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Sasuke frowned lightly as he pushed yet another suit aside in the neat closet. He could understand why there were so many suits. His father had been a businessman, but he wore different clothing at home, yet all he kept seeing were suits. It didn't make any sense. He turned towards the shuffling behind him watching as his mother rummaged through a rather dusty box on the bed and saw Itachi hauling in yet another. Hopefully, something that wasn't a suit; his eyes were starting to hurt. "Mom, where are Dad's regular clothes? I keep getting suits, but no shirts, pants, jackets; really anything."

Itachi's right eyebrow quirked at this, eyes flitting from Sasuke to their mother. "That is a bit strange, Mom. We've seen him in regular clothes before, so it isn't like they disappeared over night." He set the box on the floor, making a face at the dust. He didn't like the fact that his mom had dusty boxes all over her and their dad's bed, but he couldn't tell her what to do in her own room. Plus, he wasn't there to be judgmental. He watched her eyes give a small roll, a gentle smile playing at her lips before she spoke.

"Yes, he has regular clothes. They go" –she pointed to the cherry dresser— "in there. As you both can see that closet is filled to the brim with formal attire. You both know your father would have had a heart attack if I had even suggested we fold any of that." Her voice started to sound watery. "Ah well, I guess we didn't need the clothes for that." Her smile turned sad, tears wetting her bottom lash line.

Clothes forgotten, both Sasuke and Itachi moved to their mother's side, enclosing her in a safe cocoon as she wept quietly. Sasuke was the first to speak, rubbing her back gently. "We miss him too, Mom. I know it's hard but…" Sasuke paused, unsure what to say; feelings weren't his strong suit, especially because he'd only grew up with a connection with his mother. Their Dad had always been a mysterious person to him and Itachi. "We'll get through this together."

"It won't be easy, but we'll be okay. We've always been, right?" Itachi stood after kissing the top of her head. "Sasuke and I are going to go up to the attic to look around a bit. You stay here and unpack that box on the floor. Looks like it hasn't been opened in decades. Hopefully, it's not another suit or Sasuke will lose his mind."

She wiped her eyes and laughed, nodding as she moved to the floor to pick up the box.

As soon as they made it into the attic, Sasuke punched the closest thing to him which happened to be an old, chipped painting. Luckily, it was already ripping. He held his anger in front of his mother, but once away from his mother's sad eyes, he could let it seep through. His angry eyes turned to Itachi who was leaning against a pillar watching silently. "Fucking damnit Itachi! I know I'm supposed to be sad, but we barely know anything about Fugaku. For fuck's sake, Mom barely fucking told me anything, you know more than I do, but that's not fucking much! I mean…what do we…Nii-san, I don't know what to do…" Sasuke slid to the floor, fists clenched and shaking as Itachi leaned to wrap arms around his shoulders.

Itachi knew Sasuke was hurting; he never called him Nii-San unless something was terribly wrong. No words would come to him —try as he might and wanted— Itachi had nothing he could tell Sasuke. Fugaku had always been a mysterious man, Itachi couldn't lie about that. They had no idea where Fugaku came from and even Mikoto wasn't willing to share any deeper details than the fact that their father loved them, and even that was hard to believe with how much the man was absent. He pat Sasuke's hair softly, listening as the younger man's breathing evened out. Sasuke was always the more emotional one when behind closed doors. Well, as much as an Uchiha could be. "Right now, we have to stay strong for Mom. I…know it's hard to feel attached to a man we barely knew, but putting him aside, Mom needs us and if you two start breaking down at the same time, I won't be able to stop myself from breaking down too."

Sasuke sighed and leaned into Itachi's hand before standing, eyes suddenly finding his own shoes rather interesting. He hated getting emotional, especially in front of Itachi. A finger tilting his head up had Sasuke's eyes meeting an almost identical pair of red irises.

"It's okay not to know. Hell, I don't know. All we need to do is worry about Mom since she's all we have left and needs us desperately. While we may not know much about Dad, she knows more about him than we ever could so for her, it hurts so much more than we could ever know." He let Sasuke's shoulder go. "C'mon, help me unpack some of this; if we stay up here too long, she'll start getting worried." Itachi poked Sasuke's forehead, chuckling when the younger man pouted and rubbed his forehead.

"I hate when you do that."

Itachi smirked. "I know. That's why I do it, silly."

Sasuke nodded and hugged Itachi lightly before standing, eyes suddenly finding his own shoes rather interesting. A finger tilting his head up has Sasuke's eyes meeting an almost identical pair of red irises looking back.

"It's okay not to know. Hell, I don't know. All we need to do is worry about Mom. While we may not know much about Dad, she knows more than we ever could. C'mon, help me unpack some of this; if we stay up here this quiet, she'll think we passed out too." Itachi poked Sasuke's forehead, chuckling when Sasuke pouted and rubbed his forehead.

"I hate when you do that."

Itachi smirked and moved to the corner closest to the attic window, absent mindedly opening a box. "And that's why I do it, silly."

With a huff from Sasuke, they worked in silence, going through box after box to figure out what to keep, give away, or put back into storage. About the sixth box in on Sasuke's part, he opened a box and stopped, perplexed. He'd never seen this, not on his father, not on his brother, and certainly not on their mother. He reached in and held the item up, giving it a quick once over before turning to Itachi who was still working quietly through his seventh box. "Itachi, whose is this? I've never seen Dad wear this, I know it isn't yours, it isn't mine and it damn sure isn't Mom's. Where'd it come from?"

