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Rinku Tries to Get Closer to her Homies and Ends Up Dating Them

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YouTube was an amazing thing. Rinku would have to thank Maho for showing it to her. Song remixed, shell hunting, tips for dealing with monkeys… anything the dancer could want was here. Done with watching one of Peaky P-Key’s new songs, her gaze was drawn to one of the recommended videos.

“10 Ways to Get Closer to the Girl You Love,” the video was titled.

That sounded like a great idea to Rinku, who had three girls she loved very much. If there was a way to get even closer the other members of Happy Around, she would take it.

Rinku put her new knowledge into use the very next day, after Happy Around’s practice. She allowed Muni a moment to sit down, then sat right next to her and hugged her tight.

“Muni-chan, you’re so pretty! Your eyes are like the sparkliest topaz. I could look at them forever!”

Muni immediately blushed. She was used to Rinku cuddling her, but definitely not so such… flirty sounding complements. The VJ was about to say something, but then Rinku called out to Maho.

“Hey Maho-chan, are those snacks? Come over here!”

“Do you want some, Rinku? Sure,” Maho said, walking over to her friend.

The DJ held out the bag of popcorn she had, but Rinku grabbed her arm instead and pulled Maho onto her lap. Taking the entire bag of snacks, Rinku pulled out a popcorn and brought it right in front of now very embarrassed friend’s mouth.

“Say aah, Maho-chan,” Rinku commanded.

In her confusion, all Maho could do was comply and get fed.

“You should come sit here, too, Rei-chan,” Rinku said cheerfully, continuing to snuggle Muni and feed Maho.

Rei was a bit nervous about what Rinku would do with her but did as her friend said anyway. For her obedience, she was rewarded with a kiss on the lips.

That was too much for Muni to bear.

“Rinku! What’s wrong with you?”

“Huh? What do you mean Muni-chan? I’m just doing what I learned on YouTube. The video I watched said that complements, cuddling, feeding food, and kisses are all great ways to get closer to the one you love,” Rinku said.

“Don’t just believe everything you see on the internet!” Muni scolded, “And even you should realize that the love they were talking about wasn’t the friends kind. It’s the people who get married kind.”

“Oh. I thought it was just a Japan thing. Hmm… but now that I think about it, getting married to you three sounds like a good idea, too,” Rinku replied.

“Um, leaving aside the fact that we’re not even dating, why do you say that, Rinku?” Maho asked, still sitting on her friend’s lap.

“Well, I love you, I’m happy every moment I spend with you, and I like cuddling you. Kissing Rei was very nice, too, and I want to try it with Muni-chan and Maho-chan!” Rinku answered.

“The kiss did feel very nice,” Rei said, “Though, I don’t think it’s legal to marry multiple women. I do know some families where someone has a mistress, though.”

“It’s not legal for two women to marry in Japan, anyway, so what the government says about it isn’t important. The real issue is, we can’t just jump into getting married. We need to start as girlfriends,” said Muni.

“You’re okay with this?” Maho asked, a little surprised.

Muni sighed, then said, “Actually, I was thinking of asking Rinku out soon, anyway. This way, with you two there too, I can date her and keep my sanity so it’s a win-win.”

“Are you really sure?” Maho asked once more, “Rei and I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your relationship.”

“Yeah, Muni-chan. I… didn’t know you felt like that about me, but I’d love to date just you, too,” Rinku added.

“But you’d love to date all of us more, right? I get it. The only thing better than dating one pretty girl is dating three. I mean, I hadn’t thought about it before today, but it’s a thought I kind of like,” Muni admitted, “And I wasn’t lying, Maho, Rei. I would definitely loose my mind if I had to date Rinku without you two there with me.”

Rinku ignored the insult and gave Muni a kiss.

“Thanks, Muni-chan! You about you, Maho-chan, Rei-chan.”

“I don’t know where I’d be without all of you. And I think all of you are really pretty, too. And maybe I’ve thought about dating one of you before and how lucky I would be if it were reality,” Maho said.

“Then you’re a really lucky girl, Maho-chan. I feel the same way,” Rei said, “I… don’t know much about love, but I do know that I like the three of you a lot. And kissing Rinku felt nice, so, um, if it’s okay with you two I’d like to try kissing you, Maho-san, Muni-san.”

An excited Rinku had already began smooching Maho, so Muni said, “of course,” and pulled Rei into a kiss.

“This is great!” Rinku exclaimed, “It’s time for a Happy –

“Hold on. I do have one thing, Rinku. That confession was terrible, so you’re going to try again tomorrow. And then we’ll go on our first date,” Muni ordered.

“Of course, Muni-sama,” Rinku joked, “Now let’s Happy Around!”

Rinku dragged her new girlfriends into a familiar twirl, this time enhanced with some extra kisses. With that, Happy Around’s next adventure began.