shining with so many emotions.

He leant forward for one more kiss before moving his legs off of Carlos. He twisted in his lap, leaving his legs across Carlos’ lap before moving forward. His dad caught on to what he was thinking and moved to meet him halfway with his legs spread. As eager as ever but more so now that he had an audience he licked at his dad’s cock several times before opening his mouth and allowing it to slide in. He wanted to impress Carlos so he kept pushing until he hit his dad's pubes and moaned. God he needed to deepthroat him more often. He pulled up off him a bit before sucking back down. He felt hands pulling at his trousers so he lifted his hips so that they could be pulled off his legs. He moaned around his dad’s cock as his cheeks were parted and a tongue pressed into his hole with brutal efficiency. Carlos had never eaten him out before but was somehow managing to do everything just how TK liked. He could hear his dad calling him a good boy and he could hear Carlos calling him pretty in a rough voice. He pulled off his dad and turned to Carlos, voice shaking he spoke “Carlos finger me, I want you to fuck me, put in two I can take it” when Carlos nodded he went back to sucking his dad off. He pulled away and beckoned for his dad to come closer. When he did he bit his ear before whispering lowly so that Carlos wouldn’t hear his request “Daddy, when he’s fucking me I want you to start fingering me. I want both of you in me” he wasn’t prepared for his dad’s response to be blowing his load all over TK.

He couldn’t help but giggle, which made Carlos pull away from fingering him. “God what did you tell him TK? He looks like he’s going to pass out?”

TK sat upright and turned back to a now undressed Carlos (when did that happen?) he grinned up at him “Give it 10 minutes and then you’ll see” he said as he pushed Carlos down flat before climbing on top of. He wanted his dad to have the best view of him being fucked by someone else as he could give him.
He turned when Carlos moaned, confused because he hadn’t touched him but grinned when he saw his dad slowly jerking Carlos off. His hand looked so good wrapped around Carlos’ dick. He pushed his ass backwards letting his dad pull his cheeks apart and start pushing Carlos in inch by inch, TK soon got desperate and started to push himself down onto Carlos’ cock before quickly bouncing back up. He could hear his dad calling him pretty which just fuelled his desire to show off so he pulled himself all the way up, nearly pulling Carlos out before slamming his hips down to take all of Carlos. He felt his dad spank his ass and call him a show off. He just grinned and leaned down to kiss Carlos who looked like he was far too relaxed.

As he exchanged kisses with Carlos, he felt his cheeks being parted and a finger enter him. Fuck that felt so good. He pushed back asking his dad for more which just made Carlos tut at him. Naturally he stuck his tongue out at him. His dad’s first finger was soon joined by two more and when his dad tried to put a third in him he pulled back from sucking at Carlos’ neck.
“Just start fucking me with you cock dad, There’s so many things I want to do tonight, you know I don’t mind being fucked rough” that last part got a snort from Carlos.

His dad smacked his ass before pushing him flat onto Carlos’ chest. To help ease all of this for TK Carlos had stopped thrusting and moved to grip TK’s waist to prevent him from moving soon. It was honestly very sweet that Carlos cared about the little things. Not at all like TK was just about to get fucked by two dicks, one of which belonged to his dad.

He bit at Carlos’ neck when he felt his dad first breach but other than that he just stayed still, just letting his body stretch and accept the pain. He tapped on Carlos’ arm and when he moved it he sat upright pushing the rest of his dad inside him alongside Carlos. His dad slung his arm around TK and pressed a kiss to his neck. He started thrusting slowly and Carlos got the message. When his dad thrusted in, Carlos thrusted out. They were soon getting sloppy, TK had never felt anything like this before and already wanted to do it again and again. He started to jerk himself off “I’m close, Papi, daddy, I want you both to come in me” he smirked at how Carlos’ eyes grew wide at the nickname. Good he’d be using that again. It was a few more harsh thrusts before he felt and heard his dad moan and then slump against him. He could feel his come being fucked into him by Carlos who was still going. TK decided to clench as hard as he could and grinned when he felt Carlos’ movements stutter as he came inside as well.

They all paused, sweaty and panting and in TK’s case, well fucked. He gave a little clench just to hear his lover's moan.
“So, who wants to eat me out?” He heard his dad laugh breathlessly before licking up TK’s neck and speaking into his ear “Maybe we should fill you again before doing that” he spoke loud enough that Carlos heard. He saw Carlos’ eyes flicker above his head to his dad, they communicated silently before they started thrusting int TK again.

Fuck, they were going to be relentless lovers.