Itachi turned and looked at the item, reaching out and grabbing it from his little brother's hands. It was a formal jacket, blue velvet with gold accents. The jacket had two buttons, with matching epaulettes on the shoulders. There was gold trimming around the sleeves and the two tipped lapels. Just to the side of the lapels, there were gold stitched swirls, with two pockets on the lower half of the jacket. Turing the garment around revealed a large crest on the back, stitched in white, black, and red. The Uchiha family crest; their family crest. Both boys looked at each other, twin pairs of eyebrows raising more and more by the second.

"Should...Should we ask Mom?" Sasuke went from the jacket to Itachi's face several times.

"We probably don't have much a choice, otherwise; what are we going to do with this?"

They went back downstairs to find their mother unpacking a dusty vase, shimmering speckles flickering through the light peeking through the drapes. Hands-slightly aged but still slender and pretty- gently set it on the dresser when she heard footsteps approaching.

There wasn't a time they wouldn't describe their mother as anything less than breath taking. She didn't have features that made her stand out by much; inky eyes, a soft yet angled faced, pink lips and fair skin, but she was easily the most beautiful they had both ever seen. Like a white rose in a field of lilies. Shiny black hair waved as she tilted her head to the side. "Did something happen? I heard a bump, did something break?"

Sasuke shook his head, holding up the jacket. "Whose jacket is this?"

Had their mother been holding the vase still, she would have surely dropped it, given the look of shock on her face. She made her way over, trembling hands touching the fabric gently. "Where'd you get this?" Her voice quivered silently as if she went on the verge of tears again. It'd been so long since she'd seen or held that jacket. It pained her to see it again, knowing the history it held between her and her late husband. God, how she wished she'd never have to see it again and there it was.

"It was in the attic in a box. We found it while we were cleaning it out. Is this...Dad's?" Sasuke softly placed a hand on his mother's shoulder, leaning down so they could be eye level. Why would Fugaku have a jacket like this? It wasn't a business jacket, not even close. More like a formal jacket, something reserved for special occasions. So why did Fugaku have it?

Mikoto turned her head and chewed on her bottom lip silently. She always hoped that she'd never have to talk about this with her boys; it was something better left in the past, something her and Fugaku had buried a long time ago. She couldn't possibly bring it up now that Fugaku was gone, not when she promised to never speak of it again. Not on her own. Her silence stretched on and on until finally it was Sasuke's turn to react.

He took his hand off her shoulder and schooled his face to its usual neutral disposition, standing up to his full height. "If you don't want to talk about it, we won't Mom; it's alright." His hand clenched around the jacket tightly, stiffly turning so he was facing the door and Itachi who had that look he usually took on when he wanted to help but didn't know how. "Aniki, I'm going to head home. I'll be back later to help finish the unpacking. Ja ne." Sasuke said not another word as Itachi followed him to the door and eventually outside where he watched Sasuke get in the car.

"I know it's difficult; I don't like that every time we ask something about Dad, she just completely shuts down any more than you do, but she's grieving. Talking about past things may be worse than ever." He patted Sasuke's shoulder through the driver's window, smirking when Sasuke continued to pout. No matter how much Sasuke grew, he still had child-like tendencies. "We both love you dearly Sasuke. Don't think for a second Mom's actions reflect what she's genuinely feeling."

"I know you guys love me, I love you both too, but...there's just so much we don't know. And it's frustrating that she still won't tell us Aniki. It's her husband, but he's also our father. There's just shit we deserve to know."

"Go home and rest, Sasuke. Give yourself some space to think it over. Text me when you get there to let us know you're safe." Itachi poked Sasuke's forehead again before moving from the window and allowing Sasuke to pull out of the driveway, waving as he watched him go.

Sasuke laid in bed in the dark staring at the ceiling. He couldn't sleep; all he could think about was that jacket and his mother's response to it. Something about it brought her to tears and he wanted to know. Turning his head, he could see it was two in the morning, and simply laying there was doing him no good. Sasuke shot up and turned on his lamp, walking over to his closet and pushing clothes aside, until he found the jacket and pulled it out, sitting back on the bed and looking it over for only the second time that day. He'd put it in the closet as soon as he got home trying to forget about it as best he could.

That failed.

He looked over everything from the stitches to the type of fabric. The buttons, the crest on the back, anything he could get his eyes on. They eventually found an inner pocket hidden away from anyone who wasn't in possession of said garment. He leafed around through it, fingers stopping when they found a small piece of worn paper, brown with age.

Sasuke opened it up to read it, eyes scanning quickly before slowing down to understand exactly what he was reading. His heartbeat sped up as he read, anticipation high.

"If found in bad condition, please return to Hidden Leaf, Konoha for repairs per the Uchiha dynasty. -M. Namikaze"

Dynasty? Why on Earth would Fugaku have a jacket from a dynasty? Sasuke knew that his family history traced back to a very prominent clan, but he wasn't allowed to do any further research by his parents. Surely both he and Itachi would know if they were born into a dynasty or another form of royalty; they would have had to know, because the idea of their parents hiding something this big would be too much to handle.

Sasuke reread the address again, and unlike anything he'd ever done, he quickly got dressed, grabbing his phone, keys, and wallet before he practically ran out of his house, barely registering to lock the door. He jumped into his car having half a mind to send Itachi a quick text to let him know he wouldn't be coming into work the following day. He never expected Itachi to be up this late, but the phone call he got back said otherwise.

As soon as he answered the phone, all he heard was a low raspy voice sounding on the verge of sleep. "Whatever you're planning on doing, just let me know that you're safe; and before you ask how I know you're up to something, I'm your big brother. It would be a shame if I couldn't read you like a book. Be safe, I'll let Mom know you're alright. And Sasuke, be careful. Goodnight little brother."

Sasuke smiled as he turned a corner, narrowly avoiding a light just before it turned red. "Goodnight Nii-San." Trust his big brother to know just about everything.

