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Kitchen Scene

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Mew finally arrived at his apartment. He had a hectic day full of schedules, and he was just too happy to get back home and cuddle with his cute boyfriend. Upon thinking of Gulf, he can't suppress his grin. 


"Gulf, I'm back-" His words were stuck at his throat. To his surprise, Gulf was sitting on the couch with a big pout on his face, with his hair in a mess, probably due to him ruffling it out of frustration. Carefully, Mew approached the angry floof in front of him and enveloped him in his arms. Pulling Gulf onto his lap, he asked with concern dripping in his voice.

"What's wrong, tua-eng?" 


Gulf pouted at him in distaste. Well, Mew's embrace made him feel better of course, but he still felt dissatisfied. 

"The kitchen scene we filmed, the one where we play with cream- It's all gone in the episode!" Gulf exclaimed in frustration. "I don't know why anyone would think it's a good idea to pan the camera to a cracked egg and end the scene there. I was looking forward to seeing that on TV!" 


Mew chuckled in amusement. "So you actually look forward to the NC scenes, huh? Didn't know you liked seeing us kiss." 


Gulf stared at Mew, unamused. 


Mew raised his arms, surrendering under Gulf's death stare. "I'm just teasing you, tua-eng. It's in another episode, perhaps? Maybe they faced restrictions from the broadcasting channel." 


Gulf sulked as he rested himself on Mew in dejection. "B-but.. I was looking forward to it. I was so excited to watch the episode tonight." 


An idea flashed through Mew's mind. He interrupted Gulf's continuous rambling of why the scene should not be deleted and asked, "Hmm. So you really want to watch the scene tonight?" 


"Of course I do!" 


Grinning, Mew carried Gulf who was resting on his lap in bridal style from the couch and strode towards the kitchen, taking Gulf by surprise. After he placed Gulf on the kitchen table, he smirked as he unboxed the cupcake he brought home as he said. "We're on the set here, and the main actors are here as well anyway. Whipped cream... aha!" 


Gulf smiled charmingly, well aware of where this was escalating to. He stretched out one of his hands and grabbed Mew his collar, while the other dipped into the whipped cream topping on top of the cupcake. 


Licking the cream on his fingers, he smiled seductively as he looked at Mew.