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Lean on Me

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Crowley was attempting to get up. It was not working very well.

This was, somewhat notably, not due to alcohol. Nor was it his snakey nature - well, not entirely. The problem was, he was tired . Exhausted down to the bone, in the way that ethereal/occult beings weren’t supposed to be but he somehow managed anyways. It’d been about a week of being at Aziraphale’s side near-constantly, eating and laughing and chatting at all hours and, well, he hadn’t seen any indication that he had to leave for longer than it took to water his plants, so he just… hadn’t. And now he was paying for that lack of sleep.

Finally he managed to shove on the arm of the chair with enough force to get himself onto his feet, swaying slightly as he tried to focus. Right. Aziraphale. In the kitchen. Couldn’t just leave to go sleep, had to tell him first. With that thought in mind, he took a step forwards and nearly fell into the table.

Drat. Maybe he was more tired than he thought.

He tried again and managed to get a little farther before slumping against a bookshelf. Could just take a nap there. Then he shook his head. No, no, wouldn’t make Aziraphale deal with him sleeping and the… fifty percent chance that it wouldn’t end well. He could do this. Just…

“Dear, are you alright ?”

He glanced up at Aziraphale, holding two mugs of cocoa with a concerned expression. “Yeeeeah angel,” he mumbled. “Just - just tired, s all.”

“Oh, why’re you off the couch, then?!” Before he could formulate an answer, Aziraphale snapped both of the mugs onto the table and walked over, slipping his arm around Crowley’s waist. Crowley leaned into the contact, his own arm coming up to mirror the action.Aziraphale’s shoulder was so warm and soft , and he was already having a hard time keeping his eyes open.

“Was gonna ask if you minded me heading to the flat to sleep.” He leaned more on Aziraphale as they started moving towards the couch.

There was a moment of quiet, then Aziraphale said, “Dear, you can’t drive like this.”

“Oh.” He hadn’t actually thought that far ahead.

“You know… I have a bed upstairs. You’re more than welcome to use it if you’d like.”

“You don’t mind? Me being upstairs sleeping away while you’re down here by yourself?”

They were going up stairs now, and Aziraphale was half-carrying him at this point. “No, not at all. In fact, I might just close up the shop for now, come up with a book to keep you company.”

He briefly considered insisting on going to his own flat. But he did want to stay, did want to have Aziraphale up in the room with him, and they were long past the point of having to deny the things they wanted for some illusion of safety. “Yeah, sounds great, angel,” he said, tightening the hug as much as his tired, tired arm would let him and letting himself be carried into the bed.