When Sasuke finally got to the airport, it was already 3 in the morning, and he could feel it. His body wanted to sleep, but mind wouldn't allow him, leg bouncing restlessly as he shifted in the uncomfortable plastic chair. He was lucky enough to find a flight this early into the morning and an exact connection to his location. He stood up and stretched, looking around until he stopped his vision on a little coffee shop that still happened to be open this late. Probably for people like him. Sasuke walked over, nodding to the bubble gum haired woman standing behind the register. "Two shots of espresso please."

Her loose curls bounced a little as she nodded her head, ringing up his order and beginning the process of making his drink. "Waiting on anyone? Seemed kinda jittery when I saw you come through the gates. Hope you didn't miss a flight." She pushed the coffee down, making sure the puck was solid. One wireless earbud was in her left ear, but Sasuke didn't really mind.

Sasuke shook his head, hands in pockets. "Just trying to piece some things together is all." He didn't usually converse with people, but she didn't seem to be trying to catch his attention. Plus, it was 3 in the morning, so his guard was let down more than usual. "Can you I ask you a question Miss?"

She snorted, moving to grab a small shot glass, and putting it under the spout. "Please, it's just Sakura, but sure. Go right ahead." As the coffee started brewing, the smell filled the little space they were in. It was relaxing.

"What would you do if the man you knew as your father kept a secret from you? Like the entirety of his childhood, past, or anything that happened before you were born. He passes away and suddenly you find an item with an address on it. An item you'd had no idea about until now that might give you a clue to really…anything. What would you do?" It wasn't like him to speak at length with complete strangers but keeping everything bottled up inside was nagging at his mental in a way he wasn't comfortable with. He felt lost, anxious, fearful, and scared. None of that sat right with him, he wasn't the most fearless man alive, but being in an almost empty airport left alone with only his thoughts and jitters was unnerving to him. It was hurting his pride, damn it!

"Well to be honest with you, I'd be doing what you're doing. There'd be no way in Hell I'd be able to just let that blow over, especially something that big. Pft, do ya one better. I'd have going through every single document he ever laid a hand on trying to find a clue of something. Good thing that situation is a what if, hmm?" The barista gave Sasuke a knowing wink before pushing the freshly finished espresso to Sasuke. "You might be scared shitless, but some things covered are meant to be uncovered and discovered. Questions exist only to have answers, ne?"

Sasuke grabbed the drink, drinking it down before bowing and nodding when he received one in return. Walking back to his belongings, he heard his gate being called and rushed over to it, breathing deeply. He came all this way so there was no turning back now. Time to answer those questions.

The plane ride there was long, but the carriage ride was even longer. He wasn't even aware that places still used carriages as a mode of transportation, but when he'd told the receptionist at the airport where he needed to go, she got all teary eyed and insisted that he ride in the "finest carriage they had available". It was rather nice he would admit, plush seats with beautiful accents of blush and teals. He wondered how they had managed to keep everything so clean with all the light color; surely other people had ridden in it. Why he was in it, he had no idea, but it was nice.

They came to a stop allowing the driver to open the door and let Sasuke out, bowing low before he climbed aboard again and rode off, letting Sasuke know he'd be back in the morning to see if he was ready. Sasuke nodded his thanks and turned toward the little tailor shop, not waiting long enough to see the large Uchiha crest stamped on the back of the carriage.

The shop itself seemed to be in good condition, an Uzumaki symbol painted on the wooden sign hanging above the door. It was a big aged, but nonetheless it did its job showing off the shop's intent and clan symbol. Sasuke lightly pushed the door open, doorbell jangling overheard as he made his way to the counter where a smaller blonde man flitted around, in no sort of hurry but keeping himself busy. He greeted Sasuke without turning his head, mumbling slightly.

"I have some questions about a jacket that was made here. I was wondering if a M. Namikaze was present?" Sasuke held the jacket in one hand. Hopefully, they were around so he wouldn't have to wait long, or – God forbid— have to come back.

The man behind the counter spun around quickly, revealing round blue eyes and 2 sets of 3 parallel scars on both cheeks. He blinked owlishly at Sasuke then down to the jacket. He nodded quickly, rushing behind a door behind the counter Sasuke hadn't noticed before. The young man came back shortly after, being trailed by an almost identical version of himself albeit without the scars and a few more inches of height. He bowed lowly before standing with a soft smile.

"Please to meet you, Uchiha-san. My name is Minato Namikaze and this here" He nodded to the younger man who shot back with a wide grin "is my son Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. What seems to be the problem with the garment, sir?" He looked calm on the outside, but on the inside, he was freaking the fuck out. This was an Uchiha, the hair, eyes, and skin gave that way. But this wasn't the Uchiha he knew which only meant one thing…

Sasuke's eyebrows rose. "How do you know my name?"

Minato's smile widened just a bit, "I remember almost every client I've made a garment for. Especially one only allocated to the Uchiha family. How can I help you?"

"I need to know about the owner of this jacket. Everything you know about them." Sasuke's gripped tightened. He was scared. Scared of knowing and of not knowing. The possibility of hearing bad things about the man he called his father, scared of everything he knew being a lie. What if Mikoto didn't want to tell them anything because Fugaku was an awful man when they couldn't see? Sasuke didn't think he'd be able to handle that type of information, especially when he was so far from Itachi and his mother.

Minato and Naruto exchanged looks before Naruto sighed and rounded the counter gently prying the jacket from Sasuke's tense hands. He placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder and gave a soft squeeze. He hadn't been too knowledgeable, but the Uchiha rage had been infamous in what was left of their kingdom. "C'mon, this one's gonna be long talk." Naruto let go and disappeared with Minato behind the same door, leaving Sasuke with nothing to do but follow.

