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Two Seconds

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7:52 P.M. Sehai University.

Red eyes opened to a sky of starlight, hoping to find answers weaved across the constellations. The same people, but a different dream. He was beginning to consider his night visions were past lives.

“I have something for y…Tell me you aren’t once again preoccupied by those—what is it you called them—whispers of fate?”

That was the little shortie. Top-class grades, top-class face. Top-class body too, if one wasn’t into curves. Cú still had no idea why he even got along with the business major, when Phys-Ed was probably the furthest thing from whatever the hell she was studying.

“They’re not as stupid as ya think, ‘Turia,” he told his stubborn best friend, who hadn’t a single superstitious bone in her body. “Aren’t ya at all charmed by the idea of fate?”

The woman bit her lip, looked away as she brushed her hair behind her ear. There was a ghost of a smile on her lip, genuine at first, then not. “Perhaps I would be, if your ramblings were anything other than how you and Emiya were ‘meant to be’ despite his refusal to go out with you.”

“I’m just saying it’s weird, aight?” Cú interjected, rubbing the back of his neck. “I keep having these dreams. That asshole’s always there to clash with me, kinda like how we spar back at the sports complex. We’re always wearing different things, silly costumes and armor pulled straight from a visual novel, ya know? Several different recurring dreams. Different setting, same characters. Him and me.”

The smile remained unchanged upon her gentle countenance as they both stared up at the stars. “Yes, you have told me.”

The ponytailed man crossed his arms, his eyebrows knitting themselves behind the four stubborn locks of hair that refused to be gelled back. Arturia didn’t have to look to know he was pouting. She was familiar enough with his mannerisms after four fun years.

“Ya know what I don’t get?” he asked quietly, oblivious to the way Arturia gasped as he draped his jacket on her shoulders. “Is why you’re there. Always. As many times, maybe more, than I dream of him.”

Two seconds. That was the only mercy she gave herself as she looked into his beautiful, scarlet eyes and he stared into her green ones. Two seconds, only enough to see his playful gaze shift. Two seconds, and the rooftop door swung open, because it was eight in the evening and Emiya was always on time.

Arturia slipped Cú’s jacket off, ignoring how that stupid Old Spice scent clung to her clothes, and handed the garment back to him. Their hands brushed as he retrieved it, but for all she knew, he probably didn’t even notice.

“I told you I had something for you,” she said, walking backward towards the exit as Emiya strode to where she once stood. Then she smiled again, that sad smile that so irritated him at times, turned, and closed the rooftop door.

And there Cú was, alone with his fated date, the world going his way for once. The stars above aligned to his favor. Everything seemed to fall into place.

Cú looked into the gray eyes of his dreams.

He wished they were green.