The young man left the lowly lit room they'd entered and returned with a kettle of hot water, setting it on the table. Three cups were placed by Naruto at two of the occupied seats and one unoccupied seat. Naruto sat, working in relative silence as he allowed the tea leaves to seep in the kettle, pouring the three of them a cup once it was finished.

Minato took the first sip, leaning back. "What is your name?" He already knew his last name, but he needed to figure just how his relation to the Uchiha clan came into play.

Sasuke's hands gripped the cup tightly but relaxed slightly when he felt Naruto put a hand on his shoulder and squeeze lightly in comfort. He nodded to Naruto in thanks before turning back to Minato. "Sasuke Uchiha; my mother is Mikoto Uchiha, my father was Fugaku Uchiha, and I have a brother by the name of Itachi Uchiha. Fugaku passed away recently; that's why I'm here."

Minato took in a breath. "What do you know about your father then?" He smiled gently when he saw Sasuke look off to the side nervously. "I'm only asking because it'll help me understand what you already know so I don't go repeating things you're aware of." Plus, he wanted to know exactly what Fugaku had been up to. Minato could see Fugaku had children and had ended up marrying Mikoto which he was glad about, but to know none of it happened until now saddened him.

Sasuke sighed out, taking a small sip of the tea, and finding it helped his insides stop flipping all about. He went through explaining what he had known about Fugaku; the business he ran—a communications company that did quite well—his earliest memories of watching his father work, not only at his office, but also at home. He only realized then that there wasn't much he knew about Fugaku. He didn't know what his father did before both he and Itachi were born, or what he did outside of work and their family life. He couldn't recall any other family members besides his mother, father, and brother and that hurt. It unnerved him. How had he lived so long with a man he had barely known?

Naruto chewed his lip, turning towards Sasuke. There was no easy way to say any of this so best to be blunt. "Sasuke." He waited until red met blue, holding his gaze. "Do you know what this place is?" He received a head shake in return. "This is Konoha; we were once a flourishing kingdom, but with the fall of the Uchiha dynasty we're now what you've seen so far." Now came the hard part. "Your father was to be King of this country, which would make you a prince. Your brother as well. Dad?" He turned to Minato, hoping he would explain what Naruto himself did not know.

"What Naruto said is correct. Fugaku and I were close friends before he left. He was serious, a bit crabby at times, but one of the most loyal people I've ever met. Loyalty that eventually got him in trouble; trouble not even I could mend." Minato sighed, his mind juggling through that awful day. Fugaku had always been known to have some issues with his family, but his decision to step away from the throne shocked everyone. He saw the slight tilt to Sasuke's head, and he saw Naruto glance at Sasuke shyly, most likely doing that thumb twiddling thing Kushina did. He may have picked up Minato's looks, but that boy was all his mother. But that look interested him, but he made no comment on it.

"Fugaku came from the royal dynasty; the Uchiha clan, and they were known to practice some rather...backwards traditions that Fugaku was very much not willing to take part of."

"Backwards in what way?" Naruto asked before Sasuke could beat him to it; what? He wasn't allowed to ask those questions when he was younger, but now that their handsome, young prince was quite literally sitting next to him, he'd ask as many questions as he could. And yes, Naruto thought Sasuke was handsome; he wasn't blind!

The oldest man screwed his face up in distaste. "Inbreeding." At the twin looks of disgust, he waved a hand quickly. "They were usually separate enough to where nothing amiss would happen." That didn't do much to help.

"So that means my mother was-"

"No. Miko-chan was different. Mikoto-chan wasn't of royal blood; not in the slightest. Not an Uchiha, not a Hyuuga, she was simply a young woman whom your father fancied. That fancy turned into love. But by royal traditions, he'd have to wed someone who was at least royal by blood-"

Sasuke sneered and glared hard causing Naruto to hurriedly place both hands on his forearm. "So, you mean to tell me that my own flesh and blood thought my mother— the most amazing, beautiful, kind-hearted, patient, and loving woman I've ever known— wasn't welcome because she wasn't of royal descent?!" His teeth grinded together as he tried desperately to focus on Naruto's hands. How dare they? So, his mother wasn't allowed to marry his father because of some weird blood relation? He couldn't help but feel as though that had to have played a big reason as to why the rest of family died out. Traditions must adapt to time and trying to hold onto something that wasn't even beneficial in the first place was ridiculous.

They were silent for a while as Naruto worked to quell Sasuke's anger enough for Minato to continue. "If there's one thing that hasn't changed, it's that Uchiha men are angry and stubborn. No amount of time is going to change that." He saw Sasuke's face relax bit by bit, nodding at Naruto in thanks. "Like I said earlier, his loyalty got him in trouble. Fugaku and Mikoto were determined to be together, so much so that he gave up his throne when the Queen and King tried to force him to marry someone else. When he left, that was the last I'd ever heard from him. To hear of him passing…" He went to sip at his tea again but set it back down once he'd realized it was cold. He was so caught up that he didn't even notice it began to get dark outside. Minato stood and dusted himself off. "Well, it's getting quite late, yes? Let's all rest up tonight and continue in the morning. Naruto can show you to the kitchen and a room." He nodded to Naruto who nodded back.

Sasuke shook his head, "I wouldn't want to overstay my welcome any more than I have." He went to stand but was put back in his seat by Naruto. This guy was really handsy, hm? Every chance he got Naruto kept grabbing him. He didn't mind for some reason; maybe it was because Naruto's hands were warm, but it felt natural.

Mirthful blue eyes met squinting red. "Trust me, that wasn't an offer. That more of a "You don't have a choice." C'mon, I'll take you to the kitchen." Then Naruto stood, saying goodnight to Minato before leading Sasuke to the kitchen where they searched through the cabinets and fridge for something simple and quick.

Sasuke was introduced to Naruto's obsession with ramen and him insulting the salty junk food earned him the nickname bastard rather quickly. Prince or not.

Naruto earned the nickname idiot when he made fun of Sasuke's apparent fascination with tomatoes. They settled at the table, Naruto having a cup of ramen and Sasuke with onigiri and a plate of tomatoes. Naruto got back up to get them both water. They ate in relative silence, crickets chirping lowly.

Naruto was the first to speak. He was quite curious. "Why'd you come here?"

"Do you not want me here?" Sasuke smirked as he took a bite of a slice of tomato.

Naruto blew a raspberry and blushed, quickly filling his mouth with noodles before he said something stupid. He hadn't realized how rude that had sounded, even though Sasuke didn't seem to take offense.

"I never knew much about my father. He was always" Sasuke's free hand moved around as he spoke-- "elusive. Sure, he was around at home, he loved us, took care of us, made sure my brother and I felt cared for, loved, and safe. But we knew nothing about him. Not where he came from, none of our family history; now I know why. Not only fucking incest, but to try to force a marriage?" Sasuke was getting himself worked up again and he knew it. But just processing everything he'd heard so far was upsetting him the more he thought about it. He was cross between being angry at whoever his grandparents were, his father, or his mother. Even if the truth would have hurt, he could have experienced it himself. He could have asked Fugaku questions that no one else could answer. Every single thought was pissing him off more than the last.

A warm hand squeezing his brought his mind back to the kitchen. Naruto was looking at him, concerned. He breathed in and urged Sasuke to do the same. They breathed out together, repeating the actions over and over until Sasuke calmed down enough to look at him without that anger and panicked look on his face. Yet, Naruto didn't let go of his hand and he found it...nice. It left his stomach a bit jittery and his hands a little clammy. He usually didn't like people touching him, but Naruto trying to provide support was really nice actually. Especially since Sasuke was a stranger in his home; still Naruto made him feel welcome and heard. Understood even; like every word he'd say Naruto would instantly get. Sasuke gave Naruto's hand a light squeeze which got him a squeeze and a blush in return. Okay, he really liked that.

"I know to learn about your father this way, but hey, better late than never, right?" Naruto smiled at Sasuke. "Plus, even without knowing about your father's past, sounds like you still knew you were loved. That he cared for you and most importantly, had you because he wanted you. And you got to come to a really cool place! Isn't my Dad's shop just awesome?!" Naruto started rambling and Sasuke found himself listening to every word. They still didn't let go of each other's hands.

Once they finished eating, Naruto showed Sasuke to the restroom and handed him a towel to wash with and one to dry with. "You can use any soap and hair stuff you want, they're mostly my mom's but it'll do the job. I'll put some of my dad's old clothes in the spare room since you're too big to fit any of my stuff. I'll-" Naruto was rambling again.

"Wait, wait, wait. Don't you think that's a bit much? I'm already staying over and eating here even though I didn't announce I was coming." Sasuke was concerned now. It wasn't safe to trust anyone to just come over with a jacket and then invite them to spend the night on a whim. What if he wasn't who he said he was? What if he were there to hurt them? He wasn't here to judge, but it seemed unsafe.

Naruto waved Sasuke's worry off and laughed, a husky and scratchy sound Sasuke was loving the sound of. "Please, not just anyone gets a garment made by my dad. On top of that, my dad knows every single garment he's ever made, especially for the royal family. Oh! That reminds me, I have a question to ask when you get out!" He pushed Sasuke through the bathroom door gently. "You don't want to meet my mom in the morning looking tired. Trust me."

"Meet your mom? And here I thought I'd at least get a date first before being introduced to the family." Sasuke smirked as he leaned against the door with his arms crossed.

Naruto felt that his blush would never leave as he pushed Sasuke all the way in the bathroom and closed the door, listening to Sasuke's deep yet childish laugh as he stomped to the linen closet to get the spare clothes. He felt like he was burning up as Sasuke's laugh bounced around in his head; it was deep and airy, giggly like a child and full of innocent happiness. He shook his head as he grabbed the clothes and headed to their spare room, setting them on the bed. He didn't know why he was getting worked up. Sasuke was a very handsome man; tall, muscular with a chiseled face. Straight nose that turned up at the end and soft looking lips. Red eyes he could stare into all day with- Naruto inaudibly gasped when he caught where his thoughts went.

He'd never been hit with lust this hard. Sure, he went through puberty and had his fair share of horniness when he was a teen, but nothing this...intense. Not to the point where his mind couldn't focus, and he got sidetracked. Never this fast either. He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. Better to let this pass before he found himself entertaining more of the inner fantasies his mind had created within just a few moments' time.

About an hour later, Naruto could hear the shower turn off and the door open just a few minutes later. He could have smacked himself on the head when he heard Sasuke lightly call for him; he forgot to tell him where the spare room was when he was rambling earlier.

Leaving the room, he went back to the direction of the bathroom and once again felt flush all over. Head to toe. Sasuke was only in a towel, which was understandable since the man didn't have any other clothes but the ones he wore and those were dirty. No, him being undressed was definitely not a problem. Naruto's eyes were having a lovely feast on a sculptured abdomen and a toned chest. Strong arms held onto the towel around his waist, doing absolutely nothing to hide the soft dark hair and deep 'v' that disappeared into it.

It couldn't have been more than a few moments of time, but Sasuke was having a great time as he watched Naruto openly gape at him, eyes trailing everywhere they could. He also got to watch Naruto's tan skin get even more flustered. His neck even turned red as he turned quickly and shuffled off, beckoning Sasuke to follow. He would have felt bad about dripping water on the floor if he could pay attention to anything besides Naruto. Or rather his backside.

Naruto waved around the spare room, rambling on about anything he could point at, anything that wasn't Sasuke. Looking at Sasuke this close up would probably stop his poor heart with how much overtime it was putting in trying to redirect his blood back up to his head. He felt a wet finger tap the back of his neck and he stilled. Naruto gulped before turning around, forcing his eyes to meet Sasuke's and stay there.

"I'm going to be honest because I don't have a really good filter." Sasuke ran a hand through his damp hair, sending a whiff of whatever mango-scented product [1] he'd used right over to Naruto.

Naruto had smelt that body wash multiple times but damn did Sasuke make it smell that much better.

"I find you really attractive. If I'm going to be honest, the only thing that stopped me from jacking off in the shower was the fact that it's not mine and I really don't want to fuck up your drain. And if you staring at me in the hall and the obvious boner you've got going on says anything, I'd say you feel the same." That stupid ass smirk returned.

That made Naruto's jaw drop. He was having a hard time processing. Sasuke thought he was attractive, he literally had to stop himself from masturbating in the shower. What? Now Naruto knew he was a good-looking man, he looked just like his dad minus the scars. But Sasuke was not only extremely hot, but still a prince. His prince for fuck's sake! The only reason he could be laxer was because Sasuke wasn't raised as royalty, but that didn't mean he could just do whatever he wanted. There were traditions still in place damn it! His eyes found the floor very quickly.

Sasuke tilted Naruto's chin up when he saw him starting to look crazed. "Hey, hey calm down. I'm not saying we have to do anything, I just...I know you like me. Or at least what you see if you eye-fucking me was any consolation." Sasuke couldn't get Naruto to look at him and he didn't like that. "Tell me what's on your mind. Was my assumption wrong?"

Naruto shook his head quickly as best he could with Sasuke's finger still under his chin. "No, no! You were right." He squirmed when he heard Sasuke huff in amusement. God he was doing things to his insides by laughing alone and it wasn't even a full laugh! He felt like a teen again. "You're a prince, Sasuke. That was what I wanted to talk to you about actually. You may not be standing as royalty, but you are still a prince- my prince! I can't break tradition like that! And if you decide to claim the throne that will absolutely put you off limits to me." Naruto finally looked and met Sasuke's amused face.

"Firstly, a prince? Sure, by blood but I didn't grow up that and it won't just happen now. Plus, did you not hear your father say what my family did in the past? I'm not committing incest because of some shitty tradition. Itachi and my mother are the only family I have left that I know of. But" He stepped closer until he was pressed right up against Naruto. He was wetting Naruto's clothes, but there were more important matters. "I'll be whatever you want me to be, including your prince. Plus, if I do take the throne, I'll be King, and I can do whatever the fuck I want. Which includes you." He leaned down and bit gently at Naruto's ear lobe, loving the shiver he got in return. "Naruto."

God the way he said his name. Like it was sweet like honey and thick as molasses, rolling it around in his mouth and letting it out in that deep lilt. "Yes?" Naruto's breath was shaky and rapid, feeling Sasuke start to harden the longer they stayed pressed together.

"Can I kiss you?" Sasuke was close to his mouth. He could see his individual lashes. He pulled Sasuke in before he could even answer.

Naruto thanked Kami that they were kissing because whatever noise would have left his mouth had they not been would have been unpleasant for his parents to hear. Sasuke was really, really good at kissing. When Naruto kissed, whoever he was kissing would pull away to breathe whenever they ran out of air.

Not Sasuke.

He simply exhaled and inhaled through his nose and kept going. Naruto was having the hardest time keeping himself from ripping that towel off Sasuke's waist just so he could look. But whatever was pushing against his belly button was going to do amazing things to him later, he was sure of it.

Sasuke pulled away from the kiss first and Naruto went to chase him but was stopped when Sasuke bent down. He yelped when he felt Sasuke grab the back his thighs and hoist him up.

Naruto reacted quickly; he wrapped his legs around Sasuke's waist and his arms around his neck quickly before he would end up falling back. He heard rather than felt something hit the floor and heard the door close. Looking down at the floor, he could see the towel laying on the floor and quickly looked back at Sasuke. Something hard lightly tapped at his ass and he jumped. It tapped again, and again, and again. He knew what it was but didn't want to acknowledge it to Sasuke. That didn't happen.

Sasuke laughed as he walked to the bed near the right wall. "Scared of dick, Naruto?" He hoisted Naruto higher and forced him to unwrap his legs so he could sit on the bed and lean back against the pillows. He positioned himself so he was laying back and Naruto was straddling him.

Naruto puffed out his cheeks before he licked his lips as he made himself comfortable. He reached a hand back and grabbed Sasuke's dick, smiling deviously as he stroked him. "Of course I'm not, you bastard. I'm just not used to being picked up. Just threw me off is all." Sasuke moaned lowly, eyes shutting as he forced himself not to thrust up. Naruto liked that. "Plus, we're definitely not fucking tonight. At least not here, that can wait for my place."

Sasuke's eyes opened at that. "You don't live here?"

Naruto rolled his eyes again. "I'm a grown ass man, Sasuke. Course I don't live with my parents." He leaned up and unbuttoned his pants. "Now help me put of these?"

Sasuke was incredibly happy to help. He swiftly pulled down Naruto's pants and boxers as best he could in their position. The shirt came off next. Now that was a sight. Naruto's dick was flushed red, and tan just like the rest of him. Blond hair curled at the bottom of his shaft and a tight nutsack hung just below. "Please tell I can at least taste." He had to force his eyes to go back to Naruto's face. He was so turned on his mind was having a hard time focusing with Naruto stroking him at the same time. "Fuckin' god when I do get to fuck you, I'm going to have to apologize to your father."

Naruto tilted his head as he thumbed the head of Sasuke's dick. "Why?"

Sasuke licked his lips as he was finally able to concentrate. He wrapped a hand around Naruto and slowly stroked him causing Naruto's movements to stutter. "Not only am I about to get cum in his guest bed, but when I do finally get the chance to fuck you, you're going to have to call off work." With those words, Sasuke sat up and pulled Naruto's hand off his dick so he could push him to lay back. "I still want that taste if you're willing. Sorry for no foreplay, but I'm too turned on for any of that if that's okay with you."

Naruto nodded eagerly. He sat up onto his elbows so he could watch Sasuke.

Sasuke grabbed the base of Naruto's shaft and licked the head. Naruto gripped the sheets as Sasuke licked around his shaft, moving a hand to fondle his balls. He moved his lips to the top and sucked in the head of Naruto's dick.

It was getting hard not to moan. He was already being disrespectful by having the prince suck him off in his parent's spare room, but keeping them up with his moaning all night? He'd try his best, but the more of his dick Sasuke was taking in, the harder he found it. His eyes rolled back when Sasuke got to the bottom, hollowed his cheeks, and sucked. He couldn't stop that moan. And it was a loud one.

Sasuke's eyes rolled back too. He didn't have many sexual partners because of his busy schedule, but he loved giving oral and giving Naruto head was making it hard to concentrate. Naruto wasn't too big, but he fit in Sasuke's throat snugly. It filled his senses wonderfully and left him feeling drunk. Sasuke leaned back and off Naruto's dick. He licked it clean and then licked his lips. He looked up at Naruto, tapping his thigh to get him to look down. "Do me a favor?"

Naruto tried to focus his eyes, failed, but nodded anyway.

"Can you stand?"

It took him a while, but Naruto was able to stand as he held himself up by gripping the side of the bed. Sasuke flipped onto his back and hung his head over the side. Naruto's eyes widened and his heartbeat picked up. "You-You want me to...?"

Sasuke huffed, positioning himself so his lips touched the head of Naruto's dick. "I got in position, didn't I? Don't tell me you're scared now, idiot. Just-" No other words could leave his mouth when Naruto began to push in.

This position allowed Naruto to go deeper than before. He could literally see the place where his dick was in Sasuke's throat. He pulled out completely and tried to catch his breath. That amount of tightness around him was making his knees weak. "Was that good enough for you bastard? Cause I couldn't near anything coming from you."

Sasuke still had his mouth open patiently as he nodded. "I want it that deep, and fast. Just like that."

Naruto nodded as he went back to the same position and thrusted back in, giving Sasuke just enough time to adjust and take a breath through his nose before picking up the pace. Listening to the dirty wet sounds, looking at Sasuke's dick bounce with each thrust and precum leak down his shaft was fucking with Naruto's head. Everything was fucking his senses up. Each thrust was making his nutsack tighten. The fact that Sasuke was taking him so well was mind-blowing. Sasuke wasn't gagging, but he could feel his throat tighten every time he breathed in or swallowed out of reflex. Between that and the bit of fear mixed in of getting caught, Naruto was unravelling. Fast.

Sasuke was loving it. He was very in control of his life. Since Fugaku passed, he ran his father's business with his brother, he controlled all his finances, and every lover he'd ever had, he'd done all the work when it came to sex. He'd be sure to make their toes curl in pleasure. But he secretly loved being able to lay back and be used to his partner's satisfaction. To have all control taken and simply be there for use.

And Naruto was giving him exactly that. The feeling ran deep. His dick was starting to hurt from just how turned on he was. And each twitch in his throat from Naruto was making his mind steamy. It could be the shallow breaths he was purposely taking, the salty precum, or the strong scent surrounding him. He felt high as he felt Naruto slow down, a hand grabbing at his shoulders in warning. He took a deep breath through his nose before he heard a hiss and cum filled his throat.

Naruto was on Cloud fucking nine. He wanted to tell Sasuke he was about to cum, but he couldn't so a shoulder would have to do. He was surprised he was still standing; his mouth hung open in a silent moan as he gave his last few thrusts. He pulled out and moved to sit on the bed to catch his breath. The room was spinning, and his mind was reeling. Sometimes cumming left him feeling more aware and level-headed. This time it left him feeling gushy; his lower half felt tight and sore [2]. In a really good way. "You okay?"

Sasuke nodded as he sat up and massaged the back of his neck. Seeing how hard he was just face-fucked, speaking wasn't exactly something he could do well.

Naruto nodded and pushed Sasuke back to his original position with his back against the pillows. Naruto moved to lay on his stomach and positioned himself over the head of Sasuke's dick. It was flushed pink and dripping with precum. Naruto licked his lips. "God I can't believe I'm about to suck our prince's dick."

Sasuke's raspy voice sounded over him, amused. "You really get a kick out of me being a prince, huh?"

Naruto smiled wide. "Absolutely. We've served the royal family for decades, hell even before I was born. Now I'm about to blow one of our country's most important figures. Power turns me on." With that, he swallowed as much of Sasuke as he could in one go. Sasuke's dick was already wet with precum so the slide down his throat was easy. Sasuke was a bit thicker though, so he gave Naruto's throat a good squeeze the more he swallowed.

Sasuke didn't last long. He knew he wouldn't. Naruto couldn't relax his throat in the way Sasuke could, but his tongue was fucking exquisite. It wrapped around the head of his dick then tongued the slit sending Sasuke's mind reeling. Naruto rubbed the inside of his thighs and opened his legs so he could fit between them with more comfort.

Sasuke's hands gripped the sheets when Naruto pushed his legs up, so they hovered near both sides of his chest. Every part of him was exposed to Naruto completely. It made Sasuke feel pampered in a way that made him feel small and vulnerable. And it turned. him. on. Naruto must have noticed with the snort he heard. He pushed Sasuke's legs as far apart as they could go, and drug Sasuke down further on the bed until he was laying completely on his back.

Sasuke blushed and Naruto started to massage up the back of his thighs. Naruto bobbed his head up and down, slurping as he went up and sucking as he went down. Sasuke's eyes rolled back as Naruto continued to massage his legs and continue the same up and down. They shook as he came. Naruto gripped the back of Sasuke's legs to keep them still as he swallowed. A bit dribbled out of the side of his mouth but that didn't matter.

Naruto released Sasuke and they both leaned back against the pillow to catch their breath. Naruto started laughing, trying desperately to cover it. Sasuke lightly punched his arm with a small smile he failed at hiding. "You're going to be so fucked tomorrow. You have to meet my mom."

Sasuke's eyes widened. The soft punch turned into a hard one and Naruto yelped. "Hey, you're the one who told me to do it deep and fast! And don't think I didn't catch how turned on you got when I spread your legs, Your Royal Highness. Oh, I'm so topping in the future. And yes, there will an us in the future. Tradition or not, that was fucking great."

Sasuke enjoyed the sound of that. Even if the details weren't flushed out, the possibility itself still excited him to no end. No more words were shared as they cleaned up and fell asleep. Naruto didn't bother leaving the guest room; he'd just had sex with the man, no need for separate bedrooms now. They shared a soft kiss and went to sleep, eyes never leaving the other until they drowsed off.

The morning came quickly, with Sasuke and Naruto drowsily stumbling into the kitchen. Naruto mumbled a good morning while Sasuke bowed. Sasuke got to meet Kushina, which went over well until he was forced to speak. Having to come up with a lie as to why Sasuke's voice was so scratchy was harder than they both expected.  Minato choked on his coffee when he heard Sasuke's voice. His eyes moved from Sasuke to Naruto before his cheeks colored and resumed eating with gusto. After they worked through that, everything else went without a hitch. They each got ready separately, minus Naruto having to grab Sasuke's clothes from the dryer. After that the same carriage was called back and they went outside to see Sasuke off.

Minato handed Sasuke the same velvet blue jacket. At that Sasuke quirked his head. "What for? I have no use for it." He really didn't. Maybe he could give it back to his mom, but with the way she reacted to it the first time he didn't think that was a good idea.

"Ah, but it was made for the royal family so with the royal family it shall stay. Oh, and these." Another jacket, red in color, in the same fashion was given to him. 3 crowns, two larger ones with brilliant red gems in the middle, and a smaller one with a white diamond placed to him were handed to him as well. "I was given the crowns by Fugaku, but I could never figure out why. Didn't realize where they came from until it was reported that the royal family's crowns went missing." He smiled at Sasuke with a knowing look in his eyes." I'm sure I just figured it out. The jacket is yours; our family has made garments for the royal family and tradition shall continue as long as this family name still lives. Please do tell your brother and mother to come for a fitting once they get the time. As long as our royal family is still well and alive, we have a job to do."

He laughed lightly as Kushina sniffled in the background, dabbing gently at her eyes. "Take care Prince Sasuke, do tell Miko-chan that Kushina and I send our greetings and apologies for not keeping in touch. We also send our condolences on the news of Fugaku's passing; not only to her but you and your brother too." He moved back to stand by Kushina, grabbing the hand that wasn't busy reaching out to pinch Sasuke's cheeks.

Sasuke shook his head, moving the gifts to one arm. His voice was still scratchy, but breakfast had helped his throat relax a bit. "There's really no need to apologize. After all you've done to help, I'm quite sure she'll be more grateful to you than anything. Honesty, thank you for everything." Now was the hard part; he wasn't sure how to go about asking, but he couldn't simply go without asking. "Minato-san, I was wondering if I would be allowed to come back. There's still so much I need to know and I...I-" This part was the hard part. "I-" A hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"You can see my son again; We don't control who he wants to see. Here, take this." Kushina was the one to speak up this time. She placed a piece of paper in his hand, and it opened to reveal Naruto's number sprawled on it messily. "I don't think he'll be able to give it to you himself." She winked, eyes looking to Naruto who was doing an awful job as he tried not to sniffle.

Naruto ran over and hugged Sasuke tightly before backing away. "You'd ever keep in touch and come back, or I'll come find you myself bastard. I mean it!" He couldn't look at Sasuke otherwise he'd start crying again.

Sasuke hugged Naruto tightly, inhaling in the scent of whatever soap he'd used. "Of course I will, idiot. If you hadn't been crying earlier, you would have known your mom gave me your number. You better answer when I call you when I get home." He pulled back to see Naruto crying silent tears and couldn't help but smile. "We've known each other one whole day and you're already crying." He laughed lightly. "Who knows, maybe I'll reclaim our throne one day. Otherwise, you might cry every time I leave." That earned him a soft punch. He kissed Naruto's forehead, smiling to himself when he heard Kushina sniffle again. "I'll see you soon, yeah?"

"Yeah." He gave Sasuke a light kiss before they parted.

They waved Sasuke goodbye as he climbed back into the same carriage he'd rode in yesterday, now noticing the huge ass clan symbol on the back. How the fuck did he miss that? He turned around and saw Naruto waving wildly after him, a large grin on his face. Minato and Kushina waved as well, without the extra energy Naruto had going on. Even though he didn't have all the details of what he'd came for in the first place, he'd found something much more interesting.